Daily Archives: March 28, 2019

TSTO Playable Characters and Costumes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

While we’ve got a little bit of downtime I thought I’d work on something players have been asking me to update for a while now…the list of playable characters in TSTO.

We’ve got a list here, but I’ve been terrible at updating it. (Last update was Sept of 2016…🤦‍♀️) We also have a full list of character costumes here, but that also hasn’t been updated since Sept 2016.  So now I’ve updated both lists through the Classless Reunion Mini-Event, so this is up to date as of, today, March 28th, 2019.  And hopefully I’ll remember to update the lists with each event…although if someone wouldn’t mind reminding me to do it that would be tremendously helpful.  (I’ve got a lot on my plate and mind, I’m always forgetting to update stuff…🤹‍♀️). 

And yes, I plan on updating both of those linked lists here shortly.  

And now without further ado…the character lists…

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