Where Did That Come From? – Act I Almost Everything From One Place…Itchy Scratchy Land

This is one of those events, where at least for Act I, it is almost easier to write about what ISN’T from one episode of the Simpsons. But, if we are going to stay true to form, I’ll just list all of the things that ARE from this single episode.

  • Itchy’s Mine Field
  • Itchy & Scratchy Helicopter
  • Roger Meyers Sr. Statue
  • Itchy & Scratchy Banner
  • Itchy & Scratchy Land Ticket Booth
  • Itchy Parking Lot, Scratchy Parking Lot
  • Nurse’s Station
  • Itchy and Scratchy Land Gate

Got it?  So…really…the only things from Itchy and Scratchy Land from Act I, that AREN’T in this episode, are…well…Diane. That’s it. Just Diane.

So which episode is it?  (drum roll please…)

Itchy & Scratchy Land” is the hundred and seventh episode of The Simpsons and the fourth of the sixth season (S6E4). It originally aired on October 2, 1994.

And it’s about…you guessed it...Itchy and Scratchy Land!!!

As the WIKI synopsises, “Bart and Lisa ask their parents to take them to Itchy & Scratchy Land – the “violentest place on earth.” While there, Homer and Bart are arrested, and malfunctioning Itchy & Scratchy robots attack the Simpsons, a la Westworld. They escape with their lives and conclude it was indeed an entertaining vacation.”

So…maybe the reason that EA did all of this switchamaroo with Itchy, Scratchy and Krusty, is a way of warning us of A.I. finally getting too intelligent for it’s own good (or ours) and that we need to keep an eye on the machines around us!

Or…maybe it was just because it sounded fun at the time.  MUCH more fun that going to Itchy and Scratchy Land for real!

The really interesting parallel to this storyline, is that of being very similar to Westworld, which is a huge hit right now for HBO.  Even the worst robot from IS-Land is a simple nothing compared to Delores. Just killing your makers is one thing…but, escaping the park, and looking to take revenge while riding horses and looking hot, is completely another.

There are also some pretty clear jabs at the original “Family Park” creator, Walt Disney, in this episode…but also a few references to piracy by Itchy and Scratchy.

“Marge is slightly uneasy with the many references to violence at the park, but has an enjoyable time visiting the various violent attractions, which include a parade filled with Itchy and Scratchy robots. Homer and Marge eventually tire out and spend time away from the kids at the nearby “Parents Island”

Bart and Lisa continue having fun.

Bart and Lisa also visit a movie theater, where a documentary about the history of Itchy & Scratchy is being presented, including clips of the old Itchy & Scratchy films “Scratchtasia” and “Pinitychyo”.

Although going well, the family’s vacation is ruined when Bart launches a stink bomb onto an actor in an Itchy suit and is captured by park security. Homer is also captured for “kicking an Itchy in the butt.” Marge is informed of her son’s and husband’s transgressions and is immediately embarrassed.”

But before anyone is ejected, something goes nuts with the robotics in the park, and the Simpsons end up have to run from a swarm of deadly metal murderers! Which as it turns out…can be completely disabled by flashing a camera (remember cameras before cell phones?) in the face of the marauding swarm.

So… there you have it. Where almost EVERYTHING from this Act came from…Itchy and Scratchy Land.

Go figure…

11 responses to “Where Did That Come From? – Act I Almost Everything From One Place…Itchy Scratchy Land

  1. I saw the episode when the event came out just for background info and I saw all of it except the nurse station anyone else see it?

  2. I wonder if we are getting a Bort license plate?

    • LOL…we get Bort instead.

      • Theoretically. Without buying premium characters to staff rides, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to earn enough to get him. I got Diane with a half day or so to spare, but I still haven’t even earned the free land square in Act 2.

        • Calendar puts free land square (prize 2) at earning on Sunday. So you’re fine. I haven’t gotten it yet either and I finished act 1 with several days to spare

  3. Why doesn’t bart and lisa have a task in act 1, after all the kids are the biggest fans???

  4. You’re right. This truly was our best vacation ever. Now let’s never speak of it again.

  5. With cool, dry wit like that…..

    • Welcome to Itchy and Scratchyland, where nothing can possib-lie go wrong. Uh, possibly go wrong. That’s the first thing that’s ever gone wrong.

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