Trouble With Super Powers Questline

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Seeing a number of questions/complaints/concerns over the Super Powers questline.  Since the mini-event ended last week a number of you are stuck in limbo with the questline.  It’s stuck on your task list but you’re unable to complete it…mostly because you cannot collect additional ooze.  So I want to address this in one post, so those of you asking in comments and emails have a point of reference….

This is likely not intentional on the part of EA.  It seems like there’s a flaw in their coding when the timer ran out on the event.  Either they forgot to account for those players who were mid quest when the timer ran out (to allow them to finish the prize tracks), or they forgot to take into account that not everyone would finish and they’d need to have the questline pulled (so the prize tracks cannot be completed).

I’m not sure which is the correct scenario here, all I know is this is not something that can be fixed with the standard troubleshooting.  You will need to contact EA to let them know you’re impacted and hopefully this will be resolved by the time the Halloween event hits our games! For now know that you’re not alone, loads of you are commenting/emailing me that you’re impacted.  Hopefully this gets resolved soon!

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  1. I have reinstalled my app today and it has downloaded the new Event AND allowed me to collect ooze. I don’t know if it’ll finish the last event, but it has at least got me started on Halloween. Also reported to EA, so hoping it’s got sorted.

  2. Can anyone help me with how to contact EA if you have issues with the game?

  3. None of the questlines of the new characters i unlocked during this event has triggered? Everyman only has one task, and same thing goes for the Old Jewish man

    • has been triggered**

      • I’m not sure what or why you’re asking it…but i’d contact EA. They can look directly at your game.

        • I was asking because I was wondering if anyone has the same problem or if anyone knows how to solve it.

          • I saw in the comments somewhere a few days back someone else posted the same thing. That he/she only had 1 task for him unlocked. I haven’t finished the last task for the animation yet, but when I “won” him on the task before, I did get his opening character (triggered) dialog and had about 4 (?) Unlocked tasks.. Now that the ooze has been fixed, I am working on the last prize. To unlock the animation. If the Halloween update didn’t fix your problem, definitely contact EA using the link Alissa noted. Good. Luck!

  4. **Update**
    For those stuck in limbo in collecting ooze, the latest update will let you collect the ooze needed to finish that last quest you were on.

    • Yep! Ooze returned with the Halloween THOH update! Yay!
      Note to Drewnasty… Woot! 50 free donuts! Cool for you! Score!

  5. EA basically told me that they are going to have to do an update to address the problem that many players are experiencing this issue. They gave me 50 donuts for my trouble. Still no resolution though.

  6. I’m still stuck in the quest, characters are doing the quest but it’s not counting towards the total! How do we get in touch with EA to get this rectified please?

  7. I still have a Mindy/Homer job stuck on my task bar ever since I got her this year. 😭

  8. I kind of feel bad for all the Tappers who didn’t finish the Mini-Event 😓 ….. but at the same time, I’ve learned from Patric not to sweat over the small stuff (I took weekends off from this Game App, I spent Sprinkles to complete, I Kem Farmed that all back + an extra 400 in anticipation for the Halloween Event).

    I hope that glitch goes away so that it doesn’t mess up everyone’s fun tomorrow.

  9. Still no solution on this one?

  10. If anyone has success on contacting them for this, I’d love to know what they did. I’ve been on two calls and an email chat and gotten nowhere. I’d love to have suggestions for them to try.

    The next option they are offering is rollback to yesterday.

  11. I contacted EA and they said I needed to post my issue to a forum that hadn’t been used since 2012.

    • When I called back for the rollback, they refused and said to post a new thread in the forum. You can guess how satisfied I was with that response. :).

  12. I also finished without any problem’s.

  13. Thanks Alissa, you gave me more info than EA has!!

  14. I still cant store my drive-in!

  15. I believe it should let us continue after cuz a pop up said you can get the final prize you were working on. The big problem for me is I almost earned the animation for Everyman but now he only has 4 hour tasks

  16. I finished the quest line so don’t have this problem. However I have noticed that the Stardust Drive-in cannot be stored. Usually you can store the items for an event once the event is finished. I really don’t like it so am hoping that EA fix that too.

  17. Alias de la plume

    They gave me 20 donuts for my trouble

  18. Do you feel this is part of the visual glitch that many of us are experiencing? I’ve contacted EA but so far have heard nothing.

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