Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Red alert!  RED ALERT!  This is not a drill.  I repeat this is not a drill.  We have an update on our hands!  All praise TSTO not being dead! 🙌🙌

At first glance, I can tell you this appears to be (another) 2-week mini-event (which means this is an in-game update, so nothing to update in the app store.  It should download automatically for you).  It’s slated to start TOMORROW, April 10th, at 10am ET (1400 UTC).  Again, it’s supposed to start tomorrow.  So it’ll download today but nothing will trigger until tomorrow morning.

At second glance I can tell you…holy mother-forking shirtballs this update is called…MARGE AT THE BAT!

For those who have read this site for awhile, watched Addicts Live, or just know me at all, you know Homer at the Bat is my FAVORITE episode.  I’m excited to see what’s in store here….

Update: Ok guys a heads up…I’m not 100% sure of this or not..but the Yearbook box MAY be leaving the store.  So be prepared if it does.

Also, at first glance, this looks like nothing. I’m hoping EA only released a small portion of the files today.  Because right now this is nothing.  No new characters, decorations, buildings, or costumes.  Just a bunch of stuff coming back.  So color me confused….

Update #2: What I see right now is an 8 part questline, ZERO new content.  Loads of returning content.  And the chance for players to get characters and skins for free if they missed them during Tap Ball or Springfield Jobs (Aristotle only). Other than that I’m not seeing much guys…so I’m very perplexed at the move here.



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  1. Been a freemium player for years now. This is the first time I haven’t been able to login. It keeps saying there’s a server processing error and to try again. Been unable to login for a few days now. Anyone know if EA is having issues at the moment, or is it just me? I’ve tried everything apart from uninstalling and reinstalling the app…

  2. Nothing to do with the subject above
    IV started playing tapped out and I’m thoroughly addicted
    Could people add me I need friends ************ tyia x

  3. krustoferson123

    Bless you for keeping this site going for so long and reading and responding to comments. I’m already over the bi*&$ing and moaning and I’ve only been here a month or so!

  4. I was very happy that they brought back the Yearbook – I had amassed about 500 donuts, so happily picked up Chester Dupree, Buck McCoy, some TV Exec, and got a few places I really wanted, like the SPRINGFIELD sign, golf course, Guitar Central, Mount Carlmore and even got BartMan, and the Giant Mechanical Ants, which may be my favorite animation ever,,, 😀

  5. Thanks a lot, Alissa. At first I was a little disappointed, but a “sui generis” questline is still better than nothing. Plus, I might get some skin that neither Black Friday nor the Yearbook offered 🙂
    So, thanks EA!

  6. ” 8 part questline, ZERO new content. Loads of returning content. And the chance for players to get characters and skins for free if they missed them during Tap Ball or Springfield Jobs (Aristotle only)”

    Thank you for taking the time to investigate and confirm Alissa. I will take whatever new Mini Event / Event comes because:

    2nd week in a row the Vault has been nothing but 💩
    I’m down to 10 Characters with Buildings left to spend sprinkles on
    If I Kem Farmed for them? I’d have them all before 4th of July
    Not much left to do (don’t like the odds with Mystery Box)

    So, let’s see how this plays out (I’m guessing Marge At Bat ends in time for Easter?) 🤷🏼‍♂️

  7. A 2 week min event with no new content? Oh well, another part of closing the book then, cause this must be the first year we don’t get an easter event, which I think many of us waited eagerly for.

    • No, there have been a lot of years without an Easter event. Easter’s not really a thing in tsto..

      • krustoferson123

        Well ned flanders is upset about that

      • Yeah I don’t really understand why some people expect Easter events every year. If I see it right, there has been exactly one real, big “Easter Event”. Back in 2014. All that came after that was merely (at best) a handful of new stuff combined with sales of the old stuff…
        But well, I guess today proves that the term “event” is stretched reeeaaally thin these days 😉

  8. Possibly serving as a teaser to something else and preparing us with content to benefit us in the next event?

  9. Can’t say am excited about an 8 part questline, with no new content but will take it, I think I have got everything I wanted in the mystery box but will have another look. Would be nice to hear from EA with a statement on the way forward for TSTO

  10. There was a famous Italian screenwriter, Ennio Flaiano (he co-wrote Fellini’s La Dolce Vita), who used to say, talking about Italian politics, “The situation is dire, but not serious.”
    I think this quote applies now also at the TSTO situation. It seems they are giving us just a sop, in order to stop people panicking. But this “event” does not answer the questions the we had in the past days on the game future: is this just a filler because they are preparing something bigger (or they had troubles in this Disney situation) or are they telling us that the game is about to end?
    IMHO, the problem is not that the game is over, but that we don’t know. Ignorance is NOT a bliss sometime.

  11. Just glad for anything. At least we know its still alive and kicking!

    Still missing 30 to 40 characters, so getting closer to completion makes me happy. Would love things that make the game easier, like hiding junk in storage so its easier to decorate, would be grand. Curious about tomorrow.

    Thanks for the update. At least i know not to get too excited! 🤣

  12. You keep talking about the yearbook box but it’s been gone from my game for sometime…

  13. Italian Beauty

    These short events are nice in the sense that they’re quick to finish and simple. I’ve enjoyed the break of having to go in every 4 hours to earn currency to get to the next level and prizes but I think it’s time to bring something big back into the game. In the meantime, I’m going to continue to enjoy the break from a major event and go with the flow.

    With that said, I’m guessing when we do get a major event in the game, people are still going to complain about it, lol. Seems like no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) in the game, people still aren’t happy.

  14. Marc from Nova Scotia

    Thanks for the head’s up on the Yearbook Mystery Box possibly leaving tomorrow. I spent my current stash of donuts to snag a few more Premium items. I’d much rather spend them now and be wrong about it leaving than be kicking myself for hesitating after it (hypothetically) disappears. LOVED the Yearbook Mystery Box – I got tons of items I’ve been wanting super-cheap AND bumped up my bonus percentage by an extra 100% or so. If it does leave tomorrow, I got way more than my money’s worth.

  15. Clare Holland

    Wooo hoooooooo!!!! Thank you for that.. I thought I’d check just before I hit the hay..😴😴😴 I will sleep happy tonight .. looking forward to update tomorrow… Yayyyyy… 😁😁😁

  16. I’m happy to just keep playing the game. I love it. It’s my escape. Why be negative? I love My Springfield! Just visiting can change my outlook on the day. Those of you who understand, …..let’s just send some extra positive energy their way…I love this site, the community.

  17. I heard Don Mattingly’s Sideburns are a Premium Character..

  18. Ok ok…lets not get mad before the “event” even starts!
    Oh, but, TOMORROW. Tomorrow we can throw our tantrums.😡😕😦

  19. Kathryn D Soukup

    Anyone else not get the update?

    • Not just “anyone”, but “everyone”. The update has hit the servers, but not the game. It will hit the game at 14:00 UTC tomorrow. Still over half a day away.

      • For me it’s a bonus I can get old stuff I missed the first time around, started March 16. However I still fear these are winding down actions by EA. Basically taken all this time just to come out with a questline ?

      • Kathryn D Soukup

        My bad! I didn’t read the original post carefully. It was right there. Thank you answering.

  20. Sorry to piggyback on the most recent post, gang. But, is anyone else having a problem signing in to their account? Like, I’m not even getting my emails from ea to reset. And I’ve asked for like 5.
    Looking for any advice at all. Thanks in advance.

    • I get the feeling that EA is trying get newer player access to old content. There are tons of players who have not seen 100s of items and have had not chance to buy them. They have been going down this path for over a year with a reintroduction of some mini events like money mountain and the giant tree.

      This approach is … boring? for older players, but new players probably think it’s Christmas all over again.

      I’ve been playing for almost 6 years and there are still some things I wish I could get. Probably spent over 1500 donuts on the yearbook already and got almost everything I wanted. No complaints.

      • krustoferson123

        nail on the head with that comment. I’m a “newer” player (started last September) and I think the yearbook was the greatest thing they could have done. Getting to run through quests and play catch up has been amazing. As for the events, I really like all of them and don’t particularly care for the longer ones any more than I do the ones like one they just did and the one with Governor Bailey.

        • Kathryn D Soukup

          I’m an old time freemium player. Many times I never had enough donuts to buy the premium items that came with an event so I had to pass on them. I eventually compiled so much “money” that I can casually kem farm to get donuts. I love the yearbook because I can get some of those items I had to pass on. Like Mr. Sparkle! So happy to have Mr. Sparkle!

    • I was having a hard time but eventually got in. Had to wait 10 minutes or so.

  21. New content would be awesome, but I’ve played this game since its original release so waiting a few weeks for new stuff beats waiting a few weeks to even be able to log in. At least I can finally finish all the redesigns I started at the end of events and then abandoned for the next event released a few days later. That’s a lot more than I could do during the “Harps of Death”.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that EA is working on my wishlist of no item limits, a return of community prizes to events, and a real 4-6 week Wacking Day Part 2 -extra large egg & serpent edition.

  22. I’ll be sad if the mystery box goes. One more week and I could have cleared it. And I refuse to do the stupid condo glitch that’s giving people like 10000% bonus. Bridge too far for this steady KEM farmer.

  23. Doesn’t seem like alot of effort spent by EA. But I guess something is better than nothing. Hope the Yearbook doesn’t go; I’ve gotten some nice things there cheap!

  24. Giggidy

  25. Such a disappointment 🙁

  26. Lol. I just sent everyone on a 24hr task about an hour ago

  27. Me thinks this is another place saver mini event to keep us engaged while they work on something (hopefully) much bigger.

    • Weird thing is, I don’t even think it’s a mini event. It’s basically a questline.

      • Somebody let Skippy the copy boy do the programming.

      • I’m just trying to figure out what EA is thinking. If you’re correct that this “event” is merely an 8 part quest-line, then……….? Do you think they’re just throwing us a bone? I wonder if this is some leftover Quest from a previous event that didn’t make the cut? This is too weird.

      • Maybe it’s a new type of event teaser update that we’ve never seen before that will lead into another event, but operates like a stand alone event/questline. I don’t know, I’m just speculating.

        I think that EA still has big plans for the game, but I think that the Disney/Fox merger has thrown an unstable variable into EA’s operational plans for TSTO, and so I think that EA is struggling to come up with small ideas just to keep the game running while they wait to see what the consequences of that merger will be. EA may also be worried that releasing a major update right now (especially if it is too soon in general) might turn out to be a fatal mistake just because of the Disney/Fox merger.

        We may have to start considering the year “2019” as the Dark Ages of The Simpsons Tapped Out, especially if EA continues this current trend with the game into 2020.

  28. While I’m glad that the game isn’t over, I’m a little confused by the direction the game is going. An 8 part mini event with no new content? Yawn.

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