TSTO Musings About Tagging

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another TSTO Thursday and as usual I have some thoughts for you.  This time I’m musing about…tagging.  Yes, it’s time for me to finally weigh in on the topic Patric loves to talk about.  I’ve got a bunch of thoughts so let’s get to ‘em…

-First of all, let’s talk about Patric for a minute….
Love him or hate him you’ve got to respect the guy for going all out and really investing himself in a topic.  I give him credit for his passion and emphatic debating skills….or just his cranky pants.  Either way, the guy is passionate about Tagging and he’s really sparked some fun in your guys in an otherwise boring time. So let’s give him credit for that.

-I’ve been largely silent on the whole Tagging debate.  Why?  Simply because I just don’t care.  I never have.  I’m indifferent about tagging.  Tag me.  Don’t. I don’t care. I never have.
To me, it is what it is.  I chuckle when I see certain people tag me (like you G-mama Dar!), but I’m not offended if I don’t get tagged.  I’m just indifferent about it.

-There are plenty of you out there, like me, who are just indifferent about tagging.  You can take it or leave it.  There are also plenty of you who really love tagging.  And plenty of you who hate it. And both groups have their reasons.
Of course, there are even some of you who have a weird tick about it.  They don’t know why they don’t like it, they just don’t.  Those are probably the people that hate the word “moist”…

-So if I’m indifferent about it why do we have a whole thread for tappers to add friends who won’t vandalize them?  Because why not? It’s something we started 5 years ago, and it’s just continued on since.

-I have noticed though that some folks get real…crazy when they get tagged by someone off the vandalize free page.  That I’m not ok with.  It’s a game.  No need to yell at someone or single them out.  Accidents happen.
Over the years we’ve had some really nasty things said on that thread…which is why you see a massive disclaimer about what you can and cannot say on the vandalize free thread. Putting people on blast for tagging has never been cool with me.

-The bottom-line, tagging IS part of the game (otherwise why would it be an option on the game?).  It ultimately has very little impact on your conform-o-meter…and you get points back for cleaning it up.  BUT…there are still some people who just don’t like it.  Just like there are some people who use the land dedicated to Springfield Heights as a junkyard.  Or those who leave their Christmas decorations/lights up all year long.
There’s no right or wrong way to play. BUT when it comes to how we treat each other there is a right way and there is a wrong way.  So let’s try and show each other a little compassion.  If someone tags you and you don’t like it, get over it.  Just tap the mop, clean it up, and move on.  Don’t put that person on blast for doing so.  EVEN if they do it all the time.  If you don’t like it, delete them and move on.
Likewise, if you have a neighbor you know hates being tagged, don’t do it. If you only want to tag your neighbors, then delete that neighbor that doesn’t like it.  There’s no need to tick each other off.

-So what about the future of the Vandalism Free Add Friends Page?  Well I’ll leave that up to you…sorta.  Ultimately I’m going to make the call, it is my site, but your voice does matter to me.  So answer the poll question here…and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments…and we’ll decide what to do about it.

-And finally…Patric has inspired me with all his tagging!  So look for a super fun contest to launch tomorrow (and run over the weekend) centered around tagging.  That’ll at least give us something to do while we wait for the next dang update….

Thoughts? Care to share your own musings?  What topic do you think I should tackle in my next musings post?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

113 responses to “TSTO Musings About Tagging

  1. I prefer not to tag, but if anything, I think it is the decent thing not to do when it comes to players in lower levels where the bonus percent dips below 100%. I have enough police training walls that you could tag entire Springfield and no harm other than Willie’s foul language as he drags his bucket and sponge to each cleanup site…

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  2. I find it hilarious (and a little sad) that the tagging issue is even an issue myself. Because I am like you in that respect Alyssa. Tag me or don’t, I don’t care either way. (But gotta say it does bring a smile to my face when someone tags me.). If I happen to tag someone and you don’t like it delete me. I have to give Alyssa and Patric major kudos …. you guys have been and are awesome handling this!

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    • Thanks… we try!


    • I agree 100%. Don’t care one way or another. However, I try to not tag someone just because I know some people get REALLY upset. And I don’t worry at all about how many stars I have. In fact, I played quite a long time before I even knew what they were all about!

      My daughter is an anti “moist” person. But it is fun to use it and watch her reaction.


  3. I had to laugh….my hubby hasn’t veen playing much since the lull plus currently having to work midnights. Ive sinced been on a tagging frenzy. He’s checked his town recently and was appalled that i hit his town. Lol. I said its kinda the thing to do….freaking anarchy!!! He was not amused. Lol
    So…there are folks that don’t like it. I live with one. Lol

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  4. Christmas decorations/lights up all year long!!!


  5. I used to want to be tag free until I got my bonus % high and got training walls. I wouldn’t care so much now. In fact, it is funny.


  6. Lots of comments for tagging, but the vote is almost completely even.
    Are the non-taggers by nature a quiet group?


    • Well being constantly vilified for having a different opinion might well make people quiet.

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      • I don’t think vilified is the right word. It depended on what you were saying and how you were saying it. Those who were against tagging weren’t vilified. Those who were just as stubborn in their resistance to Patric’s POV were met with the same amount of stubborn resistance from Patric on his POV. Right or wrong, from both parties…Welcome to 2019…it’s unfortunate but this is where we are right now. Civilized debate is becoming rarer and rarer.

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        • Those who politely disagreed with Patric were met with a scathing rebuttal to every single thing they wrote. If he didn’t want to rebut it, he simply didn’t push it (I have multiple screenshots from multiple players who wrote polite comments that were never pushed. People can DM on the forums, you know.) When a moderator always has the last word and can choose what and what not to push, it’s not exactly a fair discussion, is it? Feel free to not push this one and we can add it to our collection. And please don’t talk to me about the spam filter, LOL.

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          • Dear Growly…………….
            I respectfully submit that you are full ‘o tagwater. Please, provide us with “the list,” as I can/will be able to refute it. Not only did I “push” loads of comments that were counter to my position (as witnessed by weeks and weeks of back and forth, but remain steadfast in my claim that all positions were heard…ad nauseum…with a very small segment of writers, writing repeatedly to harden their positions of “I don’t like it…I don’t know why,” which is barely a position at all. The very fact that I am “pushing” your oh, so, important comment, is witness to this very point. Your assertions are unfounded…and frankly silly as hell.

            Are we debating anything of value here? The very fact that this has gone on for weeks…with the same players…is testament to the unbelievably ridiculous notion that this has any importance whatsoever. Pick a battle over something that matters. And if you don’t like how things are moderated…start your own blog, or just move on.

            If we don’t push something…it’s because someone is moving into PERSONAL territory…which is against the policies of the board. Not that you and your cronies would understand that difference…as you have decided that I am to blame for the ills of all taggers worldwide. It’s ridiculous. And I truly hope that a solution (as in eliminating the source of this contention) is done soon.

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          • Pictures or it didnt happen. Email me the screenshots of the comments. I’ll look into it. I’m the only one who can permanently delete a comment on this site. So send me the screenshots, I’ll investigate it.
            And if you choose not to then that’s fine. Your call. But dont expect me to feed into the nonsense if you don’t…

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      • I have to say…disagreeing with another person’s point, or arguing another position is NOT vilifying.

        It’s not like we are debating a restaurant with a gluten free menu, and I am screaming “get over it,all of you celiac disease sufferers!”

        This has turned out to be a bunch of people who hate spinach…they don’t know why…but are demanding to have their own section in the restaurant.

        If you Don’t like spinach, don’t order it… And simply pick it out of your salad if someone forgets.

        To take that analogy further… It’s like someone going to a Mexican restaurant, and then being upset that the salsa was too hot… And rather than just paying the bill and leaving, feeling the need to leave a horrible Yelp review.

        Tagging is part of the menu… You don’t have to order it, you don’t have to like it, and it’s your choice to simply eliminate those who continue to serve it to you. I just don’t want to hear about it.


        • Vilify
          “to say or write unpleasant things about someone or something,in order to cause other people to have a bad opinion of them”
          It’s how it’s appeared to me.
          Get a Life has not appeared to be used in a civilized way.
          If my comments have appeared less than civilized,I apologize.
          Live and let live

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          • “Get a life” was not an insult…but a suggestion. With so much going on in the world, so many people with real problems…the whole debate is nuts (and no…I din’t call YOU nuts).

            I continue to advocate to simply let people place “Please don’t tag, and I won’t tag you” in their Neighbor Request comment. It is civil. It is not divisive. And does not leave any ambiguity, or need to go bananas if someone slips up.

            Let’s put a stake in this…be done…call it a bad experiment.


            • “Get a life”, “People who need to be coddled”, “This will make too much sense for the people who ‘just don’t like it and can’t tell us why'”, etc. These are indeed put-downs and in my opinion fit the definition of the word “vilify”. I am of the completely indifferent category, but I have been very upset by this whole controversy. And a controversy that was not caused by the non-taggers. Oh sure, I get that the odd person needs to be put in line, but otherwise I saw no issue or controversy. And the non-taggers here in the past several posts did not “demand” anything. They simply reacted to the negative manner in which they were being portrayed. Most of them never demanded the graffiti-free thread in the first place. They just took advantage of something that already existed, and was in fact therefore legitimized by Addicts. Sure, it might have been a mistake, but it wasn’t theirs and the majority of them haven’t deserved the way they have been spoken of these past few weeks. And all the “supportive” comments as Patric “rallied the troops” has only been further demeaning in my opinion. I’ve been disgusted by this whole manufactured controversy. Patric and Alissa should have simply come together and made a decision about the thread if they felt it was an issue, and then informed the community of their decision. No editorializing was ever required.

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              • You…have…lost it, dude.

                The number of comments we have to remove, over the “anti-taggers” losing their minds, and calling people out over a ridiculous action that is BUILT INTO THE GAME. is reason enough to whack the section altogether.

                As far as the “editorializing,” it has been going on for months…and months. It’s not my blog. It’s Alissa’s…and she chose to see where people would land.

                I’ll be content with her choice…or that “of the people.” But, I would absolutely implore you to move on…while the dust settles. Your beef is very much with me, and not “the concept” or “standing up for the little guy who hates tagging.” I can live with that. But, know that you are walking a very fine line here as far as I’m concerned. It has become very personal…and I can tell you who will win that slap-fest.

                And by the way… any line that starts with “Patric and Alissa should…” is guaranteed to get the same response from me. Start your own blog…and show us how it’s done.

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            • I honestly didn’t know there was a way to add a comment to a friend request. Is it an OS dependant option? It’s been a while since I’ve added someone who didn’t request me, but I don’t remember it as an option, and have never received a comment with a friend request. In Androidland here I remember a search feature and then an add button next to a player’s user ID nothing else.
              Please teach me if I’m missing out!


    • I am for tagging personally but also in favour of the no tagging group for those who don’t.


    • What it looks like to me is that only 34% are actually against tagging…a definite minority. 🤔


      • I’m not against tagging, just against being tagged.
        I also feel that minorities still have a place in a community.

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      • When I made my original post it was 33% across the board with only a few tenths difference between the 3 options, practically a tie. As of now “delete the thread” is in the lead at 40%, with the other two options down to 29%.
        I’m sure it will continue to change as votes roll in (especially since it appears that people can vote as many times as they please, thereby skewing the results)


  7. I am not surprised that “no opinion” is leading the polls (although that could change), but I believe Alissa and Patric nailed it!

    Is it virtual vandalism? Yes, in a playful sort away El Barto is your TSTO graffiti artist extraordinaire (I’m surprised we haven’t gotten an El Barto Bart Simpson skin with a visual task of him tagging various Buildings / Decor).

    I honestly feel that if it was such an issue? EA would have removed this from the Game App, but it is a Tapper’s choice (and it can simply be controlled by removing a Neighboreeno if you don’t like their gameplay).

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  8. I find it funny that AS OF RIGHT NOW, the poll is about as evenly split as possible – No Opinion has a slight lead at 33.98%; Keep the thread is next at 33.15%; Remove the thread is at 32.87. Can’t get much more even than that. I would have expected more in the “Don’t care” and more in the “keep the thread”.


  9. Don’t care either way. It has no effect on my town. If I tag you and you don’t like it, unfriend me. No issue.

    I do wish friend interactions were more relevant in the game.
    I enjoyed the events where you and a friend would gain extra points by tapping things that were running around. Some were too difficult to find.


  10. In my mind, you should either have three threads (“Tag me and I froth at the mouth”, “Meh, who cares?”, and “Tag me or we’re not friends anymore!”) or one… and since moderating three threads is more of a PITA than one, I guess I favor the one.. you can always put in disclaimers when listing yourself (“I only like vegan taggers of a certain persuasion who follow a pattern of tag-tag-not-tag-not-not-tag-not…”).

    Honestly, I don’t care… until friend actions are part of the events again, my friends list is pretty short so I can get through it quickly (mostly because people who hadn’t been on for a month or more are dropped and I just never added new ones to replace them).

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  11. I don’t know if many people know this, but originally the game also allowed a player to steal a neighbor’s lemon tree (as in the Lemon of Troy episode).
    Imagine the reaction if that option was reinstated.

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  12. I think the “opt out” page just reinforces the idea that tagging is somehow negative and can harm your neighbor’s town. My guess is that the whole issue would disappear if the page did. I think we’re implanting the idea of “negative behavior” in newbies, who otherwise wouldn’t even think about it and would see tagging as just part of the game. When I first started reading this forum, I was oblivious to tagging…when I read the “no tagging” page I suddenly thought I was doing something wrong and hurting my neighbors. At that point, I stopped tagging and started to consider my neighbors who tagged me as bad neighbors and not worth keeping. It’s taken this long (years) for me to realize that it was all nonsense…now I’m really enjoying the whole “tag and be tagged” philosophy and have had lots more fun trying to find unscathed buildings.
    Just my 2 cents worth…😁

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  13. Keith1Roon991

    I see it as part of the game and like it, a small percentage is lost but it soon comes back, i only tag a small circle of friends on my list who dont mind and sometimes only 1 building just to say hi, am still here lol and no malice intended.

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    • I think if the small percentage that was lost was ‘undone’ when tapping on the Sky Finger Monument, it would be a completely-moot point.

      I don’t tag, but I also don’t mind being tagged by my neighbors.

      But I do know that I’ll go around clearing buildings manually some days, and will see some random building (that I haven’t laid eyes on in days) that has been tagged, and I do find myself wondering “How long has this been here?!”

      I know some folks who *hate* being tagged, and I know that they’d be much cooler about it if they could ‘clear it out’ simply by tapping on the Sky Finger.


  14. Could we have a vote for Patric not being allowed to argue his point as a reply to every single comment he moderates? It doesn’t seem terribly democratic in the spirit of this poll.

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  15. I voted yes to delete the no tagging thread.
    While I, like Alissa, am indifferent when it comes to tagging, it is all part of the game. I don’t see the point in having a separate page that caters to one type of player. I thought this was a community site? Do we really need to revert to a separate but equal way of thinking?
    I agree with the others that suggested the idea of one page to add friends and using the comments to disclaim what kind of neighbors you are looking for. Otherwise, why are there not a pages for other types of players. A no ploppers thread, a no holiday thread, a just brown houses thread. This list is infinite. Which brings me back to the point of this being a community. Different types of people with different perspectives, ideas and opinions coming together. We might not all tap the same way, but we all have one thing in common. We are all addicted to this ridiculous game.
    I feel having one page for adding neighbors will only strengthen our little community of tappers. It will open a dialogue between different types of players and hopefully help us understand why we tap the way we do.
    So in conclusion, Skyfingers unite! One page for all.

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  16. i voted to keep it.. just so I know who I can friend and tag…. on purpose… there are some of us that like to watch the world burn… I have never cared to be tagged, I like it when might scattered neighbors do, it shows that they care, my pattern when i visit neighbors usually is 1 menu, 1 money, 1 tag.. if I knw who doesn’t like tags then the pattern gets modified to 3 TAGS.. and laugh and laugh and laugh, knowing I just ruined someone’s ENTIRE day.. muahahahahahaha…… (dr evil. ” 1 million dollars!!!”)
    When I started playing TSTO I didn’t know what happened when you tagged or were tagged, I just knew how to play the game, am a gamer, it came natural to me to deal with it.. it is a game after all..
    SOOOOO… if you want a tagger friend, and a friend that has flying things all over town.. add me.. k00lviruz. (zero’s instead of O’s.) and you know what to do..


  17. I’m good with tagging it doesn’t bother me. I don’t tag only because I’m not sure if any of my neighbours are “sensitive” about the subject and I have great active neighbours right now. Some tag me some don’t. I like it when I’m tagged. It’s fine by me. After all I believe it’s the way Bart would want it!! So don’t have a cow man!!

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  18. I have voted to eliminate the Vandalism Free thread.

    Personally I no longer care whether I am tagged or not and I have a small group of friends who tag me every day and I them. This is the most fun I have had visiting friends for a long time and I love their daily greetings!

    On the other hand I can see how upset people get when they are constantly tagged by someone who has promised not to. If the thread did not exist there would be no broken promises and therefore no complaints about those that have broken their promise.

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  19. I am in favour of tagging and participate willingly. I don’t see any harm in continuing the list for those who don’t want to tag but I do think they should refrain from calling people out for tagging, just unfriend the offending player and let that be the end of it.

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  20. You all know my vote. Delete it. My reason? SIMPLE… having a generic “Add Neighbors” section is adequate for tappers of all sorts. When you add your comment to the thread, simply make your desires known….and then act accordingly. If you freak out with taggers…say so. If you don’t care…say so. If you love tagging, say so. But the “anti-taggers” don’t need their own place to stand and point at others.

    I know. This makes too much sense to be adapted by people “who just don’t like it…and can’t tell us why.” But, there you have it. Common sense….like it or not.

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    • Well said. Agree.


    • missdblue2185

      Which came first, the tag-free thread for friends, or the dislike of tagging? Did the tag-free option create the idea that we shouldn’t want to be tagged? I didn’t know that I was supposed to be against it until I found the thread. I originally thought it was part of the game. I thought tagging looked kool, because it reminded me that Bart is the rebel part of me wanted to emulate as a child.


  21. Personally, I don’t think there’s any harm in having a place to get tag-free friends, for a few reasons.

    1, Some people don’t like it. Having somewhere to specifically go to for the type of friends you want is great! Heck, maybe there should be a place for tag-preferred!

    2, Personally, I don’t have a problem with being tagged.
    Any more.
    However, lower level towns can loose valuable bonus percentage from a single tag! I hated getting tagged before I got all my stars stable. Especially when I couldn’t afford the climbing walls to build it back up.

    3, Lastly, I don’t see why anyone shouldn’t be able to seek out the type of friends they want. I would love somewhere to seek out friends who love to design. Or extremely active friends. Or whatever.

    Maybe if the forums weren’t so…what they are, there could be someplace for those types of friend requests.

    Basically, I don’t see the harm in having a safe space for tag-free friending, for whatever reason.

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    • Just to set the record straight…as I have written about several times… you lose one half a pint…and your stars come back in a couple of days…ON their own.


      • Yes, but that one half point, when that’s all you have, is a significant loss (especially to baby towns), even if it comes back.

        I was literally scrounging for all the bonus percentage I could get.

        Anyway, there are many different reasons someone may not want to be tagged. Percentage is only one of the reasons.
        When someone says “I don’t like that, please don’t do it,” I don’t ask why, I just stop. That’s what the no-tagging thread is.

        What’s the harm having somewhere for those players to find friends? Why should one group be catered to above the other, just because they don’t see the point?

        As you’ve said, it’s just a game. Let people play it how they want to.

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    • CicketJane333

      It’s very true what you say concerning lower level players. I struggled for years to raise my bonus percentage but it was very slow process. It would have taken me years to get a higher bonus percentage rating if I hadn’t switched to neighbors who do not tag. It’s true your percentage will bounce back after several days, but if you are 4 hour player like I have been, you get hit several times a day, continually over and over, and it makes it very hard to raise your bonus percentage and keep it that way.

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      • This is not true. Sorry. You lose 1/2 of a point. Period. No more. One billboard gives you more than that…and it comes back after a couple of days.


  22. Wait… there are people how have a problem with the word “moist”?!? Who are these people — and just how thin is their skin, anyway? If I use the word moist in every other sentence, will they start to go off on me? What if I started using it incorrectly, just to find stupid reasons to inject it into conversations? Will that make their emotions go all moist on us? What about variations, like “moisten” or “moistware”? Will those have the same effect? How about synonyms, like “damp”?

    I’m soooo confused, right now…

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  23. Am getting pretty sick with this game and mini event bull*$#%….this was a fun addictive game which i loved to play but in last six months i have been playing game for a day per mini event,its just so boring,am on final level and has nothing to do except wait every 2 months on some lame update,i come here everyday hoping another event would come but nothing…I respect you guys on writing here every day on a game that is clearly dying.Mini events last for two weeks or so and i finish it usually in a day,and then i have to wait at least month before anything new comes out.We hadn’t had a big event in 2019,i think last one was halloween..
    I think its time to call it a quit,like simpsons show should have ended two decades ago when it was best show on TV.Sometimes its better to quit while you are ahead,but money is all that matters to them,as always that is main reason why everything gets ruined…greed
    I used to watch it and laugh so much and loved it to the core but now am getting tired of it…30 seasons,it has about 5-7 great seasons ,other is average or bad,its time that someone here tells the truth how things are and don’t pretend everything is alright…i think most of us here would agree on most what i have said,i thank EA and Simpsons for many years of fun and laughs,but its just not what it used to be…


  24. Lisa (Kyle b.)

    Got deleted again by another neighbor this morning! …I wish there was a way the game could notify me when someone unfriends me over tagging so I could “like” it😂. Some of y’all are taking this game way too seriously…just laugh and scroll, people, laugh and scroll…

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    • Hahahaha! I feel your pain…but don’t think I have been “deleted” yet. And yes…some people take this waaaaaaaaaaay too seriously. I for one appreciate seeing your graffiti.

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  25. Rusty Shackleford

    Funny thing is that even though I’ve been tagging like crazy, I still can’t get some of my neighbors to visit me.

    Moist is ok with me, but I don’t like it when people say “do” when they should be saying “have” or how everything is “crafted”.

    Like you said, we all have our tics.


    • Me? I can’t stand it when people say, “It only costs one cents.” Or when news people use the term, “Busted,” as in “they busted down the door.” It’s singular…and it’s broke down.


  26. There is so much divisiveness in the world right now and most of it is about issues that just aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. “Be excellent to each other” true words to live by from a cult movie favorite. Patric once railed against “blissful ninnies,” but focusing on the positives makes for a much happier life!

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  27. Noooo….just when I thought the tagging issue had gone quiet !!!


  28. When I first began playing and into the second year, I got upset when I was tagged. I was trying to advance quickly in the game and taggers hindered that. I wasn’t aware how infinitesimal the effect, but I could see the changes in the Conform-o-meter. Once is a mistake, twice maybe but tagging three times in one visit was malicious. Because I was on the no-tag list, it was irksome. I often dropped friends who tagged me, later only if they tagged me thrice in one visit and now only if you haven’t been active for over 5 months and I am not able to get any benefit from visiting.

    Now I understand that tagging doesn’t really affect the game so I don’t care. I still don’t tag my neighbors but I always capture Bob when visiting Other Springfield to keep my indolence up. I don’t need to now, but it’s a habit I can’t seem to break. So there you have it. I won’t tag my neighbors but I don’t mind if they tag me (anymore).

    Having the Vandalism free list is good to give players a little more control of their game so they can enjoy it the way they like.

    “You can tag if you wan to…’

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  29. Thanks a lot, Alissa. I, too, was once one of the “annoyed from tagging” guys. But I rrecently embraced Patric’s dogma, in that I tag and allow tagging my city, because it’s actually nice to see that my neighboureenos go a long way in order to search for taggable buildings 😀


  30. No right or wrong way to play,treat people with compassion and no histrionics.
    I agree with that entirely.

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