Halloween 2019 SPOILERS…

Update: THOH is available for download on Android and iOS.  IT IS NOT LIVE IN GAME. Just the app store update is available, it will not go live until tomorrow morning at 10am ET, 14oo UTC.
And so far…they have still not fixed that annoying sound that starts up when you turn on TSTO even if your sounds are disabled…FIX IT EA!  

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

While we wait for Halloween to finally hit…we’ve been given the OK to share SOME spoilers with you guys.  Info is below, so if you don’t want to know…don’t click below…

If you just want the basics…like when it starts, basic theme ideas, mostly spoiler free…check out this post from yesterday.

UPDATE: The update has hit the server, but it’s still not available in the app store as of yet.  Give it about an hour or so, needs to get approval from iOS, Android, and Amazon before it shows up as an update.


Note: New information appeared in the event files that was not in the info packet sent from EA.  In addition to the 600 donuts for new THOH event content, you’ll need about another 800 donuts for additional items not directly related to THOH.  So if you’d like all NEW content for this event you’ll need 1400 donuts…


Kang and Kodos are ready to get their tentacles dirty, by summoning villains and monsters from other universes to do their dirty work. They’ve tried all their own ideas, now it’s time to steal from everyone else’s.

However, their multi-verse portal tech malfunctions and anyone can pass between universes. Kang and Kodos are in over their heads and must enlist the help of unlikely allies when the Rigellian Devil comes to Springfield.

Act 1 Synopsis…

Kang and Kodos open a portal to alternate universes and send a call to the worst of the worst to join them. To their dismay their call is answered by the C-list of Doom, villains who’ve been defeated or that are low level threats. Just as it seems all hope for world domination is lost, Zia Simpson comes to Springfield and uses the Ultranet from the future to send a call to real monsters and villains.

Characters to keep free for Act 1…

Mr. Burns
Act 1 Premium Character

Act 1 Prizes…

Maluicious Krubb (Character)
Hugo Simpson (Character)
Robot Homer (Decoration)
Scary Dock (Decoration)
Zia Simpson (Character)

Act 1 Premium Combo…

Monkey Paw Salesman and his Shop…


(Very Expensive Gil Deal)

And that’s it my friends…all the info I can share with you at this time.

Thoughts?  Comments? Concerns? Excitement? Disappointment? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

167 responses to “Halloween 2019 SPOILERS…

  1. What time exactly does act 4 of Halloween event start on the 13th or tomorrow? 12am or towards the morning? Need to know exact time because I might have just enough time to finish the 💾 missions I got left.

  2. Get tons of spooky wall at 1000$ each. Up your bonus. Then get the very expensive god. Once you get the god just keep getting catacombs if u want buildings or walls if u want xp. Put massive amounts of both in storage before time runs out

  3. Nice. But got a problem with the God character in that he gives 777,777 in money and my bank is maxed out (in case you’re wondering it’s 4,294,967,295) so it’s sort of a waste of credits for me now that I have him. XP is the only resource I can still get in the game since the max level of 939 has been reached a long time ago

  4. Nice prices…but…the events are getting boring. What happened to the events like they used to be? I was really hoping for an event that is more than just sending the characters every 4h on a job on the same scheme like every other event lately. Sorry EA this is just boring and for me it just makes the feeling stronger that the game is ending and is just being kept alive with minimum effort

  5. PLEASE HELP, i went to go onto friends and they are all gone. I was a max and now poof nothing. i’m friendless glitch or should i cont EA. i already logged out and in. same thing.

  6. Does the 1400 donuts needed for all content take into account the purchase of God from Gil?

  7. EA server is still down. I have not been able to log in for 3 weeks already. Am I the only one?

  8. Hey awesome updates characters and stuff. But just had an issue with skyfinger, it didn’t collect any money and just wasted my turn. Now I gotta wait till it reloads lol.
    Anyone else have this issue? Was working fine about 2 days ago.
    Sorry if this was posted earlier.

  9. Boom! Wailing walls price changed to donuts. That was fast.
    Very happy here, though. I increased my percentage from %2000 to 12,000%. Never have to KEM farm again! Woohoo!

    • My Wailing Walls give the same as always. No donuts or xp multipliers. What exactly are yours?
      I’m at 5000% plus using the 5x xp generator and haven’t bought donuts in two years. So what changed on yours, if I may ask?

  10. I am overjoyed about all of these decorations!!!!!!!!

  11. I increased my Bonus XP by over 500% after getting the Wailing Walls. Now at over 2000% XP. Just last year, I entered with only about 500-600%. That’s how far I’ve come. Haven’t got the Item Limit message yet and will continue to buy more Wailing Walls. Will try to get at least to 3000%.

    When it comes to farming donuts, I only farm 3 Tiki Bars at a time and the BSOD appears less often. I try 5 or more, the BSOD almost always shows up! I could try the Rat Trucks and Ambulances but the inventory search needs to be improved. (too lazy to scroll). If only the game went back where I could farm 30 Tiki Bars/Ambulances/Rat Trucks and no server crash occurs.

  12. You need Kang, Kodos and Cthulhu to kick things off, sorry if this is a duplicate post. I’ve just joined.

  13. I just went to buy some donuts for my wife (who recently started playing) and the $19.99 option is gone…

  14. I’m just happy to have the fall theme. Max out your bonus by buying wailing walls.

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