Christmas 2018 Teaser

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like the Christmas 2018 just flew into our games!  But, like I said yesterday before you get too excited and try to read too much into it…remember the last several teasers that hit our games have had NOTHING to do with the next event. So don’t read too much into it…yet!  Or read everything into it!  It’s Christmas! Who isn’t excited?!

Anyway, when you start up your game you’ll see the dialogue from Cletus….

Cletus: Ms. Claws just flew into town on her Cat Sleigh! The Hissmass season is here! Anxious Hissmass to all!
Homer: Nobody look the yokel in the eye. If we don’t engage, he’ll wander off.
Moe: What are you blabbering about, hillbilly? It’s called Christmas, and it’s Mister Claus what drives the sleigh!
Homer: Moe! Ignore him!
Cletus: I means what I says. Every Hissmass, Ms. Claws arrives on her magical sleigh pulled by eight ornery cats.  She gives catnip to the good girls and boys, and claws the bad ones in the face.
Homer: That’s the dumbest story I ever heard. Besides, those adorable kitties don’t look so bad to me…
Cletus: I wouldn’t do that if’n I was you…

At this point, you’ll be tasked with placing the Crazy Cat Sleigh and having Homer perform a 4hr task there.

Followed by…

Homer: *ow* That cat clawed my face. And on Hissmass, too!
Moe: It happened just like the illiterate drunkard predicted! Homer IS a bad human being, and the mean cat DID claw his face! Hissmass is real! Them’s magical flying cats!
Cletus: They’s famous too! Like in that poem: “The Fearful Moments Before Hissmass” – “On Scratcher, on Ugly, on One-eye, and Grumpy! On Awful, and Sulky, and Bloodshed, and Dumpy! Now scratch away, claw away, bite away all!” Anxious Hissmass, Everyone!

And that’s it for the free part of the teaser.  Just the Crazy Cat Sleigh.  However, if you wanted to drop some donuts (assuming you still have some after the Black Friday Mystery Box Bonanza) you could pick up…

Ms. Claws a costume for Crazy Cat Lady (who’s a premium character…so, of course, this would require you to spend more donuts to get CCL to use).  You can purchase this costume for 100 donuts.

And that’s it my friends, all that’s included in this little teaser.  What could it all mean!? We’ll have to wait until Dec. 5th to find out….


95 responses to “Christmas 2018 Teaser

  1. Whats this thing about the golden coin for a free dozen donuts?

  2. CCL costume includes flying shopping cart cat sleigh animation apparently? This makes it 153% more desirable.

  3. Yup me too. I’ve had a ton of server errors ever since the background update / preview cat thing.

  4. Lots of Bart Screens in the past days… 🙁

    • Yeah, I’ve been getting dumped every time I stay on more than an hour. Guess the servers are slammed…should let up as more people finish the CCL teaser…I hope…😕

      • For me it’s been like that for quite some time. Whenever I take the time to re-design my Springfield I’m getting kicked out after exactly one hour.

        But recently there are hickups on practically every login.

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