Musings About TSTO Addicts Turning 6…

Happy Musings Thursday my friends!  This week I’m musing about birthdays.  With the littlest Addict turning 1 yesterday, I’ve been thinking about how quickly time has flown by!  So quickly, in fact, I completely forgot to mention a big milestone around here that happened 2 weeks ago.  TSTO Addicts turned SIX! Since I forgot to talk about it a couple of weeks ago, I’ve got some thoughts on it now, so let’s get to ’em…

Wowser, August 14th marked the 6th anniversary of TSTO Addicts.  I honestly can’t believe it!  Some days it feels like we’ve been doing this forever, and other days it seems like we just started yesterday. No matter how long it’s been, let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone thought we’d still be doing this 6 years later.  6 years of blogging about a silly little game.  Wow.  I’m not sure what I’m in more disbelief of, that wow we’re still around after all this time or wow, we’re still doing this?!

Crazy to think when this all started no one thought TSTO would still be going strong all these years later, let alone a blog about TSTO.  Hell, I don’t think anyone thought The Simpsons would still be on TV.  But here we all are, 6 years later still alive and kicking.

I know I make jokes about being tired, and that you guys drive me nuts sometimes (ok most of the time), but the truth is I’m really proud of what we’ve created here.  When I first started this site, I never in a million years thought this site would make it to two years, let alone 6.  The accomplishment of that isn’t lost on me.  Nor is the fact that we’re the only TSTO blog, of the originals that started in 2013 still around.  I don’t know if I just have a deep passion for this community, or I’m really that nuts.  (I like to think it’s a little of both)

Seriously guys, it seems like just yesterday this “little blog that could” started as a crazy idea and here we stand more than half a decade later still plugging away.  As you may have heard me say over the years when we set out to create the site we wanted to be different.  There were a TON of TSTO blogs that popped up all around the same time.  So really you could have gone anywhere to get the same basic information.  So, we wanted to do things no one else was doing.  We wanted something with more personality.  We wanted to laugh.  Now here we are all these years later and I think we’ve achieved our goals!

Over the last 6 years, we’ve shared a lot of laughs and a lot of frustration, but this site would not be what it is today without you amazing readers!  As I’ve always said, you guys make this place fun, we just supply the music and margaritas!  We love each and every one of you for being here and being part of this TSTO Community!

So we’ll still hang around as long as the game keeps going, and you guys keep showing up!  And whenever I start to think about hanging up my TSTO writing cap I’ll reflect back on what this community has meant to all of us over the years and how proud I am to have been a small part of what’s TSTO Addicts has become!

And that’s it guys, my latest round of random TSTO Musings. Thoughts? Care to share your own musings on the topic?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Hey everyone! Congrats on the blog turning six! While I don’t read it every day, and I’ve slowed down on the game the last year because of life, I still depend on it for when I do participate in events. Actually I use it to determine which events I believe are going to be the most interest to me or have something in it that will be of use. So a big thank you for continuing it!

  2. Simpson’s, family guy, futurama worlds of tomorrow… you cover it all! Thanks for doing all the hard work. Your coverage and ability to break it all down is beyond amazing to me.

  3. Thank you! I read this almost daily!

  4. Thank you…Thank you….Thank you… For all the time and effort you put into this site!! It does not go unnoticed!!! So on the days that it feels like it does, or the days when you guys are frustrated please read this and remember you are appreciated!! This Tapper Thanks you for helping her play and making this game much more enjoyable!!

  5. thank you TSTO Addicts for all you do! all your guidance, posts, and detailed reviews have definitely helped me over the years. your efforts are definitely appreciated!

  6. While many of us might not “need” the blog anymore, we still look forward
    to every post – the brackets, the tunes, the musings, the SIBs – even if we already bought it just to validate our decision – the synopsis, the turbo tappings and the rest. This community has made this so much more than just an app/game. The fact that there are soooo many of us (and some still finding the game AND the blog) makes us feel like we are actually part of something culturally significant and may be for some time to come. Kudos to all of you (past and present – left and returned) for helping to make it just a little bit of an important part of our lives.

  7. Happy anniversary to TSTO Addicts! I was absolutely lost before I found this blog. Thanks to all of you for everything you do! It’s much appreciated and has been a lot of fun.

  8. Thanks, Alissa and Crew! You’ve made playing this game so much more fun and easier to figure out! Your efforts are so appreciated. 😊💚

  9. I may not “tappa-tappa-tappa” everyday anymore, but I always come by and check on how everyone is doing here. I’m becoming more of a ‘TSTO Addicts’ Addict…and that’s not a bad thing at all.
    Congrats on 6 years of keeping it together in spite of all our “my game keeps crashing!” and “why won’t my game go to the next act!” silliness. We might get bored or irritated with the game, but never with this site, or with our venerated moderators (kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?). Hope we’re all here for another 6 years…who knows, maybe by then we’ll all be virtually walking thru a 3D Springfield with a spray can in our hands…El Barto forever!

  10. “how proud I am to have been a small part of what’s TSTO Addicts has become!” WHAT AN UNDERSTATEMENT Alissa!!!! Our TSTO community would not be here if it wasn’t for YOU!!!!!…..and the various little helpers that have assisted you over the years 😁.
    🍾Congrats for keeping us tapping along. 🍻

  11. ❤️ these milestones

    6 years with TSTO Addicts (there is tons of content here to guide any Tapper, thanks to everyone and their friendly encouragement!)

    6 years with TSTO Game App (wow! EA has kept it going, while discontinuing other Game Apps – that’s some dedication!)

    31 (and still going) Seasons of The Simpson’s on Network TV (I don’t see this intellectual property disappearing, but I do see the spin-off potential / further theatrical adventures!)

    And Halloween is approaching! 😊

  12. I would have loved to know about the existence of this game so many years ago. I started playing this game about 2 years ago. It saddens me not to have known this game 6 years ago.

  13. Thank you for the site. Release the hounds

  14. I’ve been playing since day one but only came across this blog about nine months ago. The blog has helped me enjoy the game even more. Thank you! Please keep it going 🙏

  15. I never realy took the time to do this, so it’s long overdue: thanks to you and everyone that makes this site possible!

    Since I started here I a few years ago, I am now at the stage in the game where I can buy what I want, and even rush events. So, even though I don’t really need the site anymore to tell me how to do certain things, or if I should buy something or not, I still find myself coming back here to read articles, check comments etc.

    Here’s to the next few years 😛

  16. JANICE Wocelka OCHS

    Thank you for all your hard work! I’ve probably been with you for that 6yrs since I started the game 6 1/2 yrs ago.
    I hit the maxed dollar amount; just short of 5B BILLION, lol. (Could use some of that for real.)
    Love the spoiler updates❤️
    Blessings to your lil family. RevJRO

  17. Thanks for your musings, Alissa 😍 the constant effort of you Curators is much appreciated 👏👏👏

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