Simpson Babies: Full Dialogue Week 3, The Sleuthenizer

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Round 3 of the Simpsons Babies Event is live in our games! What will happen during Week 3 of this Baby mystery?  You’ll have to read the dialogue to find out (good thing I’ve typed it out below)…

As we’ve said before, the Simpsons Babies event follows the same event structure of the Multi-Events before it.  This event consists of 4 parts (or Acts), with each part lasting a week and taking us through a new part of the event! (remember, the next part won’t release until next Wednesday)

Now that we’re near the end of Week 3, it’s time to look back on the dialogue…just in case you missed any of it by tappin’ too fast!

As a reminder, here’s the synopsis for Week 3, direct from EA:

Bart and Lisa turn to the remaining adults in Springfield to look for help. Comic Book Guy is basically useless, so they move on to Frink, who invited the Youthenizer in the first place. While examining the Youthenizer, Frink accidently activates it, turning him to a baby too!

Frustrated that everyone she tries to get to help has been turned to a baby, Lisa has no one left to turn to. In that moment of desperation, the spirit of Bleeding Gums Murphy appears to her in cloud form to offer her words of encouragement. Looking for inspiration, Lisa starts playing her saxophone. In their story to Maggie, Baby Bart and Baby Lisa get on their bikes and ride past the local teen center. Bart has an idea that maybe they can get one of the teens there to help out since teens are good with tech. They find a teenaged Smithers, who was clipped by a Youthenizer, receiving only a partial blast. While examining the Youthenizer, Teenage Smithers recognizes the device as the same one that Mr. Burns was using the previous week and that caused Smithers to turn teen when it went off. Turns out, Mr. Burns was behind the Youthenizer the
whole time. They decide to go to the power plant to confront Mr. Burns, but when Lisa tries to turn on some music for the ride, she accidentally activates the Youthenizer and, you guessed it, gets turned into a baby.

The Sleuthenizer Pt. 1

CBG: Interesting. Various characters are reverse-aging into babies, much as in classic Futurama episode 4ACV09. Although in that story the device was called a “Youth-a-sizer”, not a “Youthenizer”, so this is very, very different.
Lisa: Instead of nitpicking sarcastically, why don’t you help for once?
Bart: Yeah! Like, tell us how superheroes would un-reverse the aging process.
CBG: Well, let’s see. In the movie Superman, the hero of the same name reversed Earth’s rotation, causing time to run backwards. However, that’s the third stupidest thing in history, behind two things Aquaman did that are too embarrassing to discuss.
Make Bart Wonder What Aquaman Did- 4hrs
Make Lisa Look for Someone More Helpful- 4hrs
Collect Play Instruments-

The Sleuthenizer Pt. 2

Lisa: I should have come to you first, Professor Frink. Can you reverse the Youthenizer?
Frink: Hmm. I once un-reversed an Oldening Ray, so the process should be similar. Stand back while I bloink the gizmodulator…
******Screen Flashes*****
Bart: Oh no! Not yet again!
Baby Frink: Good glayvin, I’m a baby now? I’ve never seen a Youthenizer on such a hair trigger!
Lisa: Y’know, I’m just going to hide it behind a napkin to avoid any more accidents.
Baby Frink: That’s all well and good, but I’ve lost my object permanence. So since I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist! Problem solved!
Make Lisa Hit a Dead End- 4hrs
Collect Play Instruments- x100

The Sleuthenizer Pt. 3

Lisa: *sigh* Everyone who tries to help just ends up in a soiled onesie of their own making. I’ve got no one left to turn to!
Bleeding Gums Cloudy: Lisa, believe in yourself! Stop listening to smart people, and for no reason start listening to clouds that resemble deceased saxophonists.
Lisa: That is offensively stupid, pseudo-religious bunk! And it makes me feel better! Thanks to you, the clouds are beginning to lift. Hey, why are you lifting? Goodbyyyye!
Tap Bleeding Gums Cloud
Collect Play Instruments- x100. 

The Sleuthenizer Pt. 4

Lisa: I find I often get ideas when I’m playing the saxophone.
Bart: That gives me an idea! Let’s go ride our bikes so I don’t have to listen to you play the saxophone.
Lisa: Okay. We’re on our bikes now.
Bart: Yep. And we’re riding past the teen center.
Lisa: Wow! We’re suddenly covering a lot of ground, both on our bikes and in the plot.
Bart: Say Lis… teenagers are good with technology, right? Maybe that dork over there can help with the Youthenizer.
Teenage Smithers: Who, me?
Lisa: *gasp* Mr. Smithers?! You’re a teenager now?!
Teenage Smithers: Ugh, don’t ask. I got a partial blast from a hair-trigger, ivory-block Youthenizer. But you kids wouldn’t know about that.
Make Lisa Get a Lead in the Investigation- 4hrs
Collect Play Instruments- x100. 

The Sleuthenizer Pt. 5

Lisa: We need your help, Mr. Smithers.
Teenage Smithers: Please, don’t call me “mister”.
Bart: Oh, right, on account of your confused sexuality.
Teenage Smithers: Say what? As a teenager, I’m simply not accustomed to being called “mister”. Although come to think of it…
Lisa: Later! Right now we need to reverse the Youthenizer. It’s here, in my bike basket. No, wait, that’s my smart speaker. It’s over in Bart’s basket.
Teenage Smithers: Be careful with that! Mr. Burns was using it last week. I tried to run, but a glancing wave caught the edge of my left adenoid and made me a teenager.
Lisa: So Mr. Burns is behind this! I knew it all along!
Bart: You did? Then why are you conducting a painstaking investigation?
Lisa: It’s how I do. Now let’s put some music on the smart speaker and head for the power plant!
******Screen Flashes*****
Bart: Lisa! You’ve been baby-ized!
Baby Lisa: Oh God, this is terrible! I won’t be able to play the saxophone again for years!
Bart: Hooray!
Make Lisa Play One Last Jazz Duet – 4hrs
Make Bleeding Gums Murphy Play One Last Jazz Duet- 4hrs
Collect Play Instruments- x100. 

And this concludes the Dialogue for The Sleuthenizer and Week 3 of the Simpsons Babies Event!

Thoughts on the third week?  Thoughts on the dialogue? Excited to see how the story ends in week 4?  Thoughts on the event in general?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Thanks for the synopsis Alissa. Sometimes it’s hard to get the full humorous impact while tapping and only one scene at a time. Regardless of what happens in the gameplay now and in the future, it’s nice to see the good humor is still there for the TSTO writers. This alone makes continuing playing worth my time after 6 years!

  2. Baby Lisa: Oh God, this is terrible! I won’t be able to play the saxophone again for years!
    Bart: Hooray!


    Thanks a lot, Alissa! This dialogues made me genuinely laugh XD

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