Abe’s in Toyland Mystery Box Breakdown: Winter Wonderland and Happy Holidays

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another day, another event in Springfield as Christmas has fallen upon our pocket-sized towns! And it wouldn’t be an event without a Mystery Box, now would it?

Since the introduction of the Yearbook Mystery Box back in March, most of the event-specific boxes have become outdated. As many of the items are in the Yearbook box for much less.

However, with this event…more specifically the Winder Wonderland Mystery Box, that’s not necessarily true.  As EA has added new-old content to this box.  So let’s take a quick look at what’s inside both the Happy Holidays Box and the Winter Wonderland Box…

Let’s start with the Happy Holidays Box…because it’s a lot easier to cover.

For 60 donuts you’ll have your shot at one of the following character combos:

Jesus Christ and Heavenly Swing Set
Rigellian Christ and Manger
 Rabbi Krustofsky and Temple Beth Springfield
Brother Faith and Brother Faith Van
Gautama Buddha
Pope and St. Paul’s Basilica

Is this box worth it?  Not really.  Every single item in the Happy Holidays Box is available in the Yearbook Mystery Box for half the price.  You’re, more than likely, better off getting these items through the Yearbook Box.

Now let’s jump to Winter Wonderland…

Another 60 donut box.  However, you may also use a Winter Wonderland Token to unlock this box…exclusively available via the Abe’s in Toyland prize tracks.

For each Act, you’ll have the chance to unlock TWO Winter Wonderland Tokens.  So there will be 8 total for this event.

Another note on the Winter Wonderland Box….EA has added more content to it this year (I’ve marked what’s new to the box this year with NEW).  They’ve included items from last Christmas in this box.  So if you missed out on premium combos last Christmas, now you can grab them with your Winter Wonderland Tokens.

Also, a decent number of these items are NOT available in the Yearbook Mystery Box.  Making this box worth taking a chance on.

Here’s what you’ll have a shot at getting:

The following items are all available in the Yearbook Mystery Box…

Giant Snow Globe- Was originally 225 donuts, Should I Buy

Ski Chalet- Was originally free,  Came back in 2016 for 80 Donuts , Ski Chalet

Springfield Skating Rink-Was originally Free, Skating Rink

The Grumple- Was originally 120 Donuts (full character w/tasks) , Should I Buy

Dancing Reindeer- Was originally free, came back in 2016 as part of a bundle for 60 donuts.  NPC Dancing Reindeer

Spruce Caboose- Was originally Free (2014).  Came back in 2105 for 85 donuts, Spruce Caboose

Chocolate Shoppe- Was originally free, Chocolate Shoppe

Funzo Bundle- Generally sold separately, 180 Donut value all 3.  NPCs, Should I Buy 

Ski Lift w/ Stupid Sexy Flanders Skin- Was originally 150 Donuts, Should I Buy

Murderhorn- Was originally 250 donuts, Should I Buy

Plow King- Originally free, a prize from the W-HELL in 2013.  He’s come back since for 80 Donuts.  Plow King

Snow Monster- Originally free, a prize from the W-HELL in 2013.  He’s come back since for 70 Donuts. Now a FULL character with tasks  Snow Monster

Slide Factory- Originally 100 Donuts,  Should I Buy

Ice Palace and Ice Princess Martin- Originally 120 Donuts, Should I Buy (if you have 1 or the other it won’t show up for you)

Nativity Scene- Originally Free, came back last year for 175 Donuts, Nativity Scene


King Winter’s Cave w/ King Winter- Originally 175 Donuts.  Full character.   Should I Buy

Krusty’s Kristmas on Ice- Originally 75 Donuts. Should I Buy

 The Peak Inn w/ Lyla- Originally 140 Donuts. Should I Buy. NEW 

The following items are NOT available via the Yearbook Mystery Box:

Star Snowsuit Maggie- Originally free, prize track 2016.  Snowsuit Maggie

Gingerbread Mansion- Originally free in 2015, but it’s come back since for 110 Donuts.  Gingerbread Mansion

Festivus CBG- Originally free, 2015. Festivus CBG

Virgil’s Cabin- Originally Free, Virgil’s Cabin

Santa Bundle (Santa Homer and Santa Flanders)- Originally 80 donuts, Should I Buy NEW 

Cirque De Puree w/ Circus Acrobat- Originally 150 donuts, Should I Buy NEW 

Anchor Management w/ Don Brodka- Originally 150 donuts, Should I Buy NEW

Kid First Industries w/ Jim Hope- Originally 150 donuts, Should I Buy NEW 

Yarn Barn w/ Kathy from Personnel- Originally 175 donuts, Should I Buy. NEW 

Roller Rink w/ Young Marge- Originally 199 donuts, Should I Buy. NEW 

Mini Golf Castle w/ Lee Carvallo- Originally 150 Donuts, Should I Buy. NEW 

Marge Sculpture Garden w/ Young Artie- Originally 175 Donuts, Should I Buy. NEW 

Ice Fishing Shack w/ Young Barney- Originally 175 donuts, Should I Buy. NEW 

Aircraft Carrier w/ Young Abe- Originally 175 donuts, Should I Buy. NEW 

So, even if you purchased everything from the Yearbook Box…there’s still some decent premium content in there that you can get for Tokens. That’s not to bad.  (Although I still wish there was some NEW Christmas content in there…for those of us that have it all.  Even if that new content was Christmas trees, or other festive decorations) 

And a quick note on the Prize Track Winter Wonderland Tokens…

If, and only if, you have EVERYTHING from the Winter Wonderland Box…you can convert the tokens to donuts.  You will not see the option to convert tokens to donuts if you still have items in that Winter Wonderland Box. So, if there’s something in there that you don’t want…you’re kind of SOL on converting to donuts.  You’ll still have to get it to unlock the option for donut conversion.

So once you’ve cleared that Winter Wonderland Box, and it’s completely removed from your store, it will be replaced with the option to Exchange Mystery Box Tokens for Donuts…

1 Token + 12 donuts…

And that’s it my friends, the details on the 2019 Christmas Mystery Boxes.

Thoughts on the boxes?  Content inside? Did you have everything or still items to get?  Thoughts on tokens via the Prize track?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

32 responses to “Abe’s in Toyland Mystery Box Breakdown: Winter Wonderland and Happy Holidays

  1. I got 6 items in my Winter Wonderland Mystery Box and nothing in the Happy Holidays Mystery Box since I cleared it out last year. I got 6 characters (Circus Acrobat, Don Brodka, Jim Hope, Kathy from personnel, Lee Carvallo and Young Abe), 4 buildings (Anchor Management, Cirque De Puree, Kid First Industries and Yarn Barn) and 2 buildings (Aircraft Carrier and Mini Golf Castle). I saved 950 donuts because of these tokens. I’m glad that I didn’t spend the donuts to get these without finding out about the tokens though I feel bad for those who did spend the donuts on it and can only get donuts with their tokens. I got KFI + Jim with my first token and AC + Young Abe with my second one in act 1. 🛩️⚓🎪🧒🏰🧶

  2. My so bought the festive plunger hoping this would activate Christmas lights in his town, but it did nothing. None of his houses have lights. He hasn’t been playing long. And no where in his game can he buy the houses with lights on them. Any thoughts?

    • I think you have to have bought the lights for the plunger to activate them. I don’t remember lights coming with the plunger. They were a separate purchase. So he has to wait until he is able to buy some lights.

      If he buys lights for one type of house that comes in multiples, such as the regular brown house, the rest of those particular houses will all get lights. Just something to look forward to, in case we get the opportunity to get more Christmas lights…

    • There were (are?) skins for various buildings, i.e. brown house christmas lights, simpson’s, flander’s, etc. I don’t think i’ve purchased them all, but for a few years i’ve not being seeing any where to buy them. Even the plunger had disappeared for me until i got it from the yearbook box. There may or may not be building facades that your son needs to purchase so there is something for the plunger to activate. Maybe if we’re all really good next year EA will make them available again.

  3. I don’t see Virgil’s Cabin in the yearbook mystery box, only in the winter wonderland box.

  4. Happy Holidays Box – 🙄 I got everything in there already and it’s stuff still in the regular Mystery Box (f-f-f-fails by EA again!) except I wonder why Snow Queen Mr Burns is awol?

    Winter Wonderland Mystery Box – ok a few Items here (thanks EA?) but I’ll be given 🍩’s next week (No Thanks EA!) …. why not allow a Token to be traded in for a Premium in the Store? or the Regular Mystery Box?

    I will never get the Ice Castle, because I already have Ice Princess Martin – could’ve offered that Building as a 🍩’s deal and I would’ve spent 💰 on it (whatever EA!!)

    So Thanks, No Thanks, Whatever (and Happy Holidays) ❄️🎄🦌❄️

  5. Does this now make the Festivus CBG a premiums skin,

  6. Everytime I attempt to use a coin in the Winder Wonderland Mystery Box, the game closes out. Been happening to the yearbook mystery box for quite sometime too. It will take me 10-15 times to try and pick something before it actually works. Any ideas to fix this? I have 2 Winder Wonderland Mystery Box coins and cant use them. TIA

  7. May be in the minority here, but really like the tokens for the Winterland Mystery box since I didn’t have a lot of the characters included in it. I got Don Brodka with the first reward token and really enjoyed his questline.

  8. I had everything from the happy holiday box already & can tell you every one of the B.S. League is worth buying.
    Yes they are all available in the yearbook mystery box but buying them from the HHB is worth while to make sure you score these characters.

  9. I want the Ice Palace! 😭😭

    • Bylls73

      as a completist I’d ♥️ to get it , but that’s on EA for not offering it up as a 🍩’s deal (or in the Mystery Box) for those who have Ice Princess Martin 🙄

  10. Is Gautama Buddha included with a building or something in the Yearbook? He was the only character I had in Happy Holiday’s box. I have gotten all of the playable characters (as far as I know) from the yearbook and I never saw him listed.

    • Gautama Buddha , like Krishna, does not come with a Building (he does ride around on a motorcycle) and he is voiced.

  11. A slight heads up about the Chocolate Shoppe. I recently got Dia-Betty (I believe it was even in the Black Friday event) and played through her attached questline. During that line, the Chocolate Shoppe unlocked for free. So, if you need the Shoppe, I’d grab Dia-Betty from the Yearbook, if you can, and it’ll unlock the Shoppe eventually.

  12. David Billington

    Am I right in assuming that if I can exchange tokens for donuts that nothing will arrive in the box in other weeks.

    • David Billington

      When (if) you’ve cleared out the Winter Wonderland Mystery Box of content before the end of this Multi-Week Event? Each Token you obtain will be worth 12 🍩’s and that’s it …

  13. This is where I get a little frustrated with EA. I don’t get why they wouldn’t let is buy (with either game cash or donuts) more ski chalets. It’s not a unique building (already have 2). Oh well, I’m not town designing much these days anywho.

    • I agree because I only have one ski chalet and I’d rather have a chance to spend 80 donuts to get another one.

    • TDill76

      We got 3 separate Holiday Bundles (and I’d be surprised if not one of them has the Chalet – which was a craftable originally).

      Maybe an overview of each Bundle is in order? (ie Should I Buy) and will get published in due time

    • Yes. I need more ski chalets. Missed the deadline to purchase these with currency during that event and still kicking myself over it. Could have bought 10 chalets…what a missed opportunity I wasted because I slept in instead. smh 🤦‍♀️

  14. Wow playing that long i have the lot 🎄🎄🎄☃️⛄🎄🎄🎄

    • Keith Rooney

      from a metal 🎄 to a 🎄 with dead roman centurions (lot of 🎄’s) 😉

      How about that Homer’s Large ☃️ (with a Homer Task) 👍🏻

  15. Normally I wait and see what’s going on and take my time but not this year…
    I was dumb and not paying attention and didn’t look at the prize track or here first… so I spent donuts on all the things I had left in the box only to then get a token I could do nothing with except get 12 donuts… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  16. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    The Nativity comes with a Quest Line
    And if you complete the quest, and later store it….
    If you pull it out of storage, the Quest Line re-initiates.
    Learned that lesson a year or so ago during a redesign effort

  17. Yay! Today’s update brought back the town camera and the Bleeding Gums Murphy cloud!

  18. Nice! I got Ye Olde chocolate shoppe with my first token. Prizes seem quite good, my only complaint is limited range of decorations, I don’t have that many in my inventory already and was hoping to get more this year.

    • gasboss775

      Those 3 Premium Bundles look like the only way you can score further Holiday Decor (a shame they’re not offered separately for Game $ like Halloween)

      • I bought one so far but it seems very similar to the ones last year and I reckon half the stuff will just be kept in storage

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