Friday Filler – Navigating The News in TSTO and Life

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Holyfreakinshirt! If I hear one more person quote another news source, other than THIS new source, I am going to lose it! ?And when I say “lose it,” I’m not talking about the “where’d I put my keys” kinda lose it.

Wait. What? There are different places you can go to get news about TSTO and the Simpsons?  Come on. Really? After all of this time, people actually go anyplace else than here to find out what’s going on?

This isn’t like the big debate over CNN or FOX, or any other traditional news sources (and no...I won’t go there).  It is about getting your TSTO news from any other source, than right here.  Why? Because Alissa cares!!

Wait. It’s not that I DON’T care…it’s just that Alissa cares, way, way, way more than I do. In fact, other than a couple of others who appear to have gone completely off the rails, (and yes, I am still just talking about TSTO) there is only one reliable, regular, obsessively up-to-date source of TSTO News around.

And no,  I’m not talking about John.

Remember John? He is the “insider dude” from EA that was supposed to be feeding us all of the “insider” news about the major updates.

Wait. Let me check my emails.

Wow. THREE emails from John, this entire year. One for “Love Springfieldian Style” in January.  One for “Game of Games” in June (which we got two days after the event started…thanks, for nothing, John), and one for “Simpson’s Babies” in August…which again was on the actual day the update hit.

So, no, John is not a reliable source for TSTO News (got that Gio?). I hear from my long, lost, cousin from England more than I hear from John. And I actually WANT to hear from John. Mostly. If he still works at EA. Which I continue to doubt…for obvious reasons.

As I said in the last “Addicts Live,” I just don’t think there is much of a “TSTO Team” at EA anymore. I really do think that the “team” may be one, or maybe two writers from Gracie, and one, perhaps half-time coder, who may or may not have a “side hustle” as a Taco Bell delivery guy (I’m pretty sure Taco Bell delivers in the San Francisco area).  Or, TSTO is programmed by a “team” of interns from the local community college, who simply implement the same code, with different graphics, event after event, after event…like watching and implementing video instructions on “how to assemble kitchen cabinets properly, for an under-counter sink.” I’ll get to that in a minute…

But, this is only my opinion. Which is not actual hard news. Which is something you should be able to tell the difference between.  Hard news is based on fact (John barely writes us anymore), and not opinion (John never really existed).

See?  The “News” can be confusing! That’s why it is so important to all of us who play this “Silly Little Game” to know the difference between real NEWS and other “news sources.”

There are still a handful of options out there. The Forum (aka TSTO Troll Land) is still around…but, it’s like watching a YouTube channel to get your political news. You know what they are going to say, before they say it. The WIKI is being updated…kinda…but, you have know how to find the information, by clicking, and clicking and clicking…and then it may or may not be accurate, because John did or didn’t actually send the Wiki-Dudalino any “hard news.” And then there is the TSTO FaceBook page, which is basically kind of…well…a FaceBook page. It is loaded with  lot of comments and nothing. Kind of like a lot of the 24-hour News Channels. I mean…if you get your news from Facebook, or 24-hour news channels…you deserve to be confused.

So, again…if you want REAL NEWS when something happens (or in the case of the missing update, something doesn’t happen) there is only one real place to go, HERE. Because Alissa only prints the facts (along with the occasional SIB, or Musing). Facts are facts. The rest is just Filler. Like this post.

So, yes…I have loads of opinions about politics (Go to Crankyoldguy,com for those), and yes, I have even been on a panel discussion (click link to listen) about the new flavor of ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s, (Peach Mint).  But, the fact is…after providing internet news servers to hundreds of broadcast markets across the nation for twenty years, I have pretty much become immune to “the news,” no matter how outrageous it is.

In the “rest of the world,” I get my news from a variety of sources, so I can make up my own mind.  However, none of them are “YouTube Channels,” because most of those are just one or two people…with opinions. And remember, opinions are not news. Opinions are considered editorial content. Not the same.

I read four papers daily (online…I don’t want to get ink on my keyboard, or add to the landfill). I don’t watch ANY cable news shows.  I catch the headlines on the show on which my daughter, Katie, is an Associate Director (CBS This Morning), mostly because I am proud of her work.  And then, to try to make sense of it all,  I read things like The Media Today which basically looks behind  headline stories, from the perspective of the folks who bring us the Columbia Journalism Review (originating from Columbia University).  So…yes…it is admittedly, opinions about headlines, which in many cases are mostly opinions…so opinions about opinions, which once determined as fact (or not) become news.

So, compared to “getting the news” these days about “regular stuff” (and what in the hell can possibly considered “regular” about the news today?), getting News About TSTO is simple. Simple…just like the game has become (fact, not opinion).

Which is not how PHASE III of the Miller Major Remodel (MMR) has gone.

In theory…kitchen cabinets are Easy. You tear out the old cabs…and then put the news ones in their place.  A bit of mess (because you have to move everything from the cabinets, drawers and cupboards for the last 20 years), a bit of sawdust…and BOOM!  You are ready to install.

Your cabs need to be level…across the entire kitchen (which in our case is U-shaped, on a not entirely level floor), so lots of shims and creativity are involved, to get the cabs ready for the guys who install the counter tops to come and laser-measure your work. Done, and Done…

However…as per usual…with an old house, you have to be ready for a lot of surprise twists and turns.  No. This time I didn’t need a jackhammer.  But, I did have to order a special attachment for my reciprocating saw…so I can get the freakin’ 3 layers of old linoleum off of the freakin’ floor, so I can install the NEW floor, while I am waiting for the counter tops to be installed.

I tried Chipping It Off…using the recommended (by Youtube vids) tools: scraper, cutter, mallet, knee pads).  I took more than 2 hours, to clear less than 5 square feet. UGH!!

So…the top layer of linoleum appears to have been put down with wheat paste, or Elmer’s glue.  Once started, it comes up in huge, random swaths.

It was clearly installed very quickly, and most likely in the late 90s, to help make the house “ready for market.”  The house sat on the market for years…most likely because it was during a time of political upheaval (impeachment of Clinton). We bought it in the year 2000, the year of the most contested Presidential election in modern history…at a desperate bargain price. Such, a deal!

Layer 2, I have determined to be from the mid-80s. It is a hideous flower/block pattern, and has a little more traditional (and stubborn) glue backing. But, clearly dates the house from a time when Disco was already dead, corporate “new wave” rock was king, and the deregulation of Broadcasting standards and practices took place under Reagan.  It just feels old, tired, and confused. (You can fill in the political punchline).

Layer 3 (or ONE, if you are looking at this from a geographic/archaeology standpoint) was the original layer. It was laid down with copious amounts for floor adhesive…and from what I can tell, was a dark brown, with smatterings of lighter “baby-poop-brown” highlights. Lovely.  Ironically, it was laid down the same year the Watergate scandal broke in the Washington Post, and Nixon’s fall (more like a leap) from grace began.

So…yes…it is only fitting, that this “Floor Archaeology” seems to line up with times of serious political upheaval in our country.  Who knows? Every one of these horrible eras may be due to the fact that the owners of the house (there have been 4 including us), changed the flooring in the kitchen.

But, that is rumor…and opinion…NOT hard news.

So, let’s recap.

FACT- No update for TSTO this week. OPINION-Not surprised. It sucks…but EA and Gracie are in hospice mode.

FACT- remodeling old houses is fraught with hideous surprises, twists, turns and setbacks. OPINION- After weeks and weeks of inhaling “history” as I demo and rebuild, it is entirely likely that the kitchen and bathroom floors of this house are in some way dictating the political outcome of the era under which they are undertaken.

FACT-This is the ONLY TSTO News Source Worth Following.  OPINION- Alissa is “da bomb and Mack Mama” of TSTO.

Now…time to start hanging the upper cabs…so we can put stuff back in the shelves, drawers, and fancy new pull-outs and all access corner cabs. Woot Woot!

Maybe in 20 more years (if we are still here), someone who is remodeling the kitchen during the impeachment of President Kardashian, will say, “Wow…this guy really took the time to do this right!”

38 responses to “Friday Filler – Navigating The News in TSTO and Life

  1. I don’t care about the news anymore
    Too much is fake

  2. I. Just The Facts From The Ma’am, Sometimes Timely From EA, Throw The World Off Your Shoulders Tonight Mr. Smith

    Alissa keeps TSTO Addicts fact filled (with room for clever opinions) an I appreciate reliable TSTO information (let’s face it, we can’t rely on EA to do that – but thankfully, we can still rely on Alissa!) 💪💜

    I would consider Alissa on par with Shepherd Smith at Fox News (a true journalist who delivers fact filled reliable information); except Mr. Smith quit Friday (aka walked away from $15 million a year!) My opinion? he probably got fed up being surrounded by non journalists who offer up propaganda fueled opinions without the facts (which is why I get my News elsewhere, but everything TSTO related? I get it right here!) 💪💜

    See, Alissa has never quit looking for the truth about TSTO via what she can from EA (because information by Alissa comes straight from the source – which she confirms personally!) Today’s information about Mr. Smith came from Newsy, Reuters, and France24 (because I don’t rely on CNN, FOX, or MSNBC!) 💪💜

    II. Patric Is Precise Regarding A Skeleton Crew At The Helm Of TSTO From EA Minus Supervision By Upper Management

    Do you ♥️ TSTO, but 💔 how it’s mismanaged (and not maintained) by EA? Join the irritated mob that is growing (well, maybe irritated and angry); because they tire of having their intelligence insulted! 🤬🧠

    See, every Tapper wants a Game App free of glitches, Network issues, and new content more often. But, L-EA-Z-Y isn’t offering any of that; nor are they communicating (unless it’s some poorly prepared Customer Service Tech @EAHelp to answer on Twitter!) 🤬🧠

    However one describes this skeleton crew at the helm, it appears most EA Staff have abandoned ship (can you blame them?) …. 🚣💔🚣‍♀️

    III. This Kitchen Is Actually A Time Capsule Remodeling Isn’t Easy But The Results Are Awesome

    Oh, I wish any remodel (I prefer to call them “correcting subcontractor mistakes”) was easy …. I found better craftsmanship in my 1940’s built Silverlake Home vs this 2001 built Condo – can it be we all expect a 2 Day “job’s done” but it turns into “well that took all week!”? (it does) 🤔👷

    Taking everything out of the kitchen so that you can start from scratch (appliances removed, too, if replacing the floor) means ‘no kitchen’ until everything is done (repeat this to thyself, then imagine ‘no kitchen’ until and living with that for however long it takes!) 🤔👷

    Kitchen Countertops and Kitchen Cabinets (you’ve repainted and / or replaced wall paper? checked your water / natural gas connections and everything is a-ok!); as you do start with the bottom half and then the top half (unless you like banging your head into top cabinets while installing the bottom half!); ♥️ that new corner cabinet unit (an unlevel floor getting Cabinets shimmed for level Countertops is as painful as dealing with Wall Corners that are not square), and it’s nice when you have concrete subfloor (blow torch that adhesive and peel off that old linoleum!) 🤔👷

    Being in an uncomfortable position removing the flooring (as long as it takes, with breaks!); protecting yourself from breathing in particles in order to reveal a Time Capsule (wow! it’s like Watergate backed it’s journalism car into Reaganomics – don’t get me started on that damage done to industries – and got ran over by 90’s idealism pre Millinium!)

    So, one can conclude that Patric’s efforts will be factually rewarding, just as it’s a fact that another Presidential Cabinet Member did tender their resignation (after lasting 6 months!) I suppose with patience the rewards are – new kitchen, new TSTO Event, new (insert U.S. Government Title Here!) 😀👍

    • Well…the cabs are hung…now just waiting for the countertop to be installed (I am not willing or able to attempt cutting quartz). But, the Queen has already started putting things into the cabinets, arranging…and re-arranging, while I continue to toil on the linoleum removal. Two layers easy…last…not so.

      As far as EA is concerned…we’ll see what (if anything) happens on Wednesday.

  3. Can’t wait for the Christmas event, hope it’s better than the Halloween event, 👹🎅

  4. Re: John and misinformation

    Wasn’t there an instance when John told TSTO that a premium character would assist with a series of mini-events that EA had racked together, but actually the character only helped for the current mini-event?

    Whether or not EA has less employees, a good mandate would be that the employees communicate better.

    • Yes…his last couple of communications have proven to be less than accurate. I get that he probably doesn’t play/test the updates himself.

  5. Great post Patric I had a good laugh reading this whilst agreeing with what you said. personally this is the only site I get my tsto news from. In regards to the flooring I think you should keep a chunk of each part and put them together along with a piece from your own design and it can become an ongoing artwork for any future tenants to add their piece of flooring to like a patchwork quilt

  6. Opinion: the floors signify a new era…. Fact: the floors needed remodeling…
    Opinion: EA pulled the plug on TSTSO… Fact: EA doesn’t have updates for TSTO. ..
    Opinion: I am awesome… Fact: I am awesome… lol jk.. no one knows me… I am actually a monkey writing a novel..

  7. Still not playing till the update hits 😠

  8. WoW, if I wanted an uneducated rant, I have found one! As usual, those who cannot contribute, bray! Sorry, that is a Jackass term!
    Seriously, your charity project seems worthwhile.,
    I suggest you focus on that!
    Obviously dealing with a non-caring entity, is frustrating, and obviously the lack of care, concern, or apparent ennui of EA, is appalling, disingenuous, rude, careless, insensitive- well you get the picture! However, considering your seeming interest in the outcome, your Rant is puzzling!
    Perhaps a Bad Hair Day?
    I believe we Game players are like ants observed by an Eagle from 5,000 feet – IRRELEVANT!
    I hope I am wrong, do not think so, and remain convinced

  9. This site is my first go to for initial event info, especially gameplay. However, Wiki will have all the content for the whole event up front and all gameplay…eventually. I’m one who likes to plan ahead. With that said, I know they aren’t always 100% accurate with gameplay info and do double check their info against this site.

    The one thing this site has over Wiki is the community that’s here. They just give the facts. TSTO Addicts gives tips, tricks and help by the site authors and community. Thank you for all that you do and to everyone who participates on this site. The interactive nature of this site is what makes it so great.

    And for all those who work in Customer Serivce, Happy Customer Service Week. You survived another week and hopefully you got at least one call this week in which you helped someone out or had someone treat you with respect and made you feel good about what you do. Our job is not easy, but that one customer who treats you with respect and appreciates what you do to assist them makes up for all the others that yell at you and treat you like crap.

  10. Kitchen is a mess..where are you ordering take out from? Keep in mind your answer will reveal your political affiliations… HAHA

    • Worse than that. Stove is still functional as is the fridge. We just have to wash dishes in the laundry room. But then again…cOmpared to the people in Uganda that we help, we still live like kings. Kitchen remodel…First world problems.

  11. Caption this, first picture:

    No where did I put that THOH update?

    Caption this pictures 2 through whatever:

    I better find that THOH update soon otherwise SandyToes74 will explode.

  12. Sorry, I totally forgot how the internet works, it’s really me,
    I was just posting comments on a post from June?

    I swear I wasn’t in prison,….
    Just too busy for gaming!

    Some old names still here and some new


  13. Did this work? I put a doggy pic.

  14. How can one possibly make a connection between no one wanting to buy this house and a President lying about adultery thousands of miles away? Let’s take a poll, how many people buy houses based on a President’s poll numbers? Answer: no one.

  15. I love comedy even cranky comedy when one states their opinions on real facts. Lol. Tsto has consistently been the most accurate and informative of all the so called simpson sites out there. With Alissa at the helm, the site provides something for everyone and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. I was hoping like many others for an event this week but since I’m remodeling my town, I have enough to do in my Springfield. Good luck on your kitchen product. I can’t wait to the finished pictures.

  16. Anyone remember me ? Alissa?

  17. Hey, does this place still exist?
    Get you never expected to hear from me again

  18. Hoping for one last good Halloween and/ or Christmas event. For all I care it is an 8 week combined event so the Taco Bell delivery can focus on the Taco’s untill next year.
    Still somebody is hitting it right with the conversations so somewhere there is still some activity. The constant hunting and gathering kept me going. But with nearly all land tiles and half way or so through the yearbook… what is there left to hunt.
    I keep on going until there is nothing left, maybe go nuclear on Springfield once more….
    But please let me be wrong and moan again come Halloween 2020.

  19. Just woke my wife up from her nap by laughing so hard at this!

  20. President Kardashian….. future revelations no longer from the Simpsons but from TSTO. 2039 I will say… darn… he was right… Wonder how his floor is doing?

    • At this rate I could see Kang & Kodos being in charge by the end of the century!

      • It may be an improvement. I’ve often thought that the only thing that would actually unify peoples politics and religion at least for a little bit would be a true alien invasion. But if War of the worlds, and Independence Day are examples of how we treat one another in a crisis, it may all turn out to be more like a zombie apocalypse.

    • 2039, at the rate of scraping, he’s almost done with the demo of the floor…hehe. I feel your pain Patric, been there done that with layers of linoleum flooring. Also had glued down carpet padding in one room, scraping until the first layer of the subfloor started coming up. Almost thought it would have been better to just take up the subfloor and replace it versus scraping for hours.

  21. I know this is after the fact. Would it seem slightly easier to hang the uppers first?
    ( and no, that’s not all I picked up on in that post.)✌

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