An Argument for ONE Angel Lisa!

OK…so the piling on has started over my dislike for Angel Lisa. There are loads and loads of people telling me that “Lisa isn’t dead,” and that “Angels aren’t dead people, Saints are dead people” (which makes the whole Night of the Living Dead franchise take on a whole new meaning).

But, the REAL reason I am not happy to see “Angel Lisa” in our games…is very simple…

That’s right, “Ye of short memory and little faith in my powers of recall,”  we already have Lisa with a 16-hour task, called “Be an Angel.”  And she isn’t just being good…she is actually flying above the Nativity Scene that we got waaaaaay back in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

In 2014 during the Winter 2014 episode it was earned with Prize Currency

During the Winter Events of 2015, 2016 it was available for
Donut Tapped Out.png175 – 2015
Donut Tapped Out.png50- 2016

And it came (comes) with TASKS for Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart.  16-hour tasks that look like this!  (this is a screen shot of my “Holiday Square” which is next to my Valentines Park).

They ALL (including the “new Angel Lisa) come from the episode, Simpsons Christmas Stories (E9S17) in which,  “Reverend Lovejoy can’t attend the Christmas sermon due to his train set catching on fire, Flanders immediately takes over. However, he gets a paper cut and faints. Homer decides to lead the sermon and tells the story of the first Christmas, with Marge as Mary, Homer as Joseph, Lisa as the angel Gabriel, Mr. Burns as King Herod, and Bart as Jesus.”

Why did I highlight “Lisa as the Angel Gabriel?” Because if the “New Angel Lisa” is an angel, and not Lisa…then she should be named, “GABRIEL!!!!”
Not Angel Lisa!!!

So…many of you would now like to stand up and yell, “AHAAAAAAAA!!”  (you are always standing up and yelling at me),  “So…this is NOT Lisa! It is Angel Gabriel!! So Lisa isn’t DEAD, as you keep claiming!”

Hmmmm…. so you think you have me, do you?

Well, as I was working on this, I went to check my Nativity Scene to see if Lisa (who is currently doing her task “Be an Angel”) has anything to say about it. And who should fly by?  The IMPOSTER!!!

But, then…I leaned my head way down close to my padular device….and I could hear a small, quiet, heavenly voice say, “Fear not Patric!  You are correct!  For it is not God’s way to create confusion on this blessed event.  It is the LazyAss Programmers at EA who are duplicating themselves AGAIN, by giving us another confusing character that mimics the very sanctity of the original Christmas gifts we gave you in 2014!!”

At least that’s what I am pretty sure she said. Because, as I leaned closer, the new Angel Lisa whacked me in the ear with her tablet, and I lost hearing temporarily.

So… yes…if you don’t already have it, you are going to get ANOTHER chance at the nativity scene in this Event (as a possible prize in the Winter Wonderland Mystery Box)…which most of us already have.  And yes…when you get it, you will have a version of Lisa playing an Angel…which is not to be confused with the Angel Gabriel, which is what this new version should be called.

Don’t believe me??  ZOOM  IN on the tablet in the picture of both angels…and you can see the fine print says, IT IS WRITTEN IN THE WIKI THAT I SHALL BE CALLED GABRIEL! 
Don’t believe me still??  CLICK HERE!! 

So…let’s hear no more talk about whether we should or shouldn’t have another Lisa Angel in our games.  Or whether she is dead or alive.  I already have one Lisa…who can BE an Angel for 16 hours at a time…and that is all we need.

And what is missing from this story?  A skin for Burns as Herod, who would be doing his best (and likely getting confused) to count which Lisa is the real Angel Lisa!
Because for me…the new one is Gabriel.  Angel Lisa is dead to me. 



37 responses to “An Argument for ONE Angel Lisa!

  1. ” It is the LazyAss Programmers at EA” 😂

    You win, Sir! 👍

    Yes I still have the Nativity from 2014 (gotta ♥️ those 16 Tasks for Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa)

    I actually ♥️ my 👼 Lisa wandering Springfield, but – I’m hating those “LazyAss Programmers at EA” for not doing something regarding Network Connection (lots of complaints from my fellow Tappers, you can add me to the list!)

    It’s Monday, stay Festive everybody! 🎄🎅🦌⛄

  2. You slay me Patric! This post had me literally LOL’ing. I hate that my nativity is mostly dormant because the family is always busy doing other things, it used to just be in storage until I just brought my Praiseland back to town.

  3. Darn! Why can’t they just sell the Nativity instead of having to take a chance with a Mystery box?!?! I want it! 😖

    • Because they know that gambling is another addiction they can tap into. Why give it to you for 60 donuts, when they can trick you into spending 180 or more, trying to “win” it?

      • I suppose the consolation is you may spend the same amount but you get other premiums too. For instance for Black Friday it took me a few tries to get the Calabresi’s but for 180 donuts, which I think was still lower than the original price, I also got Oscar Wilde, Chaucer and Johnny Tightlips. I have always wanted Johnny but not that ugly casino he’s attached to that I have to figure out how to hide as much as possible when I get around to incorporating it into my Springfield. For the most part I was really lucky that week, my number one must have was Moe’s Express out of the men’s box and I hit it on the first try with a one in eight chance, I also got my first choice Jeremy 1st on a 1:3 and the showy fountain on a 1:5. Where the house won was the spy box, an event I didn’t really play to my donut detriment where my must haves were Crouching Panda Hidden Egg roll and Cafe Kafka. I had to empty the whole box to get them, but the consolation I guess is the three spy characters I got first earn money. So yes, as a premium player I will probably keep passing on paying full price now for a chance on a lower price later, you got my number EA. My current conundrum? Full price for teen Marge now or gamble that she’ll be back in a Valentine’s Day mystery box along with, I’m hoping, Itchy and Scratchy’s love interests. 175 donuts for Barney now or wait for mystery box?
        I share other people’s dissonance with having multiples of the same character wandering around and have since getting Rockstar Maggie but I’ve learned to live with it , especially since I love the animation on the Hyperstadium, I’m bad about using skins (had 27 in my Black Friday mystery box, largest by far and didn’t even bother) and would hate not having baby Maggie. So I guess having a duplicate is better than having yet another skin I probably will rarely use since the unemployment office changes them back.
        Sorry for the t l; dr post moderators, thanks as always for letting me ramble.

  4. I never got that the first few times it came around…and now I can’t get into the game at all. I’ll never experience this quandary but reading about it made me laugh.

  5. Good to have the prize since I don’t have the nativity scene

  6. Hey everyone. Since last night when I try to open game first screen appears and it says synchronizing. Just before my username show up my game keeps saying “cannot connect to server”. I uninstalled and then installed again. Tried to open again and it opened. I saw my town and claimed some money from houses. After like 2 minutes sane thing happened. Now the game keeps saying “cannot connect server” afain. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

    • Its been crappy like that all week for me. So annoying.

    • Yeah I’ve been logged out of Origin a couple days ago and I’m on the blog now instead of visiting neighbors or designing because I keep getting the red screen.😐

    • Yes.. same.. i believe it might be the snow that crashes the games :/ *sigh* we’ll have to wait a bit. Maybe thats why they made a lighter event? Anticipating that there will be crashes.. who knows? Just half kidding ofc 😅

  7. Here’s my theory. This whole event, the new prize characters are the fictional ones from the stories being told. Since this was the story Lisa was telling, she narcissistically made the angel in her image. The creation starts with the traits she provided in the story, but once released into Springfield, the new character develops its own personality so it can look like her, but not necessarily act like her.

  8. Always the grumpy guy, love it! Haha

  9. What is the last item in the ticket pageant tab for this event? I got the required tickets, but never received the item.. it just went to the snowball tab? Should I contact ea that a part of the story didn’t initialize?

    • You have a task to complete. This is covered in multiple threads. Scroll up on the list of tasks and you’ll see one not finished. Our friends here covered this a lot.

    • You should check to make sure you completed all required tasks, not just collected enough tickets. I am sure Alissa will post a link to the post that explains this, even though she has done it a million times probably

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  11. Lol same clothes too.. oh man E.A. just doesn’t care anymore. 😤🙄

  12. I like your rants and passion Patric! However this one might be a swing and a miss..I think everyone went a little too existential in this case.

  13. It’s just a game. It’s just a game. …

  14. I stored that horrible nativity scene as soon. As I got it.

  15. Hi, sorry for being off topic… is there a post about the Springfield Heights building now contributes to more % XP? Thank you Addicts!

    • They always have, but the boost was hidden and not shown in your % total. Now they are (and have been for some time) now reflected in the total. So just search for old articles.

  16. Uhh… it’s Lisa playing the role of Gabriel, just like Homer, Marge, and Bart all play the roles of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus, respectively. It’s a fantasy sequence, so I really don’t see any reason for anyone to get worked up over it.

    Personally, I’m just surprised that she’s a character, not a skin. But we have the same sort of thing with teenage Marge and Homer, so hey, whatever.

    • Patric is funny, but I agree with you. The first one is Lisa playing the Angel Gabriel. The new one is an Angel that is not Gabriel but looks like Lisa. In most mythologies Angels were created before humans. Angels are separate entities. Humans, when dead, can (depending on your mythology) stay dead (ashes to ashes dust to dust), go to heaven, purgatory or go to hell or a version of either the underworld or eternal life. Holy humans may become a saint when dead but do not transform into an angel (except for in a few shows).

  17. Love to read your story, ‘s i want more!!!

  18. Hilarious post, Patric! I agree with you. I really like Milhouse in that Pageant Stage task, that would’ve been such a fun holiday skin! Maybe the people at EA wanted to book it early for Christmas.

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