Servers Down? Neighbors Missing? Mummy Curse?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Yes, the servers are down for some.  Yes, EA’s network is down for some.  And Yes, neighbors are missing for some!

The good news is, it’s not a Mummy’s Curse…it’s just typical Network glitches from EA.  Hopefully all will be resolved soon!

In the meantime, don’t panic.  Just eat some more Halloween Candy and hopefully the sugar high will take your mind off the game for a little while.  Fingers crossed it’s all back up soon!

61 responses to “Servers Down? Neighbors Missing? Mummy Curse?

  1. can’t log on Saturday Nov 3

  2. Mine has just now stopped working. Smh! Side note EA should consider giving us land pieces like they did once instead of choosing where the new open space will be. It’s messing up my flow!

  3. Played for a year, but three days down in two weeks all lasting over 6 hours. I uninstalled.

  4. I got back every neighbor I ever had. The ones I made inactive came back for a visit. 😉

  5. At least i haven’t been affected. Maybe europe got spared this time

  6. My neighbours are back, but none of them seem to have any mummies, and instead just have the standard clickable buildings to collect from.

  7. I contacted EA about the item limit & not being able to store certain things in inventory; how it would be nice to be able to permanently delete things from inventory (like thousands of rocks!). the response is that they understand I’m having difficulty & will roll back my game from the backup servers!!!

  8. To relieve anxiety take One TSTO Addicts Post and get a full nights sleep. 😉

  9. If i complain about now being further behind than i should be will i get donuts?

  10. Servers working again: 9:30 EST Massachusetts, USA

  11. Neighbors are back!

  12. dreaded bart screen here for me since noon central us time. sad face.

  13. On TSTO forums, it was reported that…….

    From EA via Twitter, 37mins ago:
    Impacted services are starting to recover, and we should be back up and running. If you’re still having any trouble connecting please try restarting your game. We appreciate your patience!

    But of course I still cannot log in yet……

  14. Carmen (gameid5000)

    I love the inconsistency of EA’s systems. TSTO on my laptop via Bluestacks Android emulator does not connect right now. My getting old Blackberry Passport, with TSTO for Android side loaded on it and running on the same wi-fi network (plus sitting six inches away from the laptop), connects properly.


    • I dunno about bluestacks. To this day, I blame it for exposing my game to the rollback bug.

      For years, I played on multiple android devices with no issues. After less than a month with Bluestacks – wham!

  15. Susan C. (Suski33)

    Oh, Alissa, my heart 💗 has returned to normal sinus rhythm, thanks to you! I’d actually seen this vanished neighbors thingy on EA Answers HQ a while back and thought “Whew, well, dodged that bullet.” And…then…no. I’ll wait patiently and hope all will turn out fine.

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