Valentine’s Day 2019: Love, Springfieldian Style Act 1 is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, it’s been teased and now it’s officially time for Valentine’s Day 2019 in Springfield!  Or Love, Springfieldian Style…

Yesterday we received the App Store update that brought a brand new town portrait feature to Springfield! I should note there are a few initial bugs with this, particularly on Amazon devices and iOS.  I’ve posted a Town Portrait Bug Thread here, so if you’re having issues with your Town Portrait feature post your comment over there.  This way they’re in one place, EA can view your problems and if it’s fixable others in the community can assist.

And now it’s time!  It’s officially 10am here on the East Coast which means Love Fest 2019 can begin!

Things will kick off with an AUTOMATIC dialog start with Marge, Bart & Lisa.  The initial quests will be 6s tasks for Marge, Bart & Lisa.  After you’ve completed that set of tasks you’ll have another 6s task for Lisa.  Once completed you’ll start the Lisa Live questline, which is the week 1 story to follow….

I’m working my way through this, and will continuously be updating this post.  So continue to refresh and check back for new details.  Once the post is completely updated i’ll add (Updated and Complete) to the title.  

As we previously wrote, this event is another multi-event.  Following the same structure and style as the Christmas 2018 event.  Here are some words from EA about the Multi-Event for this event:

Love, Springfieldian Style utilizes the same structure as our A Simpsons’ Christmas Special update – the Multi-Event. Multi-Events consist of multiple short acts, allowing for a greater breadth and variety of content and themes. Multi-Events contain no crafting or friend actions, instead focusing on the unlocking of items from each act’s prize track, similar to Mini-Events.  

In the case of Love, Springfieldian Style, the event consists of four acts. One act unlocks per week throughout the event and is then available for players to complete until the entire event concludes. This is accomplishable because the characters players will need to send on jobs to earn event currencies are different week-to-week. 

In this specific event, there is also a focus on storytelling within the Simpsons universe, and thus when characters tell stories in which story-characters are speaking, they do so within a special Valentine’s-themed dialogue box. 

So basically, the prizes for this event follow the same questline format to unlock as our regular mini-events do.

Just like Christmas, this is not your typical Major Event.  And there are pros and cons to that, and everyone will find their own pros and cons.  And some people’s pro will be someone else’s con.

All I ask is that you have an open mind, and reserve judgment until we’re into the event.  It’s 4 weeks long (and for the past few years we’ve been complaining that events that are 6 weeks plus are just too long).  It should be fairly easy to complete.  You’ll unlock 20 new prizes (including 4 characters).  No crafting to grind through.  Just have some good old fashioned TSTO fun.  And, as long as you don’t rush things, you won’t get bored because it’ll change each week!

Here’s EA’s synopsis for Act 1:

Marge is dropping Bart off at the Valentine Dance early to serve his detention sentence. Lisa is going with them, so Marge doesn’t have to make two trips. Snake is also dropping off Jeremy for detention and notices all the Valentine’s-themed décor. This sets Snake off and he holds the entire bag of Valentine’s Cards hostage with child-safe scissors. To defuse the situation, Lisa tries to tell a story filled with love – a love for education. 

Lisa tells the tale of an average girl who is struggling at school. She starts to livestream and talk about her difficulties at school. The videos are helping, but kids think her show is all about drama. Some kids are learning from it, and the school board doesn’t like that. They ask her to stop doing the videos, but an inspirational teacher encourages her to forge ahead. He helps her negotiate with the school and share ad revenue, so she can keep doing her show. The show goes on, and she excels at her studies. But sadly, it’s time for her inspirational substitute teacher to leave. He inspires her to continue learning in weird ways before he leaves. 

The initial quests will be 6s tasks for Marge, Bart & Lisa.  After you’ve completed that set of tasks you’ll have another 6s task for Lisa.  Once completed you’ll start the Lisa Live questline, which is the week 1 story to follow.  This is how you’ll unlock the Week 1 (Act 1) prizes…

A Dance with Detention Pt. 1
Auto starts

Bart: Why do I have to set up for the Valentine Dance as part of detention? Whatever happened to clapping erasers?
Marge: There aren’t chalkboards anymore. Everything’s on myPads.
Bart: Then can’t I clap myPads?
Marge: That’s what got you detention in the first place!
Lisa: But why do I have to go to the dance three hours early too? I didn’t do anything.
Marge: It’s because Mommy doesn’t want to take two trips.
6s Tasks for Bart, Marge & Lisa
Skinner: Bart, put these sealed Valentine cards on that table.
art: *groans*
Skinner: Usually an accountant from Price, Waterhouse, Cupid does it, but I fired him after he botched the La La Labor Day cards.
Snake: Is this detention drop-off? Jeremy said he needed to set up for a generic mid-February dance?
Skinner: He can start by sifting through the heart candies and throwing away all the lewd ones.
Snake: Heart candies? Lewdness? Is this a Valentine’s dance?!

A Dance with Detention Pt. 2
Auto starts

Snake: I HATE Valentine’s Day! It makes me so angry!
Bart: Why are you taking it so personally — it’s just a fake holiday made up by card companies.
Snake: Exactly! They make promises they can’t keep!
Skinner: Oh no, he’s going for the Valentine Cards!
Snake: No one come near me or the cards get it! I’ve got child-safe scissors, and, being a grown-up, I’m not afraid to use them!
6s task for Lisa..
Lisa: Mr. Snake, what if we told some stories about love? And then maybe you could let the cards go?
Snake: Get real, little girl. A couple of stories aren’t going to change my mind.
Lisa: Okay. It was worth a shot.
Snake: …well, I mean, you can still try. I’m not THAT cold-hearted!

And this triggers the entire story premise for each act…

(and yes, just like I did for Christmas, I’ll be posting full dialogue for this one before each week is over)

Now let’s talk about what’s included…


I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So SCROLL!

Here are the prizes for Part 1:

Childrarium (Building)
Miss Tillingham’s School (Building) 
Springfield Planetarium (Building)
  + Land TokenSpringfield Union Station (Building)  + Land TokenMr. Bergstrom (Character) 

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 1:
Ned Flanders
Vicki Valentine (Premium)
Capri Flanders (Premium)
Nedward Flanders Sr. (Premium) 

Characters earn:
6/4hrs for Freemium
9/4hrs for Premium

The Daily Challenges have NOT converted over to event currency.  They remain exactly as they’ve been prior to this event launching.  Cash, SH Currency and Donuts.

Donut Deal

There are donut deals to be had with this event.  Bonus donuts acquired when you buy select packages:

I will tell you, there are icons for this event that show bonus donuts available for all size donut purchases (from a box to a boatload), however, my game only has options for bonus donuts with a Box, A Tray and a Store Full. Not sure if this is for everyone, or if we’ll see more options appear in a week or so like what happened with Christmas.


Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

CBGB w/ Nedward and Capri Flanders- 175 Donuts.  Will earn event currency for all 4 acts. Leaves game 2/19

St. Sebastian’s School for Wicked Girls w/ Samantha Stankey- 150 Donuts. Will earn event currency for Act 1 only. Leaves game 1/30

Gil Deal: Lil Vicki’s School of Dance- 199 Donuts.  Includes Vicki’s School of Dance and Vicki Valentine.  Will earn event currency for all 4 acts.  Leaves game 1/30

Mystery Box…

 Date Night Mystery Box- 60 Donuts. Includes: Shauna, Brandine, Mona, Powers House w/ Laura, Der Krazy Kraut w/ Becky, Motherloving Sugar Co w/ Dia-Betty, STEM Conference Hotel w/ Brendan, Hootenanny Barn w/ Luke, Fiesta Terrace w/ Jacques, Madame Chao w/ Mindy, Up Up & Buffet!, Phineas Q. Butterfat’s, Aztec Theatre, Howard’s Flowers, Le Krusty Burger, Rio-Days-Inn-Ero, and the Swanky Fish


Cash Stuff:

Valentine’s Tree- $760

Rose Bush- $1,000

Love Planter- $1,000

Cherub Topiary- $3,500


Valentine’s Balloons- 5 Donuts

Cherub Bird Bath- 10 Donuts

Sir Love-A-Lot- 20 Donuts

Valentine’s Cooling Towers- 25 Donuts

Valentine’s Pond- 30 Donuts

Cozy Hammock- 40 Donuts

Bundle of Love- 50 Donuts

I Choo-Choo Choose You Train- 50 Donuts

She-She Lounge- 60 Donuts

Tunnel of Love- 60 Donuts

Snuggler’s Cove- 65 Donuts

Nature Bundle- 100 Donuts

Jesse Grass- 100 Donuts

Vegas Wives- 115 Donuts

Springfield Opry House w/ Mary Spuckler- 150 Donuts

Hairy Shearers w/ Julio- 155 Donuts

Springfield Prep w/ Greta- 180 Donuts, 50 Donut Rebate NET 130 Donuts

Praiseland Promo- 185 Donuts

New Land

That weird 9 square area of land has been opened up with this one…

But that’s it, as far as I can tell, in terms of new land available.

I will caution you..and I cannot confirm if this is true…but a reader has told me that the Golden Goose has NOT reverted back to earning land tokens.  So even though more land has been opened up, once it goes to earning cash/xp it WILL NOT go back to earning tokens.  

Moral of the story…don’t buy all the land.  Leave 1 square open..just in case.

Again, I cannot confirm this myself but I was told this by reader jasonfphx0804 here. If  anyone has a different take, please let me know. I’m leaning on you guys for the answer to this, as I purchased a lot of the outskirts land (so i can tell if new land is added) but I have a TON of open land in the middle.  Nowhere close to being able to verify.

Update: This is from Benny in the comments
Important! The new 9 squares are not considered new land by the Golden Goose. What I mean by that is I bought all but one parcel before this update. Then after the update I bought that parcel and 8 of the new ones and got the message that I had bought all the land even though I have one parcel free. So my advice is to leave a single parcel but NOt in the last 9 squares. Hopefully they’ll fix this bug.

Update #2:  Here’s another update from Norm in the comments
I can confirm the land/GGR situation. So, I had left one land parcel unpurchased in the top corner by the mountains prior to this event, and after purchasing ALL of the 9 new land tiles, I received the message that everything had been unlocked and the GGR would only earn cash from now on. Apparently, leaving 1 old land tile unlocked is not enough, so I would recommend leaving one of the new nine tiles unlocked in order to keep earning land squares.

Update #3: This is from Timothy Black in the comments
Same. Had one left in the upper corner as per Alissa’s advice last event.

Went down to fill in the bottom 9. Used 8 tiles out of 9 (I’d saved up 21), and I got the message as well at #8 that I’ve used them all and GG will revert to currency.
Still have the one of 9 in the corner left and the upper corner left with 13 in the bank. Weird.
Maybe an auto thing that recognizes you have more in the bank than are available? EA doesn’t want us saving up 100s of tiles?
Yet I have tons of pier tiles saved via the Yellow Submersible.

Personally, I think Tim’s comment is the closest to what’s going on here.  EA likely said “Ok there are x amount of land tiles available in the game.  So allow x amount over that for players and then cut it off”
Funny thing is this wouldn’t even be an issue if they didn’t have that option to convert tiles into donuts.

And that’s it my friends.  The details of week one for Love, Springfieldian Style

Your thoughts on the event?  Like the multi-event format, considering it’s only 4 weeks long?  Like the idea of new content each week?  Thoughts on the content?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

107 responses to “Valentine’s Day 2019: Love, Springfieldian Style Act 1 is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Anthony Formosa

    Here is my situation with the Golden Goose Realty. Apparently I had 60 parcels of land open. Once I earned those 60 I was notified that GGR would start earning game cash. To clarify I hadn’t placed those land parcels yet. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next addition of land to see if my GGR starts earning land parcels again.

  2. Do you still do the pro and cons on premium items and give us your opinion on whether or not we should buy those items?

  3. CBGB w/ Nedward and Capri Flanders (my favourite Premium purchase for this Event), as I say YES to pun filled dialogue with a no Grind love it (or store it) Act Prizes featuring prior Valentine’s Decor / Character Building Combos in the Store (I may pick up the Valentine’s Cooling Towers, because nothing says nuclear plant in Springfield like a love letter to Mr. Burns from Mr. Smithers)😊

  4. Are the Flanderses a pair like Sherri and Terri? Is CGBG worth buying? Haven’t seen a post on that premium item yet, just mentions that it’s better than vicky and samantha.

  5. I’ve also had the “Golden Goose reverting to cash” issue, but I have no tiles saved up, 4 spaces in the new corner and 4 in the old land area, so it doesn’t seem to change because you have a specific number of tiles – my guess is that it’s triggered by the corner perimeter tiles. Slightly frustrating, as I could just as well have bought tiles in a different order, but at least I only have 8 spaces left.

    • Could be…who knows the mind of EA?

      I’m still earning…but I still have more than 100 unclaimed land segments to go.

    • I unlocked the “new 9” squares in the corner and have been using each GG free token to unlock a square or two per day without hoarding. Still earning tokens though and still have maybe 60+ squares to unlock. I have x3 ocean corners locked but apparently the ocean tiles don’t count as “leaving squares open”. Fingers crossed it doesn’t revert to cash.

  6. idk if this has been talked about anywhere else yet, but I dont understand what’s going on with the new land. could someone help me out with that please? 🙂

  7. Hi All! I’m new to the game (level 11) and am trying to figure out if it’s worth it to buy donuts. With the limits amount of donuts that I have, I’m not sure how far I can actually get in the game. Thoughts?

    • You don’t need donuts to get far in the game. Donuts will make things happen quicker … using donuts to purchase premium characters, for instance. Premium characters earn more money in the same time period as other characters. Any premium content is extra and doesn’t preclude you from advancing in the game.

  8. Say, is there a reason the update is that huge? I mean, the game went from 700 mb to 1.2 Gb in my amazon fire 🙁 Also, now my game seems to be in “zoom” mode.

  9. David Billington

    Unfortunately for me my new phone which I play my game on has had to go off for repair (GPS not working) so I’m having to play on my old phone… talk about slow… on my new phone I can do all my tapping etc in 10 to 15 minutes (128 gb memory) but on my old phone it’s more like 45 minutes as it takes forever to count xp and currency (16 gb memory). So my answer is to just do the tasks for the event. For the first time at the start of an event I have every item in the mystery box. I am enjoying this mini event style format I just can’t wait to get my phone back as i was remodelling large areas of my town

  10. Does it seem odd to anyone else that EA has recently become much more generous with the “quality” of prize characters? For quite a while it seemed that characters earned in prize tracks were people who showed up in one random episode or even just in the background of one scene, and anyone we’d actually want would cost 150+ donuts.
    But now we’ve gotten both Mrs. Glick and Mr. Bergstrom for free as prizes. …which is great, it’s just oddly out of EA’s usual business plan. Kind of like when Mr. Burns starts acting nice…

    Homer: “Hey everybody, Burns is doped up or dying or something!”

  11. So I of the old parcels in the corner locked, and unlocked the new 9 squares and now it says that GGR has converted to cash…

    Really hope that EA fixes this.

  12. Is anyone else having problems with Lisa’s task “Overshare About The Project Online”? I have sent her on this task twice and my game is not registering that it has been completed.

  13. Thanks Leaf Litter, your remedy was what did the trick! Time to get on with the event.

  14. My Simpsons trivia is slacking. Can someone jog my memory, which episode does the STEM Conference Hotel and Brendan come from? Thanks.

  15. I really hope we get Homer’s wife Candace Oedipus RX!

  16. Samantha Stankey’s 12 hour flip French-Canadian Nun Tricks task is hilarious!

  17. I just started a new round of daily challenges and the prize for finishing 5 is a land tile. Anyone else get this? Wondering how (if at all) it will effect GGR

    • That’s a new addition to Daily Challenges with the last update…

    • I was hoping to see if that challenge prize was real and would show up in my game since I got the win 6 donuts by completing 10 daily challenges twice in a row. I don’t have Golden Goose Realty in my game so I hope that doesn’t affect the land tokens getting rewarded from daily challenges.

  18. Is that a train station for the 4th prize?
    I’d love a Springfield train set to play with.
    Choo Choo!!

  19. Where are the new 9 squares located when I am viewing my town??

  20. Regarding the Golden Goose, I still have a lot of land (including some that cost in-game cash) that I haven’t unlocked yet so it will be a while until I save the last piece of land (preferably leaving the last piece of ocean locked). Thanks for the reminder to save some of the land tiles.

    As for the new event, I decided to get Ned’s beatnik parents since they help with the event all the way.

    Date Night Mystery Box: I only had 4 items inside since I already have most of the items featured. I wanted Jacques and got him on my 2nd try (got the French Krusty Burger on the 1st try). I stopped immediately after getting Jacques since the last two items inside are buildings.

    I also got the She-She Lounge because of the 4 hr tasks that pays adult Springfielders premium rate as long as Patty is not sent to her required task. I have 2 questions regarding this task. After sending the characters to the lounge the 1st time, does going to the Unemployment building and clicking “send 4 hr tasks” send each adult character (except Patty of course) that can go to the lounge into the lounge? Also, is it better to have the XP Collider always on? Thanks.

    • Yes on the XP collider especially if you are KEM farming.
      It should work on the 4-hour task, once it has been set as the “default” (running the same task a few times.

    • Milhouse in the Brown House.

      It has to be LAND that you save a square on, not OCEAN.
      Learn from my mistakes.

  21. Has anyone bought the bundle of love? I’m wondering how many lovely fences it comes with? My valentine section in my town has always been just this tiny square, next to my Easter square and my St. Patrick’s square, but now with this event I’m moving it since there will be more to add to it. I’d like to fence off the whole area. I wish the lovely fences were available for purchase in the store, so I could get as many as I wanted!

    • I got it thinking it was something else (Nature Bundle … whoops!). If I’m counting correctly, it looks like 18 fences.

    • Exactly 20 fences. I would looooooove to buy more, and not in a bundle.
      BTW, there is 0%bonus in that bundle. For those who are interested.

      • Thanks! I really wish EA would make the fences for each event available for individual purchase. I has the same problem at Christmas, I really wanted more candy cane fencing, but it was only available in a bundle that I didn’t want. Thank you for letting us know about the 0 bonus, I was wondering if that fountain gives any kind of bonus. Now I’m really on the fence about buying it, no pun intended, lol. 50 donuts for 20 fences….. I’ll have to think on this a bit more.

    • Just a heads up for the future: if you click on the buy-button you can have a look at it and still cancel the purchase by declining to place it. Its what i did to check out the content which helped me to decide that it wasnt worth it.

  22. I’m wondering why the Park Engineer’s jobs have been reduced.

  23. Is it just me or is the Choo-Choo Choose me train one heck of a deal for the %/cost ratio?? Cause this guy does.

  24. I don’t know if it just me but I’ve got a glitch which is both positive and negative. This morning I sent out almost everyone to do the daily event of Krusty’s Promotion. When it completed, the new event was released. I collected all the experience and $ and sent marge and Lisa on their 6 second task. But when I tried Bart, he was showing he was still in Krusty Burger along with all the other characters. Nothing I tried would clear them. I was annoyed because I couldn’t complete the first task of the new event and continue on but when I exited the game and signed in again, all those characters were available to be cleared allowing me to collect and gain 10000000 Experience and three donuts. But those characters were still stuck in Krusty Burger, so I did it all over again and again got all the XP points and the donuts and after an hour or so I gained a pile of donuts! This is still the case now as I grow tired of it! Getting all the donuts is a blessing but if EA doesn’t fix this soon, I’ll not be able to proceed to play any more of this event. Anyone else having this issue? So far I’ve not read anyone mention it.

    • I’ve had this issue, and it’s both exciting and infuriating! Exciting, because you can just keep logging in and accruing cash and donuts. Infuriating, because that’s all you can do log in, collect, repeat, ad infinitum. No progressing in the game.

      The issue is likely due to your device being older, and having slower processing power. I solved it by logging into the game on a newer iPhone, which cleared everything quickly and without lag.

      After racking up many millions of dollars and many donuts, it just got too boring not being able to enjoy daily game play. Luckily, it happened to me when an event was not going on, so I didn’t miss out on anything. With the Valentine’s event starting today, you have a choice to make…

    • I just checked my game to resolve that Krusty’s Promotion task and it cleared normally FYI, so it’s either your unique glitch or only affecting some. Try rebooting device when things like that happen, device cache/temp memory can create some performance glitches. Not exactly the same but for two years now (ish?) I’ve needed to clear cache each time before finding Maggie to prevent crashes. Hope you’re fixed soon!

    • All you have to do to ‘fix’ your glitch is to store that Krusty Burger and all should go back to normal. You can bring the KB out of storage afterwards; you just need to break the cycle.

      • FYI – This is a possible fix for Guts Baloo, but storing KB woudn’t work when I had this issue. It would release everyone at once, overwhelming and crashing the game. Mine was solely related to the device performance of an older iPad.

    • Milhouse in the Brown House.

      Happened to me too, but with a different building. Storing it, then bringing it back out solved it.

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