Musings About Premium Characters As Prizes…

Happy Musings Thursday my friends!  This week I’m musing about finding premium characters in our prize tracks during Simpsons Babies.  I’ve got some thoughts on it, so let’s get to ’em…

So the other day we finally ended our Addicts Live summer vacation and recorded our 50th episode!  (Look for the episode to air on Saturday)  And with the new format (pre-recording) we were able to get the whole Addicts gang together for the laughs.

Guys, this one was hilarious to record.  You never know what’s going to happen when we all get together, but you always know there’s going to be a lot of laughing.  And boy was there a lot of laughing.  Hopefully, you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Anyway…during the Addicts Live episode we brought up the fact that there are now Premium Characters on the prize track.  You’ll have to watch the show to hear the guys’ thoughts on the subject, but I thought I’d use this week’s musings post to elaborate a bit more on it.

For the record, I’m indifferent about it.  It doesn’t bother me one way or another. The more TSTO brings back premium content at a discounted (or free) rate, the less and less I get annoyed by it.  It used to really bug me that I’d spend 150+ donuts for something only to see EA re-release it a couple of years later at a discounted rate. (Mystery Boxes used to really drive me insane)  But, like I said before, the more they do it the less aggravated I get by it.

The way I look at it I’ve had x amount of time to enjoy the item.  By spending donuts, whether it be more donuts or donuts at all, on the item I gained myself the extra time and enjoyment with that character in Springfield.  Not to mention the added bonus of having Cash/XP (and potentially a bonus % if that character came with a decoration) generated by that character over time and in some cases the added bonus of event currency earned by that character.

In the case of Bleeding Gums Murphy, sure he was 165 donuts when he originally came out in August of 2017, but he also helped earn extra event currency for the Homerpalooza event.  His extra currency allowed me to finish the event faster so that I could enjoy more time with my family.  And since August 2017, BGM has not only provided me with entertainment in TSTO…he’s provided me with 2 years of earning income and XP in my game.  Income and XP which, in turn, can be used to generate more donuts to buy more characters. (Full disclosure, I do not donut farm.  But I know many of you do, and you’ll see the logic in where I’m going here)

So the way I look at it, sure newer players (or those who just skipped buying the premium item the first time around) have a little advantage now.  In that, they can that character for free.  But in the end I, and you if you too have the characters in Springfield, have the bigger advantage.  As you’re two years ahead of the game in cash/XP. And you’ve likely generated enough cash and XP with that 1 character over the time span to donut farm enough donuts to pay for that character over again, and then some.

One final note on this.  For those of you who think this is the first time EA has made a premium item free, you’re incorrect.  They’ve done this in the past.  Originally in 2012, Kang was released in Springfield as a premium character. A premium character, with the Ray Gun, that cost 100 donuts.  1 year later, Halloween 2013, Kang was awarded for FREE via the questline.  And you could buy Kodos for 150 donuts. A few years later both Kodos and Kang were awarded for free to those who didn’t purchase them, as they were an important part of the Halloween update.

So this isn’t the first time this has happened.  And at least now, the premium characters are prizes.  So you have to do some work to earn them.  With Kodos and Kang they were just awarded for free when you started up the THOH update.

And that’s it guys, my latest round of random TSTO Musings. Thoughts? Care to share your own musings on the topic?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Now that I have waaaaay more characters running around my Springfield, I have noticed a bug. Many of the latest additions seem to not show up in the upper-left button. They are otherwise fully functional, but I can’t see their status. Playing on an iPad now (started on an Android phone and an iPad back when they were brand new).

    It is like the game reached max characters. Are others seeing the same behavior?

  2. I suppose one thing to consider though, a lot of things that long term players got as prizes in past tracks are now being offered in mystery boxes in return for doughnuts. It seems quite nice to reward them by sticking around.
    Plenty of useless decorations in the yearbook box at 30 sprinkles a pop that long terners don’t see because they got them at Halloween 2014. More than balances out.

  3. I have no problem with previous premium prizes as prizes. As one with a cache of donuts I would wish the donuts as a replacement prize came at the end the prize track, like the bonuts we used to get. That would be a small reward for those who purchased premium items earlier.

  4. I don’t mind at all that they bring back premium characters for less or for free that I paid for with donuts. I’m glad others get to enjoy returning content. 👌

    BUT what I really hate is them bringing back characters I paid REAL MONEY for as a Limited Time Purchase for donuts!

    That’s so wrong! 😬

  5. Any advice on how to get Respectable Moe. That skin was only offered once! I started playing the update after. Doh! One of the few items I am missing. I also need Christmas Volcano (do not know why EA does not offer that anymore). And the four NP alley villains from superheros 2. Been asking EA for years on the first three items.

  6. How about offering just some simple items once in a while? How about gravel for roads? I could use more weeds, plants, playground equipment, more cars for Pete’s sake. I have about 400 characters for crying out loud! I could use a few more things that stand still! Sure, it’s not as sexy, but we have the only game in the world where cars don’t drive on roads or park in the parking spots.

  7. I got BGM & The Jazz Hole in a mystery box last year, Ling and the farm from the events they were introduced in. I don’t mind EA offering old donut items on the prize track as long as the alternate prize is decent (like land tokens). At least the old premium prizes do have a part in the story for each act. I would’ve preferred the other prizes to be land tokens instead of donuts since without GGR, land tokens are more difficult to obtain. They were originally from events but recent ones have stopped offering land tokens as prizes which is annoying.

  8. So I know there already is a should I buy for Peta and Pita, but I´m more asking in this specific time, like we havent had new charachters to buy in a while (excluding Flanders etc) Should I pick them up, or are they just meh?
    I already bought all the other new charachters in this event, so that is not an issue.

  9. I already lost Snowball in my town.🐈🐱😿

  10. I think I’ve been playing the game from the start… back when it was very buggy and 🍩 were extremely hard to come by… I hard to save up long and hard to get premium characters. When visiting neighbours it was nice to see how far others had progressed in the game and the characters they had which I didn’t.
    I’ve always found it a shame that newbies would be jealous of others hard graft, having played for years to acquire their assets… I want it all and I want it now, without having to work for it mentality.
    Now that 🍩 are easier to come by I have the choice of buying now or waiting, and I do both depending on the desirability at the time to me and the babies for me are instant buys for me, sure I could wait if I was worried about the 🍩 outlay but I’d rather have them in my game.
    I’ve already got the other characters so am being awarded 🍩 in the prize track and I’m cool with that, and it’s so nice that these are full characters and not skins (not a fan of skins unless where it converts the character to premium earning and they can “live” in it).
    As Alissa says I’ve had the benefit (cash & XP) of these characters in my game as well as the pleasure of seeing them 😊🇬🇧

  11. Looking forward to the Addicts Live recorded broadcast (if laughter truly is the best medicine? then I look forward to a healthy dose!) 😀

    Prior Premium Characters now offered at Discount and/or as Event Prizes that I originally spent sprinkles on ….. hey my prior purchases for Premiums helps keep the Game App going, but if I missed an opportunity on Premium content years ago? then I’m grateful for the opportunity to obtain them (thanks EA!)

    If I get a stack of 🍩’s vs an Event Prize? I will gladly take those 🍩’s and use them to Farm more 🍩’s (when you have ‘zero expectations’? you start to appreciate what you can get). This is truly a blessing vs unwanted Decor that goes right into Storage. Besides, Noobs are given an opportunity to obtain Characters, Buildings, etc that they missed out on!

    The worst that could happen? you get nothing and that does not encourage one to participate in an Event (aka you lose the motivation). Now if we can all use the power of persuasion, then maybe we can persuade EA to finally open up that vacant space adjacent to Springfield Heights! 😂

    • Wow, you talk about that land adjacent to Springfield Heights, almost as much as I talk about not having Mrs. Sinclair.

      I feel your pain!

      • NicoRox13

        It’s a running gag (aka yeah it’s proof that EA bailed on Springfield Heights) ….. but at the same time that vacant space should no longer be vacant.

        • But if they ever give it to you, where would the fun in that be? What would you harp about?

          Of I get Mrs Sinclair, I can then move on to nick delacourt. Then barbarian homer, and so on. Oh and there a bunch of skins that I don’t have too.

  12. I don’t mind the characters and now since they changed from land to donuts you are getting a rebate on the origonal purchase.

  13. It doesn’t bother me that they put premium characters in the prize track. Personally I think 12 donuts is a little low, 20 maybe? But I can see where EA could be coming from. Donuts are money and in Canada 12 donuts are 2.79 plus tax ( apple takes a cut here) I think 12 are 1.99 in the US so essentially there giving 2 bucks away to everyone and that adds up. I farm and I buy donuts. Every time there is an event I buy some donuts. I do not mind paying to play this game!! There is no adds!! You try any other game or app for that matter that is free and they are usually FULL of adds!! Not everyone can afford to pay to play the game and I don’t think they should be denied the chance for characters. I have only been playing a year and I paid a lot to get the content and characters I have because I wanted them!! If you ask my husband too much but he’s not one of us so he doesn’t understand!! Lol I think newer play should have the chance to get past content not just from mystery boxes. I love this game because it is fun and enjoyable I don’t understand why people get stressed out and upset by what goes on. Don’t like it don’t play, simple. That’s my 2 cents! Happy Tappin Friends!!

  14. Ditto nicorox13

  15. I emailed you Alissa on Mrs sinclair

  16. I like that they are sharing PREMIUM characters for free/prizes, I only have one issue with it, EA removing the Premium status and making them Regular characters, it happen before, don’t remember now with which character, but it happen, it went from PRE to REG… :/ so am hoping that it doesn’t happen with the prizes this time around and that even those that get it “free” get the PRE rates.
    Happy Tapping..
    The Viruz..

  17. PS….EA: please give NicoRox13 his Ms. Sinclair.
    There. I did my best.

  18. I’ll take anything/body they give away. I never wanted Ling but if they say “here u go. Enjoy”. Ok i will.
    I bought BGM a whiles back and don’t regret it. If newer players or whoever get something the easy way i think that’s just peachy. Especially considering all the crap some of this community have to deal with just to get on the damn game!
    Happy Thursday kids!❤

  19. I think it’s cool they are doing this. I got Ling for free when others bought her, good for me. Others get BGM for free when I got him in a mystery box, good for them. At this point you know if you pay full price for a character it will be available cheaper down the road. If it bugs you, wait.

    • Bingo.

      If it bugs you, take the chance to see if it’ll come back free or cheaper. If you have to have it immediately, then you pay the price for that instant satisfaction.

  20. I’m less bothered by the fact they’re offering the character for free than I am by the fact that the equivalent prize for people that already have them isn’t a fair number of donuts.

    • Define fair. 165 donuts? You bought the item. Had it for 2 years. At this point any return would be pro-rated.

      At least they’re giving you back donuts. Previously they gave a land token as an alternative.

      • Right bow, the cost of a land token is 12 donuts if you have the GGR, that’s what it costs to accelerate the task. If you own all the land and played it right, the land tokens earned at GGR can be cashed for 12 donuts. If you don’t have the GGR, I guess there is no true mapping of the cost of a land token.

  21. My problem is getting only 12 donuts for items that I spent MUCH more on.

    • You want them to give you back 165 donuts?

    • It’s only a 12 donut rebate so far. If they keep offering former premium characters as prize track prizes, eventually these characters will start making money. Play the long, long game and send the characters on tasks while you wait.

  22. There are other characters from much earlier events that were available in prize tracks that could be offered up instead.

    When starting tapped out, the task of how to get all 400 plus characters is daunting. That is, it will take a lot of donuts to get them all. This may cause some players to quit since they may view.the only way to that would be to spend a lot of cash to buy donuts, Unless they are aware.of donut farming.

    Getting a few of the characters that others already have is encouraging.

    What I really want to see as a prize track prize is, and if you have read a few.of my posts you will have guessed it by now, Mrs. Sinclair. She was first available as a prize in the Christmas event when I started playing. At that time you could purchase the Ayn Rand School for Tots using in game cash, which I did. However, I was not available to earn enough credits to sin Mrs. Sinclair. Since then she has only been offered for purchase as a combo with the school.

    Other characters from that event that I didn’t win have been available and I was able to attain them.

    Come on EA I am cheering for you to make Mrs. Sinclair available to me!

    I think the BGM is a little bit too new to be offering up. I would feel better if it were an older character.

    Have a good day all and here’s a shout out to all of my neighbors.

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