Episode 47- The Lulliest of Lulls

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In this episode of Addicts Live, we’re talking all about the giant lull in TSTO.  Plus we’re breaking down new features here at Addicts, things to do to beat the TSTO boredom, EA’s recent earnings report and loads more!  As always, we’ll be answering your questions and sharing your comments live!
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Thought provoking…

What have you been doing in TSTO to beat the lull?  Have you been playing as you normally would?  Logging in less? Working on a new design? Playing something different?

Things we’re talking about…

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EA’s Earnings report can be viewed here.

25 responses to “Episode 47- The Lulliest of Lulls

  1. I’m titling this Podcast / Videocast as the “LOList of LOL’s” because Alissa and Patric have top notch wit 😂

    Now, honestly? This Lull could’ve been handled better by EA just with a serious of Tweets / Facebook posts assuring everyone that “things will be back to normal blah blah blah” …. nope, we got silence from EA (and that leads to Tappers pondering the end of TSTO!) 🤔

    I am enjoying my downtown (no grinding, just log in once a day if I can just to get bonuts and spend sprinkles at the Mystery Box). I love my weekends off from Tapping and we take all the Mum’s out to eat on Mother’s Day here in Las Vegas (in fact? nobody stays home to cook for any Holiday – why bother when you can go out to dine at an affordable price almost anywhere?) 😉

    Thank you TSTO Addicts for giving Tappers a place to gather, share things, be silly, be serious, partake in trivia challenges (seriously, EA owes you all a big thanks for keeping the TSTO flame lit!) 💜

  2. Matt Selman announced May 14th for the next update!

  3. I play the game twice a day now.

    I think I understand the reasoning for the yearbook. Aside from doughnut farmers and premium players, there’s a ton of content out there that people never got the first time around, or weren’t playing the game at the time the content was released. EA is giving everyone the chance to get this content via the yearbook- thus keeping them playing and engaged with the game. It’s ironic in a way, because the most devoted players (farmers and premium players) are the ones being hurt the most with this down time. The yearbook might also be accomplishing the task of converting some freemium players to become premium players (or farmers). I would guess that EA is making money off of players buying doughnuts who are trying to get as much as they can from the yearbook. Of course- EA has shot themselves in the collective feet by allowing us to become doughnut farmers (like me). It makes me wonder if EA might be closing this loophole during this down time. I have a suspicion that the programmers have been tasked with de-bugging and cleaning up the game during this down time. Pure speculation on my part.

  4. I login 1-2 times a day. Not really doing much. I spent a lot of time a couple of months ago with the train track. Moving tons of stuff around so it would go around my complete town including Heights. To my very strong dismay it did not meet/ connect. I regret doing all that work before reading the article about it being a known issue. I also found Patric’s work around but got confused. Needless to say I was so angry with EA. Still haven’t gotten into the mood with messing with the town since.

  5. If EA is moving to mobile platform for many more games, maybe all the TSTO programmers have been assigned to help out those games.

  6. I started a new job recently and can’t tap as much during the day anymore 🙁 So I feel I haven’t been as affected by the lull as I would have been before. Thank you TSTO team for all your dedication to this blog, and keeping us updated – we appreciate it!!

  7. Ydouneedtoknow

    Since the start of this stream I have rat truck farmed 400+ bonuts

  8. I’m extremely upset that we don’t have any new content like a lot of other people here I’ve been playing since 2013 more than anything I just want new content updates more than anything I’ve been playing the game like I normally have been I’ve been doing the monorail daily challenges playing where’s maggie and trying to get my real estate value to 1 billion. I hope the game does not end and I really wish that ea would tell us what is going on and why we have not gotten any new updates for a long time.

    Pat: what does eppp mean?

  9. Your liaison, unless he is in programming, probably doesn’t know what it is going on. When a company I was consulting at started doing inventory of every item, many were clueless the company was about to be sold.

  10. woof – also, good use of myriad!

  11. Hey, no theories here about the lull!! I just roll along and am happy you guys are providing a great social platform. Especially Patric’s work on the school and the resultant updates. Those updates are more important to me than game updates!!!

  12. My wife and I are in the process of buying a house so the lull is very welcomed!

  13. It’s taken 4 other games to fill the void left by TSTO…each has a totally different play style and graphics feel, but no one game alone can hold my interest for long. Also, been experimenting with my smoker…smoked 4 different kinds of fish yesterday, to try in fish dips and just to eat as snacks. 👍😁
    PS….Patric…the iPad seems to have a much better camera…you might want to switch over permanently.

  14. In my main games: logging in once a day to do the daily challenges. In Gamma and Delta, may log in twice a day to get a land tile. In my Epsilon game working on quests from Yearbook, doing a little designing: golf course. Also farming donuts to buy land.

  15. Hey – I hear you now!! I have been logging in less but how do you get over that potential well to get designing instead of just thinking about it and then not doing it? Sounds like you guys are doing the same as what I’ve been up to….

  16. I have played almost everyday for 3 years and now it’s been a week and a half since I last logged in. I must say I miss the game but it’s also a relief. Always checking the game before going out, waiting a few minutes before doing something because a task is about to end. I’m surprised I’m about to type this but I’m not sure I’ll be back if and when a new update hits. To each his own but taking a break from the game for a few days is not a bad thing.

  17. I have quite a lot going on in my town during the lull as I have bought quite a lot of Yearbook items.
    It would be really good if we could have an increase in the item limit to allow me to decorate around all my new buildings!

  18. I think I’m doing this right but I don’t seem to. I am really looking forward to actually participating in a live webcast! I’ve watched them before taped and they’re lovely but am excited to be in the moment!!

    • Spinning wheel – maybe I’m too eager…. Anyway, I haven’t been logging on as much recently and when I get an urge to do something, it’s quickly stifled by the need to do the work I am paid for 🙁

      In other news, more travel (ugh, i think 1/2 of the year approximately has been on travel) but when I get wifi on the plane, it’s a good time to design! Not much else to do other than sleep. Which I do a lot 🙂

      ok – Im going to try to troubleshoot this link!!

  19. Hello fellow addicts.
    As a long time TSTO tapper I have enjoyed playing and supporting the game for many years. The Addicts community here is amazing.
    Hopefully the old saying “no news is good news” describes the current lull in the game, and that EA is working on something new and coming soon.

  20. Rusty Shackleford

    Well now that the evil, greedy, mouse company is running things, it all sucks! And why won’t you guys fix the server issues already!

    Just kidding Alissa and Patric. It’s all good here.

    I’ve been busy following this as I am a railroad fan: https://www.up.com/media/releases/190509-transcon150.htm

    Never thought engine 4014 would be ready, but it looks and runs great!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

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