Valentine’s Day Is Near…Plus New Town Portrait Feature Details

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The app store update for Valentine’s Day has hit.  So head over to your app store to download the latest update…

However, Valentine’s Day itself is NOT live yet.  It’ll go live tomorrow.  So don’t freak out that nothing triggers for you… it won’t until tomorrow (the 23rd) at 10a ET, 1500 UTC.  

Until then there is a new feature to explore…and it’s pretty awesome!  More details below the fold about Town Portrait!

Some teaser stuff below the fold…

Remember, I posted a TON of Spoilers earlier today. You’ll see that information here.

A few other in-game spoilers…as told by the character collection screenshots…

Ignore Hoover.  I never purchased him, just thought he was overpriced…

And now some info about Town Portrait…

You’ll notice the new feature when you log into your game after you’ve downloaded the update.  So yes, this feature will work today.  And it’s AWESOME!

Here’s some info we received from EA about it…

Town Portrait is a new feature included in the Love, Springfieldian Style update. Once enabled, Town Portrait allows players to save images of their entire town to their current device. The feature works in several steps. Step 1: It takes images of the players land. Step 2: It stitches the images together to create the full picture. Step 3: It shows the player a preview of the final image, the file size, and an option to save to their device. Step 4: The complete image is saved to their device.

Here are more details on basically how it works…

To access hit the 4-way arrows (move menu) in Springfield.  From there you’ll see the old-timey camera icon in the bottom right…

Tapping on that will bring up a box asking you about capturing…

Decide if you want your image to show your characters walking around or not and then hit capture.

Your game will then go back to the splash screen and you’ll see that it’s capturing your town…

It will then flash back to your town and show you it’s still capturing…

Once completed you’ll see a preview and you’ll have to decide it you want to save it or delete it.  Saving it will save it your device…

Once saved you’ll see a message popup on the very top of your screen letting you know it’s complete…

From here if you go back to your phone’s gallery you should find the fully rendered image.  On my Android it was in the gallery in a folder marked Simpsons…

The image may appear small, but you’ll be able to zoom in really far and into specific areas if you so choose.  And you can even crop down for specific areas covered.  It really is pretty awesome!

And that’s it my friends!  Thoughts on Town Portrait?  Ready for Valentine’s Day?  Excited for the characters?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

106 responses to “Valentine’s Day Is Near…Plus New Town Portrait Feature Details

  1. Sorry, don’t know if this has been asked before (or answered) , but mine keeps saying not enough space but I have 6gb free. Surely this enough space. I’m on iPhone 8plus . Any ideas please. 🤞

  2. Totally bummed that I can’t use this feature. I just don’t have enough space on my device. That’s ok -if the game wasn’t zoomed in much that it isn’t fun to play. Luckily Maggie was so close to the Play-Doh factory that she was easy to find today. I am sure they will fix it so I can continue to play on my Amazon fire, in the meantime I feel like I am in Springfield itself as the building are sooo huge! I just won’t play as much I til they get it fixed. Can we just delete the camera?

  3. After all these years it’s pretty freaking amazing to see your Springfield, Alyssa!

  4. It’s a nice feature, unfortunately the resolution isn’t that good (especially when you zoom big). I can’t read any sign of a shop unless they are really big. It’s probably normal since my picture is already 39Mb, and to have the same resolution as we see in the game, the picture would be probably like 500Mb.

    • Did you try and let the picture load after you’ve zoomed in? Takes a couple of seconds but then it clears up and you can see the items pretty clear…

      • It’s not that. It blurs a bit indeed on my phone for a short while, but i send it to my desktop too and there are no blurs there, but when you zoom in (the max) then you can see the poor resolution
        I will try to make a screenshot tomorrow.

  5. scroll down to collect poems

  6. That was fast. It did stay open for about 15 minutes until server crashed. Not down too long. EA has it all under control. 🙂

    Good dialogue

    Bart, Lisa, Marge to start
    Scroll down to collect poems.

  7. the “skin tag” or “oklahoma panhandle” (addicts podcast) area of dead space is now available to be opened up with land tokens. Another mystery solved, Golden Goose realty did not go back to producing land tiles so Alissa was right, you can kill the goose that lays golden eggs.

  8. it’s so fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it… as CBG would say: “best option ever”

  9. The photo option is awesome. It’s not fast, and when you zoom in it takes some time for the resolution to clear up, and there are gaps in a few areas where there shouldn’t be, and it shows mountains and grassland on the Springfield Heights side that isn’t normally visible, but it’s awesome.

  10. Absolutely love this. It will make town planning even easier.
    My only sad note is this really shows the disparity between Springfield main and Springfield heights.
    I would love for that land to be evened up.
    Great addition though.

  11. This is neat, there is no way I was going to take the time to take pictures of and stitch together my town, this tool does it all for me!

    Now how to upload an image to these comments…

  12. Ugh, I hate the time difference… It’s already the 24th here, almost 1am and I’m finally crashing for the night and inevitably I will wake up at 7am and already be behind the 8 ball hahahaha I just found myself googling what the time was over there before realising it is far too late at night regardless. No starting the event when it first launches for me! Hope everyone enjoys it!

  13. I’m disappointed in the capture feature. I’ve got missing buildings and some are missing half.

  14. this is awesome! There’s no way I was going to spend the time to take pictures of and stitch together my town. This does it all for me.

  15. Karen Ensminger

    I don’t like the camera feature. Can’t delete enough to use it and now can’t get town out of zoom mode. Is there a way to disable camera feature?

  16. Love the new feature!
    Thought my town looked better in my minds eye though, lol! Lots of rearranging for the next, oh…. 6 months i think! 😁
    Thanks for all your invaluable help, Addicts, years of helping me get through my game.👍🤝

  17. Ah let the glitches begin. Super zoom in the Kindle makes the game unplayable. Sigh.

  18. Is anyone else having problems with the game looking strange,like buildings are huge and everything else is small, since updated this morning.

  19. What a dissapointment! I was hoping that ‘the great reveal’ would be something that assisted in the playing of the game. I have no real interest in taking pictures of a town in a game, certainly not one that uses lots of space on my already stretched devices memory.
    Add to that the fact that my kindle game is now stuck in extreme zoom out mode! Not a great deal of use!

  20. I downloaded the update and that went well but I don’t have the camera icon! But, after reading these comments, don’t think I’d try it, anyway. I play on an IPad Pro…

    • I also just noticed that I dont have any of the Valentine’s quests, along with not having the camera icon! My screen updated to the Valentines one, with Homer looking at a ring in the store window. Do you all have thebquests yet???

  21. Worked quite well on Android (36MB) and seemed to on BlueStacks (24MB), which went much quicker. However, despite asking for permission to access photos on the PC I can’t find the resulting file anywhere – done all sorts of searches but it does not appear to be anywhere – anyone had more success using BlueStacks on PC?

    • So to answer my own question … I’ve found there is a MEDIA MANAGER app within Bluestacks that lets you see and ‘export’ files to the PC. Simples! 🙂

  22. Haven’t posted for a long time , always really like the valentines events . Hope everyone is well

  23. This function is so good that it is real bad! I have to invest time to decorate my town, this will cost weeks, oh no… (-;

  24. This photo option is the worst thing ever it doesn’t work and cause I’m playing on a kindle fire it’s awful zoomed in so much it’s driving me crazy and it’s not great for my eyes either writing is so small. EA need to sort this out soon cause it’s not fair in us players 😠😠

    • Wow. New player? Bugs when new things are first released are normal. I play on kindle and it doesn’t work either. EA will fix it. Haven’t had chance to investigate yet but I think it’s write permission error. Got asked on the android I also play on to give game write permissions. Chill it’ll be fixed. I’ll post any info I figure out (after work cuz real life>tsto)

    • It took my phone a little while to…process the pic i gues. I just backed out of gallery then went back in and it zoomed in beautifully.
      Clear image zoomed right in. Try looking at it again, even give it a few seconds to…load(?) the pic properly maybe?
      Edit it in Aviary or something, try to save it there??

  25. I like the town picture – it’ll be framed wall pictures soon! Screensavers, backgrounds and T Shirts next!! 🙂

  26. Zooming in fully to my snapshot, it’s nothing like as clear as the in-game resolution – it’s perhaps equivalent to 25% of the required number of pixels, with significant blockiness visible.

  27. Awesome – I can’t believe the detail and how big my town is. It makes it look like I’ll need the 300 or so land tokens still available sooner than later. For a long while I’ve wanted to get a town shot of my sister’s Springfield and get a jigsaw puzzle made for her as that’s her favourite hobby besides tapping. She doesn’t visit here as both of my sister-tappers rely on me for teasers and breaking news.


  29. I think you’re right, Alissa. Definitely seems to be something wrong with IOS. At first it told me I didn’t have enough disk space to do the screen shot (even though I had 8GB free and am using a new IPhone X!). I systematically started deleting old apps to free up more space and kept checking. When I eventually freed up 16GB it finally started the screenshot capturing process, but ultimately, all I got was an error message when it got to the last step and tried to save. Hope EA can fix this. It’s a brilliant feature and I’m really looking forward to using it!

    • A note that might help others – despite the error message, when I checked my photo album the screen shot had actually saved. Took a couple of minutes before it registered there, but it did work. So if you get an error message maybe give it a couple of minutes and then check your photos.

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