Details Before Marge at the Bat Update Goes Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Please note, at the time of this post going live the content is NOT live in the game.  It will not go live until 10a ET (1400 UTC) on April 10th)

So as I wrote about yesterday, an update hit the files titled “Marge at the Bat”.  Upon first glance, this looked like a pretty standard mini-event.  Two weeks of content, and not much else.  However, as I’ve dug deeper into this I’m not quite sure what to make of it….

For starters, this will last two weeks. (end date is April 24th) However, there is ZERO new content with this update, at least as of the initial file release.

Everything associated with this event, with the exception of the questline, is returning content.

There’s a new 8 part questline, with the tasks taking approx. 32 hours total to complete. (8 parts, and each part has tasks @ 4hrs in length) However, the questline offers no clues to what’s going on.  No hints in the dialogue about anything.  Just a standard TSTO play off of an episode.

The questline will give out 5 returning skins and characters (Aristotle Amadopolis, Tennis Marge, Softball Burns, Baseball Jasper, and Referee Homer), but it’s not offering anything new.  Not even a tiny decoration.  Nothing.

So what does it mean?  Honestly, I don’t have a clue.  Feels like they’re trying to stretch to buy more time.  Could be a teaser, but usually, teasers are labeled “Teaser” in the files.   This one doesn’t have teaser written anywhere in the title.  Does that mean it’s not a teaser?  No.  Still could be one.  Or could just be something completely random to buy themselves more time for something.

Or they could just be taunting everyone who checks the files with this, and they may add more content tomorrow morning.  Who the heck knows.

Does this mean we won’t get an update next week?  Still possible, since this one won’t take that long.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  (of course, next week would be “perfect”, considering I’m slated to go on vacation next week.  My luck would be EA releases a massive update at that point…)

Before you start your doom and gloom, for those of you who have been on the doom and gloom kick lately, remember EA has licensed this game from FOX.  That licensing agreement, assuming it didn’t expire (by date) carried over with Disney purchased FOX.  Disney upholds those agreements (as evident by Marvel in Universal Orlando and not Disney World).

And with that, we wait until 10am and see what happens next.  We’ll still have posts about “Marge at the Bat” for you, as well as the continuation of EPPP confidential, Monday Morning Math, and loads more.  So keep checking back, even if the game is boring you we still have fun around here! 🙂


47 responses to “Details Before Marge at the Bat Update Goes Live

  1. I now have 63 tennis courts (and counting). It seems kind of silly/stupid to have so many tennis courts.

  2. Noobs should take advantage of anything they were not around to get last time (I guess the rest of us have slim pickings out of the Premiums that returned – none at discount!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Finally got Professor Frink + Frink’s Lab, so I am having fun with him in his Stonecutters Skin 👍

    • So true about taking advantage, especially with characters. I skipped Dr. Terwilliger as I had started really playing during the Terwilliger event, that was like 4 years ago and he hasn’t been available since, so don’t sleep on items or characters as you don’t know when they will return.

    • How did you get the stonecutter skin for him? I’ve had him for ages, but after the original SC event. I didn’t get the skin then, but it wasn’t offered for sale to me on the recent sale, so I don’t know how to get it.

  3. Last night before I showered (yes I do shower… from time to time) it downloaded an update, something like 8mb.. and I got excited, like “oh yeah, an update, new content Baby”…. couldn’t (but had to) wait for TSTOaddicts to gives us the 411 on what was going on… today as I read the blogs, am in between emotions, I have all those skins, but it’s something new.. hm.. i’ll just do like a fish and keep swimming, just keep swimming. oh am Dory now!? how that happen? anyways.. who reads this long post huh.? just random typing now, you should of stopped after the hm. but kept reading for something meaningful, I assure you there is nothing after this that is meaningful, kind of like History of the world, that scene where the main character is about to get paid unemployment and they ask him what he does for a living, and he answers am a Philosopher and the lady answer “oh a bulls#!+er” lol hahaha. anyways thank you. it makes no sense. just like the update 🙂

  4. Tennis courts for 10 Hollywood Awards with 2.25% bonus each. Go get em.

  5. Tennis courts are back. If you have decent cash and donut reserves you can get a 2.25% bonus for just 4 donuts going through the Googolplex.

  6. We got something…so thats a good sign.
    Here’s to things yet to come!🍻

  7. I love this event already! 2,25% bonus with the springfield heights tennis court!

  8. Where is the character that is supposed to go with burns on the first part of the quest???

  9. In my promo store section, apparently I can buy tennis courts for 10 awards, and they grant a 2.25% bonus, with no cap on quantity. Increased my bonus multiplier by all 100% just with my excess craftables

  10. Thanks for the update.

    FYI: I went scrolling through the event Store and saw tennis courts for 10 statuettes a piece. They have a 2.25% bonus money and XP? Wow, I loaded up on them.

  11. Tennis courts paying a great % payout for Oscar trophies? Is that an oversight?

  12. And it’s LIVE, just, still got the mystery box, but not impressed 😶

  13. Well I’m still excited to have something to do… Umm just a quick question… I’ve maxed out my level thanks to kem farming.. but I’m still missing sideshow Bob?? How the hell do I get him? I’ve got his skin today hoping it would make him magically appear but all it says is I need the character ?? So how come I haven’t had any storylines with him as I’ve been playing 2 years in total, so any tips on how to I get him.. 🤔

  14. So far, all the “new” stuff showing is the older baseball items that they are making available again. Nothing new…at least not yet. There is a 125-donut bundle for the baseball field and other sporty items.

  15. ScaryBountyHunter101

    I have 2.4 gigabytes and it says I need more space. How much space is needed? I probably won’t even be able to play the update

  16. David Billington

    Hopefully I will get something I’ve missed in the past… More bleachers etc would be great so my Shelbyville can have a stadium / American football pitch etc. Fingers crossed.

    • rudolphovanwijk

      There are bleachers and stadium light,…… Poochie is back. Snapped him right away. Premium priced at 150 donuts 🍩You get a half pipe course with him.

  17. If TSTO were a TV show, this feels like the clip show about 90% of the way through to string the season out for another week.

  18. I no longer play mini-events. I hate them. I’m focused on farming donuts at the dump and with rat trap trucks and using them to open the yearbook.

    It’s been 6 months since we’ve had a good event (Halloween). I’m doubting they’ll ever bring back the regular event format, which is disheartening.

  19. Any final word yet on the Yearbook leaving or not?

  20. Makes me a little salty that I spent donuts on some of these returning skins… oh well, I guess.

  21. EA fired about a 1000 employees last month, so maybe TSTO staff took a hit.

    • Most of the people that lost their jobs were in Marketing, Promotions, or outside the US (Russia and Japan, since they closed their operations there). EA in the US is still actively hiring people.

  22. will the yearbook mystery box be leaving?

  23. My guess would be they are recycling things. Going back and re-running old stuff for people that started the game later, or did not complete everything the first time around. This might indicate they are either working on something bigger and using quick fillers, or they are running out of steam and out of ideas/content.

  24. I’m staying positive. I’m hoping they’re just buying time because they either have something big or just restructuring how they’re going to do events.

  25. I’ve been using this time to take a break from the game. I still check in every day three to four times to do clearing and donut farming but somewhere over the last yrs. I’ve got overwhelmed with restrictions in the game like not enough land, item restrictions etc. by the time we got the land expansions and the golden goose and yearbook I felt rushed to get all I can. Then I got tired……I quit the yearbook, leaving hundreds of items in it . By buying many yearbook items and just plopping the items in a corner of my town, it now looks a mess. Maybe it’s because I’ve been more busy then usual with real life issues, I don’t seen to have the energy to “fix” my town so it looks like a town and not a junk yard. Now I’m in a quandary after hearing the yearbook may leave. There are still things I want….do I continue to buy and plop or try to work with what I have? One thing that’s funny to me is back when I struggled with having enough money or donuts to buy things the game was more exciting to me… I have way over a billion game cash and over 36,000 donuts…enough to get what I want but the excitement has diminished. What can I do to get my Simpson mojo back?
    Glad the game is still going and so greatful for this site and all the wisdom of moderators and players. Sometimes I hate the “haters” and complainers but must admit I get a few good chuckles reading the posts.

    • Your town is great to visit! I especially like your Squidport and Marine World. I’m going to move my Marine World to my Squidport once I get enough tiles from the submarine.

      • Thanks, that’s about the only part of my town I’m really happy with. I have lots of tiles in storage….wish there was a way the players could give or trade items with each other, I’d throw some your way….we have been neighbors for yrs now and I love looking at your town too.

  26. Yay! I got the in game update last night so I assumed something was about to happen. I was really hoping for an Easter event too with cute bunny stuff but I guess if this is a two week event they’ll most likely not be doing the holiday this time.

  27. Thanks a lot, Alissa! It seems that I will obtain something new (for me) from this update, i.e. Referee Homer. Woo-hoo!

  28. Rusty Shackleford

    I guess we will see, but yeah, it looks like they are buying time.

  29. About flipping time! I’ll take anything at this point lol.

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