Moe’s Ark Act 3 101: Attraction Bonus and Upgrading the Warmongers Habitat

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As we did with Acts 1 and 2, here’s the post where we breakdown the latest Animal Habitat to hit our Springfields with Act 3…the Warmongers Habitat.

Let’s get started….

Again, we’ve covered every painstaking detail of how to upgrade and everything else in our Act 1 post, so I’m not going to cover it again here.  If you’re confused I suggest you check out our Upgrading Act 1 post here.  And if you’re looking for details n the Act 2 Habitats (Baboon Country and Great Plains), you can find those here. Now onto the Act 3 Habitat…

Warmongers Habitat

Warmongers Habitat, once unlocked, earns a 3.75% bonus in the bonus area.  

This works just like all of hte other Habitats before it.  So if you’re confused about animals and upgrades, check out the Act 1 breakdown and apply the same information to Warmongers…

Here’s the breakdown of what each upgrade costs (in Sanctuary Grants) for the Warmongers Habitat and what the bonus % awarded is (if one applies):

Starting animal is the Sloth Mole  

Warmonger Upgrades
Level Prize Cost Bonus %
2 Armored Monkey

1,500 n/a
3 Hilarium Pool

2,000 2.75%
4 Giant Rabbit

1,500 n/a
5 Big Tree Root

2,000 2.75%
6 Flame Throwing Anteater

1,500 n/a
7 Tree Stump Fauna

2,000 2.75%
8 Warmongers Habitat

2,625 3.75%

Remember…Once you’ve completed the upgrades and gotten to level 7, you’ll notice there’s another Warmongers Habitat for 2,625  at the end of the track.  If you decide you like this particular attraction and want another one, you can have another one.  Simply upgrade to level 8 and unlock another Warmongers Habitat (which will award you another 3.75% for the bonus area) and the upgrade track will start all over again.

You don’t have to have a second Warmongers Habitat if you don’t want one, but if you like it and want another that’s your chance to collect everything a second time.

Oh and for those concerned about size for the extension pieces, here’s the size chart for each:

Item Size
Warmongers Habitat 8×8
Hilarium Pool 4×4
Big Tree Root 4×4
Tree Stump Fauna 4×8

Volunteer Jobs

Yo Yo
Mad Dr. Hibbert
Chief Wiggum

Will all now have tasks to Volunteer at the Warmongers Habitat.

And that my friends concludes the details up Upgrading and the Amusement/Arrangement bonus for Moe’s Ark Act 3.  Remember, if you’re confused check out the Act 1 post.  It has ALL of the how-to details.

Thoughts on upgrades?  Will you be getting more than one Warmonger Habitat?  Thoughts on the animals in the habitat? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

40 responses to “Moe’s Ark Act 3 101: Attraction Bonus and Upgrading the Warmongers Habitat

  1. Hello!
    Who is Yo Yo? I have not him/it and doesn’t appear in the charachter guide…

  2. Hi everybody!
    Who is Yo Yo? I ave not him/it in my game and I cannot see him(it in the charachter guide…

  3. I would of thought most players would be at 40% bonus by now so the percentages in this last act are pretty irrelevant & so the land extensions can be placed outside the bonus zone if tight for space.

  4. Just to share my strategy. I have not fully upgraded Great Plains but just got Warmonger. Aim is to maximize bonus % so you get more currency to upgrade at each turn. Don’t hurry to upgrade Warmonger just because it’s here. My next Great Plains is the last deco which gives more bonus, and I’m at 33%. We should shoot for maximum 40% then perhaps decide which habitat you want most then upgrade. I personally like Great Plains with its elephants and zebras and want to get 2 of those.

  5. So many habitate upgrades grrr, thanks for the info on the jobs available that was driving me nuts !

  6. No chance I’m able to fully upgrade this. I still haven’t upgraded the great planes beyond the giraffe. Sucks but oh well as long as I’m not missing out on any actual characters I don’t really care. After this event I’ll probably finish setting up my zoo and Krusty/Itchy and Scratchy land and never come back to it

  7. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem or even if its been discussed already but I have an exclamation point next to jobs and it says there are jobs available but I’ve checked and I don’t see where. I haven’t bought any premiums. I have 21 characters going jobs. Can you list them all so I can check? Thanks

    • Please read the comments. It is a bug. Has to do with the good Dr. Hibbert. Relax. No big deal. You aren’t missing anything important.

  8. Alias de la plume

    When can you send people to this enclosure
    I unlocked it but I have no tasks
    Scrolled all the way down on list

  9. Was there a SIB for the worm train? I’m torn.

  10. Does the attraction bonus go up in the third act? I was maxed at 40% in act 2 and it hasnt gone up even with the addition of many new % additions. (And yes they are in the blue zoo footprint)

    • It maxes at 40%. That is a LOT of bonus! And you must have one crammed zoo area!

      Actually…it is possible…just. But, you can’t add any of the Premium stuff…or decorations. Just the habitats. It’s why a lot of players (including myself) have stopped worrying about the multiplier (I’m at 33%) and have placed their warmongers “off grid.”

  11. I like the accessory pieces, they match with all the Rigellian stuff…including a mini Hilarium pool. Think I’ll end up getting 2 sets so I can expand my Rigellian Christmas when the time rolls around again. The extra base (if it doesn’t fit with the Rigellian theme) will end up in storage and the original base set of oddballs will end up in Wiggums Fantastical Beasts display, along with the winged dinosaur. A pretty nice set of decor pieces, actually, so I’m a happy camper. 😊

    • I love the way you approach everything. It’s all just another color in the pallet. Nothing is bad, if you can use it in a way that wasn’t intended by the designers. You have turned re-purposing into purpose!

      • Thank you, Patric…I have to admit, tho, that I am stymied by the worm train. I’ve looked all over my town and can’t see it fitting in anywhere…may have to pass on this one. The Kangaroo is such a different animation style that I don’t mind passing on that, too. A very weird set, even for TSTO. 🤪

        • That is a very nice way to put it. I put my Worm Train near my playground area by the casino (kids gotta play too…right?). The kangaroo is pretty silly…but, with so many weird NPCs roaming around, he fits in, by not fitting in.

    • Agreed. I’ve already crafted a second set and placed the pieces in my “garden of Eden” area. I love the base piece, just wish the tree trunk wasn’t so out of scale next to other items, like mountains, lol! The only piece that didn’t quite fit was the hilarium pool, so it went next to the Rigellian queen decoration. Not necessarily thrilled with the prize track items this time around though, so into storage they go! However, I’m more than happy with all of the nature items that came with the bases so I will be crafting a bunch of those (and spending hundreds of donuts). It figures, as soon as they change the crafting format they actually add items I want to craft a ton of!😏

      • I was begging earlier in the year for little packages of “nature decor” that we could use to fill in wooded areas and parks…would count as one piece instead of 20. I guess someone was listening…yea!
        If they continue this idea, it will certainly help us decorate a lot more areas…and adding only 5 pieces instead of a hundred is a win-win.

    • Good thinking, whilst it doesn’t fit in with the other zoo items it could definitely work in with the Rigellians and their cool looking buildings and plants. I ended up placing the dinosaur in Hogwarts as a mystical creature. I like how your zoo has evolved over the last few weeks. Now that I have plonked most of the new content in a big messy heap I think I will actually start doing something meaningful with it all… will have to pay another visit to your town before I start 🙂

  12. Having recently discovered XP farming I’ve kinda lost interest in the zoo, but I’ll probably go through the motions just to get the free land parcels.

    • Ironically…there are some nice looking chunks of land. The storyline is goofy…there is a lot of grinding…but, I have seen some nice zoos out there. This last act? Ridiculous.

  13. Does anyone know if warmongers comes from an episode?

    • I sure couldn’t find anything on it. But, then again…the Worrm Train shows up in an episode for exactly 5 seconds. So…could be anywhere.

    • The sloth mole is in the time travelling toaster halloween episode….where homer goes back in time and squashed a prehistoric skeeter. He asks if it should affect the future. The sloth walks by and shrugs “i dont know”. One of my favorite halloween episodes!!!

    • I believe all the animals except the sloth mole appeared in a Treehouse of Horror episode (22 I think) in the Avatar parody where the animals were seen defending Rigel 7 from invasion.

  14. I have enjoyed this event so far but Act 3 seems pretty below average… time too start KEM farming donuts for Halloween!

    I have a question on act 3. After i send everyone to do tasks at the various habitats the game menu still has a exclamation point over the tasks menu as if there is still a character I can send on a job related too cillecting event currency. Any note on who this could be?


  15. Is anyone else still getting the ! Indicating jobs still available in warmongers habitat? It’s driving me crazy & all jobs are being done in all 5 habitats. I had the same issue when it went from 3 to 4 habitats until I realized u needed to scroll down. Thanks to anyone who can answer this question. 😉

  16. Thanks for the post Alissa! I think I will spend this act de-plopping, rather than admiring these foul creatures.

  17. Upgraded to the rabbit, don’t think I will bother with the rest, tapping 3 times a day and just going through the motions,.

  18. Warmongers Habitat

    The Monkey and the Rabbit make me lol (it’s just the expression on their faces – kind of like a disgruntled Tapper towards EA!) 😅

    Happy Labor Day Weekend Everybody (maybe somebody will have a Labor Day Baby?) 👍

    • Their noises are great too ! I love the tinkling glass sound when you collect DNA in this act.

    • The rabbit is my favorite, I only wish I could place him where I want him….he would be great stamping his foot outside the DMV. 😄

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