Moe’s Ark Update in App Store, but NOT Live in Games

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Yes, the Moe’s Ark update has hit our app stores.  Yes, it’s a day earlier than expected.  And no, nothing is wrong with your game…it’s not supposed to trigger yet.

If you’ve downloaded the update from the app store you’ll see that the splash screen and icon have changed, however, nothing else has.  This is because the update is NOT set to trigger until TOMORROW, August 1st, at 10am ET.

Which means…you won’t see anything new in your game until TOMORROW at 10am ET.  So don’t panic!

So basically right now Springfield is EXACTLY the same as it was an hour ago.  Nothing has changed except the Splash Screen and Icon.

Once it’s live tomorrow we’ll be back with all of the Act 1 details…until then it’s business as usual for the residents of our Pocket-Sized Springfields….

101 responses to “Moe’s Ark Update in App Store, but NOT Live in Games

  1. Woohoo butterfly Maggie from the Peekemon Get is in the store.

  2. I recently blew up my Springfield and am starting to rebuild. I did not get the teaser or splash screen.
    What do I need to do? Is there a specific character or house I need? I have all the Simpsons

  3. My disgruntled goat stall has vanished from where I placed it 😡

  4. Oh, 10am EST, that’s 6 hours behind Antwerp. So 10am EST is 4pm CEST, or with our summer clock it’s a 7 hours difference
    I think I check the Moe’s Ark update tomorrow

  5. So the Disgruntled Goat is gone, my mountain range is gone, loads of buildings are now invisible, pieces of my log ride are invisble, when I zoom out even more things go invisible and everything gets all glitchy, and the invisible items stay that way even in build mode until I tap on the space they are supposed to be and put them in storage – which is the only place I can see them…all of this on top of the character button not working, etc. How can EA do this?

    • Did you ever get any resolution to this? I’m experiencing the same thing and currently working with EA Support to try to resolve, but nothing yet. Oddly it’s only doing this on my tablet. When I try on my phone the mountains are back. Weird.

      • Leslie Scott Kayilibal

        No. I haven’t had time to deal with EA due to work. I was hopi g they would send out an update…I am glad to know I am not the only one. I will get ahold of EA tomorrow when I have time.

  6. I tried turning off all animations and disconnecting my rides. Also tried turning off the ride animations when they were connected. Still massive lag since the update. I was just fine before. That’s very frustrating. ☹️

  7. Disgruntled Goat is missing after the update!

    • I knew something was missing, but I couldn’t remember what it was.
      I have a kind of “cart pod” with the Fleet-a-Pita, Duff Party Bus, Voodoo er Devil Donuts, Reindeer Burger Truck, Guns for Pies, Bumblebee Man’s Tacos (finally) the Ice Cream Van, etc. and I thought I had put the Disgruntled Goat kiosk in the same area. Now I know what happened to it…

  8. I downloaded the game and my mountain between Springfield and Springfield Heights is gone. Also, some of my buildings are gone.

  9. My lag stopped, my bonus % went from 288 up to 440, but my collier reset to 0, I had 3 days to go before it needed charged?.

  10. since the error message and login problems won’t ever be fixed since i’ve been stuck with it on/off since december. i’ve done every option there is suggested by ea, missed events and can’t even enjoy a game of a show i absolutely love, it’s with sadness i’m officially deleting the game for good. i simply can not afford topping my data up every play wasting $15 when events don’t launch in game, tasks are gone, neighbours are gone. it’s honestly stressing to the point i wanna have a break down because it’s costing me so much money per day just to login. good bye tapped out and i hope nobody else suffers the issue i have

    • Kevin O'Donnell

      Sorry to hear that purkaboo. Some of my long term neighbors quit when Krustyland was demolished. Sad to see all these good peeps like yourself go.

  11. Peter Cakebread

    My game has got stuck on a side quest does not let me start new update please help

  12. One change: my multiplier went up 150%. Maybe they’re counting the Springfield Heights buildings now?

  13. Kevin O'Donnell

    I was wondering what was going on. Thanks for the update. ^^ On another note shutting off those animations has saved this game for me! No more dreadful lagging and I can find Maggie again. Hurrah!

  14. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    My iPad just updated 7:30pm PDT

  15. Woohoo butterfly Maggie from the Peekemon Get is in the store.

  16. Anyone stuck on A Tough Nut to Crack Part 5? I have both Marge and Disapproving Squirrel unlocked but it says quest is locked for some reason…

  17. Won’t give anything away, but I’m really looking forward to the design options available for this event. Just wish I had the land to do it. The amount of land tokens we’ll be earning won’t be nearly enough. I can get really creative with this stuff. I think many items will be added to other areas already designed though.

  18. i’ve just updated the game and have the new splash screen and icon but am still having the issue of having to reinstall the game every time i open the game otherwise i only get the login error message. also once i do login, all my neighbours are gone. has anyone else had this issue all week? i haven’t gotten any response from EA

    • I have the reinstall issue almost every time I open the game on my iPhone 5s. Not sure how to fix it. Any suggestions? I just keep reinstalling, but I can’t keep using my data when WiFi is not available.

      • You probably need to free up more space on your phone. Tapped out eats a lot of data so keep plenty of space available. As far as the neighbors issue, I had that issue just before the previous event and it was fixed when the new event was launched.

      • Alexpie52
        try to make sure to have at least 3.5 gb free more is better on your phone and make sure you do not offload apps cause it will delete your updates. if you also update your phone to the latest ios it also will delete your updates. so try that see that would work the second time you open up the app

        • have got 41gb free so no issue there. this has been a persistent problem since december. the game runs for a few weeks then it won’t stay logged in or correctly launch an event if there’s one at the time

          • I had the same issue, I believe it has to do with cache. I Was once told to delete my Facebook app and just use the browser. Haven’t had to reinstall since. Hope that works for you.

    • It could be that you don’t have enough freespace on your phones storage. I have an iPad and if I don’t have enough freespace then my game reloads from the beginning, which can take up to half an hour to do so. Check your unused apps and offload them. This is a Gigabyte hungry game and likes a lot of space

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