Frustrated With EA? Here’s Where to Go To Contact Them…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I’m seeing in the comments that a bunch of you are frustrated with the lack of communication from EA right now, so I wanted to provide you with some links where you can go to express that frustration to EA directly…

First of all, EA does check this site.  So feel free to express those frustrations in the comments of this post.

Second, here are a few places you can go to share your thoughts with the team at EA…

TSTO EA Game Forum- A user there, Willy, has a thread on the forum that’s basically a protest letter to EA that you can sign onto.  You can find that thread here.

TSTO EA Answer Forum- You know that place Customer Service tells you to go to all the time?  A user over there, NAT, has another protest thread.  Never hurts to add your “Me Too” there.  You can find that thread here.

Contact EA- You can always try to contact EA directly, via chat or phone (or email).  Of course, this is always risky because I don’t trust any customer service advisors outside of the US or UK.  As those outside the US or UK only grasp what they can read out of the Customer Service Script book they’re given, but still doesn’t hurt to try.  You can contact EA directly here.

Tweet People- Social Media is a great way to communicate and express satisfaction and/or aggravation with a company.  (I do it all the time myself.  This was the one way I was able to deal with my ISP when their phone customer service was giving me the runaround).  Here are some twitter addresses for EA and people surrounding the Simpsons.  Tweet em, blow up their accounts…let them know you’re upset and you want answers!

EA Help:
Matt Selman: (more specifically his tweet referencing TSTO,
Al Jean:

And finally, via Facebook:
EA’s TSTO Facebook Page:

Happy ranting!

P.S.  Just a reminder guys, we’re not going anywhere.  I’ve always said this site will exist as long as you guys are here.   I’ll have a post up tomorrow with some thoughts and what we’re going to be doing.  


52 responses to “Frustrated With EA? Here’s Where to Go To Contact Them…

  1. Press. Bottom. And. The. Game. Don’t. Start. Fix. It.

  2. Rebecca Stromgren

    Today’s frustration, nearly all of my characters are stuck in a Daily Challenge “Make Springfielders Buy Milk at Kwik-E-Mart” loop.

    Clear the task, get all the game cash and XP for the one hour task, and none of the characters are freed.
    Go to Visit Friends, pop back to the game, there they are at Kwik-E-Mart, done buying milk.
    Collect Cash and XP, Visit Friends, return to game, wash, rinse, repeat.

    Same problem across my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone, and my Kindle Fire, which I stopped playing on, because of Super Zoom.
    I really didn’t want to sit through the updating of the third device (also an Android), so I don’t think that uninstall/reinstall will fix this one.

    Not going to complain about the increase in XP, therefore an increase in Donuts, but yeah, here we are.

    • Store and replace kwik-e-mart. This isn’t’ new, it’s been happening for about a year…

      • Rebecca Stromgren

        Thanks! This is the first time that I have hit this particular glitch. Brain Fog made searching for the solution problematic, this morning. 😂

  3. I’ve been playing several years and still have not grown tired of tapping. That being said, a new quest would be welcome. Not concerned about the future of the game if it is still profitable for EA.

  4. I also wonder if there is some precedent that may provide insight? There must have been prior occasions when EA stopped updating other games; I wonder if in those cases, they provided any announcement, or just went away quietly and stopped providing updates and support? As long as they’re still allowing in-game purchases for cash (which should require some expectation that they will provide support), I think we’re still safe.

    • They shut the game down in China a few years ago. They gave plenty of notice about it and shut off the ability to purchase more donuts.

      Also, years ago they had a monopoly game. They gave every one several months notice that they were shutting the game down, and also cut off premium purchases.

      Someone here stated that prior to TSTO they had a few games that they shutdown without any notice, but again those were prior to TSTO. So I think recent history has indicated they’ve learned from their mistakes.

      • Unless I’m mistaken didn’t you also previously say that EA would be in big amount of legal trouble as well if they just suddenly shut down the game with no prior warning for us or allowed people to keep spending money on donuts with no new content coming to use it on.

    • There was a superhero game too, they called it “sunsetting”

  5. This was posted in the news here in the UK- maybe they are putting their workforce into other aspects of the company at the moment…

  6. No complaints here. I love this game. But let’s face it: nothing is forever. (Except death and taxes) I sincerely hope TSTA is here for a while though.

  7. I don’t care if there is a down time or not if they just would announce that they are working on a new event and when this is expected to hit the play store. Good communication is everything, like for everything else in this world.

  8. Perhaps there’s server issues that are concerning ea. Maybe they’re scrambling to avoid another rollback glitch fiasco so they’re not releasing new content and giving us bs mini events so there’s nobody missing out on anything new type situation going on. We also made requests that they take some time to actually fix problems that are apparent in the game and they could be doing that as well. The being silent about things approach though is poor business practice.

  9. Keith1Roon991

    I think everyone would just like an official comment on the game from EA, something that will tell us the way forward for TSTO and the players, what’s the plan EA?, Do we play as it is or will there be new events and content?, Are you rewriting the code, updating servers? Just let us know what’s plan?

  10. Is this why we were given buildings that create land and give doughnuts? Create you own fun? Remnants of “go outside and play” when all your friends are on vacation. I missed some of the early games. I would love some of the old events back. Some I couldn’t finish.

  11. Thank you for taking the time to post this information, Alissa …. I don’t think the official EA Forums is worth the time posting on (personally speaking it is an irritating process joining and signing into), but I do believe utilizing social media constructively (Facebook, Twitter) …. therefore, I will be voicing my opinions to EA there.

    I do not mind the extended period of non Events, as I am definitely utilizing the time to clean up my Springfield / enjoy the Premium Characters with Buildings obtain through the Mystery Box (have to be honest, when I’ve obtained everything I can and there’s nothing else to do? then we’ll have a problem that most Tappers will complain about – there’s nothing else to do in this Game App so why am I here? EA should be worried about that!)

    Back to not grinding for anything (aka you really only had one so-called Event worth your time this year in my opinion, the rest have been a baseless rehashing!) 😂

  12. So what’s the alternative? We complain so they give us a half baked event just to shut us up, but then a lot of people just complain because the event was lacklustre? At the end of the day, the majority don’t just want something new, they want something good.

    • I’m not saying complain for the sake of complaining. I simply pointed to others who were asking for EA to give some sort of explanation as to what’s going on

      • I totally get where you’re coming from. A lot of people complain here and you guys don’t have the power to change anything, so they might as well complain where it matters, I’m not arguing that. Once they all complain, then what? All I keep reading is how people are bored and so such, but when they get something they complain. Maybe this strategy of starving people may force them to appreciate the food they’re given. Original post was a open question to everyone. In the last year or so, it seems a lot of players always have something negative to say, first it was too many events and not enough downtime, it was that crafting was pointless, the even format changed and was boring, events were too long, then too short, and now there’s too much downtime. So let’s say we get an event, then what? The usual complaining and ripping it apart..

    • It’s not so much about complaining as it is about frustration.

  13. Having missed a few years off and on, I wish they would just repeat events if they weren’t gonna do new content.

  14. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    In regards to telling us
    What you are going to be doing……

    I’m breathless with anticipation.
    Tell me quick, does it involve tennis balls and a swimming pool?

  15. I have one solution for EA if they don’t want to create new events, but still allow the game to go on and on. Make every event replayable over and over. I think a lot of people would enjoy the opportunity to either play again, or play for the first time (if they missed it the first time). I know it sounds a little silly, but it’s something.

  16. There is another option. Boycott the show. If all of us stop watching and their ratings drop they will push EA to speak up and let us know what’s going on.

    • There are a lot of people who watch the show and don’t play the game. Like millions…

      • There are also a lot of people who play the game and don’t watch the show. Or at least not anymore. I liked the older seasons (got ’em all on DVD), don’t really care too much for the newer ones, haven’t seen a single episode of the new season. So yeah, I already AM kinda boycotting the show. Might make more sense to go back to the good old times of boycotting EA… oh, those were the days 😉

        • Rusty Shackleford

          You should watch the current season, it’s been quite good with lots of laughs.

          • I know. It’s weird isn’t it? I think the show has been rather stale the last few years, but the last episode was really good. It reminded me of the great shows from the heyday.

    • Keith1Roon991

      That’s just silly 😒

  17. Lately, I’ve been thinking of starting over from scratch. Not necessarily the nuclear option, but just starting another game from the very beginning. It may be fun to see what I would do differently knowing what I know now, and not having the luxury of 1000 donuts on hand. I may also appreciate the joy of getting a “new” character again.

    As always, thanks for everything you do on this site.

  18. I think it’s a great idea! If enough people inquire about what is going on and let them know how frustrated they are maybe the company will send out some info about what’s happening. Personally I would like to know.

  19. Que pongan a Eduardo Barcelona!!!!

  20. Robert Olson

    As a Kindle player, it’s doubly gruesome. Not only do I have nothing new (which, honestly, doesn’t greatly impede my Zen Garden perspective on the game. Though I do like events, of course, I can tap and design quite happily without them)…but I also get the SUPER ZOOM problem, which sucks ALL the charm and joy from the game. Not only do I get the impression that EA has left the game behind, but they have singled out Kindle users for an extra kick in the…well…you know.

    So, for those of you saddened by the lack of updates/content/events…well, it could be worse…you could be me!

    That being said, I recognize that I have had many hours of enjoyment for essentially no cost, and appreciate EA for that. I say this because it is true and to promote the (possibly false) impression that I am not actually wallowing in self-pity.

  21. If EA is bringing this game to an end, I’d like them to offer the various events back from days gone. They did this a couple of times (bringing small events to players who missed them). However, I’d like to see many of the big events back in sequential order — different for each player dependent upon what they’ve participated in.

    This would give the game at least another year of “life” — albeit less so for the long-time players.

  22. What sucks for me is that I was playing from the beginning but took a break from the game after going back to college. (I couldn’t keep up with all the events and focus on my studies at the same time). I came back last halloween and got 2 good events in, a few decent mini events and now lots of waiting. I was really looking forward to seeing what they were going to put out this year after looking at what I had missed. Some of the past events looked pretty awesome. I’m still hopeful that they are still working on something big that will be amazing and surprise us all (fingers crossed 🤞)

  23. I have been wondering what in the 🌎 is going on at EA. I’m not prone to the extremes of “on no…nothings happened in a week,it’s the END”…but even I have been a little perplexed lately. I was even browsing the playstore looking at Forge of Empires & similar city building games. This quiet lull is starting to feel weird. Checking here to see if anything is on the horizon. Got back into my “Midnight Castle” game (which is a really good hidden object game). Hopefully,we’ll find something out pretty soon. Thanks for letting us know what’s up & for the links.

  24. tippietippie

    mmmmm…. I dunno. This all could backfire. If EA thinks we’re all fed up, then that gives them a good excuse to shut down the game. You catch more bees with honey. 🙂

    • I’m the biggest proponent of using honey, however, there’s nothing wrong with expressing that you’re frustrated with EA for not communicating. If you don’t tell them something is wrong they may not realize.

      • The “honey” for EA is that we all keep playing. So they should be treating US nice. Not the other way around. Right now EA is using vinegar on us.

      • I let EA know my opinion. I did in a respectful but direct way…hope others do as well. You never know if you’ll by chance get the right person to hear your opinion. I just tried to express what the game actually means to some people. Anyway….have a nice day everyone.

      • tippietippie

        I agree. I just hope it’s done diplomatically. The one thing that worries me is that EA has stopped communicating with you. That’s not good. But it just could mean that they haven’t decided what’s next for the game and are waiting until they make that decision before reaching out. I’m still thinking this has to do with finances. My guess is some head honchos don’t want to spend any more money on updates until they decide if the game is worth their bottom line. When my company was sold and the new one took over, there was a big difference in corporate philosophy. The new company consisted of heavy-duty bean counters who went department by department making cuts and changes. They were more concerned with the bottom line rather than quality. Talented people who made too much money were laid off, certain departments were no longer allowed to be creative because it cost more than they wanted to spend. Could this be what’s going on?

        • Now that’s just sad. I know next to nothing of corporate America….but dang that’s just sad. Talent & skill basically worthless. Talk about sacrificing at the altar of the almighty dollar. Makes me wonder about the current takeover…. who knows if there is something more going on there than meets the eye. I loved when there was overlap between the show & the game. Episode tie-ins made me look forward to the tv show again. Anyways ,,thank you for a glimpse of that 🌎 to some of us that’s never been in it.

  25. Barnacle Finger Beck

    Well, since you said EA reads these comments… Hey EA! How about letting us frequent Tappers make use of the Sky Finger Monument every 4 or 5 hours instead of this 24 hour baloney?! Some of our towns are pretty darn big and I’m getting a serious case of T.U.F.B. (tablet users fingertip barnacle). Not terminal, just super gross.

  26. I know many like the challenges of events and have a hard time dealing with any amount of down time. I look at it this way, it’s a great way to catch up on things. Do some KEM farming, rearrange my town, etc.
    There are many who started playing only a year or two ago and for them this is a great time to play catch up.
    All games like these have a shelf life and EA sees the stats on their end. How many people are still playing. How many have quite playing and removed the app, how many have just stopped playing but still have the app.
    I am sure that with being able to farm for donuts it has reduced revenue to EA for this game.
    Anyways.. why fret over something that has very little to do with your life in general. Just have fun with what we have and hope that something new will show up in the future.

  27. I thank you for the links you provided. Deeply appreciated.
    Unfortunately I do not have a Twitter account to rant and rave about the lack of communication. I am disappointed with the lack of communications from EA. I am aware that I am not the only one that feels this way. I do want the Simpson tapped out to continue like an abundance of people do because it is fun and stress free game. Would someone be so kind as to inform us die hard Simpson fans the scoop as to what is going on. It is a matter of courtesy for thousands of us that have been extremely loyal.
    Thank you for your time.

  28. Eric Squires

    I deleted the app. Long time player.. I come here once a day to see if there is an update.. Until then, I have no reason to play. 1000’s of 🍩s and billions of dollars and nothing new to use it on

  29. Unpopular opinion, maybe
    But to be honest I’m enjoying the peace an quite of not having an event. Currently grinding the Springfield heights and generally tidying up my town , it feels like the good old days (some people may call them the dark days ) when I didn’t have to worry about logging on every for hours so I didn’t miss out on a useless prize , I’d rather have fewer events. The events we used to have where of better quality and didn’t involve dedicating a whole area to a useless zoo or some blocks of flats that after a few weeks you forget why you have them an put them in the great storage box in the sky never to be seen again … on the other hand I do hope there is something from EA in the next few weeks ..
    Long time lurker
    Maca .

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