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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So, it’s no secret that it’s slow in TSTO right now.  Hell, we’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for months now!  But it’s even slower with The Simpsons on hiatus over the summer.

With no new updates, or slow-moving updates, and no new Simpsons episodes to watch things can get a little boring.  Especially on a Saturday morning.  So, earlier today I went down a little bit of a YouTube rabbit hole when trying to come up with some fun content to post today.

Among other things, I found a total blast from the past in the form of old Simpsons commercials!  Ads for Butterfinger, Burger King, and Simpsons video games piqued my interest.  Guys these are so classically awesome, it was hard to leave the YouTube pull!  But alas, I have and now I’m sharing their awesomeness with you!

First up, Butterfinger!  For those of us who grew up with these commercials, it’s hard not to think of The Simpsons every time you see a Butterfinger.  So, check out these classics…

Next up, there’s nothing like classic video game commercials…bad graphics all around!

And finally, at least for now, the Burger King collection….

What are your thoughts on the classic commercials?  Remember them?  First time seeing them?  Fond memories of The Simpsons being all over your TV, not just on Sunday nights?  Have you gone down and YouTube rabbit holes recently?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

13 responses to “Saturday Silly Simpsons

  1. Thanks Alissa, yes I remember!
    Thanks for the blog.
    Tonysalmai175 – daily player, bored or not 😉

  2. Does anybody have the halloween simpsons toys from (i think) McDonald’s happy meals? I think from late 90’s. Wish i had treated mine better. I find the separated characters and bases in the bottom of my halloween decoration boxes every year and just crack up. 🎃

    • I have a whole box full of those Halloween Simpsons from Burger King from long ago and also the Simpsons watches that talked. When I was even younger, my Dad used to take me to Burger King for Whoppers to get those big plastic/plush Simpsons dolls. My kids play with them all the time still.

    • sandytoes74

      I wish I could find my Simpsons Treehouse of Horror kids meal toys (they disappeared into the nether regions) …. I do have my Beetlejuice Cartoon and the year Nightmare for Christmas came out Burger King kids meal toys (now those get a lot of “wow” reactions from visitors at the condo) …. got to 💜 how the Walt Disney Company finally caved-in with their “we will no longer promote our film on a kids meal” stance (💰 talks and Disney schills).

      I think we are long overdue for some new Simpson’s Toys 🍟🍔🥤

  3. Awesome stuff, and some of it was decent writing as far as commercials go.

  4. My favorite was a print ad/display at BK. Marge was shown with one of their chicken sandwiches (which were pretty good!), and she’s saying:
    “The secret ingredient — is chicken!”
    Well, it made _me_ chuckle every time I’d see it….

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Good stuff. It does suck you in. My wife and I once spent an entire evening watching old commercials from the 70s. I know, I know, they are just commercials and I have always been disgusted by all the hype given to the commercials played during the super bowl.

    But I guess the old 70s commercials are fun because they bring back memories from my childhood. Yet still, I can’t help but hear Lisa Simpson’s voice lecturing me about crass commercialism.

  6. Thank you Alissa …. that nostalgia is wonderful to look back on (and speaking of nostalgia, I found a good post on Reddit regarding that CD “songs in the key of Springfield” – and now I wonder what happened to my CD)! 😀👍

    Feel free to sound off if you have the CD, and like a lot of fans wonder why it’s not available on Spotify / Pandora (c’mon Fox / Disney – make it happen!)

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