Friday Filler- Jumping the Shark with Zooaligical Profiling

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Once again, I am writing this early, as I will actually be in Alaska the day you are reading this…Friday…which may be Saturday for some…but because of the header, is mostly Friday…except when it isn’t, like today.

That last paragraph makes about as much sense as this event.  Perhaps EA is going to figure out a way to pull it together somehow with the dialogue. But, it is going to take a rope the size of a galaxy, and a giant Holy Lion to pull together.

And, frankly, I think this a case of “jumping the shark” in TSTO that is both troubling and was likely born out of the same kind of staff meeting that the original “Jump the Shark,” episode came from.

Not familiar with the term? Read on…

So…for those who are not of a certain age, or “hip to the lingo” of media critics, “Jump the Shark” comes from an episode of the show “Happy Days” when Fonzie actually jumped a shark on water skis. And yes…that is as ridiculous as it sounds. It has become a term reflecting when a show is so out of ideas, that it swerves into the preposterous out of desperation.

For all of you who are rolling your eyes with the “Here, he goes again with the end of the game talk,” I will remind you that Happy Days went on for years after that, and that the episode had HUGE ratings.  So…maybe it is a compliment to call this event the “Jump the Shark” event. Or not.

The reason I am suspect…is that when I read the “Insider Info” that EA sent us, I kept looking at the story line (which does include Moe by the way as it progresses), along with  the prizes/premium items that are being offered, and came to the conclusion that the writers and the actual game programmers forgot to get together on this one.

There is a thread…even if it is so thin you can barely see it…to tie this thing together. I won’t reveal it all here. But, suffice it to say, that the Zoo aspect, and Moe, along with a ton of weird creatures, are at the heart of the story line, as much as a story line exists. In face…this event would make more sense if it was named, “TSTO GUMBO.” So many disparate parts brought together by a common theme…they are animals. We’ll to quote the Elephant Man…”I am not an animal…”  But, I do feel like one sometimes…like a kitten moving wherever our master points the laser pointer…without questioning.  But, I digress…

It’s  like the animators and the programmers couldn’t settle on a single episode from which to pull the content, and so they started passing around a giant bottle of “Fireball” (cinnamon whiskey for the uninitiated) and throwing out ideas. And by the end, anything that looked like a zoo animal, or from the jungle, or even remotely kinda khaki, was thrown in to give them enough content to fill their Premium offerings, and Prize Tracks. And when that didn’t work, those who had consumed more than their fair share of Fireball, (and perhaps had taken some psychedelic mushrooms on top of the Fireball), simply made up weird beasts that fit the event…or didn’t…but were jammed in, anyway.

Random doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The Prize Track screen shot should have been a tip-off that we were heading into murky waters, as it pertains to maintaining a succinct story.

Azzlan (who is supposed to be Azlan from the “Chronicals of Narnia” where he represents the symbol of Jesus), is sitting with Bart, looking into a Holy Light, as Homer taps.  Beautiful imagery,  that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual event.

In fact…Azzlan is a premium item in this update, and comes with the “Serfson’s House” which is from the episode where they are all back in medieval times, and Azzlan visits Marge because her mother is dying, and he tries, but is rebuffed, to convert her to Christianity.  (The Serfsons E1S29).   Why is he here???? Because he is a lion…and zoos have lions.  Or maybe…it’s because like TSTO, he represents being resurrected from the dead. Or not… Pass the FireBall.

But, it gets better. Let’s continue the zoological profiling with the “Anything Khaki.” We have (and yes…I am looking ahead and kinda teasing/spoiling) no fewer than four (including a returning) unrelated Khakis in the game…and only one has anything to do with a zoo.

Kitenge – is from Africa, is the “current President of Tanzania,” from the “Simpsons Safari” episode.




Knifey Spooney– Is Australian, from “Bart-vs-Australia”



Bart Conner – from the “Fat and the Furriest” (returning with the Springfield Hunting Supplies Store.



Joan Bushwell – from the “Simpson’s Safari”…but is based on a cross between Jane Goodall and  Joan Embery from the San Diego zoo (who by the way is back, after recovering from a stroke…the news of which broke my
heart). Loves me some Joan!

Perfect. Nothing says a nice cohesive update like this bunch.  Pass the Fireball!

But, where is MOE??  Where is the Ark?  Where is the story Arc?

Well…if you haven’t gotten there yet, Moe is recruited to steal rare animals for the zoo…but it doesn’t work out…and in Act II Doctor Hibbert is recruited to…

Oh. Wait. We can’t talk about Act II yet, because our NDA with EA says we can’t, (even though a certain hacker/poster/blogger has posted all of the information for the entire update on something that rhymes with “Stickie”).  Pass the Fireball!

All I am going to say, is that this event gets so random in the storyline, that almost any possible animal, safari character, random jungle decoration, and even a handful of very random RELIGIOUS characters (can you say Rosh Hashanah?) and even another freakin’ “Time Traveler Homer” character all appear, so you HAVE to be drunk to try and make sense of it. Pass the Fireball!

In fact…by act three, there are so many random, silly, made-up animals and characters, that you start wishing that it was Homer on water skis, jumping the shark tank.  Why not?  That makes as much sense as some of the stuff we have coming down the “zoological poop shoot,” that is this event.

I’m fine with those who are “having fun.”  Cool.  Happy for you.

But, for me, adding almost countless, random, “animal” decorations (especially when they only bumped the item limits by 100…) is just a futile waste of grind.

And…come on…just a tad bit EALPish…don’t you think?  How many of the same enclosures and animals do we want to “craft” even though they don’t call it crafting. The really puts the L in ELPISH (Lazy).  Enjoying your summer off EA?

But, I know that most of you will continue to do so. And most of you will find a way to make sense of a huge zoo, that is now perched in the “GIGANTIC SPRINGFIELD AMUSEMENT AREA” that now threatens to make our towns so top-heavy with amusement parks, that they should succeed from Springfield proper and form their own state.  And, whatever I write won’t make much sense to you.

I am gonna coast. And most likely just wait for Sarah Wiggum…and maybe buy a couple of decorations, including “Old Faithless” which I missed the first time it was offered. And I’ll just kinda plop what I “win” onto bare dirt, because I don’t have enough items left under my Item Limit Cap to do much of anything else.
(HOWEVER…IT HAS BEEN RAISED to 1700 items…so that is something).

And, I will store the rest…which seems mean, as even something as random as a 3-Eyed whale deserves a chance to live…even though it costs 333 donuts and won’t be available until Act III.

Ooops! There I go again…breaking the NDA covenant and revealing what has already been revealed…as way of proving that EA has “Jumped the Whale” this time, and is laughing at us.

Well…at least the Three Eyed Whale comes from an actual episode (Future-Drama, S16E15) so there’s that. And while it has nothing to do with a zoo…or an ark…or Moe…or the jungle, the writers and programmers can justify it’s inclusion in this event, because it’s an animal.

Pass the Fireball…

This Fireball! She makes as much sense as most of the rest of the content in this event, and should be a character in the game at this point (and is an actual costume you can buy online).

And, at only 666 donuts, she is a real bargain! 

Pass the Fireball… I have to jump a whale!

49 responses to “Friday Filler- Jumping the Shark with Zooaligical Profiling

  1. Maybe it’s just I read this while I was dead tired, but I have no clue what you meant by pass the fireball

  2. I seen a bottle if fireball at my local supermarket £15

    • Buy it! 😊 I love it, first had it in Nashville in 2016. Just enjoying some Jack Daniels Fire now! (similar).

      Happy Sunday one & all 😊🇬🇧

  3. I’ve used the “stickie” site as a quick reference for over a year. I visit the Addicts more often since it has more depth and you, Patric, are entertaining and give a view point I wouldn’t see on my own. IMO, Addicts and Stickie site aren’t competing.

    I like this cludgie event. EA seems creative by finding all these animals and sticking them together. I sure can visualize a conference room where the zoo brainstorming occurred ending with an “It’s all good.”

    EA, keep the long events running. I for one enjoy them.

    • I agree with you. We really aren’t competing at all…and in fact, I often use what Gio posts as a reference. But it does all make the whole NDA bit a total joke.

  4. Uh. Content coming for the Rosh Hashanah in September? I really want the Kustofsky family in my town 🙂

  5. I didn’t even notice the randomness. I quit caring about the storylines when they converted to the 6 second jobs then collect the 4th prize format. I just really like what’s bring offered so I really don’t fret.
    By the way…I blame Fireball for both of my strokes.

    • Whoa!!! Do tell! That is a whole lotta fireball! I’ve learned to only drink it in a safe environment. Like a padded room…that locks from the outsided.

  6. I agree with your analysis, Patric. However, I think that we may use the released content to build some unprecedented zones in our little town, if nothing else 😀

  7. “Oh. Wait. We can’t talk about Act II yet, because our NDA with EA says we can’t, (even though a certain hacker/poster/blogger has posted all of the information for the entire update on something that rhymes with “Stickie”). Pass the Fireball!”

    OHMYGOSH that made me lol 🤣🤣🤣

    I’m really looking forward to getting a 3 eyed whale! I just wish I could put it in a lake alongside the aquarium I built. Bring on a ton of NPC animals and I’m truly happy! ❤

    Hey… I know this event isn’t for everyone but I really am loving it. I love animals and building my own zoo has so much design potential using stuff from past events too. In fact my zoo is going to be pretty big by the end. I like the fact I can buy upgrade materials with donuts for a good amount to do with as I please. 🤩

    I wish they had upped the item limit a bit more than 100… A thousand would have been awesome. At some point I will have to get rid of my 2d Halloween art. Sad. 😫

    Also EA… let ME choose where I want my free land to be next time. 😡 You messed with my perfect rectangle of land.

  8. I must admit I am having fun with act 1 for a change, related or not, unfortunately I did see the stickie post you referred to and think they spoilt it by releasing all the content to soon, I like teasers not spoilers.

    I seem to need more upgrade currency than I normally use might buy something to help with that.

    Will the big cat country be available after act 1 as I know someone who started late, she has 5000 currency save but can’t see her reaching the the amount needed for the big cats.


    Well after downing one Bearded Clam, followed by one Tiki Bandit, here at Frankie’s Tiki Room (yes you get to keep the Mugs) …. I must agree with Patric on many levels by questioning:

    Why call the Event MOE’S ARK?
    What’s a Zoo without Zoo Employees / Staff vs only volunteers?
    How come nothing is cohesive about this Event?
    Still no Event Tasks here for Squeaky Voiced Teen?
    Why hasn’t Dr. Hibbert started an Event Task at the Zoo?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m making the most of this Event (Friday night drinks are helping (lol), as I got the final Act 1 Prize yesterday, I’m quickly earning Bonuts (4 Days ’til Act 2) and trying not to use up space in the Bonus Level Zone (so glad we don’t Craft)! 🍹

    I am making sure to have over 300 Sprinkles available (I’m waiting for Sarah Wiggum), but there are only a few Premiums of Interest, and I’m not interested in a Mystery Box that’s 100 Donuts for a gamble (we have better odds here in Las Vegas)! 🎰

    • I like the idea of removing craft Items but they didn’t really do that, entirely. It’s now masked in upgrading Zoo keeps, which populates (crafts) additional Items.

  10. Hi, guys! Sorry to stop by talking about something completely out of the topic – well, not that much, since it IS about the zoo area.

    I haven’t played the game for long – since march, in fact – and with the Zoo update, the game automatically placed said Zoo in the northern area of my Springfield, behind the Itchy & Scratchy park. However, when I try to buy new land around this area, it seems that I am only able to do so using Land Tokens – not with in game money! Is this correct? If so, I fear I’ll just have to move it to another area, since there’s no way I’ll be able to fit all the content of the event only in the area that was given and with the free land tokens from the missions.

    • Yep…. weird blackout of land. Hard t fathom…but maybe more in the next act?

    • Speaking of land tokens and the bonus land they opened up/gave us for the event. At least with this event they gave me/opened up land that was only purchasable with land tokens and was on a perimeter and not smack dab in the middle of my town. In the itchy scratchy event they opened up land that was the cheapest in game cash available land i had, and land i had purposefully left unbought so it could separate one area from another. So at least this time they didn’t open up the cheapest land available. Still pissed they opened up that area. Ida rather not have been given land than had my cheapest land opened that was not opened for a freakin reason. Argh.

  11. If they want to have 1 act mini events that relate to one another, like poochie related to the itchy and scratchy land event, but have it go in a different direction, then that’s fine, but to try and justify it as this is all one big story doesn’t really make much sense and comes off as lazy throwing in random stuff and not trying very hard. Not good.

  12. The reason the “jumping the shark” was infamous was because Fonzie was wearing his leather jacket while jumping the shark. The Ark btw is in Praiseland. How many Arks do you want? I assume you have an idea of what is in parts 2 and 3, so you have some idea where the story arc is going.

  13. we are building a zoo ……and it has nothing to do with “Moe’s ark” but now your telling me our zoo will turn into something as silly as Moe’s petting zoo with animals that are not animals (or animals dressed up like other animals)
    I guess Burns has been doing some unethical nuclear waste dumping again ?

  14. Loving the randomness! As a completionist, sooooo happy to have the lion, the raptor?, the snake and everything else they want to include!

    Have played for sooooo long, the fun part now is getting all the characters i missed in times past. The story lines are so fun. Loving having all the new! EA feel free to open the vault and let me character buy till my hearts content. Loving the mystery boxes, and any and all justifications to give me new characters. On that front, great job EA!

    One ask, btw, EA, please change the code to make people who have been playing longer, have full mystery boxes too! A code to tell what we are missing, and fill our boxes up would be great i want that hallucinatory fox! Hes an animal! 😁 come on EA for filling up my zoo! 😁😁

    That new whale thing looks so amazing! Now am absolutely impatient for Act 3!!! 😁

    • I too, am happy to have a chance to get charachters I missed b\c I wasn’t yet addicted to TSTO when they were first available. Full characters, NPC’s…
      I MUST HAVE THEM ALL!!! 🙃😛🤑😨

  15. Wow I love Fireball whiskey. Second best thing to pass around a cottage campfire. Canoe trips.. at the end of the day when camp is setup. Fishing trips. Not sure what the rest of the post was

  16. Honestly I’m really liking this event. it’s the most fun I’ve had in the game all year.

  17. My underlying complaints about the main Events remain the stretching of story and content (which you detailed), losing focus on Springfield (also noted but at least there is a zoo in the town) and monotony (which most interpret as a length issue).

    How about abandoning stretch Events and tailoring them more like mini-Events, offering more significant changes between Acts?  And isn’t it high time we see a focus on Springfield as a city, maybe an Event revolving around SNPP?  There is so much untapped potential in this game (yeah, OK, I went there)…

    Maybe I’m overly optimistic but it’s gotta be too early to jump the shark. Doesn’t it? 🙃

    • I actually think EA is trying to get us to want mini events and only mini events. Long events probably cost more and fakeke more time to produce. Whereas someone could probably pull together decent mini events based on 4 – 5 episodes per season quickly and cheaply. I see a day where we get 5ish minis and 2ish majors (thoh and Christmas) a year and are happy about it.

  18. I have to agree – Act III is an unmitigated disaster wherein the content is just as suited for the Outlands as it is for a zoo (and may just have to end up there or in storage – more likely – unless I want a zoo that takes up more room than the entirety of Springfield proper). This event really should’ve been either two acts or just a mini event. Even the returning content doesn’t make sense. Someone please explain how anything in the current Mystery Box relates to a zoo gift shop…

  19. They need to offer more things to buy with money,you collect millions and can’t use it.

    • KEM or ___mobile farm those millions into donuts. Though I agree that more igc items would be nice.

    • I buy RatTrapTrucks and then sell them back…that earns me enough donuts to buy most items in the events. No complaints here😁

      • Same here, I have 60 million saved and will be doing a 20 or 30 mill buying spree soon, love your SH fish scene on the boardwalks btw.

        • Thanks, it also freed up more regular land by moving some stuff onto Squiddy tiles. I think the zoo may be as large as my town by the end of the event😄.

      • I just want to be able to buy land. It just stretched another 5 tiles west with this event, so that’s what, like another 200 tiles we can’t get? 5 x 40 or 50 north to south? And we get like 1 tile every couple weeks in an event? I seriously don’t get it. Let me just buy the damn land with in game cash. Or donuts. Whatever.

  20. *zoological

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