Moe’s Ark – Act Two Calendar – and Numbers You Need to Get It All!

Whoooohooooo! We are finished with Act I, and ready to dive into Act II…which coincidentally has a giant killer whale auditorium and squid associated with it, so be careful where you dive!

For all of you who are tired of animals, you are in luck. We are going to be moving (at least for a bit) into the slippery, slimy world of sea creatures, as well as some long-missing characters from our “Springfield Proper” (the original parts that make up the actual Springfield) in our games.

While she is not part of the actual Prize Track…Ralphie finally gets his Mom back! Whooot Whooot! She doesn’t show up on this calendar, but is projected to show up on the 18th (Gil Deal). So SAVE YOUR BONUTS ( a lot of them…as she is 300 donuts).

T-Rex may have only been in one episode of the show…but he is the Main Prize in this Act.  Go figure. And when you figure out how EA and the writers are going to pull all of these disparate characters together, let me know.

Meanwhile…onto the math and the calendars.

ONCE AGAIN…….. These are based on a 24 hour day (go figure), so the number you want to hit could take 24 hours to do so. So you aren’t REALLY behind, until you are more than 24 hours behind. So as an example…you aren’t really behind on day one…until 24 hours has passed from the time the update hits (7a PDT). Does that make sense?  Nope? Well…time is relative anyway.


And for those of you who just want “more numbers…less art”

I know some of you are “LOVING THIS EVENT!!!”  I am happy for you.  I am leaning more toward, “OK…Lions and Tigers and Squid…Holyfreakinshirt?”

But, as has been proven before…we will continue to grind when EA tells us to.

And, we Do Get SARAH!

So…keep on grindin’…

124 responses to “Moe’s Ark – Act Two Calendar – and Numbers You Need to Get It All!

  1. The days for the second land token dont match. On one of the images above it says you need to get it 8/25 and the other days 8/26.

  2. Good news for those who worry about finishing, you get two regular character tasks with Great Plains.

    • Hi, what characters arr these? I hope not quimby and willie bcus then we wont be able to do the recycling thing for the donuts

      • Willie and Sea Captain

        • I just got my great plains and placed it, but neither willie nor the sea Captain have new jobs there… Are there any quests you have to complete before?

          • Try scrolling down til you see “Volunteer at Great Plains”

            • Thank you Form replying again, but after storing and placing the plains once more and checking again, there still are no new volunteer jobs…

              • Is there an ! mark on Find Buildings? When you go to Town Hall where does it say Willie and Sea Captain are? When you click on Willie and Sea Captain does is show “Volunteer at Great Plains”?

              • Im sorry, i dont Knowhow what the Find Buildings thing is. Right now i have both of them doing other jobs, but they dont have the volunteer jobs in their lists. I guess i should delete and reinstall the App.

              • Find Building is the icon below Moe’s Ark Prizes.

    • Thanks for the information Charles!!

  3. I’m only on 17 attraction bonus don’t know y as im doing everything as it comes and somehow I’m behind even though I’ve been logging on 5 times a day at least am I missing something…..

    • If you have no premium items/characters you probably are right on track. My guess you are close to getting the Jungle Mud Pits which will add 2%.

    • HomerTheHeritic

      This may help. I think I’ve been losing a day by waiting for the game to prompt me for an update versus when the update is available in the app store. I could usually complete all parts 2-3, of the 3-part series, but never the first part. Now that I look for updates it hasn’t been an issue.

  4. I’m about 2000 behind (cant figure out why). I guess its time to set the overnight alarms. “Never Give Up, Never Surrender!!!” 😉

    • I feel like I started out behind but caught up quick as time went on, because in the first few days you aren’t earning as much currency per day, but as you get more characters/attractions to send characters to/increase bonus % then your earnings per day are better!

    • I started out ahead and now I’m falling behind! #yourekillingmeEA

  5. 300 on a gil deal? i hope it’s a good combo..

  6. Not sure how many 300 donut characters are going to have to pass before I change my mind but as of now I do not care how much i want them 300 is too much!! I skipped scratchy but bought almost every other character in the last 2 events and the same will go for this one. No Sarah for me until she is a normal price.

  7. Josephine Kick@$$

    Still baffled as to the randomness, only idea I could come up with is they’re trying to please everyone. A zoo… with regular animals, prehistoric animals, sea animals (w/an ?interesting? Suggestiveness), butterfly Maggie who earns no event currency, & FINALLY Sarah Wiggum? Psychedelic drugs at EA? Not even sharing? Hmph! 😂😂😂

  8. ? Can you tell me how far you can upgrade the percent on the zoo? I am at 38 percent now. Just wondering if I should stop for now and do the habitat upgrades on the second ones . If you covered how high it can go please direct me to the post as I have read and searched til I’m crosseyed. Thank you for all you do your time is valuable, patience is super strong and you deal with us day in and out. I really appreciate all that you do

  9. Wow! I’m easily 2 Days ahead of Act 2’s Event Calendar (all I did was use tips and suggestions) 👍

    I’ve got enough Bonuts for Sarah Wiggum (even if I want to call EA out for making her 300 when she should be 200 sprinkles)🤷🏼‍♂️

    I ♥️ the Aquatic / Nautical this time (it will probably go on Squidport Pier post-event), while I’m in complete agreement with Patric (because this Event sure looks like EA just threw darts at a board (LoL)😅

    If T-Rex is going to be another Bort? I’ll end my Act 2 involvement after getting the 2nd Land Token (it’s more rewarding to Kem Farm and buy Premiums then Grind for an Event Prize that’s not worth the effort). Did EA miss out on delivering a legit Duff Gardens? That was obvious when all we got was a Castle facade with a Skin for Lisa. 🤔

    • From the images of new characters that volunteer it looks like T-Rex can help out at the 2 new habitats which is much better than Bort in the last event. I agree on Duff Gardens having more to offer instead of only offering the castle, Lisa skin and some decorations. Maybe the little land of duff and beer hall of presidents should be included in a re-release.

  10. Poor Maggie’s wings must be very heavy – she can barely get off the ground ! She’s hard to find at ground level.

  11. Next time instead of a list or a calender you should just post a picture of cartoon Patric shrugging his shoulders. “Are you going to get it all? Who knows!” That’ll learn ’em!

  12. Does some people have nothing else to do but complain! Say thank you Patrick and all the team for their time and effort spent to help us!
    THANK YOU ALL! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  13. Of course the most important item is the number of X needed. In this case it is 57,000. Actually, adding a calculator would be cool. For example as if this writing there is 13d 15h left. The daily challenge is 400, so 57,000 – (Days left *400) (or 57,000- 13 * 400) = (57,000- 5,200) = 51,800. 51,8000/D = 51,8000/13 = 3985 per day needed from non daily tasks.

    Let C = your current value. ((57,000 – (D*400))-C))/D). Example if C = 2300, then ((57,000- (13*400)) -2300))/13) = (51,800-2300)/13 = 3807 per day needed in the future from non daily tasks.

    Let N = Number of characters to send on 4 hour tasks (where N = number of regular characters plus 2 * premium characters). Let A = minimum amount earned by a character.
    For example I have 10 at EE earning 45 and 4 at Big Cat. No premiums. So that is N =14, A=45.

    (((57,000 – (D*400))-C))/D) )

    (57,000 – (D*400))-C)/(N*A) = Maximum total number of 4 hour periods needed. = ceiling ((51,800-2300))/(630)) =79. 79/D = 6.1 logs in per day.

    I just added the Baboon Country and finished a round. This added 2 characters to BC. Adding an elephant gave me 100 more. Upping C to 3268, A to 46 and N to 16. Thus (51,800-3268)/(736) =66. 66/13 = 5.1 log ins per day. So you can see an increase of 2.75% to 15% bonus and the addition of 2 characters has a great impact.

    Of course this doesn’t include the Extra currency you will get from frogs, visiting friends, completing tasks (like placing an elephant). Maybe someone can figure out that formula.
    Let E = total extra currency left to claim

    TN = total needed = 57,000
    C = Currency currently have
    D = minimum days left
    DTL = Daily Tasks left
    DTMA = daily task minimum amount = 400
    E = total extra currency left to claim
    N = number of non premium characters + 2 * premium characters
    A = minimum currency for non premium character

    ((TN – C) – (DTL *DTMA)) – E) = TE (total left to be Earned)
    TE/D = Current daily average needed.
    ceiling (TE/(A*N)) = Number of 4 hour tasks needed.
    ceiling (ceiling (TE/(A*N)) /D) = log ins per day.

    Thus, if Patric could add a calculator with Total Needed, Days , Daily Challenge Amount and number DC left available auto inserted, and allow you to add C, A, N, E it would be cool.

    • WOW!!! Not that is one of the most elaborate tongue-in-cheek replies ever! At least I am hoping that is the case. Yes…people…it isn’t rocket science. Log in every 4 hours 4 times a day…and you will get everything. It takes 30 seconds…or approximately 14.5 days x 4 x30 seconds…or roughly 29 minutes total time. OK???

      • Ya as I remember you didn’t like Charles calendar suggestion last addicts live. I believe he just said…Math U

      • While I agree it’s not hard to get all prizes and doesn’t take a ton of time I believe your game must move faster than mine. Mine takes longer than 30 seconds just to open. Then I’ll bet it takes at least 45 seconds to do all the tapping. 😉

      • The important info in your calendar is the amount of currency needed, in this case 57,000.

        You could just say, buy all the premium items and you have to log in 3 times a day (or less). No premium items and no neighbors may take 5+ log ins per day (with the 4 hour wait between log ins).

        Your calendar is basically a “comfort point” for people to compare their progress. But you get a lot of grief because you do a simple average causing people to feel behind even though they will earn more in the future per day at the end then at the beginning.

        The rest is for those with more anxiety.

    • 🤔 do I carry the 2 or the 5?

    • I was told there wasn’t going to be any math.

    • I hope I didn’t brain my damage….

  14. Ebron, what’s your opinion of old faithless? worth it? no?

    • I bought it immediately…as I missed it the first time around. Love it. Fits into my National Park homage perfectly.


    • I love it – the animation is great and it goes well with Mount Carlmore that I got in the vault today.

    • I have it and love it, but I’m a nut for all the nature stuff (I bought 3 Emu pens just to get the extra duck ponds etc.) and tapping it when I clear my town is kind of a ritual now. Also, I don’t remember ever seeing it offered in any of the other boxes, so you might not see it again soon. If you have the sprinklies, it’s a nice item to have in your wilderness area.

    • Fits in nicely into the dinosaur themed area with prehistoric plants and rocks 🙂

  15. I had to go to a Simpsons wiki to find out who T-Rex was. A one-off child voiced by Patton Oswalt? Interesting, but not really worth being a grand prize on the prize track…not that Brittany Brockman was, either. Remember when the grand prizes were actually grand?

    • i’ve been here since bart royale. No

    • It is part of the “Event Gumbo” I wrote about last week. Grab one…throw them in the pot…and try to make the dialogue make sense. Which it doesn’t…

      • Seems unlikely that they will give good characters for grinding efforts when they can charge 300 donuts or sell them in $10-20 donut packages..

        Side note: I wouldn’t give 50 donuts for T-Rex.

    • I actually saw a T-Rex episode – poor Marge was getting attacked by a group of breast-feeding crunchy granolas.

  16. You will find your purchase in your inventory … on my screen and I can’t get it off! What do I do? I press it but it just comes back on. Help! Thanks.

  17. So is anything from this act going to upgrade the zoo or should I spend grants on upgrading another big cats thing?

  18. First we build a zoo. Now we’re building SeaWorld. Lol! I thought this was Springfield not Orlando Florida tapped out.

  19. I’m not sure I understand. Whether the number is at the end of the day or not, if Act 3 starts on 8/29, we need 57,000 by end of day on 8/29. That’s 14 days. And 57,000 divide by 14 is 4071 and some change per day.

    • Perfect. Do your calendar as you wish. You have it figured out.
      Next act…I will simply put a start and end date…and a picture of a calculator. Way easier.

      The point is… a “DAY” is different for every time zone… and it ends at 7A PDT on the last day listed…which isn’t a full day.
      But, again…you win. Next calendar, is a calculator…with a ticking clock.

      • Patric, your calendar works for me. Please keep publishing. I like the higher early day goals that the flat rate method produces vs. building in partial days and increasing multiplier effects. KISS Method works well for me.

      • I humbly apologize, Patric. I really wasn’t trying to be snarky. Just didn’t understand the end of day thing, and how it worked out to that number. Honestly, your calendar feature is my favorite aspect of this site, as well as your commentary. It used to be the SIB articles, until Safi taught me how to KEM farm effectively. But I am sorry for not sounding more appreciative of your work.

    • I save and use the calendar as a guideline with the ultimate goal of always staying ahead of it !

  20. Hi, I started playing this a few weeks ago. Can anyone tell if it is possible to get 57.000 footprints without spending donuts? It seems so much, a lot of us study or work. Also, I have seen a few people with 57.000 footprints already, they are hackers, aren`t they?

    Add me if you want, my ID is my username here

  21. Now ok to my original question are we going to be getting a water themed enclosure where we can fill it up with animals or is it just a bunch of signs and no animals. Also I won’t be able to get any Sarah Wiggum 😭😭😭

    • The water base stuff has nothing to do with the zoo for the most part. I placed mine far away from my zoo. And no…it doesn’t upgrade like the zoo enclosures.

      • Oh okay that’s what I figured but I thought they might be doing an aquarium type act where we would get a water show to upgrade… and I think I might join you in the put the water stuff far away I could make a water area in my I&K land even better

  22. To quote Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times it was the worst of times” wtf EA! Technically this is a great event but content wise it sucks louder than Maggie and her pacifier. It also annoys me that the zoo is too similar to I&S land. I dare, no, double dog dare EA to come up with an event that doesn’t require a massive footprint. This however is impossible since EA’s right hand has no idea of the existence of the left hand, hell EA doesn’t even acknowledged tappers who have been here from the beginning. If they keep this up our beloved Safi might say something negative!

    • I’m pretty sure Dickens was the first to use wtf…so good call 😉

    • Events like this are an interesting idea but they do prove logistical nightmares to the city engineers among us, especially while running back to back. I like Buildings and Decorations that I can pepper throughout my Springfield, providing more depth to each area.

      • If the hodgepodge that is the content we are being given for this event constitutes a zoo, then why not an event/mini event where we are given a bunch of disparate items to do just that. I agree that things make more sense for the flow of a town, as you put it, “peppered” around than compartmentalized. I want more towny/townish/of or related to a town 🙂 content and variation (in color or texture if nothing else).

  23. The math is wrong: 24 hours is completed only on Thursday at the time the event starts in your city. So it should start counting on Thursday, not Wednesday.

    • I feel like there’s always someone challenging something we write/say…

      • Just wait until your kids are teenagers! My son is 15 and a great kid for a 15 yo boy, but, well, enjoy them while they’re little! I hear that my son will become human again in another year or two, but until then Mom doesn’t know the best way to do anything. Good practice?

      • Marila, I tried to say that 2 events ago. the result?? My comment wasn’t published. At least this time Alissa say something, but yes, in math and calendars its like talking to a wall

        • Hello…… this is the WALL responding.
          I have tried the calendars in myriad ways…and because the event starts differently for everyone (7a PDT is 10a EDT and Australia it is tomorrow), you can’t just start it out a day later…because the day is RELATIVE!!!!!!!!!!

          This time…I made it end up exactly on the final day…and everyone will complain that they are behind.

          Here’s my suggestion. Make your own calendar. You can see where it ends. What the numbers are…and how many you need each day.

          The fact is…it’s always WAAAAAAAAAY Easier than it looks if you log in 4 times a day for 30 seconds.

          OK. WALL Out.

          • Did Mexico pay for you?

          • Patric, I love your calendars. I screen shot them and refer to them often. Don’t let the one or two nay sayers get you down. I find them extremely useful, as I’m sure quite a lot of people do. Alas, there will always be complainers..

          • we must be blessed on the east coast of Australia(Melbourne here) as the event starts for me at midnight, so Patric your calendar makes perfect sense for me. thanks for your hard work on it, I appreciate it.

          • 24 hrs is not relative.
            I DO have an excel plan that works beautifully for me. I was just trying to help a website that, overall, i quite like it.

            • 24 hours starts at different times on a calendar……………………Depending on time zones.
              But, THANKS SO MUCH for the help!

              • Seriously guys enough complaining about the damn calendar. Especially if you make up your own spreadsheet version, use that.
                It’s a calendar that gives you amounts of virtual currency you should get so you can unlock more digital stuff…not the freaking code to eternal life.

                And yes to an earlier poster we sometimes delete comments where people complain about nonsense because after awhile it wears on us and we’re likely to snap at you. Sometimes delete is the best way to avoid us going full blown crazy on you, otherwise you might get…

                In all seriousness enough complaining about it… if you don’t like it ignore it and make your own. It’s a calendar it’s not going to kill you if you don’t agree with it…

              • PREGNANT LADY OUT!!!! *drops mike*

              • 🤰🎤⬇️

              • WantCoffee99

                Hey, this response is to all that posted here. HOLY MACARONI! That got a little nuts.

                My “calendar” goes like this. Log into game in the morning, send characters on jobs. Repeat every 4 hours or as life permits, logging in maybe 3-4 times every 24. Sleep full 8 hours. If that is not sufficient to get everything, then… who cares. It’s whatcha do with the content for us designers, not how much you get. The items are not even that great most of the time. Follow my “calendar” and it will never let you down.

              • My daughter will tell you she doesn’t like macaroni, only pasta… #ohtobetwo

              • Justin Henriks

                That is a great way of looking at it all… if you stress too much you lose any enjoyment of playing the game. Good job on getting 8 hours sleep! My 9 month old seems to enjoy interrupting mine every couple of hours 😩

  24. how many one-off children from one episode can we collect?

  25. But u gotta like the variety of things we get! Yea, its a hodgepodge of stuff they wanna believe are in some way cohesive. But instead of the same shaped buildings whose animations are lights turning on and off (big whoop)…we get animals! We get some naturey stuff! We get SHEEP!!!!!!! Lol. Its the small things in life……lol. 🐏🌳🐘🌲🐍🐯🌴🐳

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