Friday Filler – Knowing When a Problem is rEAlly a Problem

I’m not really sure why the outcry from this event hit me so hard.  I’m not usually one to react emotionally about comments on this blog. But, this time…well…I admit that I lost it.

I mean...really lost it.  Like throwing the phone across the room, lost it. I mean, the kind of lost it that makes people step away…far away…until you settle down and stop laying on the floor, in a quivering mass…

That’s right.  I was laughing so hard, I collapsed on the floor in a fit of hysterics.

People.  Are you kidding me?   Are you REALLY whining about an update, literally a few hours into a 4 week event?  Are you really complaining that “It’s Not Like Other Major Events!!!”  when many of you spent the vast majority of the last few events, complaining about the very same events!!  Seriously…you can’t be doing this!!

Here’s the deal… these events change all of the time.  Think back a couple of years to when the “normal event” was a ton of complicated stuff, that forced you to you log on as much as every hour…or to hunt all over your town for a bunch of tiny bits of this or that which were almost impossible to find (I’m pretty sure I had to get reading glasses because of TSTO)…and you all HATED IT! We ALL hated it!

There are actually some of you who actually commented that you “missed the wheel” of hell…which I called the “wHell.”  You are out of your minds.  It was proven to be totally unfair, not remotely “random” (there were set algorithms that favored some players over others) and a huge pain in the keester if you actually wanted everything offered.
I hated it so much, that when I FINALLY won Shary Bobbins, I have kept her flying on her umbrella, almost never, ever touching the ground, 24/7/365...for more than five years….as a way of punishment…and reminder of how much I hated that process.

This event is the best of all worlds.  They are giving us loads of land.  They are giving us loads of FREE CONTENT.  They are offering up a ton of Premium Items (More than Black Friday).  Yes…the prices are inflated…kinda. But, welcome to the new reality of post- Donut Farming.  They have actually discounted the donuts that they are selling…and have been offering up a ton of FREE donuts with the daily prizes.  No…you don’t HAVE to visit your friends… but I have actually started winning donuts again, when I do.

Woops…and just as I am writing this, I had to moderate another whiner who said, “12 tiles isn’t a ton (loads) of land!” I have to ask…what you doing with all of that land????  I have close to 70 land tiles still available…many of which are still available for game cash.  I have loads of water on a lot of my land…and have used my land so efficiently over the years, that I still have loads of lush, green areas with flowers, trees and more…and I AM HITTING ITEM LIMITS…and I still have loads of land left to buy.  So…I am the opposite….loads of free land, but limited in how many items I can place.

So, I don’t get it…how can you be out of land????  Maybe you need to hire a city planner…or NUKE and do something more efficient. And this isn’t land that is being dictated into some remote corner of your game (like the past few events), you can buy it anywhere you have land available. Again…no land left? Time to rethink your crappy designing skills. OK. Maybe that’s too far…but you get my drift.

They have brought back storylines that are cleverand actually TELL A STORY!  Which is way more than the “regular event” dialogue did.  My guess is that most of you just blast through it without reading it…because you are so intent with “getting on to the next thing” that you are missing some really hilarious lines.

Slow the hell down!!!!!! (screams the crazy old man from his front porch). It’s a game that is supposed to be based on the Simpsons…and as such, actually has Simpson’s storylines and dialogue. The lack thereof in the past, has been one of my primary gripes. I am elated to see FOUR stories…all funnier than the last.  FOUR!

And for the love of all that makes sense… IT”S ONLY FOUR WEEKS LONG!!!!  We have all been whining about the length of the major events…they listened…at least for this event.  Please. Stop whining about it being “only 4 weeks long.”

And…finally…please take a look back at the 78 other updates to this game over the past half a decade-plus.  Look at all of the clunkers, and “meh” updates…and tell me that this one is actually the worst.  Not. Even. Close.

In fact…it is FAR closer to what we all called “The Good Old Days” of TSTO. This is the way they used to be…but, with far more offered…far more free donuts…and a lot less opportunity to get old items that you may have missed.

Oh….wait….for those of you who are whining that we don’t get to earn free donuts at the end of the acts… LEARN TO FARM!!  It’s clear that EA isn’t going to shut down farming…only raise the rates on Premium purchases, while raising the cost of the “Gil Deals” and “bonus items” when you pay cash.  Go with the flow. Farm. You’ll earn waaaaaaay more than the lousy 10-20 you might get grinding after an event.

Finally……………………………………..wait, I already said, “finally.”
So, in conclusion...This is a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM!!!

Thank goodness one of you already said that in comments. But, I echo that.  People get tired of me pitching for support for our work in Uganda. But, you want to whine about something not going your way?  How about no clean water…or electricity…ever!  Until we started doing work in Buyijja…this was the case.  But because of the generosity of many TSTO players over the years, we have dug wells, built a rain collection tank, built sanitary bathrooms, done 13 rounds of school supplies and books, and countless other things for the school

But, guess what? While they benefit from your actions…not one of them has ever played TSTO...and certainly have never had the chance to whine about not getting enough free stuff in a game that can be played for free.

So…yes…I laughed. Hard.  I couldn’t even begin to point out the silliest, most “out of touch” post. There were too many of them.  It’s clear that while many may play this game to escape the daily news from around the world…it may be time to find a nice blend, too keep things in perspective. Read the news…and then count your blessings.

It seems that every year at Christmas, I end up writing some rant post about “keeping perspective” about the game.  A couple of years ago, it was a huge post about tolerance and acceptance, because EA had dared to let other religions into the game.   Last year, it was because people were being mean and aggressive, because they weren’t enjoying the “Alien” factor and dialogue.  And this year…it’s because the update is “too easy?” and “not the same as other event?”

Please. Stop.

This time of year, we traditionally are known for being more kind and gentle to one another.  Ironically, we just had a funeral for a former President who talked about the need for the snarkiness of Bart Simpson to give way to a  “kinder and gentler” world.  So…I guess that hasn’t exactly worked out.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the world is a more temperamental, self-entitled, nasty place to be.  Social media has unwound the barriers of grace and comportment, giving way to “hitting back harder,” when any sort of offense arises.  Politics have devolved into bullying, taunting, and lies, with the worst parts of human nature on full display.  And it is creating a world that is less safe, because people feel they have the right to more…and more…and more…without doing anything to earn it…but then lashing out when things don’t go their way. Sometimes with deadly force.

So…when TSTO doesn’t give you exactly what you think you deserve, take a step back and ask yourself, “What do I really deserve?”

I know. It’s amazing. Me…CrankyOldGuy defending EA. But dammitall people…can’t we just enjoy the work the programmers and writers did, in an effort to change things up, and go back to a bit of tradition?

Is it all about Bonus Percentages and Free Land??????

Yep. It’s a game.  A silly little game.  And there are days when those who seemingly live and die by what happens in it, simply make me laugh. And laugh…and laugh. Until I shake my head and want to hit the “delete” button on a comment.

I really hope perspective comes to some of you this holiday season.  This update/event is a gift.  It’s fun. It’s easy. And frees up our time to do things that actually matter.

So…take the time this holiday season to DO SOMETHING THAT MATTERS. Put down your padular devices. Go do something nice for someone else.  The world owes you nothing…but, you owe the world plenty.

Life is a gift…don’t waste it whining.

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  1. I love this post, Patric! One comment that I see often on TSTO that I really don’t get concerns the wish for the ability to “clear all jobs” with a single tap. Umm… isn’t the point of the game tapping, thus the name, Tapped Out? I hope EA doesn’t grant this wish.

  2. Finally !!! Some common sense !!…I was beginning to think I was in a nursery school here. I want, I want ,I want, me me me …. !!! I’m sure the troops who can’t get home for Christmas want too. I’m sure the homeless want.. The people in your project want… They are all wants I’ll listen to.. petty wants, selfish wants… What the hell is that !! .Thank you for restoring some faith and order. 😊

  3. I actually like this update. I bought the cirque delivery puree for nostalgia purposes and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds.. .
    Thanks guys for all you do.

  4. Wait…. We got free land!? Was the notice supposed to pop up as a “Whoo-Hooo!” Here’s some land from us to you!” kind of thing? I’m not complaining, whining or anything. I’m just asking coz I didn’t notice anything in my game and just really want to know. Also, the loads of free content…? I know we got the funny cat sleigh & the 5 items in the mini event. Is there something I missed or need to look for?

    Thank you😊

  5. Thank you Patric!!

  6. I’m reminded of a quote from the classic episode, whacking day… it reminds me of the people in the comments around here… “I’m sick of you people. You’re nothing but a pack of fickle mush-heads.” “He’s right!” “Give us hell, Quimby!”
    (If this can’t be posted due to words, sorry, please alter the comment, someone).

    You people are nothing but a pack of fickle mush-heads! We get a different kind of event, after (as long as I’ve been here) the same type of event over and over? Why are you complaining? I joined during Bart Royale! Every event since then has seemed to be the same formula, with one or two changes! This is new, and different! Give it a try before you complain.

    • How is it new and different? It’s just setting jobs for 4 hours. It’s the same thing we do when there is no event. Set jobs and wait. But we get prizes instead of income for the wait.

      • 4-hour way, rinse, repeat…we should all be used to this number.

        As you said—- just the prizes change.

      • But its not just 3 acts… and it reads like an actual episode! Everyone complained about the three act grind, and no dialogue. Now this isn’t three acts, and has dialogue. Sure, its still a grind. But if you don’t read dialogue, isn’t everything a grind anyway? You’re just setting jobs no matter what!

  7. I don’t like this event at all. I LOVE IT. Thanks & Merry Christmas EA……🎅🏼💜X

  8. This. You. Perfect.

  9. Have you calmed down now? 😉

  10. 👆🏼This. Couldn’t agree more. I for one am enjoying a relaxing pace and the fun story lines. Big lime from me, up to now all the THOH events have been my favourites, but this year this one has won hands down . Happy tapping !

  11. Here here Patrick! Thanks for all you guys do.

  12. Oh boy my buttons have been pushed. Having started with Tips then moved on to Friends and have now become an an Addict the one unfortunate constant factor are the sniveling, entitled, I only care about me, selfish SOB’s. GET OUT OF HERE! Do us all a favor and never darken the reply box again. I am speaking for myself but you don’t deserve the work, humor, humanity that goes into this blog and am amazed they haven’t closed up shop. Maybe they should.

    • Uhn…Fred old pal, old buddy… I totally appreciate your support and your fervor. However, you have to get to the place where I am… LAUGH. Seriously, just laugh when a player is so consumed with a little game on a mobile device, that they make it a seemingly life and death situation for themselves. The fact is, the only people who are really hurt with these crazy, obsessive action, are those who take the time to read, react, and then internalize it as a person affront from EA.

      It’s just a game. And concurrently, just a blog about a game. None of it should be taken seriously at all.

      • I know, but it’s all about timing, right? Feeling this event is just right, especially with my crazy schedule I had to vent. Now I’m off to be a man in red and have breakfast with Shamu. Bite me PETA!

  13. Did anyone else notice the book on the table? It says “How To Cut Down Your Neighbor’s Tree”! A little Easter egg!!

  14. Yes yes and yes. Have never commented but have been coming here for 4plus years for my tapped out down low. Could not agree more Patric! Merry merry! A fellow sky finger 😁

  15. barblovesjeramie

    Keep speaking the truth Patric!

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