Addicts Want to Know: Itchy and Scratchy Land Event Poll

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday!  Hope everyone is gearing up for a nice weekend ahead, I know I am!  A little r&r never hurt anyone, right?

Anyway, seeing LOADS of conflicting comments over the latest event to hit TSTO.  Some of you love it, some of you hate it and some of you are so pissed you’re quitting TSTO altogether.

Now, I know often times the most vocal about something are the ones who aren’t happy with it.  And those who are happy are generally the ones who stay silent.  So I thought why not do a little poll.  This way no one has to know who’s saying what, and we can get a feel for what the community in general thinks.  So please take a minute to answer the poll questions below…


And one more…

148 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: Itchy and Scratchy Land Event Poll

  1. I loved my original Krustyland, but it was obvious that EA ignored supporting it over the years (or Tappers would have had an Event there every year, with a new Attraction / Ride and given All Characters access with a Task)!

    Other side of the mountain range (parallel to Springfield Heights) complete with a new tunnel entrance would have been nice (so would ending the game lag / game freeze)!

    don’t hate the playa, hate the game developer 🤣

  2. No “I liked it, but was done with it” option?
    I’ve had a few different stages of Krusty Land activity.
    1. I liked i a lot when I first unlocked it.
    2. After I finished the story line, got all the non-premium items, and got five stars I only went back for the sideshow bob donut opportunities, and to collect tickets for money.
    3. After I started donut farming, I realized that the sideshow bob game donuts or even the money received from turning in the tickets aren’t worth the time. So I only went there to get tickets to unlock the land pieces (I’m kind of a completionist, and boy am I glad about it now).
    4. Finally after unlocking all the land, I avoided K-land unless a daily challenge sent me there.
    But I always liked having it there! I intended to eventually buy the premium items after I’d gotten the other premium items I wanted (which was a lot). Now I get the best of both worlds. New k-land story progression, keep my k-land (kinda), and a more streamlined game. Plus a premium k-land box? Fantastic!

  3. Wow, I am pleased to know that I play this game with some VERY intelligent and articulate people.
    We seem to be winner hanging out with other winners! 🙂
    Every post prior to mine stated all of the things I would have said, plus the prior posts are much more eloquent.
    Anyhow, never minded KL and never fully understood the animosity towards it.
    I had hoped, that when it was mandated that it would become part of SF, that I would more or less obtain/have the land to replace the KL footprint, with only the subtlest of changes and inconvenience.
    As with most things, we will just have to adapt with the change and my only desire, like so many others, is more land please. (if possible)
    Closing in on Level 900 so maybe any solution is not really geared towards this level and I understand.
    Finally, ANYTHING Itchy & Scratchy related is totally AWESOME no matter what the content.
    Thank YOU EA and, as always, Thank YOU addicts, and fellow playing companions.
    This game really is a happy distraction and it is that much more fun when we are able to enjoy it and tap away with little concern on any negatives that may plague are enjoyment.

    P.S. My personnel routine with visiting KL was always the same.
    Springfield Downs>>>>
    and then direct to KL to pop the balloons.
    (always got a kick from the little Krusty ‘giggle’ he did when you shuttled back and forth)

  4. The problem with Krustyland is that it never really felt like part of the game. I feel they could have supported it WAY more than they did. It didn’t help that there was different currency between the two locations. And the scope of variety for Krustyland wasn’t worth the time earning the tickets…and I sure as hell wasn’t going to spend donuts on a location that seemed like an afterthought.
    Conversely, I don’t like having to have an I&S land in my Springfield. I will surely not be leaving half this crap here once the event is over. Hopefully I can transfer it back over to the Krustyland area and have some new scenery over there to offer variety.

  5. I honestly didn’t have a problem with a separate KL — but I never really understood why it *had* to stay separate, particularly since the developers were able to shoehorn SH into Springfield without much difficulty. So I guess I’d have to say that I kind’a thought this shift was coming a long time ago, and I didn’t really understand why it took so long to implement… nor did I fully understand why EA couldn’t just transplant everybody’s KL stuff without change, directly into their Springfields.

    But than again, I’m not a heavy decorator. It seems to me that the biggest controversy in all of this is that some people (like Patric) have hugely decorated layouts in both Springfield and KL, and even with the two separated, the technical limits of the game sometimes constricts what these highly creative people can do. So I can see how KL initially being separate was a way of handling that issue, back when they first introduced KL and all of its requisite decorations and such. That was five years ago, and the Springfield item limit at that time (~3000) was marginally more than a quarter of what it is now (~11,600) — so we’re talking about HUGE numbers, these days. That’s an awful lot of decorating, over the years!

    Mind you, I’m not criticizing those avid decorators; rather, I’m pretty impressed with their level of commitment to the game. (Honestly, I just play for the amusement value, and I don’t put nearly as much effort into the game as some people.) My only point is, if you try to put things in perspective, it seems kind’a funny that we’re talking about a change which pushed the most recent limit up by ~700, as being *too small.*

    But, ya know… maybe one day I’ll finally hit that limit myself, and I’ll *rEAlly* get it. Right, Patric? 😉

  6. I’ve never had problems with the item limit as I’ve given up on designing my town and now have a vast wasteland (with the exception of my original “downtown” area when I first started playing). The ease of the KL transfer gives me hope that the programmers can resolve this too… maybe some genius up at corporate could decide to charge rEAl money for an item that expands your item limit.

  7. I was a bit hesitant to nuke my many many hours of tapping to make my Krustyland what it was. But We had no choice soooo I nuked but first tried to group save some of it. ( which didnt work out the way I hoped) So …….more tapping to try to Redo..? No dont think I have the same excitment about it. I honestly dont understand this Itchy and Scratchy Event and my progress proves that. The worse change to me is the fact we cant purchase land anymore and have to wait for tokens which make one plot of land worth more then I can even think about. I hate that. I cant figure why they did that? Grrrrr

    • That is my big gripe as well. There is so much land available now, but at three tokens per event and one big event every eight weeks or so, it will take forever to buy it. I can’t figure out why they did it either. Boo!

  8. I love having things from KL in Springfield that I can use elsewhere in town.. like for instance.. a long time ago when I put in my big city park, I put in the ‘chili/whacking day’ festival.. but didn’t really have many vendor booths to really make it fun… now there’s the cotton candy, hotdog, popcorn, etc, that were previously limited to the squidport that can be placed anywhere! 🙂

    I also like some of the items that have helped with item limits. I had a ‘downtown parking lot’ area that probably had close to 80 items making it up.. replaced all that with 4 of the large KL parking spaces and it’s still awesome!

  9. My KL was nicely decorated. I had all available land, all the rides and stalls that could be bought with tokens.
    I spent doughnuts a few times on KL items (including the Laffy meal box)

    I didn’t visit KL every single day- (I would go there to clear the handshakes that I had from the few neighbours that visited my KL) and to play ‘sideshow you’.

    At first I thought it was sad because my design/s that I worked hard perfecting was all for nothing.
    And for some reason group storage didn’t work for some of my designs :-/

    And the FORCING us to nuke was a bit mean.

    My now positive thinking is at least with it being in Springfield, I can add anything I want to it. 🙂

    And I think it was generous of EA to give the same amount of land back in Springfield to rebuild KL.

    I appreciate it is a personal choice, but I I really don’t know why it was disliked so much?
    Perhaps It is because they needed more rides or more mini events for KL?

  10. oktober10aussie

    Only went to KL if I had to. Happier to have it in town. Especially since some characters (like Penelope) have more visual task in Springfield now.

  11. I enjoyed K Land when I had quests there and collected tickets for a long time before basically giving up hope anything new would come to it. I wasn’t a huge fan of having to “travel” there and wouldn’t mind having it in my town now that we have more available land, EXCEPT for the item limit!!! I am also happy that now I don’t have restrictions on the things I can place there. Many times we got decorations I thought would make more sense in K Land, but I couldn’t place there.

  12. I spent a lot of time building my Krustyland, but when EA didn’t have any updates or events for, I kind of forgot about it. I wish they would have just transferred Krustyland as it was into new land north of main Springfield instead of lowing it up and having us rebuild. I stored each ride as a group and placed them into the new area as they fit best, but it is a far cry from the Krustyland they destroyed. I doubt I will spend the time necessary to rebuild to the way it was until maybe some time in the future when I’m not still irritated by what they did.

  13. I liked Krustyland and wish EA would have had more events that took place there and added new items to build it out. I was not happy about destroying it. Since my Springfield has been slow and lagging since the previous major event I didn’t even try to rebuild Krustyland. All I placed was the Sideshow Mel booth game and the Krustyland gate.

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