Christmas is Near

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The app store update for Christmas has hit.  This update is MASSIVE and it will bring snow to Springfield…

However, Christmas itself is NOT live yet.  It’ll go live tomorrow.  So don’t freak out that nothing triggers for you… it won’t until tomorrow (the 5th).  

Until then just get ready for a holly jolly good time!

Some teaser stuff below the fold…

New characters/skins to be added


This will be a FOUR WEEK event!  Much like Christmas events of the past.  This event runs from tomorrow, December 5th (10am ET, 1500 GMT) until Wednesday, January 2nd (10am ET, 1500 GMT).

We will see four parts to this event, each part will run 1 week.  So the timeline is:
Week 1: 12/5- 12/12
Week 2: 12/12-12/19
Week 3: 12/19-12/26
Week 4: 12/26-1/2

91 responses to “Christmas is Near

  1. i dont have the update yet in my game

  2. 🤦‍♀️

  3. I hope there are plenty of land tokens available at Christmas since we only got 3 from Halloween.

  4. Any news on potential characters we need free so I can save them now?

  5. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I noticed that Bart has some grayed out tasks
    Something involving a snowmobile
    Involving a snowbank(?)
    Involving a building that seems unfamiliar

    Will be interesting if Bart gets to Evil Kenval over snow banks

    3.6 hours to go.

  6. This isn’t the first time snow has been in Springfield, its here every Christmas event lol .

  7. Got the update, but can only find my Maggie snowman. I had all the Simpson snowmen, anyone else have this issue? Looking forward to the update. It is the only place I actually like to see snow.

  8. Hola.
    Alguien sabe quien empieza el evento de Navidad?

  9. Speculation from the splashscreen: on the coffee table there’s a book titled “How to steal your neighbours tree”, and outside Flanders is perplexed over his missing tree. Probably just a visual gag and nothing more but it’d be cool if neighbour actions included ‘stealing’ a Christmas tree a la the old lemon tree.

  10. Aww yea, teenage Marge. She’s gorgeous…

  11. Anybody else missing Christmas skins for buildings?

  12. Man, images of snow, right in the heart of summer. How depressing

  13. Does anyone else think that it’s funny that almost none of the characters or npc’s where cold weather clothing in the snow? 😜

  14. Is this gonna allow you to unlock the younger skins of some characters then?
    If so, its a shame that young homer was released in a previous event

  15. It’s 12:00am and there is no update on my iPad or iPhone. 🙁

  16. Massive update is right 600+MB!! The snow is pretty. I’m going to wait to play the game until 6-8 hours has passed.

  17. Found a nice bug. Apparently a programmer at EA is into Blizzard games


    Eventually links to this page

  18. Wow
    Amaze balls
    A holiday event that doesn’t stick around far past the intended holiday …..

  19. Grindor The Aged

    Is it me, or is the Ronald Reagan Re-education Center not Winterized? No matter – it’s still my favorite time of year!

    • Mine is snowy. The Water Baron Burns Mansion is glitchy and all but invisible. Wiggop’s Station is completely gone so he’s resting on nothing, and some Krustyland Visitors have escaped Krustyland.

      • Howdy Neighboreeno!
        I too have the glitch with Water Baron Burns Mansion…all I can see is a little sliver of part of the front of the building some chimneys and teeny floating text.
        Looks like we’ve got to wait for a patch from EA ie. The Floating Gypsy Head glitch.

      • And now Ronnie’s building is snow-less. The Halloween Dig site alternates between dirt and snow intermittently.

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      Some people thought Reagan was the Devil Incarate.
      Tooooo hot for snow to accumulate?

  20. Just downloaded the update. The snow looks glorious on my tablet! Too bad I’m relegated to playing on my phone due to severe lag. 9 hours to decide whether to get Mrs. Claws. The Spirit is tempting me… Can I wait until next year? I’m a farmer so donuts aren’t an issue, but buying a skin for 100 donuts sends the wrong message to EA. Decisions, decisions…

    • Grindor The Aged

      The animations are worth it, especially the cat sleigh! Go ahead… all the cool farmers are spending their donuts on it 😁

      • Your powers of persuasion have overcome my reticence. I will soon have Ms. Claws drifting across my screen with Santa Homer, Wild West Maggie, Fairy Kodos, Arnie Pye, Norbert Van Houten and L T Smash’s drone.

    • Ms Claws is definitely worth it. She flies the cat driven shopping cart thru the sky like Santa’s sleigh

  21. Awesome! Got everyone dancing around Ba’al’s bonfire in anticipation!

  22. Yeah, my Amazon Kindle is updated.
    ❄️ Winter has come to my Springfield! ❄️
    I’m not going to be behind on this event, like so many in the past.
    Awesome! 🎄

  23. This is my first TSTO Christmas. It looks magical!! I’m in awe of all the details. I laughed at the skeletons from the Halloween trees now dressed with mittens and scarves. If anyone from the graphics dept at TSTO ever reads this, thank you for all the attention to detail! And as always, THANK YOU Alissa and all at TSTOaddicts, for posting your updates and screenshots. Enjoy them thoroughly and check frequently.

  24. How beautiful does Little London look in the snow:

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