Friday Filler – EA Keeps Surprising Us…But In A Good Way?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I mean it. I REALLY need a weekend off. But, we’ll get into that in a bit…

The big surprise, is EA surprised me, and allowed me to skip writing a DID (Designing In Downtime) post on Wednesday…because there was no Downtime!   Boom! 

Just when we were CERTAIN that we wouldn’t see anything until at least the first of week of October, we get this mini-update, filled with…uhm…let’s see…what is it filled with again?

I get it. It’s the start of Halloween, and the writing is pretty funny again…but, dammit…THEY STOLE MY SPLOOSH!!!

Let me explain…

I already had M’nthter and the Sunken Temple. Remember?  It was FREE, during THOH 2015.  I love(ed) this decoration/character.  No. It wasn’t a full character, it was basically a skin for the decoration, that changed when you tapped it.

And BOY, did it change!! A little tap of the Sunken Temple…and SPLOOOOOSH!! A giant water spout and a super loud Sploosh sound effect, and there was M’unthter! Dangling from the spire.

It was simple. It was cool. And best of all, you didn’t have some huge-ass monstery thing wandering around your Springfield to get it.

So…imagine my surprise, when I bought the R’lyeh Bermuda Triangle Lair for TWO HUNDRED DONUTS…only to find that my Sploosh is gone…and the RBTL (I refuse to type R’lyeh Bermuda Triangle Lair a bunch of times) is just a freakin’ swirlie!    A SWIRLIE INSTEAD OF MY SPLOOSH!!  That’s completely full of Cthulhu!

Not cool!

Look. Here’s the thing…(I’m slowly turning into Joe Biden)…I am happy that there is new content.  It’s great!  And once again, the writing is funny!

But, so far the “new” is feeling kinda old (loads of retreads). And, to make matters worse, they have complicated yet one more simple pleasure in life…the Sploosh.  Yes…apparently I can kind of make him sploosh if I send him on a 12-hour task.  But, before, I could make him sploosh whenever I wanted, without all of the folderol!

It was simple. Tap and Sploosh…no need for a bunch of extra tapping to get the sploosh.

And now…I have wait for the RBTL to show up?  It’s just a swirlie most of the time?  Come on. This is not cool!  No Sploosh and just a swirlie??

I am just not happy.  One might even describe my mood as cranky! I really hope that the upcoming THOH is way more than recycled, or lackluster stuff.  Life is complicated enough without people messing with your Sploosh!  Simple pleasures should not become complicated. I don’t care how old you are!

Oh…and for all of you “clever arm-chair psychologists” out there who think I am writing about more than just the sploosh in the game…I’ll have you know, that  I may be 65, but my sploosh works just fine, thank you. I require no folderol or additional outside influences to create the desired hydraulics.


Many of you (mostly Alissa) are asking how “the big project is coming.”  I am happy to give you the “Good News/Bad News” I lived through yesterday.

Yesterday was a “red-letter day” in the Miller household. I FINALLY found time to finish all of the flooring in the bathroom…the last major hurdle before putting all of the moulding back in place, and touching up any of the paint/spackle/caulking etc.   It came out pretty damn nice…especially when I went back and looked at all of the “Before” pics.


And How It All Looked Yesterday…

I was really pleased, knowing that I had a few days off before I had to deal with the first stages of the kitchen.

And, then the phone rang.

I should have known…because I have learned that if the phone rings when you are feeling good about something, it’s going to be bad news.  I’m not pessimistic.  But, I am pragmatic.

It was the delivery company for the kitchen cabinets.  They called to say that they had an opening in our part of the state, to get our load out earlier, by combining it with a couple of smaller orders…and that the truck was going to show “sometime today.”

Literally…five minutes later…there was a knock on the door. And, before you know it, 25 large cases containing our new kitchen cabinets, were sitting in our living room….

But…I’m not touching them until Monday.  This afternoon, Deb and I are taking off for three days to spend time at our favorite beach town, Neskowin, Oregon.  We will be participating in the Annual Miller Golf Tournament…which this year, will be more of a putting contest, as almost all of my siblings are in some state of physical disrepair.  I will win by default, as I am the only one who can swing a golf club right now. I can’t see it land, due to the need for cataract surgery, but, I can still hit it a ton.  A few weeks ago, I won a match play round in league by 8 strokes…and didn’t see a single ball hit the green.  “Nice shot!” means little if you can’t see it. But, I digress…

However, the best news, is that Deb is back at school.  Off of crutches and the walker. Almost back to her old self! So who knows…maybe while we’re at the coast, we’ll look for my sploosh. 

Have a great weekend. Keep on Tappin’! Life is better with a sploosh…

33 responses to “Friday Filler – EA Keeps Surprising Us…But In A Good Way?

  1. Please bring back the Sploosh! 🙂

  2. You get a Sploosh!
    And you get a Sploosh!
    And you get a ….. oops that Sunken Temple with M’nthster on top of it (THOH XXVI 2015 Event Prize) got Frozen during the Winter 2016 Event (and I threw a Herman Munster ‘darn darn darn’ tantrum when that happened).

    Since that Winter Event change? I figured there is nothing to lose turning M’nthster into a Character with R’lyeh adjacent to the Bermuda Triangle Lair. Cthulhu works swell with M’nthster …. L-EA-Z-Y could easily do something else during another Winter Event that takes away the Sploosh! (might as well enjoy 2 Characters). 🙂

    Ok, so for reference sake, this Mini-Event is just a wink and a nod to that “Treehouse of Horror XXIX” opening –

    …. and Tappers got almost everything (I think they got kinda L-EA-Z-Y by not giving us a derelict Building with Seagulls on it, but I enjoyed what I did from that which isn’t canon AND we’ve had Premium content returning all year during each Event – can it be that 2019 is the ‘year of the returning content’?). 🤔

    Should the Oyster Eating Table (1st Prize) have been more like the Stonecutters Table (with Homer and Cthulhu sitting at it?) That would’ve been less L-EA-Z-Y and more entertaining, in my opinion, but I don’t know if I would’ve spent sprinkles to have that. 🤔

    I need a 🍩 , minus tentacles , but I hope all Tappers have fun whether they keep the Sploosh!, or take the plunge (pun intended) with M’nthster + Cthulhu playtime. Of importance? Patric, you have done a wonderful job on the bathroom remodel, I hope your Wife continues to heal quickly post surgery, OMG! You do need a break from remodeling (all of those boxes are kitchen cabinets)😲

    • Yes. they are kitchen cabs….and 1800 feet of flooring. So…no…no rest for me.

      As far as the Sploosh…WHY MESS WITH A GOOD THING? Especially after you spent 200 donuts! Come on! It makes no sense at all. It isn’t lazy…it’s stupid.

  3. Wow. Great job on the bathroom.

    Came here to find out why my new purchase was just constant swirlies and not a 2nd sploosh decoration.

    Frustrated knowing there are no splooshes anywhere now.

  4. Holy toilet plunger, Batman… That is one GORGEOUS bathroom! Everything looks great. My favorite part is the glass enclosed shower. Deb is so lucky to have such a wonderful Home Depot husband.

    • Aaaagh!! HATE Home Depot! My “go to” is s place here called “Jerry’s” which is twice the size of a box store…employee owned…and is soooo helpful!

  5. People don’t use the word ‘folderol’ nearly enough these days.

  6. I wish EA would really surprise us & fix the #%$&@ game.
    Mine crashes every 5 minutes. Sometimes I’ll be Bart-screened 1-2 minutes if the folks 4 hour tasks are finished. I’ve stopped using that sky-finger button completely.
    The only thing keeping me from quitting is the writing.
    Frustration is winning over obsession.

  7. I just wish I could log into my game again! I keep putting my email and password and I get an error message saying I should try later, but again nothing.

  8. I have to amend my post, it only works in someone else’s town if they don’t have the swirl. The alternate of M’nthster, no M’nthster state works, but I agree, bring it back please, EA.

  9. The “sploosh” works if you activate it in someone else’s town.


  11. Julie Lynne Wyant

    Yeah I noticed the change too…..and I don’t like it. I want my sploosh back!

  12. Thanks for this post Patric. Your bathroom looks lovely 😊 and I’m happy to hear about your wife. Have a nice weekend!

  13. Somewhat devastated to lose my sploosh, I love that thing ☹️
    Never would have bought the other character had I known what was going to happen. Thanks EA for taking away the small things that bring me joy 😐
    Really hoping the Halloween Event is decent…I’m very skeptical now honestly.
    And your bathroom looks incredible!! 🙂

  14. Anyone tell you that you look like Bane with that dust mask on?

  15. I hear ya on the sploosh.

  16. I’ll keep my crappy 200 donuts thank you. No Sploosh….no sale.

  17. Is that a bathfitter that attaches with adehsive? Only reason I can see why you have horizontal 2×4’s propped between your walls!

  18. I, too, miss the Sploosh. It was always a regular part of clearing my town…just a quick tap on my way thru. I think it’s just another example of monster shaming and I’m not taking it anymore!
    Free the Sploosh! Free the Sploosh! Free the Sploosh!
    I, for one, will be calling my local ASPCA and reporting EA for extreme cruelty to fictional creatures. Every 12 hours, my ass!

  19. Wow, great before & after pics! What a nice job on the bathroom. 👍 RachelS

  20. Great post! Made me chuckle!!!

  21. Glad to hear everything came out good!!! looks good too, I will have to hire you to do that at my house.. 🙂

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