Turbo Tappin’ Moe’s Ark: Act 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

From amusement parks to zoos, EA certainly has the gamut of summertime travel covered!  The Moe’s Ark (Springfield Zoo) event is in full swing, with Act 2 hitting our games earlier today.

As was mentioned on the rundown post Act 2 of Moe’s Ark runs until August 29th, and you’ll need to send Larry Kidkill on a 4hr task to get things started.

Don’t forget the Questline will help you get some bonus prize currency…so make sure you complete it to earn that extra currency…also the questline is there to guide you.  Make sure you complete the main questline in order to unlock things like habitats and more.

Now let’s work our way through the wildness of the Act 2 questline…

Main questline….

Take the Monkey and Run Pt. 1

Make Larry Kidkill Call a Veterinarian- 4hrs

Completed Task Earns 100  10xp

Take the Monkey and Run Pt. 2

Make Dr. Hibbert Treat Animals- 4hrs
Make Larry Kidkill Oversee Treatments- 4hrs

Completed Task Earns 100  10xp

Take the Monkey and Run Pt. 3

Place Baboon Country USA- Free (new Habitat to upgrade for Act 2)
Place Animal Habitat Wall

Completed Task Earns 100  10xp

Take the Monkey and Run Pt. 4

Make Lisa Help Dr. Hibbert Treat Animals Without a License- 4hrs
Make Marge Worry About Lisa’s Morality- 4hrs

Completed Task Earns 100  10xp

Take the Monkey and Run Pt. 5

Unlock Slimu Auditorium- 19,000

Completed Task Earns 100  10xp

Take the Monkey and Run Pt. 6

Unlock Great Plains- 35,000

Completed Task Earns 100  10xp

Take the Monkey and Run Pt. 7

Unlock T Rex- 57,000

Completed Task Earns 100  10xp

Take the Monkey and Run Pt. 8

Make Larry Kidkill Ponder New Attractions- 4hrs

Completed Task Earns 200  10xp

Yes, there are bonuts AFTER you’ve finished part 8 of the Take the Monkey and Run questline.  Every 5,000 you collect after the questline is complete you’ll have a chance for 1, 2 or 3 Donuts.

What are your initial thoughts on Act 2 of Moe’s Ark? Thoughts on the dialogue?  Prizes?  Any items you’ve purchased? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

24 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Moe’s Ark: Act 2

  1. Thanks for these regular posts. They are extremely useful. I won’t be pushing hard this Act because I have no interest in T-Rex. I do want to get the land token and I’m still really enjoying the event so it’ll be interesting to see how I get on.

  2. Well, I will have Slimu Auditorium tonight, so it’s all about making room for that (you would think EA would include a Land Token for each Building, and / or scale Buildings smaller – but nooooooo!). 👍

    Again, all I am using is tips and suggestions given in tsto addicts (thank you everyone), except I will admit obtaining Sarah Wiggum today gives you one more character who will generate Event Currency / Level Up Currency (any extra per 4 hours helps). 😀

    Now if Act 2’s final Prize, T-Rex, generates Event Currency / Level Up Currency? I’ll obtain him without worrying about grinding. If he’s as worthless as Bort? I’ll stop after getting that Land Token and just Kem Farm (EA learned most don’t care for NPCs, now they need to learn worthless characters are not worth grinding for!) 🤔

    This Event is fun, because we are getting some Characters we wanted. This Event would be better if we were given more Land Tokens AND a cohesive Zoo (some of the Act Prizes don’t seem like they fit in a Zoo). 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. Can’t we just win an actual T-rex? *whine*

  4. OMG! I’m dying of laughter! I just got the ‘squid and sailor’ prize. LOL! Really EA? at least the other purple squid prize from previous event has tasks and is mobile… this squid decoration is just.. funny looking. And the ‘Wet N Wacky World’ sign’…. “formerly John F Kennedy Naval Museum.’ Who comes up with this stuff? My other favorite? ‘Discount Lion Safari: ‘if you can find it cheaper you must be in Africa’ I can just imagine these EA staff meetings.. OK, you need to come up with 3-5 prize designs for next event.. mark them snarky.

  5. I love characters and I’ve had moments where I’m not stoked to get this character (like milhouses grandma) but I finished the prizetrack anyway, but I don’t recognize T-Rex and he doesn’t interest me at all, so I think this might be the first time I dont mind not finishing a prize-track.

  6. And the whales are chanting “jump, jump, jump”…

  7. There needs to be a way to tether npc’s to certain areas/buildings.

  8. I’m enjoying the event a lot. No complaints. I think it’s fun and the stuff is different and interesting.

  9. Josephine Kick@$$

    I really wish we could get land to the right of the zoo area. My town’s already a mess, & I’m going to need more room (or move all of the ISKL stuff again). 🤦‍♀️😜

    • Yeah I had to move my entire zoo over to the oppisite side of my game… at least I have more room for my I&S land!

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I’ve already started moving things, but I know there’s a lot from this event going into storage once it’s over 😐

  10. I moved my zoo around a ton this morning and made a lot more room because I knew I was going to need it. Then later when I unlocked Baboon County I realized I still didn’t have enough.

    So I went and looked at all the spoilers… I was looking forward to a small ‘Marine World’ section but now realizing I will probably have to make it it’s own separate thing kinda kills it for me.

    Overall I’m very happy with this event!

  11. Is it just me or do you need to finish the quest/Act lines days in advance to even consider getting those free bonuts? By the time I finished the last Act, I had 1600/4000. Previous events I would have had plenty of time to collect at least two or three kicks at the can.

    Is this the price we pay for all these event changes we asked for? 😋

    • Short answer…yes. You are correct.

    • Same here. In previous events I had 2-3 chances at bonuts after the completion of an act, but I was in the same range as you due to staggering characters between the event currency tasks and the rail yard (which resulted in me not getting Brittany Brockman until yesterday).

      Now that EA raised it from 4K to 5K for bonuts at the completion of Act II, I think I’ll keep the same approach of trying to obtain 5 donuts/day with the rail yard tasks while maintaining pace to receive all the prizes as well.

  12. I feel like they could have done a lot more with this event. Does anyone know if Simpsons Tapped Out is winding down like Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow did?

  13. I see we have the usual critcs finding fault with the event.
    EA will never be able to please everyone. However I think they have made a good effort with this one, with a few new elements. Like the option to buy more stuff with in game cash & the wide range of characters that can be utilised.

  14. Butterfly Maggie…. one side to look at it as is that your paying 20 dollars for Ralph’s mother and getting a Maggie skin as an extra…
    But on it’s own Maggie is a pretty bad deal as she is just a skin and doesn’t earn event currency.
    Seemed like the other characters that released in the same way as she just did at least earned event currency.

    • Just too much cash…I’ll buy a package if it’s $10 or under, but $20 is too steep, even for Maggie. I pretty much keep her in the Outlands 24/7 anyway, so no great loss.😉

    • Yeah, $20 for a skin is way too much. You know what I’d pay $20 for? A button that would let me collect all the available building rents with one tap… but that’s a different thread…

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