Episode 39- A Very Addicts Christmas Special

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It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas!  Christmas has finally arrived in Springfield, don’t you just love the snow?! In this episode, we’re talking all things Christmas in TSTO.  We’re breaking down the latest event to hit our games, talking flashback characters, and giving our thoughts on the Multi-Event.  So drop those snowballs, and grab your Santa hats and tinsel, you won’t want to miss this!
And as always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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Thought Provoking: Share your favorite Christmas Memory/Traditions in the comments below.  We’d love to read them during the show!


21 responses to “Episode 39- A Very Addicts Christmas Special

  1. Dear LazyAss EA Programmers …. 😂 ok, I’m going to stop right there, because I could go off on quite a tangent regarding inconsistencies within this Game App (and yep, it’s gotten worse over the years (lol)! 😂

    I’m just so thankful for an easy Christmas Event – no crafting, no grinding, no dumb tasks – lots of funny dialogue (and visual tasks) that I can almost overlook the random “Bart Screen of Death” that pops up too often! (Ok! Now those LazyAss EA Programmers have something I think they can’t ignore anymore!)

    Just hope everybody has a pleasant Winter Holiday(s) no matter what you celebrate ⛄🦌🎅🎄

  2. I’m tired of skins for the main characters; skins that never get used cause they aren’t premium—too many premium skins for one character… I am happy for brand new characters as prizes. So happy I will overlook the inconsistencies and ignore naming if it bothers me.

  3. Just thought I’d chime in on the issue of nonconforming sizes of the prizes. While there have been numerous items offered with vastly differing scales in the past, the Fair Booth is pretty much to scale with most of the Christmas items. The Carousel, the Carolers, the Chestnuts Cart and the Stage are all of similar scale. I think it’s great because you can create a Christmas Market in a Corner of Springfield and it just works. Even the characters can stroll through and not look out of place.

    On a personal note on the Fair Booths, I think they are fabulous. My wife and I are from different cultural backgrounds and one thing we have enjoyed together are the German Christmas Markets held every Christmas Holiday Season. We visit one every year. They aren’t very exciting on their own, but we have started a tradition and that makes them wonderful. This year after visiting a German Christmas Market in Osaka, we were given a Fair Booth in TSTO. It looked so much like the booths in the market we visited, I re-created the entire market with the Carousel and 15 Fair Booths. I do have to admit, the Christmas trees offered in TSTO, aside from the Pagan Christmas tree, are a little too small to match the scale. My wife, being a Tapper as well, really appreciated the effort and likeness. Christmas Markets are great when shared with the ones you love as a backdrop to a lifelong memory and TSTO helped me add a little bit of that memory to my digital Springfield so I can re-visit that market and the memory any time of the year. Bravo EA!!

    • Uhm. Compare the booths to a grocery store… or the bank. Or the snow car. Come on… in scale? The food is huge!

      • The buildings were never the same scale as the characters and I agree, the scaling of most items is pretty random. I just watched Mona walk past the Van Houten’s house and her shoulders were higher than the roof. Characters are two stories tall! It is possible with these new items to create small enclaves where the characters won’t look out of place and all the buildings and decorations are the same scale.

        P.S. Lisa’s dead!

      • Most other buildings like the stores or the houses are out of scale if you compare them with the size of the characters. The booths match the scale, so kaufholdk24 is right.

  4. How can you be so upset about Angel Lisa, Patric? Just a character in a game that doesn’t make sense anyway…aliens, mummies, flying cat ladies, devils, Santa Claus…just to name a few anomalies.
    And by the way, you’re wrong concerning angels in general. I don’t believe in religion anyway, but according to the Bible, angels have been there since the beginning of all time as they are no (dead) humans. They also helped God in creating the earth, mankind and animals etc.( according to the Bible, as I said, not according to my personal belief). Even the devil used to be an angel…

    • However you want to slice it….. Lisa isn’t Lisa with that character… dead, alive, saint, or no saint…he creeps me out…big time. And yes…I am clearly aware that this is all make-believe. As in from the first click of the game…when Homer survives as nuclear blast.

      My belief structure aside, I just like consistency. We already have several versions of the same character wandering around, side-by-side. This just pushes the envelope out further. It’s a game…but the rules within its existence are getting harder to swallow. SOOO many other characters they could have introduced.

      Why this one? And finally…………. in the episode which this is from (S17 E9) the character is called GABRIEL…not Lisa… as in the angel Gabriel.

      So…if you are going to go all the way down the rabbit hole…you need the rest of the folks.

      And Finally…wait…I already said finally… FURTHERMORE…THE REAL LISA already has a task as an ANGEL at the Nativity Scene that many of us already have from Christmas’s past. 16 hour task… “Be and Angel.”

      So…one is an angel…the other is “being an angel” and they are both LISA????????? COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! LazyAss EA Programmers!

      • Thanks a lot for your answer, Patric.
        I understand your point of view.
        I personally don’t care about consistency in TSTO, as there is none anyway (in my opinion) 😏.
        I’m just glad EA gave us a complete character for free and not just another skin. It’s also better for new players who need characters, not skins.
        Apart from this, I really like her 12- hour task, it’s funny imo.
        And if you don’t like Angel Lisa, well, you can just put her in the inventory.. 😏

      • I am not the one of the “as so many of us”. So therefore I love having the Angel Lisa. If it bothers you that much, store it or sell it (if allowed). But I do hope you get something in week 3 that you love.

      • Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m so in agreement I said it thrice! 😉

  5. I’m fine with younger character but I also want Young Pat next to Pat in this live… xD

  6. Dead people become saints, not Angels.

  7. 1. Angel Lisa: Hmmm, they should have used the concierge angel that welcomed Homer at the end of the world… For a quest prize I’m fine with one episode characters…

    2. Brodka: At least… give him a task at the try n save… Feel free to add a new building with him, but link it to the other one so the try-n-save is “more valuable”.

  8. Hey hey! Merry Christmas! Thanx for everything u guys do!!!!
    Took the kids out to look at lights. Made them leave theyre phones at home! Lol. Honestly…they had fun. Gotta bake cookies this week…..how did Christmas get here so fast! Enjoy the holiday with ur families everyone!!!! 🎅🎅🎅🎄🎁

  9. Love this event, easy and great for designs but missing the showoff for the last event.

  10. Will there ever be a chance to get all the characters? How many are there without the skins ?

  11. Merry Christmas to all! About to head out for the day so will have to catch the show later.

  12. Would like to say Happy holidays all 🙂 Its a lovely stress free event we are having and happy to hear the squarking Parrot say Merry Christmas when you tap him ⛄🎄🎆

  13. I’m really enjoying this Christmas event I think this is one of the better Christmas events we have ever had. I like crafting but I’m not a huge fan of it so I’m glad we don’t have crafting this year and it’s one less thing to worry about along with not having to deal with tappables or putting things in a bonus percentage area. Also what’s great is that there a lot of items we could just buy using in game cash.

    I think one of my favorite things about the event this year is that you just go in every 4 hours reset the characters on the tasks and then you’re done. My other favorite part of the event is that they brought in young characters like young Marge and young Barney.

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