Moe’s Ark Is Live! Act 1 Details and Rundown (Updated and Complete)

Yup the servers may be down for some of you.  This shouldn’t be a surprise at this point.  Since moving the update time to 10am ET they’ve crashed nearly every time a new act hits…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s update Wednesday!  Woohoo!  Who’s excited for all new content in TSTO?  After all that downtime (seriously was a SLOW July) everyone should be excited for something…anything to hit our games!

Well…that something has arrived!  As Moe’s Ark is now officially live in our Pocket-Sized towns! Yes, that’s right my friends log into your Springfield’s to see all the zoo raising fun.  Or just to see what items are available for you to throw donuts at…

Anywho, remember this was an app store update that hit our games YESTERDAY.  So if you didn’t download the update check your app store for it now…we’ll wait.  (if you don’t see it listed in your update section try searching the store for Tapped Out)


Everyone got it?  Good. Great. Grand.  Let’s get started…

As I’ve mentioned several times over the last few days, this update kicks off with a task for THREE of the Simpsons to complete.  So be sure you have at least 3 free. And more details are below the fold…

Note: As always, I’ll be updating this post frequently while I play through the event myself.  So keep checking back today for all of the details on Act 1…

First thing you’ll notice is…FREE Donuts!

60 of them to be exact!  That’s a lot of donuts!  Why?  I have no idea…but free donuts are free donuts so I’m not complaining, nor investigating. lol Just taking my donuts and running…

Note: Some are reporting that if you haven’t logged into TSTO in a long time (like over a month) you’ll get 300 donuts and a tree.  I’ll have to test this out on one of my other games a little later…

Getting Started

Your initial quest for 3 Simpsons will be 6s long. Once you’ve finished that you’ll be tasked with placing the Springfield Zoo sign and you’ll also unlock Larry Kidkill for free…

THIS will trigger the event to start for you.  Only after you’ve placed the Zoo sign and unlocked Larry will you unlock the prize track and the new items in the store.  And as usual, you’ll continue to unlock more actions (such as tappables and neighbor actions) as you progress through the questline.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to follow the We Stole a Zoo questline.  Do not complete any other tasks until you’ve worked through that questline, to the point of getting to “Unlock Big Cat Country Prize”, otherwise you’ll get stuck.  The We Stole a Zoo questline is essential for unlocking neighbor actions and more.  So follow that one until you cannot follow it anymore. The work on other questlines/task book action items.


You’ll notice you’ve been awarded 9 free squares of land in the top right section of Springfield (along the Mountains).  This is to start placing your zoo.

For now stick to placing your zoo in this area, as I’ve seen a few reports of players moving the items and the free land disappearing.

Gil’s Day Old Dounts

Gil appears in Springfield offering a Day Old Donut sale…

Seeing LOADS of reports from you guys saying you purchased it, it took your money and didn’t give you donuts.  So for now, if you haven’t already, do not buy it!

If you did buy it and did not receive your donuts, contact EA.  Alternatively, you can contact your app store, inform them and they should be able to refund you as well.  But I do feel it’s important to contact EA so they know there’s an issue with it and they can correct it…

Free Stuff

Here are the free items awarded with the start of Act 1, how you get them and what they’re for.  We’ll go into more details below (and in some cases in their own post)…

 Springfield Zoo Sign.  We Stole a Zoo Pt. 2. This will act as your “hub” for the event.  This will also be the area in which the arrangement bonus is based on.  Yes, the arrangement bonus area is back. At least it’s a fairly large area, basically takes up a little more than the 9 land tiles you’re given for free.

The Emu Experience. We Stole a Zoo Pt. 3. This is your first animal hub, and you can upgrade it to unlock more decorations and items to increase your arrangement bonus.  More details on this will be below.

 Animal Feeding Area.  We Stole a Zoo Pt. 5. They finally brought back a “clear all” for the tappables.  Tap this every 4 hours to instantly clear all Zoo Visitors (and collect their rewards).  Now you don’t have to go searching for them…

Act 1 Prize Track

Discount Lion Safari Entrance– 2,100

Land Token– 7,100

Canary M. Birdhouse– 12,200

Crafting Currency (3000 Sanctuary Grants)– 17,500

Big Cat Country– 23,300

Land Token– 29,600

Brittany Brockman– 39,500


Tappabales for this event are Zoo Vistors…

Payout: 4 , 2 , you’ll also have a chance to earn an invasive tadpoles.   They can be sent to neighbors to earn more currency (more on that in a minute)

Tappable Spawn Rate: 1 every 10 min.  30 Max in town, bank of 30.

Using the Animal Feeding Area you can clear all tappables at once every 4hrs.  Makes life easy…

Tappables unlock during We Stole a Zoo Pt. 4

Neighbor Actions

Tapping Tappables in a neighbor’s town will unlock during We Stole a Zoo Pt. 4. You can tap the same visitors in a neighbor’s town for the same payouts above.  You can tap 3/town but there is a limit of taps/day.

As far as invasive Tadpoles go…

While you can potentially start earning them at We Stole a Zoo Pt. 4, you won’t be required to place them in a neighbor’s town until We Stole a Zoo Pt. 5.  There can be a max of 10 in a friends town at a time. And simply tap the tadpole icon in the top right corner of their town to drop them off.  If you are unable to drop them it’s likely their town is full.

And I believe the payout for Frogs is the Same as the payout for Tappables, 4 , 2 . If your friend taps them you both get the rewards, if they don’t just you get the payout.  Payout till likely appear after 4hrs if they go untapped.

Emu Experience 

You’ll notice there is no crafting with this one. Always welcomed.  However, there is something different going on.  Upgrades.  You’ll need to collect  (Sanctuary Grants) in order to upgrade your Emu Experience (and other items that will come along as the event progresses).

Upgrading your Emu Experience will unlock new decorations (and animals) for your zoo.  So it’s like crafting, except you don’t get to pick what you want….

Prizes include…

Big Horn- 500

Duck Pond- 750

Buck and Fawn- 500

Hay Bale- 750

Armadillo- 500

Petting Zoo Awning- 900

Additional Emu Enclosures

You’ll also have the ability to change which animals are visible at the Emu Experience…

You can earn Sanctuary Grants for upgrading via tappables, tasks, prize track and you can purchase them from the store…

Characters That Earn Event Currency

Some folks are getting confused on this one because you’re supposed to volunteer at the Emu Experience.  However, when you tap the Emu Experience you can’t send characters on tasks.  Instead, you need to tap the Zoo Entrance…

That’ll bring you to the quick send list for characters to earn event currency.  Here’s who you can send:

Then when you buy/unlock…
Another character coming later in act one

Premiums do earn at a higher rate on BOTH Prize Track and Upgrade currency.

Regular characters: 41 7 /4hrs
Premium Characters: 81 14/4hrs

And these amounts will increase as you increase your Bonus % in the Arrangement Bonus area.  That’s just the base payout.

Cash Items in Store

Finally, there are items in the store available for in-game cash!  It’s about time they brought those back!  Here’s a look at what you can spend cash on…

Springfield Zoo Wall- $10

Butterfly Garden- $100

Animal Habitat Wall (Small)– $5

Zoo Lion Statue- $50

Velvet Rope- $500

New Premium Items

New Premium

Serfsons House & Azzlan–  185 Donuts (Earns event currency, and will be available until the event ends)

Peak-At-Em Park- 75 Donuts (Earns event currency and will be available until the event ends)

African Tree Resort & Kitenge- 150 Donuts (Earns event currency, available until 8/14)

Returning content will hit the stores frequently throughout the event…

New Mystery Box

Zoo Gift Shop Mystery Box– 100 Donuts
Springfield Opry House & Mary Spuckler
Sherri & Terri
Hungry Hun & Uter
Ling Bouvier
Apu’s Apartment & Manjula
Patches & Poor Violet
Power’s House & Laura Powers
STEM Conference Hotel & Brendan
Hootenanny Barn & Luke Stetson

Another Box will appear later in the event.  However, this one lasts the entire event, so if you want to wait to see what’s in the other box you certainly can…

Sneak Peek At Characters Coming…

If you check your character collection you’ll get a look at all of the characters that will be introduced with this event.  Here’s a look…

Yes, that is a certain female character we’ve all be wanting to hit our games for YEARS.  No, she will not be free (as we all expected).  All I can tell you is, save your donuts if you want her.  Save LOTS of your donuts….more than 250, but less than 400 of them.  She’ll be hitting later in the update.

And yes, that’s a new costume for Maggie.  No, it’s not available yet.  All I can tell you with that one is, save your cash.  Your physical cash for her…not in-game cash but your actual real life money.

On a personal note…

The newest baby Addict is due here pretty soon.  Which means we will likely run this update a little differently than we’ve done in the past.  (this particularly applies to Acts 2 and especially Act 3, as I likely won’t be around for much (if any) of Act 3)  We may combine posts and skip other posts that we feel aren’t as important.  You may not see the full slate of posts posted each day, some days there may only be one post up.

We’ll still work to give you guys all of the information you need (especially on new content), but if I don’t get around to a SIB for returning content it won’t be the end of the world, ok?  We’ve got over 5,000 posts on this site and a handy search tool.  So if you don’t see a SIB post about written about a returning item, or items in the Mystery Box, simply search the site for them.  They’ll appear…

Thanks in advance for understanding!

What are your thoughts on the Moe’s Ark Update?  Any prizes you’re excited about?  Content you’re looking forward to?  Will you be making a massive Springfield Zoo or storing most of this stuff?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


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  1. I have had neighbors leave tadpoles in my SF, but I have never seen one anywhere in my SF! Are we supposed to actually tapping them? If so, how do we find them? Thanks!

  2. Hi tappers!
    I have fully upgraded the Emu Experience, and I was very surprised to suddenly get one more. Would you guys recommend continuing to upgrade the 2nd Emu, or save the upgrade currency?

  3. After updating the Emu exp. to highest level – is it better to save the grants
    for Act 2 or use them to update a
    Second Emu exp?

  4. My percentage went up to 2.25 but still only collecting 41 and 7 for characters. Is it supposed to have increased?jke

    • I Think it’s ok. I collected 41 feeds until i was at 3,25% now i collect 42. It is Simple math 2,25% of 41 is less than 1, so nothing changes

  5. Yay, yay thank you EA, 🙂
    I love animals and I’m so happy for a long overdue Zoo event 🐾🐾

    A zoo poem to celebrate 🌸🌟🐱

    Thank you for the Springfield Zoo
    You made my tapped out wish finally come true

    I love all animals real and pretend
    I will be sad when the event comes to an end

    But at least I will still have the zoo
    And the pretty decorations and animals too

  6. How did I go from 400 donuts to 2380. I had three Gil glitches fir the 300 donuts and that seems to have been refunded to me via Apple. My ,ath is not adding up how all these donuts are here now?

  7. Gill thing still an issue? Would like to buy the doughnuts but don’t want to fight EA for them.

  8. Why, why, why, Gil doesn’t love me???? In my game I got his offer with the 300 donuts with 50%, buuuuutttttttttt, in our B game got 80% off with the 2400 donuts!!! Thats only a $20.00 USD!!!! Wwwwhhyyyyy Gil????? 😕😕😕😕😕😕 its revenge coz I rarely buy you something??? 😥😥😥😥😥😥

  9. I finally got donuts, however I got a lot? Not complaining, but if I were to get as many donuts as I paid for, I should have 900, however, I recieved 1,650?
    Seriously, not complaining, but it’s shocking…

  10. You can out krustyland food stands in the zoo!!! YAY!

  11. Warren Bagnall

    Has anyone had luck with girls old donut bonus yet? Or is it a problem? I want to buy before it goes away, but not worth the hassle of it’s not working. Anyone have it work yet?

    • Warren Bagnall


    • Gil offered 2400 donuts for $19.99. Completed first ever in-game purchase, but didn’t receive donuts. Contacted EA. Few days later, received 5280 donuts!!! 🤑 Your results may vary, tho

  12. You’ll notice you’ve been awarded 9 free squares of land in the top right section of Springfield (along the Mountains). This is to start placing your zoo.

    Or as those of us who accept Springfield Heights as “west” and the water as “south” would characterize it, “North Springfield, just east of the mountains!”

    Today, I made the mistake of upgrading The Emu Experience before “Upgrade the Emu Experience” popped up in my task bar. Now, I don’t get credit until the next time I upgrade!

    Things I really like about ths event: That we have a mechanism to mass-clear zoo visitors and that our neighbor visits and benefit neighbor-eenos (and vice versa).

  13. I got 300 donuts and the Kitenge & Tree House all when I logged in. And yes, it’s been at least a month.

  14. I got 300 free donuts woo-hoo…except they were gone the next day so ended up with no freebies – not even the 60 😩

    • Oh, nooooo! If this is happening to everyone who got the 300 donuts, I’ll hold off from suggesting to my son that he take up TSTO again. He’s 15 and hasn’t played in well over a year.

  15. A m8 of mine got 80% off donut purchess instead of 50 and it was all of them so 2400 donuts for $30.89

  16. My 300 free donuts are missing… why????

  17. UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! I spent $2.5 million this morning on my KEM farm before I found out about lion farming so I spent the last $2,000 I had lion farming. Now that I’m back up to $1 million I find out they fixed the lion/butterfly glitch. Just not my day.

  18. I got 300 donuts and then they disappeared. Guess it will be a long while before I log in again.

  19. Ok…if upgrades are supposed to increase the percent on the gate, it’s not working. My emu experience was at level 1 and the gate was 1.25%. I upgraded to level 2 and it’s still at 1.25%. Am I still doing something wrong?

  20. As a few other folks as noticed that their disgruntled goat stall went missing, mine has returned. Maybe due to the last quick fix? The update that also nerfed the butterfly XP perhaps.

  21. Sorry if this has been asked, there’s 309 comments to comb through lol… but… am I right that the Emu Experience is just 1 exhibit, but we can get additional animals through upgrading it… so we only get 1 exhibit for multiple animals? And I can only have 1 animal shown at a time…? This is disappointing, why don’t the animals have their own exhibits? And I might be the only one, but I really wanted crafting for this event so I could fill my zoo with cool things, not squeeze all my animals into 1 exhibit.

  22. Hi guys – not sure if anyone else if having the same problems i am, but ever since the update, I lost my mountain between Springfield and Springfield Heights. Plus i’m can’t see about a dozen of my buildings. They are there, I just can’t see them. When I go to move them to put them in inventory, the square is there. You still can’t see the building, but you can see the square. Then I try to put in a bug report and of course it is shut down for now because they are being inundated with bugs reports. I know they MUST be aware of all the bugs. Is anyone else having the same problems I am? Just curious. OH … the good news … I can now ZOOM OUT! THAT BUG that I had for about 6 months has been fixed.

    • Hi Yvonne:
      Yes, I’ve got the same thing, and I was working with EA support, but they don’t seem to think that it’s a bug, since I’m only getting the missing mountains when I use my tablet. When I play the same profile on my phone, the mountains are there again. Weird. For now, I’m just plodding along on my phone, hoping (like you) that they patch this in some future update.

      • Isn’t it a bug when you have buildings that you cant see? They are there, I just can’t see them.

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