Thanksgiving is Coming!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Thanksgiving has hit the files.  Which means we should see an update shortly.  This will be an App Store Update, so check your app stores for the download.  On the initial look through of the files, here are a few things I can tell you:

-This will be a standard mini event, running 2 weeks long.  So End Date is November 28th. (Christmas will likely start the following week)

-Everything for this mini-event will center around Moe…and his family

-Yes, Black Friday Mystery Boxes will be back.  Those will start on November 20th, and they’ll end on the 28th.

-This event includes 8 new buildings, 3 new characters, and 3 new decorations…as well as a ton of returning content.

I’m still in Florida (Disney World) until tomorrow night so Patric will cover the rundown post when the mini event hits.  Bare with us, as I won’t be able to do much (post wise) until I’m home.  Fortunately, it’s a standard mini event…pretty simple to finish.

So remember to check those app stores and enjoy the Thanksgiving Mini Event!

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  1. I’m surprised we didn’t get the option to purchase or win the turkey from the 2013 TG event. I was hoping it would be something we could have used a token to get (Black Friday Event).

    It’s the only character I don’t have and was again disappointed there was no hope to get it again this year.

  2. So Black Friday is a whole week now. Just like back to school went up almost as soon as kids got out of school, Halloween candy displays started going up end of August, Christmas was out before the end of Halloween, I expect Valentine’s Day displays must be out any day now in our new perpetual retail holiday world.

  3. If you still have pickaxes us them. I had about 30 and got cash, xp, some flying bats, and 3 donuts every third relic I found. So 6 total. Don’t know if these is a limit and there is a timer running.

    • They keep going and going and going. It refills up to 50 max.

      I got some torches, vampire caskets, ruined walls, iron gate, gargoyle gate, what else is there?

      • I got a dead tree and another post said there are skeleton piles. I havent got those yet.

        The shovels refill at the blistering pace if 2 shovels per hour. — the same rate at the dig site. Though, right now the transylvanian dig offers more XP and cash.

  4. Just saw the post. Checked my Kindle for an update, sure enough – it was there! 👍
    Thank you Alissa!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful time at Disney!
    ❄️ Snow in the forecast for Thursday and Friday here in NJ! ❄️

  5. Just checked at 4:34 EST no update in apple app store

  6. Have I been banned from this forum? I don’t see my previous comments.

  7. Ahhhhh—I fell asleep last night and missed the deadline to cash in on the event craftables. 🙁

  8. I read the update on the app store and Christmas will be 4 parts… like zomg.

  9. So the answer is this: there were two updates today. I just downloaded the second update just now. Stupid.

  10. Thank you. ^^

  11. Per the Android App Store for the What’s New section of TSTO:
    “It’s snowing in Springfield, which means only two things…global warming hasn’t hit mobile games yet and “A Simpson’s Christmas Special” has arrived! Join the Simpsons Family as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie all share their very own Christmas tales in this 4-part event! That’s right– 4 times the fun and 4 times the presents! That’s even more than kids of divorce get! Play now and get into the spirit of getting!”
    So does this meaning they are skipping Thanksgiving and what we will see is part 1 of 4? Seems like that means we will have snow returning with next update as well. Yay!

  12. Have fun at Disney!!!! (ps- update available in iTunes.. Homer starts with 4 hour task)

  13. so super weird thing happened. i saw the App store update and when I clicked on the description it said that snow is here and Christmas has arrived early for a 4 part event. there was a bit more in the description but I can’t remember it word for word. After updating though and going into the game the Thanksgiving mini event started. super weird.
    There might be a 4 part Xmas event coming after this mini event

  14. Update is here for Android. Happy Thankstapping!

  15. Disney with a young’n and a newborn, get that lady a trophy or something…😊

  16. Will you know what’s in the Black Friday Mystery Boxes before Nov. 20th? If so, when do you anticipate writing about them?

  17. Thanks for the update and for taking the time to post during your stay at WDW, enjoy your stay there!

    Say hi to Goofy, my favorite Disney character.

  18. “Moe Moe Moe! How do you like me, how do you like me, Moe Moe Moe! Nobody likes me, Nobody likes me!”

  19. Thanks for the quick update Alissa
    Please enjoy your Disney fueled vacation
    I’m sure Noobs will enjoy the Thanksgiving Event
    (you gotta obtain what you couldn’t from prior Events)
    I like taking weekends off from Tapping
    (I wouldn’t mind more free time to unplop and redecorate)

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🦃🍽️🍁🍂

  20. Thankfully KEM made sure i have close to 700 donuts already waiting

  21. Hope you & the family are having a great time Alissa.

  22. 3 new characters & 8 new buildings ……. seems ok to me ! I

  23. Somehow I missed that you were here at Mickey’s World. If you need any help where to go, etc, let me know. I live in the shadows of Animal Kingdom.

    • We’ve been here since last Thursday 🙂 But we’re Disney pros (come down here all the time!), just one more trip to Magic Kingdom tonight and then we head home tomorrow afternoon! We’ve got some friends that are friends with certain characters, so Ms. Riley has had loads of visits with Olaf, Mickey and many others. Very busy trip lol

  24. Thanks a lot Alissa! Safe travels 😊

  25. I just hope the Turkey returns. I need that to complete a collection.

  26. Thanksgiving is sewwww last month. 🇨🇦 😋

  27. Np Alissa enjoy your vacation. I live like 15-20 min from Disney world.

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