In-Game Update: New Patch Released (Issues Fixed)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Normally I don’t really write about patches that hit our game, since typically it’s minor changes few will notice, however, a patch hit our games a short while ago that many of you will notice.

With this patch (in-game update, so it will download automatically.  Nothing you need to do in the app store) a lot of the crap that was broken with the Yearbook Mystery Box was corrected.

-Items that were unique (like the Pride of Ulster Banner) are now removed from the box.
-Little Helper Ralph’s quests can now be done at the Brown House, preventing that jam of questlines if you didn’t have the Toy Workshop.
-If you won Blackbeard but didn’t have the Airship you’ll now be given the Airship for free (check your inventory for it).  This corrects that questline jam as well.
-And I believe the issue with the RayGun and flying UFO has now be corrected as well.

Additionally, the Yearbook Mystery Box is still in the game.  You can access it via the Premium Menu (Homer Buddha Icon) in your store. (unless, of course, you’ve cleared it out.  If it’s empty then you can no longer access it)

And that’s it, from what I can see.  At the moment no new content in the game and no spoiler info from EA.  We’ll see what happens as the day progresses.  I can tell you typically, if new content is hitting the server we’ll see it around 5:30-6:30pm ET.  I’ll be checking to see what, if anything, hits.  If I see anything you guys know I’ll be posting about it.  So in the meantime sit tight and get inspired by everyone’s awesome designs in this week’s Showoff! 🙂

109 responses to “In-Game Update: New Patch Released (Issues Fixed)

  1. Why can’t I update and play my game? Simpson’s tapped out???

  2. In the mystery box, what is the old english station? Its in the guide but with no link, i must have it as its not in my box.

    I assumed it was something Monorail but can’t find anything about it.

  3. Got radstation fortress out of the mystery box and the first quest involves Fallout Boy. Does Fallout Boy come with it? How can I finish this quest??

    • krustoferson123

      No Fallout Boy does not come with it. I don’t know how you’d be able to complete it. I guess i won’t be able to either.

  4. Did anyone else get the WWII Tank without Sgt. Skinner? Is this a glitch that I need to contact EA about, or was this an intentional choice for the Yearbook box?

    • krustoferson123

      I bought the WW II tank. It was not offered with Sgt. Skinner. I checked the wiki and there was a bundle that came out I guess originally when it was released. Same think with the Springfield Cememtary. It didn’t come with the Zombie. There were a few items like that.

  5. Love the Yearbook Mystery Box! Scored bargains galore!

  6. I hope the next release is back to having things we can squish! While much easier the latest events have been a bit boring.

    • Not just things we can squish, but also things we can craft, mini games we can play, maybe things we can fight, event related dailies we can solve, neighbors we can help, things we can build up (like the airport or the Itchy & Scratchy-Land rollercoasters) and so on and so forth…
      Where has all the gameplay gone?

  7. It appears that I have missed the in-game update that fixed the glitches. I did not see that happen. I got the rad-ish station via the mystery box, I am currently trying to go thru that quest and I am stuck at The other other white meat pt 2. where it send characters for a 2 hours task. “Make Springfielders Herd Mutant Vegetables”. The problem is that this task does not finish!! I have a very long stack of yellow hands on top of the station, I click on it, received the xp and $ and the characters do not get released. I switch to the friends selection screen and back and the yellow hands are there again, clicked again and again for the last few hours, I don’t complain since at 617.56% in the Conform-o-meter, I get 3 donuts every 5 or 7 cycles of this. But is going to be a real drag real soon. Also, I am not able to start new task of the characters that I have stuck on this.

    • Try storing the building of one of the characters involved, if that does not work store the station. This sometimes happens when you send too many characters on the task.

  8. Is anyone else’s Springfield running super slow since the patch?

  9. Anyone know of any quests that send a bulk of characters on an 8 or 12 hour premium task (like the steel mill does for 4 hours)? A lot of the ‘all springfielder’ tasks I’m seeing from new mystery box content don’t pay everyone out at premium rate.

  10. Just realized my Yearbook Mystery Box has been deleted with this update! Booo.

  11. A few items were possibly removed from the mystery box, in my case the atomic bomb.

    On a plus side the model i made of the mystery box is working, so i was able to quickly tap refresh about 1000 times in about 5 minutes and jump straight to a box with five items I actually really want.

  12. The Cauldron and Witch Marge are not working either. You just get the cauldron by itself. Boo. Boourns.

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