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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another day, another event in Springfield.  As the Springfield Zoo event is in full effect in Springfield.  And it wouldn’t be an event without a Mystery Box, now would it?  Of course EA’s go a box for this occasion!  They have a box for everything! This time around it’s full of zoo-ish items (and some not) of the past…

This is a premium box full of your chance to get those zoo-ish inspired premium character/building/decorations.  By now we should all be familiar with how Mystery Boxes work, so let’s jump to the breakdown of what’s inside…

This Mystery Box is a great way to get items at a discount or something you missed out on from a previous event.

And…if you already have everything in the box you won’t see the box in your store. 

So for 100 donuts, you can have your shot at a variety of Zoo-ish (I guess) inspired premium characters, decorations, and buildings from recent past events.  100 Donuts is less than or equal to the initial value for each item. (although this is the most expensive box we’ve seen to date)

Zoo Gift Shop Mystery Box Leaves Games on September 12th (when the event ends)

Here’s what you can win…

Springfield Opry House & Mary Spuckler- Originally 150 donuts.  Should I buy.  Premium character/building combo.

Sherri & Terri-Originally 150 donuts.  Should I buy.  Premium characters.  2 characters that act as 1.

Hungry Hun & Uter– Originally 160 donuts.  Should I buy.  Premium character/building combo.

Brandine-Originally 100 donuts.  Should I buy.  Premium character.  Can birth other Spucklers (1/90 days…3 total)

Ling Bouvier-Originally 110 donuts.  Should I buy.  Premium character

Apu’s Apartment & Manjula-Originally 160 donuts.  Should I buy.  Premium character/building combo.

Patches & Poor Violet-Originally 100 donuts.  Should I buy.  Premium characters.  Like Sherri and Terri, two characters that act as 1 (originally, originally a free prize)

Power’s House & Laura Powers-Originally 150 donuts.  Should I buy.  Premium character/building combo.

STEM Conference Hotel & Brendan-Originally 150 donuts.  Should I buy.  Premium character/building combo.

Hootenanny Barn & Luke Stetson-Originally 100 donuts.  Should I buy.  Premium character/building combo.

Now, while I know you can’t pick and choose which items you want from the box, I included the Should I Buy (or details) posts from the past so y’all can see how much they originally cost & what specifically each building/character does.

100 donuts is a MORE THAN fair price for most of the items at least.  So my thoughts are, if you have something in there you want…give it a try.  You’ll likely get something worth it.

And that’s it my friends!  The details on the Zoo Gift Shop Mystery Box….

What are your thoughts on the Mystery Box? Have you tried it yet? What have you won so far? What do you hope to get? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

59 responses to “Zoo Gift Shop Mystery Box

  1. I wanted uter but I got ling 😩

  2. I tried once and got Mary spuckler.
    I am more hesitant for the STEM conference hotel, but I have nothing else, so the chances are smaller to get it

  3. Finally, a Mystery Box worthy of the Bloodmobile cash-in.

    Just converted enough game cash for 950 donuts!

    Got all the items.

  4. Just a thought, if we spend those precious Donuts on a treasure chest of returning buys, is there any plans to be able to choose what you want other gambling on the hope you get what want the most? I get the value but frustrating when you spend allot just in hopes of getting the one you need. Just my opinion. Still love the game.

  5. Took a funny turn and bought 2 boxes, got Mary spuckler and luke stetson, think am a bit dizzy, why!!!!!!, never mind I will build a farm area which was on my to do list and put everything together lol

  6. are they going to release another mystery box before the event is over

  7. 100 donuts is way too pricey. EA got greedy once again.

  8. I find that the prizes in the zoo gift shop mystery box (or any mystery box event for that matter) change position when I look periodically. Does this mean a certain slot is the prize you get? Curious.

  9. I NEEDED Uter. First time I got Brendan, then got Uter which just left Mary remaining in the box (as long time player already had the other characters). Left it a little while and relented and bought Mary 😊 I’ve worked through the questlines already except for Uter, he’s working hard at the railyard 😉

  10. Is it possible yet to put Krustyland Entrance back into storage?
    It seems that I need it for Sherri & Terri task “Pretty Princess Land”.

  11. I wanted Brandine, Sherri & Terri and Apu’s Apartment & Manjula.
    I got STEM Conference Hotel & Brendan and Ling Bouvier.

  12. Zoo Gift Shop Mystery Box

    Well, there are a plethora of goodies available (some nice Character Building Combos), but I must concur – 100 Sprinkles? I say 75 Donuts would’ve lured me in (oh well, I guess next time!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. aw I didn’t get any boxes with this event, they didn’t even showed up,

  14. I only have Mary and the Opry House in my box. Considering all of the returning characters being offered in this event it would of been great if at least one of them could of helped at the habitats. I will wait a bit longer before I buy Mary depending on what other returning items are available.

  15. Josephine Kick@$$

    For anyone who’s hesitant to buy because of Ling, she does have tasks at the KL buildings/rides for KL tickets 😁

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