Episode 38- It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Hissmass

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The turkey has been stuffed and it’s officially December!  Christmas is on the way!!  And with the Hissmass teaser arriving a few days ago excitement (and speculation) is building!  In this episode, we’ll recap the 2018 Thanksgiving Mini-Event…and Moe’s family dynamic, and do a bunch of forecasting on what Christmas may bring!  So grab your Santa hats and tinsel, you won’t want to miss the holiday cheer of this episode!
And as always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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20 responses to “Episode 38- It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Hissmass

  1. I don’t care, But I don’t want some festivus s**t, I want Christmas.

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      Is new Festivus stuff acceptable? Is it just recycled Festivus stuff that dismays you? Because, technically, Festivus s**t is recycled Festivus stuff.

      Back to sleep 💤. Then up and off to my second funeral in thre days.
      Sigh, the only thing worse than getting older… is not getting older

  2. I’m dealing with ea guys…

  3. If they do 4 acts focusing on the different Simpons family members, here is my prediction. I think they would do winter skins as a prize for each act. So because we already have Maggie winter skin, I think it will be Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa.

  4. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I’m curious as to the mechanics of the LIVE SHOW
    Do y’all have a ‘MY TURN’ button, that over rides the others and puts YOUR face and YOUR comment front and center?

    “Midnight Cowboy” image comes to my mind.
    Instead of “I’m walking here’, it’s
    “I’m talking here!”

  5. Happy (and safe) Holidays to all – however you celebrate (Hanukkah Christmas Ramadan Kwanzaa Winter Solstice Festivus) ⛄🎄☕🍩

    Enjoying the nice vanilla chai + Xmas donuts from Dunkin’ as I ponder …. could this be 4 Acts each lasting 2 Weeks (8 total going into January 2019?), or will there be 2 Prize Tracks going simultaneously broken down into 2 Acts lasting 6 Weeks …. I mean how bad of a grindfest can Christmas Event 2018 be? 😂

    Premiums – you know I’m glad when Act Prizes are Buildings and Characters, well Land Tokens are a given, but it sure seems the real Premiums aren’t obtained anymore, they’re bought with Sprinkles (how high will EA raise the price? when will Tappers just say “nope!” when prices are ridiculous? haven’t we kinda reached that already? (lol!)

    Can’t believe radio stations are too #metoo over “baby it’s cold outside” (what’s next? PETA doesn’t approve of “rudolph the red nose reindeer”?) 🙄

  6. I just noticed that Santa’s Little Helper disappeared from the store. Could we be getting a Christmas deal on him? Looks like I just might be getting the Simpsons a dog for Christmas

  7. Hi everyone
    It was the first day of summer yesterday in Australia, although the weather is still very wintery cold! At least i. The West.
    I wish a Happy Chanukah 🕎 to all fellow Jews, as tonight it’s the first night.it would be nice to see Chanukah in the Simpsons, I would love for some colourful Indian festival too with Apu and family. Kwanza as well.
    Be all safe and keep warm or cool, depending on which part of the world you live in! 👍👍👍👍

    • Greetings from Melbourne; Victoria; Australia (Eastcoast of Australia for American readers & I’m replying to someone all the way across Australia – I didn’t know their weather was bad too!)

      We are cold & rainy too; with bad thunderstorms last night. Very unseasonal for the first days of Summer.

      Whilst I’m not Jewish; I wish you a Happy Chanukah. I don’t really do Christmas. Not many family members left to celebrate with. I prefer to volunteer for any organisation of any religion or shelter that will have my willing hands to help out others during the season.

      Tomorrow I’m packing food parcels for The Salvos. As Aussies don’t have Thanksgiving to the lead up to Xmas, the focus is more on Xmas from mid to late September – The advertising gets quite annoying! For those who find themselves without family to celebrate the season – Why not try volunteering?

  8. Is anyone having trouble getting in? For the last 2 days I keep just getting the server crash screen. I thought maybe it’s because of behind-the-scenes Christmas updates.

  9. I really enjoyed today’s discussion. I held the majority of my characters duties waiting for a possible update from EA on when the Christmas event will start. After today’s video chat, I set the majority of my characters for their daily 24 hour jobs.

    BTW Alissa, your Christmas tree🎄 is beautiful!

    Patrick, I’m a Jersey dweller. That last snowstorm was a “bitch!” I’ve never seen a traffic standstill effect so many people as this last snowstorm! ❄️ I moved her from NH in 1999.

    Wookie (I think) was trying to remember the other stat without sales tax, it’s NH.
    In the past, visiting my in laws in Massachusetts for Thanksgiving and going over the border to shop in Seabrook, I saved a bundle.

  10. Well we’ve had Moe’s ark and Moe’s Thanksgiving.is it time for a very moeey Christmas.

  11. I can’t wait for the !snow! …and finally a holiday skin for Marge.😁

    • I’m attempting to channel you this week, Ebron, to get some quick decorating done before the snow comes. Since I’m finally going to try going farmium with RTT or bloodmobiles I need to pull all that stuff out of storage to build up cash reserves and bonus %’s

  12. I think 1 part kids, 1 part homer,1 part Marge,1 part summary/closeout

  13. Howdy, looking forward to hearing the first half live since I must start getting ready for “work”. Thanks for all you do and Happy Holidays!!!

  14. The Christmas/winter events are one of my favorite events of the year. The Christmas/winter events we had last year and in 2015 were some of the best ones we’ve ever had so far and I really hope ea gives something good this year and not something like when we had the pagans. Being Jewish I really hope they incorporate Chanukah which I think would be really nice and if they also incorporate Kwanzaa that would be nice as well.
    I just really hope they don’t make us spend an insane amount of money like $50 or $100 to get a premium item. I’m fine with spending $20 or $30 but not $50 or $100.
    Three characters I would love to see added are Colin and the boob lady from the Simpsons movie or mr bergstrom. I don’t know if they will add them with the Christmas event but if they don’t I hope they will add the sometime in 2019.

  15. Christmas decorations are active in Springfield waiting for the snow to drop in our towns with the next update. (Preparing myself for game crashes to happen. The snow really sucks the data usage on the game this time of year.)

    Since the description states a 4 part event, I’m guessing it’ll be 8 weeks long.

    • If it’s a 4 part event, perhaps it’ll be over 40 days ( 10days for each part ) so just under 6 weeks OR 7 days for each part for a total of exactly 4 weeks

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