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As I like to do after one of our fundraisers, I am printing a list of those who made the effort to donate in this last round of School Book Funding for the school in Uganda we support.

This is the 13th round of books, supplies and teaching aids we have provided to this little school in the middle of the Ugandan jungle. Without us, there would be none of the critical books and supplies needed to educate more than 270 children from the village of Buyijja, and other villages in the area who have no other school.

The best news of all, these gifts are changing lives…and the teachers there are reaching goals of success. of which  many schools in developed nations would be proud.

I’ll let our project manager deliver the results…
 From a FaceBook Chat Session this week:

Emmanuel Kibubuka:  According to the Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) results released last week 38 out of the 43 kids who sat for the examinations at passed between Division Two and Division Four. Seven candidates passed in Division Two; 20 in Division Three; 11 in Division Four while one candidate passed in Division Seven. Three did not attain any grade because they were absent.

Emmanuel Kibubuka:This means that 43 kids qualified for their next week level of education.

To help make this clear…in a district of Uganda where less than 40% of the students regularly qualify to go on to high school (secondary), 38 out of 43 kids from our little school passed.

And at the lower levels, 94% are receiving passing grades on the national testing, compared to less than 26% when we first started helping the school.

This work cannot be done without you help.  And in this last round, we met, and exceeded our needs in a little less than ten days.  This happened from the generosity of many kids from my wife’s grade school, Twin Oaks Elementary, but mostly from donations from our very own “Addicts” here on TSTOAddicts.

Here is the list of those who donated.  Every donation mattered, both large and small. As I have said before, the large donors make an impact, and help us to reach the the goal more quickly.  But, it is the consistent, regular givers who always step up with donations of $25-$100 that are the real fuel in every campaign.

Thanks to ALL of you!
Fred H
Twin Oaks Elementary School
Marge P
Susanne S
Lee Ann M
Jackie Hy
Ordinarily Bob
Lori B
Carol K
Christopher B
Leah H
William Z
DeeDee F
Jim C
Brian H
Jonathan P
Dan Ma
Cesar V
Susan M
Elaine B
Kathryn A
Karen G
Davis T
Bill Mc
and of course, Alissa…who makes all of this possible by giving me a voice on this “Silly Lil’ Blog”

Now the real reward… The pictures of the kids getting their books last week!



We are making the world a better place through your unconditional gifts of Peace, Hope, and Love!

I had share with this great news

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  1. That is awesome news, I appreciate you sharing this with us, Patric! Thank you and your family for giving me the opportunity to get warm fuzzy feelings. Seriously… Sometimes, when I can, and I’m feeling blue, I look at your Friend of Buyijja page and see what project I can help with. Helping others can be a better pick-me-up than any anti-depressant, opioid, booze, or just about any vice. Except a for a nice MLT – mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. They’re so perky, I love that. 😀

  2. What a wonderful update! Thank you, Patric, for giving us the opportunity to make a difference in these kids lives.

  3. The intensely of the goosebumps I got from looking at these photos is far greater then amount of my donation. My hope is that with every new campaign more Addicts understand what an amazing opportunity you have presented us. Who knew that when your daughter went to Africa she planted a seed that continues grow and thrive making a huge difference in a tiny place in this world. Peace, Hope and Love indeed!!!

  4. Congratulations to all the kids on their success!
    I am so pleased to have taken part in helping to make a better future for the children in Buyijja.
    Such great results are worth every penny I have spent.

  5. thanks for sharing the pics. the kids are so cute – so full of promise. your family is involved in something wonderful. is there anything else we can do? clothes drive?

  6. Really wonderful – Thank you for the update!!

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