Christmas 2018 Prize Guide: Act 1, Prizes 1 and 2 Hot Roasted Chestnuts Cart & Christmas Carousel

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Tappers!

Bust out the tinsel and be sure to hang those stockings by the chimney with care because Christmas time is in the air! That’s right my friends, Christmas (and snow, lots and lots of snow) has hit our pocket-sized towns!

This year EA is trying something different, as I’ve laid out in this post, in that Christmas 2018 consists of multi-events.  Basically, the Simpson family will host four stories to be told over the course of December with a new story releasing each week.  As we’re taken through each story a series of prizes are released to correspond with the theme of the story.  For Week 1, Act 1, we’re following a Pageant tale by Lisa, and the prizes we unlock all fit into the Pageant theme.

So let’s take a look at the first two prizes this week, the Hot Roasted Chestnuts Cart and the Christmas Carousel…

First up, prize 1, the Hot Roasted Chestnuts Cart…

How You Unlock it:
‘Twas the Pageant Before Christmas Pt. 1
Make Skinner Brainstorm Moneymaking Schemes- 4hrs
Make Homer Use a Saw Like a Hammer- 4hrs
Collect Programs- x100.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the stands, and there are 3 of them with this prize….

Other Details:
Hot Roasted Chestnuts Cart, x3
Size: 2×3
Build Time: Instant
Earns: Nothing, just a decoration
Vanity +100
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does it Do?:
   After the initial quest there (for Ralph, Lisa and Milhouse…part of Part 2) not a whole lot.  Just a festive cart and you get three of them with this prize. It’s constantly animated with smoke coming out of it (you know, to roast the chestnuts
Additional Info: Once unlocked, you’ll have the option to purchase more…with in-game cash…should you want more.  Like crafting, but with cash. They’ll cost $200 each.

Next up, prize 2, the Christmas Carasoul AND a Land Token…

How You Unlock it:
‘Twas the Pageant Before Christmas Pt. 2
Place Hot Roasted Chestnuts Carts- x3
Make Children Sell Chestnuts- x3. Can send Lisa, Milhouse & Ralph. 4hrs
Collect Programs- x300

Once achieved you’ll unlock the Carousel and a LAND TOKEN…

Other Details:
Christmas Carousel
Size: 6×6
Build Time: Instant
Earns: Nothing, just a decoration
Vanity +100
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does it Do?:
   Homer, Lisa, Milhouse, and Ralph all have a task there to ride the Carousel (and it’s a visually animated task). This is an 8hr task for each.
Additional Info: It does play classic Carousel music…

And that’s it my friends, the details on the first two Christmas 2018 week 1 prizes!

Up next? Angel Lisa, a FULL Character (NOT a skin) for Springfield.

Thoughts on the Hot Roasted Chestnuts Cart? How about on the Carousel? (it’s one of my favorites) Thoughts on the Christmas prizes so far? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Christmas 2018 Prize Guide: Act 1, Prizes 1 and 2 Hot Roasted Chestnuts Cart & Christmas Carousel

  1. Hope this site never gets taken down! I needed to know who to send to ride the carousel. Thanks!

  2. Disappointed that having completed the stories, having collected all the programs and stockings and cookies, my prizes are not being released ( “pageant stage” and “snowed in”).
    I’ve never had a problem with this game before

  3. Angel Lisa appears to be a separate character as normal Lisa and angel Lisa can be given separate tasks, is this correct, or a glitch?

  4. Like Nancy I still cannot open Angel Lisa. While I continue earning programs I am not getting credit to gain the next decoration. I scrolled up in the box and could not find any tasks I didn’t complete.

    I have earned 387 programs and sent Homer to ride the carousel (marked “Done”). I also checked Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph tasks and did not find an option to ride the carousel.

    • A couple of other things to try, you may need your game to sync. Try going to a neighbors and then back to your game.
      If that doesn’t work resend all of the characters to ride the carousel again. The 8hr task is in their list just mixed with a million other tasks.

  5. I wonder if anyone has this glitch. Need help. I earned angel Lisa. My program counter says 300/300 but it’s stuck and not going back to 0/300 and I never got Lisa. Can’t get to the 4th prize. I uninstalled and reinstalled but that didn’t help either. I also had Homer ride the carousel. Any suggestions? Nothing worse than not being able to work an event. Has anyone else had this happen?

    • You likely didnt complete all the tasks. Scroll up in the box you’ll likely see tasks you didn’t complete.
      You need to earn 300 programs and send Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph and Homer to ride the carousel

      • Thanks for your help Alissa. I didn’t have unfinished tasks, but I sent all 4 characters to the carousel to follow your advice. I’ve been playing 6 years now, this is like maybe the 2nd time I’ve had an issue where I couldn’t move forward. I appreciate you. Nancy

    • If you have Angel Lisa in your town, then there’s a part in the questline (part 4) which requires you to send Angel Lisa (not regular Lisa) on a 4 hour visual task so you might have missed that. Part 4 is the fair booths so are you working towards this or are you on part 3?

  6. I too have completed all the prizes along the track and reached Angel Lisa but have not been able to claim it. I have done the single task and then collected 303 programs and it shows “Done” and “Done” but no Angel Lisa . Any ideas?

  7. Hey guys, great work as always! I’m a little stuck…. I have complete all the prizes along the track, and having reached the last prize I have not been able to claim it? Just wondered if anyone else has got there and had the same issue. I have done the single task and then collected 300 programs but it is all ticked off but no prize and nothing is happening??? Any ideas?

    • I have the same problem. I tried visiting neighbors, and logging out. The tasks for the carousel have disappeared, so I can’t try that. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

  8. Hello tapped out friends! Just a fun fact: the book right by the cookies in the Christmas loading screen is called “How To Cut Down Your Neighbor’s Tree” !

  9. Just got Angel Lisa!! She’s adorable!

  10. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I usually do not kvetch, however…..
    The fourth prize is FOUR Fair Booth(s).
    Yes, I wake up in the middle of the night, complete tasks and send my little guys out again.
    So I earned the fourth prize, which is FOUR Fair Booth(s). I don’t need FOUR, so I stored 3, and I wound up with an uncompleted task. I needed to Place all FOUR. So I hauled the three out of storage and just Plopped them – for the time being.
    Perhaps somewhere in this Event we will need multiple Fair Booths.

    If not, my kvetch regarding programming requirements that I retain all FOUR is valid.
    (And the heck with the tired, poor, hungry, ill — I’m unhappy with this game)

  11. The carousel is funny to watch them go around.have a great one everybody.

  12. So that 8hr task is permanent then? I’m so glad! I was afraid it would be like Cletus animating the Christmas house last year, one and done. I literally just unlocked it a half hour ago. I tend to run on more a 4 and 12hr task cycle but I’m so going to find excuses to send them to the carousel when I can. Love it.

  13. I love the carousel! The looks on everyone’s faces are awesome 🙂

  14. Yippee! Another interactive prize…so nice when thecharacters can play together👍😁.

  15. Where do i find the land token? I don’t have all land bought already, but am also not seeing an option to use a land token instead of cash for a new piece of land.

    Also, the carousel animation is really great!

    • Land tokens can be used for any piece of land that is a cash purchase as well… If you click on a piece of land with a dollar figure, it will give you the option to use your Free Token, if you have one available.

  16. Is anyone disappointed with the Christmas event so far?? 😐

  17. the carousel hilarious! I did not see anything about a land token – if you don’t have it yet, I’d suggest checking how many tiles you have before unlocking it

  18. Thanks Alissa! The animated job with the carousel is too much!

  19. Glad to read that Angel Lisa is a full character and not just another skin for Lisa! Thanks, as always, for all the time and effort you put into this site!

  20. Unrelated to this post, but I figure this is the fastest way to make sure my neighbor sees this: sorry for accidentally tagging you, YoDarth!!!

  21. The carousel is great!! Does Angel Lisa fly??

  22. Carousel is my new default 8 hr task for these 4 during the night

  23. LOVE the carousel! So fun😊

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