Moe’s Ark Tips for Ending Act 1

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Act 1 of the Moe’s Ark will be ending this coming Wednesday (so 4 days from now) at 10am ET…here’s what you should be doing to get ready for Act 2 to start.  Following these tips will help give you a head start when Act 2 launches…

These tips apply assuming you’ve fully upgraded at least 1 Emu Experience, 1 Big Cat Country and have unlocked all of the Act 1 prizes

Starting MONDAY (August 13th), start saving your Daily Challenges.  This will allow you to have 2 built up and a new one on Wednesday…so 3 total Daily Challenge that will convert to Act 2 currency once Act 2 starts.  This should give you a head start on Act 2 currency.  Not to shabby…
You can complete the challenge, just don’t clear it (ie claim the currency).  Only do this if you’ve unlocked Brittany. If you haven’t unlocked her by Monday make sure you maximize your currency to unlock her before Act 2 ends.

Save Upgrade Currency. Once you’ve upgraded at least one Emu Experience and Big Cat Country SAVE YOUR UPGRADE CURRENCY.  This will allow you to immediately start upgrading when the new Act hits.  It’ll help you earn bonus prize currency (from completely questlines) and increase your Arrangement Bonus quickly.

And that’s it my friends, all the tips you’ll need to get a good head start when Act 2 starts on Wednesday!

Thoughts as we prepare for Act 1 to end and Act 2 to start?  Any other tips you can give fellow tappers?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I’m not clear which currency disappears at the end of Act 1. Animal feed or land grants?

    • Animal Feed. As with every event, the currency that’s responsible for unlocking the main prizes in the prize track changes with each event.

  2. sorry if somebody else already asked, but is it better to try and get 4k currency for bonuts, or save daily challenges (havent gotten Monday’s yet) to get a head start on act 2?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. These tips are really handy thanks.

    With the expansions to the habitats, does anybody else wonder if EA originally planned for them to have an animal slot on them? Some of them look like they have a spot for an animal but no way of adding one. It makes them a bit redundant, and looks especially bad if you have a lot of empty expansion pieces huddle around the Big Cat Sanctuary for example.

  4. I just unlocked Brittany Brockman today. If I save doing her quest line until act 2 starts will it earn whatever the currency is for act 2? Or once act 2 is over it will just revert back to cash?

  5. This’ll vary depending on your timezone so USA might be overnight and Asia sometime in the afternoon but for those of us in the UK with the event act 2 due to start at 3PM send everyone on zoo tasks around 11AM then do not tap until the act changes.
    Don’t clear tappables for up to 10 hours before, with a 30 cap and a 30 bank and a spawn rate of 10 minutes you’ll get the lot if you wait
    Also don’t do all your neighbour visits early, maybe one town to “set the clock” but leave the other 9 until the payouts change.
    Depending on who you’ve got and the event area bonus add in three challenges and it could be nicely over 2K right from the off – sweet !!

  6. I tried to find if it has been discussed here, maybe i missed it but I ve been trying to math my way through this problem. One earns more donuts from the railyard than earning bonuts, am i right? Help my brain hurts.

    • Well, the rail yard can be pretty unpredictable, sometimes I am stuck because it ases for one resource, while I have the other two maxed out, so that slows it down. Especially when I have only very few characters left to earn the resource (because most is tied in event jobs…).

      With bonuts its more straightforward, theres nothing to slow you down.

      But right now I would keep characters in the event jobs to earn the upgrading currency, so I can upgrade act 2 enclosures sooner, and therefore increase the bonus.

  7. One general question, which I asked previously and thought was resolved but had not. Although I turned off all notifications for the app, and sound, I still get the Homer’s call that someone has just visited my Springfield. It gets very embarrassing in office if I forget to silence my phone. Middle of night, I also hear that sometimes. Is this a glitch? How to resolve? Tried uninstalling and reinstalled by does not work. I never get this problem until this year.

  8. Daily Challenges and Upgrade Currency (check) for Act 2!

    Stop collecting Event Currency for Bonuts 1 – 2 Days before Act 2 begins (I actually encourage taking 1 to 2 Days off from Tapping so that you’re fresh n’ ready for a new Act in an Event).

    Kem Farm for Bonuts (always start each Act in an Event with plenty of Sprinkles), but do take a break from Tapping (this means Sunday thru Monday Kem Farm, then take Monday thru Wednesday morning off from Tapping).

    Have Characters available (make sure all Character Tasks are done aka collect from your Characters Wednesday morning) when beginning Act 2.

    Exceptions? Well, if you don’t have the final Act 1 Prize … then I guess you’re Tapping ’til the last minute (and this means less opportunity to save up Daily Challenges, Upgrade Currency, Tapping energy). 🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. I am really enjoying this event. Can’t wait for the new week of animals to add

  10. I have total burn out with the game the last few days. It’s just so boring and the every 4 hour taps are wearing me out.

    • You’re absolutely right. Some days I find myself just checking in once or twice. As long I’m still on track with Patric’ s calendar I don’t worry about it. I just kind of hakuna matata my way through it, farm enough to get the premium items I want, and drop off toads when I have enough time. It’s a bore when it takes 20 minutes to completely clear your town and not have the time/energy/inspiration to really start decorating properly. I’m still prolly about 8 major events behind when it comes to actually organizing my Springfield.

  11. If I understand this right

    (1) Animal Feed is going away
    (2) Save upgrade currency
    (3) Are the frogs disappearing? If so, why wait to send them to other people. And how long before it ends? Less than 4 hours? Less than 24 hours?

    • Frogs earn you currency, so sending as many as you can just before act 2 starts, you will get back act 2 currency, every little helps!

  12. Also stop sending frogs as soon as you have finished quest line and send all of them just before part 2 starts

    • Seems like it would make more sense to save all your frogs and then drop them after the start of act 2… since the act 1 currency will be valueless after act 2 starts. Is that what you meant?

  13. Do you know if the big cat country and the emu experience will still be upgradable during the next stages?

  14. Thank you so much. This is very helpful!


    May the Lord bless you today.


  15. Also save your toads, once the second act hits, send them to your neighbors 🙂

  16. I don’t think that I’ll be able to save my challenges this event. For whatever reason, I have quite a bit to go for the final prize. Usually five times a day logging in is enough. I even spent 10 donuts for currency when I was close to upgrading my cats. Weird!

    • Seems like the past events would give out 1500 event currency for each daily challenge, where this one is only giving 400. It helped once you unlock Big Cat Country and can send three more characters to the 4 hour “grind.”

      • I’ve been sending those three extra characters, but I’m still going to cut it really close. I do not have any premium characters this event, though.

    • I’m in the same boat as you, I’m close to unlocking the second land token before Brittany. I don’t have any of the premium characters or items either and if I did it would usually be for a returning character. For most of this act I have only been logging in three sometimes four times a day and it still wasn’t enough to stay on track with the calendar. I think upgrading the Big Cat Country and Emu Experience to the max, clearing toads and visiting neighbours is needed to stay on track along with sending characters and clearing tappables every 4 hours. There is still 3 days left to get the last prize.

      • I wish that I would have saved today’s challenge. I got Brittney at 1:00 pm. Part of my problem is that I have no friends. I understand that mean more grinding on my part, but I’ve gone this long without them. I’ve also chosen to have only one emu and one big cat exhibit which didn’t help my bonus.

        • Congrats on getting Brittney, I just got the land token and need another 10000 more to get her so I hope I can get her without spending any donuts. Do you visit Other Springfield to complete the daily challenge that requires the toads? It was actually better that you didn’t save today’s challenge since you can only get a max of 3 at a time including Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays’ challenge.

          • That did work out for me then. I do visit my Other Springfield (my only friend), but I thought the switch was coming Tuesday morning instead of Wednesday. You should be able to get Brittney with that much time left. Good luck!

            • Thanks LynnZ, I also forgot that it was Wednesday instead of Tuesday that the act changes. I’m around 32500 on the prize track which isn’t too bad from the calendar (just a day behind) but I should be getting in my game at least 4 possibly 5 times a day to get her. 😀

  17. Wtf am I so behind… I have never been Thisbe behind(other than the time 4 years ago around Halloween when I had only 8 characters) but other than that I feel like I just keep up. I have been doing 4-5 times per day and everything. As a side note I am loving this event and is by a long shot the best so far… I heard that the story line goes crazy but I’m okay as long as we get cool animal places I’ll be fine. Hopefully EA didn’t give up as everyone said once SW was in the game the game would be over. This event really brought me back in and I’m excited to play for the first time sense I biked Krusty land lol

  18. Thanks for the tips. I definitely want a second Big Cat exhibit. Do I need to buy that before Wednesday or will it be available throughout the whole event?

  19. so the emu experience upgrades has a bonus attached to them, aside from the animals, and the big cat country upgrades have higher cost but also higher bonus attached to their upgrades. Is it fair to assume that this trend will continue with other animal enclosures?

  20. Thanks a lot 😊

  21. Also if you’re on track to unlock all the prizes it’s worth saving the Toads to be mass- released in act II 🙂

  22. I just about did something stupid. I had foolishly spent my sanctuary grants on upgrading a second emu experience and was looking at having insufficient grants to completely upgrade the nicer big cats country. I thought about spending donuts to upgrade, but it was awfully expensive.

    Then I noticed that for 100 donuts I could get 10000 sanctuary grants. It’s not my favorite way to spend my precious donuts, but a much gentler penalty than the 750 or so I was looking if I’d upgraded each level separately with donuts, and I have thousands of leftover for the next Acts.

  23. The TSTO Gods shined on me, So I managed to get Brittany early 😍

  24. Great tips. I just started a while back and right now I almost have Brittany. I didn’t know the currency in daily challenges converted. I usually just use them for the donut chance. Good to know thanks again

  25. I’ve been saving tadpoles from the beginning. This will give you and your neighbors a boost come the start of Act 2

    • I understand that logic if you’ve finished the act, but I always find act 1 to be the toughest act to complete so be sure to get brittney first before you take that approach.

  26. Hi Alissa, this confused me.
    “Olly do this if you’ve unlocked Brittany. If you haven’t unlocked her by Monday make sure you maximize your currency to unlock her before Act 2 ends.”

    Do I not need to unlock her before Act 2 begins?

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