Friday Filler – Dear EA…rEAlly? Turning KL into Plopperville

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

What a difference 24 hours makes.

I was totally ready to write one of the most scathing, loathsome, vitriolic rants ever. I had it composed in my head, and it kept me up half of the night with anxiety over blowing up our new “friendship” with EA.

And then, I got the text from Alissa…at 4:44 in the morning Thursday (it’s OK. I was up already…seething)– Ebron says EA increased limit overnight…11,600 now.

Like a missile operator, with his finger poised over the red button during the Cuban Missile Crisis…I was THAT CLOSE to going full blown Dr. Strangelove on the EA programmers.

And then, I got the text. Then I re-read my post from last week, telling everyone to “chillax” reminding everyone that “it’s just a game,” and that “real life is way more important.” And then, I felt foolish. Mostly. 

But, you have to understand how these things get started. It all has to do with trust, and trying to do the right thing, and new relationships with official NDAs and virtual slaps on the back for the good times to come…which turns into what appears to be the fustercluck of the century…with no real warning…because you ASSUMED that EA would be smarter than that. (but remember…Assume makes an Ass out of U and Me! Right?).

Let’s review.
Last week…we were burbling with excitement over not only getting an “insider’s view” of what was to come…but, also the assurance that this was going to be cool, and fun, and solve a bunch of problems.

We were sworn to secrecy (literally), about the “Nuking of Krustyland,” and believed that it was a good thing. As they explained, their stats were pretty clear, that very few players visited Krustyland, and that there would be an EAsy and sEAmless way to save your work, and all of your items.  Why wouldn’t we believe them? The whole plan was right there on paper…

You can save everything you wanted to save, in big group clusters, and then…only when you were ready…you would Nuke KL, and be able to place it all back on “the other side” (our Springfields), assisted by getting a ton of Free Land Tokens to make room.

COOL!!!!!!  What could possibly go wrong??  I think I even hinted in a comment that this was going to be “great” and a real “game changer.”  Well…I was half right.

Imagine my surprise when after storing my KLand…(after snapping some screen shots), and then Nuking it, I gleefully started placing all of the Free Land I could, burming through all of my Free Tokens (not where I really wanted to place it…but, hey…it was free…right?), and then commenced to start placing my grouped items back into some semblance of how they were placed.

Right away…HUGE wait time lags between selecting what group to place, and actually placing it. And then moving them around afterward? Fergitaboutit! It took (and continues to take) up to 45 seconds for each tap to activate. Same thing when highlighting and clearing anything else in my town (like clusters of KEMs).  But…OK…I get it. It’s new…there is a ton of data being shoved around…I can be patient. It’s only a game…right?

But, then it happened. After my 1st grouping was placed, I went to place the next one, and BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!  Locked up.

I tried three more times…logging off…closing down…logging back in…Finally…after 10 minutes of freezes…I GET THIS…

AAAAAAAGH!!!!!  What?????  You let us store a ton of items…and then didn’t raise the freakin’ Item Limits???  HOLYFREAKINSHIRT!!! You idiots!

After stripping my KL section off all trees, decorations, and small booths, I was able to at least get the game to play again…but, I WAS NOT HAPPY!  I had been turned into a PLOPPER!  I couldn’t decorate. I couldn’t move forward in the game. I couldn’t do anything except try to figure out what to eliminate.

I decided to sleep on it… or at least TRY to sleep on it.  What I had plopped, only represents about 1/50th of my KL. I still have well over 800 items in storage…PLUS a ton of decorations that weren’t grouped.

I mean…dammitall…my Krustyland used to look like this…after weeks of grinding and work… CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE

In my haste (and misplaced trust of EA and our new relationship), I missed a few minor screens…but you get it. Loads of flowers, shrubs, tiny decorations, and fun. I didn’t expect it to just move in one nice chunk…but I sure as hell didn’t expect to get blindsided by the Item Limit being ridiculously overlooked or ignored.

However…by mid-morning Thursday, I did try again, and got a “normal” item limit…which should allow me another 700 items. Not ideal. But a heckoflotbetter than it was when they threw the switch.

So…an increase of 700 items is better than a sharp stick in the eye. At least that’s what my ophthalmologist tells me.

Yes…I am still suffering the “horrendous lag” that showed up when EA started allowing us to grab rivers, streets etc. with the “large selection tool.”  And yes…I admit that I am bit non-plussed about some of the violent text that is coming from Itchy and Scratchy (but also amused by Scratchy’s prose)…and I don’t like being forced to build the race car bit…

But…I will survive. And with the 700 items that I have in my buffer… I will design something that is passable. Because…when all is said and done, I have to believe that EA is trying their hardest to please us…while having to deal with legacy code, from a game that they never expected to be going this long.


But…for those of you who are saying, “I LOVED MY KrustyLand…I want it back!!!”  I have this to say...So, Build It! 

I have already started on rebuilding mine. Yes, a few less flowers…but, I can EAsily create a pretty close replica…right next to my Itchy and Scratchy Land.  Think of it being like Disneyland and California Adventure. Right?

Build it and they will come…
So as of this morning, I have my Krustyland getting back to normal…with some added fun from the fact that I’m not limited to KrustyLand decorations. And in the middle of my re-vamp?  Along comes a lone park patron…wandering over from Itchy & Scratchy Land.  This bodes well…

OH….Yes…there is some weirdness…Like how the little guys we are supposed to tap have a penchant for hiding INSIDE of the mountain. Again…I suspect that the Quantum world is at play here, but, I digress…

If you KNOW there are some clickables hiding…just mask the decorations, and you’ll see them.

And remember…if you are trying to find something that you thought you stored…and you don’t see it in your group save area, just check the individual category storage…it is likely to be  nicely stored Alphabetically under “Krustyland___”  EAsy to find!

Bottom line… be patient.  It is obvious that EA is going through a bit of hell right now with their servers…as witnessed by our Neighbors Disappearing for a while last night…along with some very random login issues that are likely related to the same server problem.  (You can’t have neighbors show up if their IDs are scrambled).

Yes…this freaked us all out, because we LOVE our NEIGHBOREENOS! But they are back…after what was likely a major reboot of the entire server system.

Almost all is forgiven, EA. I expected bugs. I didn’t expect brain-dead short-sightedness…but you fixed it, and I learned.  We’ll get over it…and survive to play another day.

And let’s be honest, if truth be told, I didn’t go to Krustyland that much…and will enjoy trying to figure out how to make due with a few less trees and flowers…

ON ANOTHER NOTE… WE ARE SOOOOO CLOSE  REACHING OUR GOAL for this round of School Supplies.  The kids go back to school next week…so PLEASE consider helping us finish this up. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!  I have to wire money to Emma on Monday…so please consider helping. Thanks!


Keep on tappin’… life is fine.  EA is trying…I have to believe that!


113 responses to “Friday Filler – Dear EA…rEAlly? Turning KL into Plopperville

  1. My krustyland was mostly negleted too. Didn’t have all the land, and no premium items. For the times i went, (and if i had time) i designed it a little bit. Ad Patric says, now my KL in Springfield is kinda plopperville. Maybe i wait till I&S land is finished to redesign it. If i have the courage. I still feel that it doesn’t fit in our town, but how does London fit in our town?
    I guess i have to make the best of it
    I received quite a lot of land tokens tho, about 80+ but i don’t want to spend them all o a HUGE attraction park. With the events coming much faster than the amount of land tokens that should come with it, i will need the tokens.

  2. 11500

  3. I’ve got 2 questions.

    A) Did anyone get praiseland for free?

    I think I did since I nuked my Krustyland. I’ve not spent donuts on it before but some how it’s in my inventory.

    B) Somehow now I’ve also got a ton of Krustyland debris. How do I clear those out?

    • A) No, but Praiseland is currently offered in a mystery box for me.

      B) If you place the debris out of your storage, and then tap on Homer and Lisa, they each have a task to “clean up Springfield” they will help to clear your Springfield of debris.

      If for any reason you currently have any other debris in your town
      (that you may have used for a design) then Homer and Lisa may also go to clean that up.

      If this is the case, I recommend finding Homer or Lisa in your town, placing a piece of debris from your inventory box near them and then tapping their task “clean up Springfield” task.
      The continue by placing the other pieces near them.

      Also… Even if you place many pieces, they only pick up 1 piece at a time,
      so it can take a little while.

  4. I miss my upgraded KL shuttle bus stop. At the very least we should have been able to keep that skin. Took forever placing flowers and trees to get it.

    • You can get it back: all you have to do is increase your Krust-O-Meter rating, just as before, and you can see your current rating at the KL park entrance. If you managed to store KL as a bunch of groups of stuff, than it’s actually feasible to get right back to your previous rating in a matter of minutes.

  5. Patric,
    I used to enjoy playing this game, every 4 hours tapping because I could, I was a bit ruffled when I couldn’t buy land I had to use land tokens. So now I have over $912 million dollars from the game, but no where to put things.
    Now this update which nuked Krustyland, I had the whole park filled with rides etc. over 1.1 million tickets saved. So Krustyland is gone and I received about 100 land tokens …….. I think this will help to kill off this game Patric.

    • I agree…and understand why you’d be upset. There are good things and bad things wit this update. Mostly bad, unfortunately.

      • If EA put in a little effort they could solve the item limit problem.

        It seems that the number of pixels doesn’t matter, a large building and a flower each count as one item. So how to fix the problem? Lets consider walls. Walls are usually connected together. A wall consists of an origin point, orientation (2 or 4 directions), etc. Imagine a wall item of length 2. The additional data would the direction (east or south). Add a length (i.e number of walls) and you now a flexible master item. It may take a little extra work to check when your place an item to examine the spaces around it to see to see if it matches a similar item.

        So if you 20 wall pieces together, EA could create a flexible item consisting of 20 wall pieces, thus saving 19 items. Repeat this with trees, flowers, bushes, monorails, fences, boardwalks, etc (basically any item that can place next to each other). For many people this cold save thousands of “items”.

  6. Nuked krustiland without hesitation. Then i realize that NOTHING i had went to storage…Weird but i don’t feel i lost much. I’ m going to make an I&S land and maybe a very small krustiland.
    The thing that completely annoys me is the parking lot. The characters walking UNDER…. 😡

  7. Finally got into the event. I’m an iPad (iOS) player. Here’s what I did. When you get to the friend town screen showing your town and Other Springfield with Krustyland blown up, quickly press the button to get to the option to swipe the app closed. Then open the app and hopefully the event will start for you.

  8. “As they explained, their stats were pretty clear, that very few players visited Krustyland…”
    Yes, but that was *their* fault. Those stats (‘their stats’) are to be *expected* if the last time they had any action in Krustyland was… well, hell. When *was* the last time they had any action going on in Christy land?!

    • LOL! Love the typo! Krustyland would be flattered. But you are right…except for the random daily task there has not been much action there since it was developed.

      But…now you can go as often as you like…and intermix items in designs. So I’m not really complaining.

  9. I don’t mind losing Krustyland but I wasn’t finished doing the Krusty-est place on Earth quest and ‘Radioactive Man, the Ride’ is not in my inventory, nor is it for sale.
    The only quest I have is for that ride, which is nowhere to be found, any suggestions?

  10. For anyone that hasn’t nuked their Krustland yet, I stored and transferred one spot at a time. I did not store everything at once and placed it in Springfield before doing another and eventually nuked Krustyland.
    I have had no lag issues, I don’t know if it made a difference 🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. has anyone else had trouble logging in. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to log in.

  12. Although I vaguely understand why by reading previous posts I still hate the item limit, real bummer there is a limit on imagination with town designs due to legacy problems. Of all the things that for me takes the shine off the game too often. Land token limit too, even with the KL free tokens still nowhere near enough for long time players to make the most of their towns, events seems to release 3-6 land tokens a time which is barely enough to do anything so it’s going to take ages to unlock the rest of the new land. Shame you can’t grind for the land in some form like for Monorail pieces or SPH currency using characters to earn it.

    The lag really sucks but I’m sure that’ll get fixed at some point and I’m in favour of KL coming back to town but just wish the item and land limits were sorted so I could enjoy this new change to the max!

  13. Mines still stick in storage. I can’t get it out no matter what I do. 😢

    Goodbye Krusty land. I loved you as that was my quickest place to visit 100 neighbours in under an hour ❤

  14. My biggest complaint with this update is that about halfway through my friends list I stop getting event tokens for tapping the little park guests. I still get money and exp though.

    • You only get event currency for the first 30 taps (or 10 towns times 3 taps each)…this is the same as every other event in the last couple of years, so no changes there😊.

  15. Keith1Roon991

    I can remember a time I enjoyed this game, update came and help was as hand with Tsto addicts forum, pure bliss, now its one problem after another, go figure!!!!!, In another note the track pieces don’t fit for me, sure there’s a knack and I will probably work it out eventually, but who cares i dont, will keep playing till one day I won’t be, there you have it!!!, Its just a game, code that’s out of date, when something gets old, retire or put it in a museum.

  16. Not liking the lag. I might have to keep all my KL stuff in inventory. Its just painfully slow placing groups. Also I missed the heads up you guys gave about buying KL land so I nuked it with 10000 tickets I could have bought some more land with…..there should have been a game popup or something! Instead the max, I got 84 land tokens. So the new land is hidden behind my tall buildings and monorail etc so have to move and redo all that….or not…i didnt take screen shhots of KL so no way to know which group goes next to which and once you place one they are so slow to group move again….sorry ranting now…..whew…..

  17. When you select large areas to move/store/delete, the game now also takes the land features, roads, water, etc, which seems to cause a lag an everything you do. You can get around this by tapping on the land features button on the right side of the screen to ignore this layer, then it runs as quick as it used to.

    • Thanks, that is an awesome tip! I’ve been removing roads before moving groups and replacing them later; this will be very handy to try.

  18. First, I loved my Krustyland but didn’t go there unless I had it as a daily task. Wish they had expanded that area. Second, I’m really not feeling the new itchy scratchy event. I don’t care for any of the items we have to craft. I don’t like the race track or the roller coaster OR the big orange itchy and scratchy thing. PLUS, I really HATE that there is a cap on decorations and buildings. I had to take out my Christmas village, my a China area, and my Japan area to add my Krustyland in to Springfield. I LOVE having it in Springfield but at what a cost. AND now I won’t be able to add anything else to the game.

    Now addressing the town limit. I used to always get the nasty-grams saying I was over my limit but was able to still add decorations to make a beautiful Springfield. Then yesterday I got a nasty-gram and said the limit was 11,500. I had 11,554. I had to take stuff out to finish an area in the new Krustyland. They must have been looking at my game because they upped the limit to 11,600. Well, that still doesn’t fix the problem for me. I’m at the limit NOW and can’t add anything else to the game with the new event. I’ll either have to just tear apart my beautiful game to add more of their junk in from the event OR I’ll just have to stop playing the game all together. I hate that idea because I’ve been playing since October of 2012.

    Also, while I’m on a rant … GIVE US A BREAK! We NEED time to recharge after an event! At least 3 to 4 weeks! The events are TOO LONG. We get GAME FATIGUE.

    Wish the programmers would get it together.

    • HATE ITEM LIMITS!!!!!!!!!! Totally agree. I don’t really understand the “why” if they keep increase in them incrementally. Something is clearly not behaving in their legacy programming.

  19. Too much lag so i had to put all of the Krustyland items back into storage but now since using up all the land tokens there is just too much lag and the game is barely playable😡😡

  20. Im noticing that the building from springfield heights doesn’t give me more income bonus anymore? I thought the xp bonus and more money bonus was increased with those buildings? I had all of them in my town. Both with and without the buildings the income from my brown house is the same. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • I saw it’s only xp bonus. Not money. I’ve put all the heights buildings in inventory as group. But most of them are gone now. Not in group or anywhere else. I’m able to build them again in the build menu which means they are probably gone 🙁

    • I’m not sure what bonuses were taken away but something happened. It used to take tappin’ 15-16 KMs to get donuts and now it is taking 19-20.

  21. Maddiethecool101

    When I get a bit miffed (polite for “F’ing pi$$ed the f’n off”) at not being able to sit in front of a tiny screen and exercise my tapping finger, I remember this:

    Me in college. Basic computer programming 101. Inserting 4 inch stack of paper “cards” to have the refrigerator sized machine run the equation 2 + 3 – 6 + 1 = 2. (Admittedly, I was never good at programming.)

    Me today after daughter started this game years ago then went off to college leaving me addicted to tapping: I am still amazed at what can be programmed. Animation, sounds, trees that change colors, sky filled donuts (EA – you missed Nat’l Donut Day yesterday 😡). When you step back and really think about it, it’s “pretty neat.”

    So as much as I b!tch when there is an issue with this game (or when someone eats the last cookie but puts the package back in the pantry so I think there is still one left for me), I am still “wow-ed” by this game and enjoy most of the content (Personally I like the happy/funny, less gruesome/bloody events).

    And to Alissa, Patrick, Wookie, Safi who spend so much time on this sight, a huge debt of gratitude. The information and psychological counseling you provide is incredible. Thank you. Thank you.

    Now back to our regular programming:
    EA – you couldn’t let us pick where we wanted to “move” KL? Next to the mountains was NOT where we wanted more land. Along the beach. Yes the beach in our town would have been the place. Jeesh!

  22. Frustrated Tapper

    I have been playing since he day the game came out. I’ve played through many highs and many more lows. Over a year ago I nuked my town and it was the worst decision I ever made, i still have not fully recovered. This update brings me a ton of anxiety due to said nuking. I was finally on a roll with getting things back in place, I’ve made sacrifices and left things out of my Springfield and now I am facing with a daunting tasks of recreating Krustyland and I&S Land. I’ll have to move things around again, places I spent hours and days decorating to get just right all so I can have these areas be where I want them to be in my town. Will I power through it? Of course I will. Will I hate every minute of it? Absolutely, but I’ve put more hours and money into this game than any other game I’ve played before and I’ve been a gamer for 30 years! I can’t imagine the mess my town would be in if I didn’t nuke it, it was still a horrible decision and again, one I haven’t fully recovered from but I’d like to think eventually I will. Power through the tapping people!

    • I’ve never nuked and can’t imagine doing so. I haven’t mastered group moving either (let alone new group storage). I’m overwhelmed by the amount of new content and where to put it. Previously I only bought plots of land as I needed it. With the introduction of land tokens I was using them for the most expensive plots leading to a crazy Tetris looking land purchase Springfield. Now there are plots only available with tokens. I’m changing my strategy with all the new land and KL tokens.
      I’m going to try and square off Springfield spending a ton of money on all the plots available for $ and using tokens from KL to buy up all land only available through tokens. This should give me a lot to play with and figure out how to place things.
      I want my characters to walk through all my attractions, replacing dirt and pavement with KL paths should help. Some real paths for forests etc. from EA would really help. A lot of my neighbors with nice looking Springfields just square grid everything but I don’t want to do that. My first wish from EA would be more Narrow, Curving paths the characters would walk along. A second wish would be for hills to transition areas.

  23. Well, heck. I was so close to my 100th Sideshow You – the five donut round (I keep track with a “digital display” of bushes) but apparently it starts over when it goes into inventory (like when you have to nuke KL). 🙁

  24. aabcampos2 - Alex

    why we still tapping?
    because we are addicts and need help.

  25. Can’t say I was delighted with losing KL because I’d worked hard to make it look good, now it’s a shadow of what it formerly was. It will now have to do. I had all the problems and then some but fortunately already purchased all of KL lands or I’d have been furious. This was something EA should have automatically comped even if people hadn’t purchased that land since they had little choice and offered no warnings. To stop lag I had to store much from my existing town, and that race track is not something I want much less would allow running as animated. As soon as this is over it’s going into storage, and why on Deity’s earth does it run so insanely fast?! So now I grind away for stuff I don’t like for the sake of gaining percentages to get more stuff I don’t think much of. I did want Itchy & Scratchy characters to match Itchy & Scratchy robots and balloons and you know … matchy-matchy, but the price was horrible to add insult to injury. Most importantly I’m in the process of moving and the last thing I needed was the burden of rebuilding KL as part of my existing town which was not planned out with that in mind. I’ve searched my mind for something positive to say about this decision on EA’s part but truly couldn’t find anything, and dagnabit I want my animated shuttle back! (phew) Glad I got that off my chest, thanks for bearing with me. Even though I get why they felt the need to end flipping between Springfield and KL they took too long to make the decision and in the end they benefitted more than we did for it.

    In parting, I have a suggestion for EA. How about making that balloon pop actually pay out more?

    • Alex - aabcampos2

      why on Deity’s earth does it run so insanely fast?!

      Because EA Lazy Programmers can’t get the animation right. So its fast to you not see the flaws.

      Come on! The tunnels and smokes covering all pieces connections are ridiculous!!! I can’t believe they think it’s to hard to synchronize the animation between track pieces.

    • As it turns out I did figure out how to get the KL Shuttle animation back. First of all, I didn’t recall how to look up KL ratings but found them after tapping on the KL Entrance. There it showed what was missing to add needed items which in turn made the shuttle animation return. Mystery solved, my mistake, #mybad!

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