In-Game Update: Real Moms of Springfield (Starts TOMORROW, 5/15)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, Matt Selman was right…it’s update day in TSTO!  An in-game update has hit our games, however, the gameplay is not currently live.  Which means, we’ll have to wait 1 more day for new stuff to do in TSTO.

This appears to be a pretty standard mini-event coming our way.  New characters, new skins, new buildings, new decorations, and new premium items to buy!

Again, this all launches TOMORROW, May 15th at 10am ET, 1400 UTC.  

(It ends on May 29th, so 2 weeks from start time)

A couple of notes…it looks like with this update they tried to fix the Amazon issue, and I’m seeing reports of players saying it is finally fixed!  Great news!  (now if they can just fix the S10 issues, but I digress…)

Another note, those experiencing lockout issues on the S10, I believe this is only happening to folks outside the US and Canada.  Mostly folks in Europe (particularly UK), and I think I’ve seen 1 report in Australia.  Not sure if this is related to a Samsung software issue in those areas or not, since it seems to have happened after you did a software update on the S10 from Samsung.

I think, based on this content, this was supposed to launch last week (given that Mother’s Day just passed), but it appears that between the server issues and trying to (finally) fix the Amazon issue it was held up.  Hopefully, now that those issues are addressed, we’re back on the road the regular updates again!

And finally, here’s a sneak peek at the characters/skins/items arriving…

WARNING SPOILERS BELOW…I’m making an exception to my regular “no spoiler” rule because it’s been FOREVER since we had an update.  So if you don’t want to know, don’t click below…


Items will be returning, BUT only the Mother themed one’s (Manjula, Sarah Wiggum etc), I don’t see any signs of the Golden Goose Realty returning at this time.

And that’s it my friends.  Stay tuned for the start of Real Moms of Springfield TOMORROW, May 15th at 10am ET (1400 UTC). Until then relax and have some fun!

Thoughts on the content?  Excited to see an update in TSTO?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


102 responses to “In-Game Update: Real Moms of Springfield (Starts TOMORROW, 5/15)

  1. Wow finally get what u want and now…….well the posts say it all. DOWNERS

  2. Clare Holland

    Love spoilers lol.. I’m just excited regardless of what it is… Bring on the tapping !!! Woo hooooo!!!! 😝😛

  3. Finally I’m soooo happy😊

  4. For the record… I love spoilers.

    • You were supposed to preface that comment with “Spoiler alert”. I didn’t want to know yet that you like spoilers.

      • Sorry Safi, Alissa already told you not to go further if you didn’t want spoilers, I believe that covers comments. Although, now I am sad that I know your feelings on how people feel about spoilers. Oh well…

  5. Bengal_n_Bear 🐯n🐻

    *Does Happy Snoopy Dance all through the house*
    Not sure what I am more excited about:
    •That the game’s not dead
    •That new content is arriving
    •That the zoom is finally fixed. *Knocks wood, crosses all fingers…*

    Decisions, decisions! Hmmmmmm….. The zoom thing has been horrible! Happening not too long after I started my town which means, the smaller the town, the more MASSIVELY zoomed!!

    So design landscaping was impossible!! Stuff is just plopped down everywhere & anywhere! So I think my excitement is multi faceted in that I didn’t start and fall in love with a dying game, I’ll have actual new content to do, as I apparently completed all normal triggered jobs during the lull.

    Hmmmm…. All 3 bullet points above, but even better…. I actually have a day (before launch) to throw everything in storage, zoom out and try to envision where everything I plopped should go.

    Kinda wish now that I didn’t do the heights builds though. As all those add on building pieces are clogging up my storage. Ugh… Not a fan of stuff you add to a building. Much prefer buildings that you swipe to choose which building level up facade works for you for whatever given moment.

    This update (the news of it as well) came at the perfect time, as the lull & zoom frustration had me opening games I hadn’t played in awhile. One I discovered made a bunch of cool changes which had me monopolized the past 5 days. All the hours I would’ve been on my beloved Simpson’s game, but instead just tasked longer jobs.
    Close call!

  6. Toilet! Toilet! Toilet!

  7. My game is running SO MUCH better.

    I knew tsto had some issues but I also blamed my phone (it’s about time to get a new one)

    Whatever they did in this update fixed it!

    I’d say it’s worth the wait for me… I just hope we get a big event after this mini.

  8. DDfromAtlanta

    Woo Hoo! (In my Homer Simpson voice!) 😀
    You guys have been awesome keeping us entertained and informed during this lag time!
    Side note: how AWESOME would it be if the Simpsons made you all into characters and gave you cameos on the show or in the game! 🙂
    I’d spend some sprinkles to have the Addicts in my TSTO game officially!

    • 🐯n🐻 ~ Bengal n Bear

      LOL … As I read All Hoo! , it actually came out in Homer Simpson’s voice in my head!!!😆😆😂😂

      And Oh H–l Yeah!! That would be waaaay cool!! Cameos & in game characters!! I WOULD SPEND SPRINKLES ON THAT TOO!!!
      (Do you think the powers that be heard me?) 😄😉

      • Bengal_n_Bear 🐯n🐻

        Ugh how rude… Auto correct changed Woo to All. (even just now) yeah… Coz that makes perfect sense… Seeing how similar the two words are! 🙄 LOL

    • Clare Holland

      Omg that would be awesome 😁

  9. Maudlin Monarch, a.k.a. Mandarin)

    I just picked up Manjula last night via the Yearbook. 😄
    Then found out that Apu had a 24hr task. 😡
    So thinking that the update may start today, I pushed it aside. 😕
    Finding out this new event will actually start tomorrow, I was about to start his full day task. 😒
    BUT, if Manjula is more than just a discounted doughnut item, does this mean that Apu will be needed for this event?! 😲

    … Bah! Wednesday’s are often busy for me anyway. 😧

    • I thought I was the last of the Ren and Stimpy fans. I’d love to see a game based on that show.

      • And i thought I was the last remaining Ren & Stimpy fan! LOL
        I loved that show, and that song in particular, well it’s a toss up between Happy Happy, Joy Joy and the commercial for Log theme song … “What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, rolls over your neighbor’s dog” … My sister and have been known to randomly burst out singing either one, at which point the other one of us (and Mom) join in for the chorus! 😁😁😁

  10. Maybe they will bring back the option to buy land?! I’m out of real estate! What’s the point if I can’t expand?!

    • I got major lag as soon as I had the update.

    • It’s possible there could be some land tokens given away with the event.

    • I agree. Wanted items like Springfield gorge and recycling center for years. These items are so so cheap now. I’m farming like i did when I was trying to be the first one to 1billion. Why hold out on golden goose. 938% and farming about 150 donuts a day. Please give me land! Make it a thousand donuts! Let me have some fun with these items!

  11. Woohoo!

    At least we know the game is alive and well!

    I don’t have the skin you showed, which is a little concerning in my character list of things I’m missing. Other than that, here’s to hoping they replenish the Yearbook because I still have stuff missing!!!

    Either way, happy to know the game is alive. Hopefully this means note to come soon!!! 🤣🌈

    PS Google discovered I’m a 17 minute drive from EA headquarters. Now accepting Starbucks and Krispy Kreme gift cards to bribe EA staff into giving me information on the game. 🤣🎉

  12. Keith1Roon991

    Peeps, don’t complain, it’s an update, 😁

  13. I’m on a Samsung Note9 in the US, and I’m locked out. The problem might actually be more widespread, I’m thinking.

    • First report i’ve seen inside the US…

      Did you recently get an update from Samsung? Or did it just stop working randomly

  14. Whether or not the yearbook stays I will still be very happy with some of the characters and buildings I’ve gotten during this time, especially Barney and the Bowlorama, Frink and his lab and the Duffman bundle.

  15. It will be a bit disappointing if the yearbook goes, but I have to say that I managed to get some great stuff during its time in the game.

  16. I’m happy for the new content.

  17. If the Kindle zoom glitch if fixed, that screaming and jumping up and down din you hear is me. I literally skipped all the spoilers, not because I’m spoiler-averse (I’m not…Rosebud is his sled), but because fixing the zoom issue is 100x better news for me! The update isn’t in my ap-store now…but here’s hoping!

    • It’s not an app store update, it’s in-game. Just start TSTO, it’ll download

      • OMG OMG OMG OMG….it’s true!!!! IT”S ALL TRUE!!! Update is there, and Kindle zoom problem is FIXED! I have done my best to restrain my negativity, but I refuse to do the same with my POSITIVITY!

        WOOOOHOOOO! TSTO is SAVED (for me, anyway)!!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!! EA > APPLE!!! This, THIS, is the best day of my life (and I’m married and have 2 kids)!!! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!

        /dance a little dance/

        HIP HIP…


        • 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

        • Oh Yes!!!!!
          a Ren and Stimpy quote!!!
          Now that would make for one messed up game!!

        • Yay! Me too (though I only have one kid). However I can no longer count the pores on the characters’ skin. Can’t take a picture yet but it’s not prompting for a kazillion gig so it could be remedied.

        • I don’t know you,,,but I can literally see a little cartoon stick figure with gloves doing a happy dance….nice to read the happy comments. Maybe I’ll get my Kindle’s charge port fixed & go back to using it. You certainly make it sound fun!!!

  18. But when does it start? Geez.

    Just kidding.

    Seriously…who are those characters?

  19. Thanks Alissa for keeping us informed! I know people are going to complain and to that I say 🤪 We wanted communication to whether the game was still alive. we got it✔️
    We wanted the zoom issue fixed.we seem to have gotten it✔️
    We wanted an update✔️
    We wanted new items✔️
    For all these I am grateful and for the fact that our little game is not over!! 🙏

    • I was just thinking the same thing….everybody wanted something,,anything from EA & now there’s something….. So many complaints before it’s even started. Idk how Alissa & Co deal with it all without pulling their hair out!!! Go with the flow & see where it takes you…😎

  20. The Needle Exchange and Mrs. Mackleberry! Where have readers seen that on this site in the past 30 hours? LOL! Bracket Battle strikes again! I’ll be curious to see if this affects the results of that matchup this week.

  21. Thank’s. ^^

  22. Keith1Roon991

    Skipped the spoilers but woohoo, nice one, havent updated yet, havent been on since 6am this morning but cant wait, sunny 22 degree basking in the heat here, update later, woohoo 😁😂🤣😀

  23. Is the Yearbook staying put?

  24. TallSpiderCandy

    Happy news!! 😍
    I’m excited for another update!
    Bout time EA!! Thanks for keeping us posted, Alissa! 🙂

  25. Matt Trafford

    Great I’ll just get my S10 and.. Oh wait. It won’t work

  26. Bout. Freakin. Time. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  27. I think calling this a “mini event” is being generous. I would call it a teeny, tiny, eensy weensy event. Oh well. Better than nothing. I hope this isn’t how things are going to be from now on.

    • No, it’s your standard mini-event. Follow questline to unlock prizes, collect a currency, all that fun stuff.

    • We haven’t had a true event since Halloween, so I’d say those days are done. 😕 A shame, because I hate and loathe the mini event format.

      • Another “Halloween Truther”…

      • I agree. Since Halloween the only question was would it be a one, three, or four part grind.
        I’m gonna hang in till this Halloween, but if they don’t do something other than grind the same chars on the same tasks for at least Halloween, I’ll finally be done and uninstalling.
        I appreciate y’all keeping the site going. Let me know if it was worth logging in or not.

        • The only thing about your comment that might be an issue is the “same chars” part. All events generally use the same basic characters that are available in the first 20 levels of the game so that even newbies can participate in the event. There would be a lot of new players quickly frustrated becoming former players if only premium characters or characters released in levels 40+ had tasks. So I would be surprised if most characters weren’t the usual Homer, Lisa, Apu, Willie, Skinner, Wiggum, etc.

          • When I first started playing it took me months to pay attention to events. I had so many other questlines going on and wanted to use all my characters to earn cash that I hardly noticed events to begin with. I wish they used other characters too as it gets so boring using the same ones.

            • The first time that I played this game back in 2015, I actually found the events annoying as I was focussed on quests and designing my town. I eventually realised that there was good things to be had from those pesky events!

  28. 😊

  29. I’m hoping the Yearbook will stick around. I still have several items I’m saving up for.

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