More Christmas Teasers…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another little hint at what might arrive this Christmas.  A few weeks ago it appears EA accidentally released the wrong App Store description.  They quickly fixed it, but some folks were able to grab a screenshot of it (Shoutout to Tapper72234 for emailing the screenshot to us)….

So combining this description with the Hiss-mas teaser, what do you think it all means?

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  1. I’d like to see more Christmas lights in the game because we only have a few at the minute such as ones for houses and lard lad donuts we need more to decorate our pocket sized towns.

  2. There’s 7 family members

  3. “And that’s that. Another story in the classic, infallible three-act structure.”

    At least Moe’s comment won’t make me groan this event!

  4. No matter what event this will be, it’s going to be super tough to beat last year. I still enjoy all the characters collected including the sarcasm in forming a B. S. Team to fight the aliens. It’s the only set that I feel spending donuts was worth it including getting Jesus for 199 donuts! His animations remain my favourite. Unlike the recent Devil, which was a tad disappointing in animations.

  5. Well, I hope it doesn’t mean a 4 Act 8 Week Event , because that will bring on a quick burn out after Act 2 ! 👎

    4 times the Fun, 4 times the Presents …. does that mean 4 times the Grinding? 4 times as many Act Prizes? 4 times as many Mystery Boxes? 4 times as many ‘only available if you buy 🍩 bundles’? 4 times the Gil Deals? (I’m waiting to see what starts next week, even though I get the impression we all want a “keep it simple, make it fun” Christmas because some of us have Family / Holidays and won’t be logging into play every single day) 🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. It’s true, I remember reading this in AppStore… I thought ‘how weird’.
    But did get a hunch to take a screen shot. Thanks to the more alert fellow tapper!

  7. Hopefully EA will bring old school characters, Don Brodka perhaps..

  8. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Four parts?
    Four part harmony
    Barber shop quartet
    Sweeney Todd
    Tie in to Halloween
    Just free thinking…..

  9. Quick question to more experienced tappers… do we usually get more land with these events? And more specifically as I haven’t unlocked all the land yet where does this new land usually go? When I started Halloween they gave me land to the ‘north’ and the Springfield side of the mountains.

    I was wondering if there is a strategy to buying a piece of land north of that and then unlocking more expensive land for free or if it doesnt work like that. Any feedback appreciated! And thank you for the blog!

    • more than likely we will get given land. it’s happened with the Zoo and the Halloween update and usually it happens with the bigger updates rather than minor events like the Thanksgiving event. usually they give us free land to the north of the map and it keeps expanding backwards which there isn’t really much we can do about it.

    • So when land tokens first came along I would use them only in the most expensive plots that I wanted to develop and save. Then it seemed my land tokens disappeared from my inventory, I questioned my memory until I saw many other Tappers complaining of the same, so I got in the habit of using my land tokens as soon as I got them.
      I think we’ll get a chunk of land at the start of this event. If EA is smart, they made it SH heights, I wouldn’t count on it though.

  10. Star snowsuit maggie at a donut discount is my prediction, and the grumple

  11. I hope Marge finally gets a holiday skin. She feels left out.

    • I’d kinda like to see her finally get an 8hr or 12hr outdoor task of her own that doesn’t include Homer or Maggie. I know she has lots of jobs with all her skins, but it would be nice to have just Marge doing a visible 8 or 12 hr task. A holiday skin would be nice, tho, the rest of the family has Santa or Elf skins and Maggie has the star snowsuit.

      • Between events, who has any time to see them do much of anything? I propose a summer vacation next year. Send the kid’s to Martin’s or Simpson’s outdoor pool and give players a rest. Homer is still finishing TG, all his skins and tasks falliow..

  12. Christmas will never end. My dreams have finally come true!

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      For some people who over extend on their credit card purchases…..
      Christmas never will end.

  13. Hmmmm each their own tale. This could be remembering Christmas’es in the past or making new stories up like A Christmas Carol or Twas Night Before Christmas. 4 acts and 5 family members so 2 will have to combo. It seems like Maggie would be the obvious choice to team up with another family member which means that probably won’t be the case. It’s fun to speculate them basing tales off Simpson’s Christmas episodes like Lisa deciding to be a Buddhist, or when Homer and Bart brought home Santa’s Little Helper. That would be hard to add new game content to since we have that stuff in our game already and I never guess right about events based off the teasers, ever- so that won’t be it. I’m going with new, made up stories like how they did the kid’s campfire stories for Halloween a few years back.
    It has to be good, EA has a lot to compete with last year’s Rigellian Christmas that everyone loved.

  14. Poor Patric will have to make 33% more calendar. 🙂

  15. Oh. Christmas. 4 parts sound like a regular 3 part grind for Christmas and a 4th part mini-event for New Year’s.

  16. Hope its more old-school stuff….

  17. 4 acts would be alright if its 4 weeks with something different happeneing every week

    • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha😆…oh… you were serious.
      More likely four 10 day(or more) acts (anything under 40 days doesn’t seem to be possible) with each act centering on a bonus area that is too small to place the whole event and not enough land added to accomodate even half of the premium items. Ho-ho-ho…😕

  18. yaay it sounds like GRIND Galore!!! 4 parts…. 4 PARTS!!!! Maybe a week 1/2 per part/act … can’t wait for a possible 2 month event, I love snow on Springfield and only in Springfield.

  19. 4 weeks would be ok but I’ll bet it’s more like 6, maybe 10 days per act .
    Whatever …..bring on the snow & lights !!!

  20. Someone on the games forums pointed it out when the THOH take down patch went live and said the IPhone store had a different one which is now the current google play one.

  21. Oh Lord. An 8 week event??

  22. I hope they shorten the acts, but maybe they decided to include the usual post-event minievent as a fourth act, making the whole event two months.

  23. Four parts?! I’m intrigued 😃

  24. 4 parts?! So does this mean it will be super long? Estimated time? It would be okay if we got something different like the Maggie event…. However, I go o vacation 1.25.19 on a cruise. Hope it ends before then.

  25. Oh boy. I hope it’s one week per family member, rather than 2 O_o
    Thanks Alissa! :-*

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