Addicts Want to Know: 2018 “Year In Review” Mini-Events

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, we’re nearing the end of 2018.  Another year in the books and another year full of events in TSTO.  As we prepare to head into 2019, we’re one again planning on doing a very special Addicts Live for the end of the year.  This will be pre-recorded, so nothing to tune in live for.  Just like we did last year, this year in review episode will feature a discussion about 2018 in TSTO.  We’ll talk about the events, share our opinions about each event & we hope to include your opinions as well!

So in preparation for that episode, I’ve prepared an Addicts Poll…a place for you to break down just the events of 2018.  This way we can keep Addicts Live interactive, despite being pre-recorded.

Because we’re still awaiting the final major event of 2018 (Christmas), I’ve broken this up into two parts.  You’ll see a poll for mini-events (this one) and another one in a little while for major events.

So please, take a moment to answer the poll questions below about mini-events in TSTO during 2018, and as always feel free to elaborate your thoughts more in the comments below.

Thank you!

If you’re having trouble viewing/using the form above you can view it directly by following this link

61 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: 2018 “Year In Review” Mini-Events

  1. When will the results of the poll be published?

  2. My favourite one was Thanksgiving (I liked the prizes and black Friday items), least favourite was Who Shot Mr. Burns (the prizes were awful since they were either a forgettable decoration or gave a task to Mr. Burns, I did like seeing Dave Shutton and Springfield Shopper appear), and middle of the road was Homer vs. 18th Amendment (prizes were ok but not the greatest, I did like the tie in to St. Pats and an episode).

  3. Canada Crossing is one of my favorite prizes (just love the look of it when paired with maple trees), so Homer vs. the 18th Amendment gets my vote.

  4. I honestly don’t remember any of these.

    • I’m with you! Looks like I’ll be searching through Alissa’s rundown posts to jog my memory. Obviously, these mini-events made a big impression on me!

  5. Nothing for me yet!! 🙁
    I have an iphone

  6. update is live for me, android

  7. UPDATE IS LIVE woohoo

  8. Hmm how to vote….
    Nothing really stands out. I honestly have only vague recollections of most of the minis(especially the older ones.)
    I’m pretty sure I enjoyed them at the time, they just didn’t leave much of an impression afterwards.
    This could be a result of the nearly-constant frequency of events(not that I’m complaining) or it could be me.
    Perhaps I’m just losing it.

  9. Is it bad that I wasn’t a huge fan of any of them? 😬

  10. Sooo…no word on the event…maybe not tomorrow after all? Usually we get an update to load the day before, but it does cause a lot of people to freak out🙀 when the event doesn’t start immediately. Who knows…
    Anyway…the Rigellians have been pulled from storage and are ready for the holidays! Wanted to have them ready before the event started…maybe the rush to finish wasn’t all that neccesary.🤷‍♀️

  11. Honestly I can’t remember one from the other so I won’t partake! The only thing I can say is that they are too long. Six weeks is ridiculous especially when you have an event like Halloween way past it’s due date! Cheers 🇨🇦⏲😖

  12. So who wants to guess when will the update hit the game?

  13. I have a random question, but I don’t know where else to ask. I’m sure that I have an XP Collider, but I can’t seem to find it. My town is quite large and I believe it is a small item. Is there any way to easily find items in your town without slowly examining the entire thing?

    • Ask your friends? Maybe one of them knows where it is.

    • It’s fairly big, actually. I have mine sitting fenced in next to Fink’s lab, and it’s not that much smaller.

    • When I want to turn on my collider but can’t find it I go to the premium item tab in the store. Scroll right to the end of the list and you can choose how long you want to turn it on for. Doesn’t show you where it is, but it may be easier for you to find if it’s lit up.

    • Sorry, it’s under the Currency tab in the Store. The one with pic of money and a donut

  14. POOCHIE no. 1 for me 🏅
    Great pre-event start to itchy and scratchy land!

  15. I have to look them up to remember them. Very few events stand out any more.

  16. No option for none/dislike all/ waste of time, can’t say I liked any of them apart from them being mini and short. The

  17. The Thanksgiving event seemed to take an age to complete. Bring on the snow ⛄️ ❄️🤶🎅🎁🎉 🎄

  18. Im sure I missed it somewhere… but what day will it be live?

  19. I honestly felt like this years mini everts were sorta lack lustre like I had a hard time rembering any of these events. 😐

  20. I think the best was Homer vs the 18th Amendment (Howard Duff!) with the Duff Puff stand and the interactive cannon. The absolute worst was the (yet another) Super Powers event…I mean, really? A micro-mini ooze pit as a prize? For second place…probably Poochie, since I love the car, the Reality Network and Van, and especially the Feedback Table. Any time we get a prize where multiple characters can play together, I’m happy (the Snow Globe, Moe’s Express).

    • There is multiple tasks for the snow globe ?

    • I really liked the Poochie event too. Got a good character with things to add to Studio area. The buildings were good to flesh out my Capitol City area.

    • With you on the worst one. So tired of superheroes! Poochie was my favorite. The buildings with tasks are great and the quests to “hate watch Poochie” were funny. Wiggity wiggity. (Dunks basketball riding bike in a half pipe)

    • I forgot what Homer vs the 18th was…shoot. That would have been my top one. Made that one my middle because I remembered not hating it.

      Also forgot that Buck Stops Here gave us Stonecutters stuff.


      I really should go back and research before I vote hahaha

      BUT…I did remember my bottom events. Super Powers and Who Shot Burns were a tie for worst, had to go with Super Powers, since we’ve been beaten over the head with super heroes.

  21. it was the worst event
    but Homer vs the 18th Amendment was clearly the best, and it was possible to get Duffman with a rebate so the best mini event to my mind
    Finally, who shot Mr Burns was good but nothing exceptional

  22. Hey everyone
    Super Powers was very boring because we have already seen to much time the suerheroes so it was the le

  23. Good morning to all 😊

    Poochie’s Dog Dayz (July) was the most rewarding for me (even though Itchy and Scratchy Land Event was chock full of disappointments)

    Who Shot Mr. Burns (May) was an utter waste of time, and this was the beginning of ” I’d rather Kem Farm then do an Event ” for me (is that truly what EA wanted?)

    Homer vs. the 18th Amendment (March) was fun – could have been better, but I’m thankful for what we got from EA and hey is it December the 5th yet? 😀


  24. Thanks! Fav was Buck Stops Here because of the Stonecutters reboot; missed that one so I was able to get the skins for very cheap!

  25. Thanks Alissa! ❤

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