A Classless Reunion Prize Breakdown: The Reunion Limo

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s reunion time for Marge, Homer, and the rest of the Springfield High Gang.  What will happen?  Will Homer get his ham?  You’ll have to read the dialogue to find out. Of course, a new event means new prizes to earn and new prizes mean it’s time for everyone’s favorite prize breakdown posts!

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the A Classless Reunion questline, you’ll have to earn  via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

So let’s take a look at the first prize, the Reunion Limo…


How You Get it:
A Classless Reunion Pt. 1
Make Homer Try to Convince Barney to Streak- 4hrs
Make Barney Cling to His Dignity- 4hrs
Collect Crowns- x200

Other Details:
Size: 7×3
Build Time: Instant
Earns: Nada, just a decoration (maybe it will someday if it comes back as a premium item)
Vanity +100
Can be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach
What Does it Do?:
Animated when tapped (beeps and a silhouette of someone crying inside (looks like Homer to me)  Beyond that, just another limo for the fleet in Springfield…
WDTCF: “The Way We Was” S2, E12

And, since there’s not much to this limo…here’s the scene from the show where you can find it…

And that’s it my friends, the details on the Reunion Limo, the first prize on the Classless Reunion mini-event prize track.

Thoughts on the limo?  Do you remember it from the show? Where have you placed it in your Springfield? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

9 responses to “A Classless Reunion Prize Breakdown: The Reunion Limo

  1. The previous limo we got could fly and shoot lasers but at least this limo does a bit more than the other limos available. I placed it by the high school with the other items from the event. I really hope someday we can place cars on roads.

  2. Thanks a lot Alissa! Wait, is that a young Wise Guy?

  3. Do you think we’ll ever be able to place vehicles on the actual road?

    • There are a couple you can, so it is possible, not sure why they don’t do it for all.

    • Every time there is an update look for glitches. Sometime the programmers forget to lock out certain things. They are then fixed or locked out after they send out the patch.
      For example, you are sometimes able to place all cars on the roads. Place boats on the lakes or rivers that you make. Place dirt or pavement under buildings that don’t normally allow them.
      At the start of every major downloadable update, check these things out first before getting into the game play.
      At one point you were even able to remove the mountain range. This was a glitch with the monorail tunnels.

    • Where we’re going…you don’t need roads…

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