Addicts Want to Know: 2019 “Year In Review”

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, we’re nearing the end of 2019.  Another year in the books and another year full of events in TSTO.  As we prepare to head into 2020, we’re once again planning on doing a very special Addicts Live for the end of the year.  Just like we did last year, this year in review episode will feature a discussion about 2019 in TSTO.  We’ll talk about the events and share our opinions about each event.

So in preparation for that episode, I’ve prepared an Addicts Poll…a place for you to break down just the events of 2019. This way we can get your opinions in too.

I’ve broken this up into two categories…Main (Multi) Events and Mini Events.

So please, take a moment to answer the poll questions below about the events in TSTO during 2019, and as always feel free to elaborate your thoughts more in the comments below.

And we will share your results with that special Addicts Live Year in Review Show.

Thank you!

Main Events

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Mini Events

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19 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: 2019 “Year In Review”

  1. I’d like to ask EA to add the event tasks to ALL skin options for the characters. It’s annoying when it’s Christmas and you have Homer’s Santa skin but whenever you send him on the event task it pulls him out of his suit.

    Please add a “favourite task” option so we can set a favourite task to all characters regardless of if the time amounts match or not. Doing it manually with 100+ characters is tedious. We can still pay to use it at the Office of Unemployment.

    Please allow us to customize our storage to group items in a more efficient way. It’s honestly a cluster currently.

    Please bring back small fun changes to events such as dropping presents for neighbours and having to find the evil elf in your town. There are endless creative ideas to implement. Mini games like pull a slot machine trigger to get a prize, turn cards over and remember which ones match, randomly drop a character in our town that doesn’t belong and when we notice and tap them there’s a funny dialogue and a free decoration prize. I don’t know, anything new and exciting.

    Please DO NOT bring back carpo tunnel inducing excessive tapping for events like that Halloween where we had to tap all Nightmares and Zombies in our massive towns. I fear that all the complaining might bring us back to that format. If it goes there I’m out.

    But otherwise thanks for the fun game EA!

    • Jack

      Plenty of good ideas, I encourage you to share on the TSTO Facebook page (EA does need to listen to suggestions and constructive criticism).

  2. This will be my last event after years of playing. EA if you are listening, the game is BORING! The events are boring, half the prizes are recycled from older events, and the new prizes are not cohesive and look like leftovers from past events. I knew the game was regulated to the back burner after the release of the Yearbook and months of no new events and technical problems. My game still crashes every time I play. EA is putting in the minimal effort to keep the game going. I do thank the Addicts for all their help over the years. This site was immensely helpful and entertaining. Good Luck to everyone in 2020! 👋

    • Aria Otherly

      You will be missed … as much as I appreciate EA for keeping this Game App free of “in game ass” / free to download …. the skeleton crew managing it can’t properly maintain and manage (so I respect your decision). Please come visit TSTO Addicts if you’ve found a Game App that’s equivalent and fun.

  3. There is no difference between events because the format is the same for all of them.
    From one sde I love the simplicity of the format because i don’t have to be aware of the time all the time if i want complete the event, it is really easy to complete even for new players that don’t have all the characters.
    On the other side theres no much imagination/work on the events elaboration.
    So my vote was based on rewards.
    Best regards and happy new year for all.

  4. The first couple really had me stretching… I mean favorite was really difficult as not many stuck out as being “OMGWTFAWESOME!”, but I knew for certain it wasn’t THOH or Christmas. And the same went with worst event of the year, which I gave to Christmas over THOH simply because THOH at least had Halloween-themed stuff as rewards (IIRC)…

  5. Love Springfieldian Style is my favourite Main Event this year (the rest sucked! Halloween and Christmas we’re a let down!)

    Flanders Family Reunion and Cthulhu’s Revenge are my favourite Mini-Events (the rest – especially Marge At Bat – sucked! too many Prizes that became 12 🍩’s because it was Content I already had, or returning Content in a Mystery Box I already have, or Dumb Decor that got Stored!)

    Golden Goose Reality and Sky Finger Monument we’re appreciated, but overall? 2019 is the year when TSTO started to be less fun due to EA’s poor execution of Events big and small.

  6. My fav was the flanders event. Hands down. The rest were easy to forget.

    • Funny you should mention that, I had forgotten that event.

      My favorite event from last year was Safi’s most wanted character bracket.

  7. I was logged out of simpsons now all my login info will not work keeps saying invalid password and email… Its the same email I’ve been using with the game since 2011. keep trying to change password on the EA site but it says email and username not valid

    • ebideee

      A known Origin Account snafu
      You can get help via Twitter @EAHelp
      (follow the prompts you will be given after you give Customer Support all the info they ask for)

  8. While I did vote. It was with some reluctance , as I as well had difficulty in remembering many of the events. However, the one event that does stand out the most is the Babies event. And that’s due in part by the fact that they now annoy the hell out of me. Initially, I found them to be cute and funny. But now…..Meh. their just useless, and at over the place. I’m tired of Bart yelling out ” I am so great ” and annoying baby Lisa with her ” 3 and 3/8ths. ” they don’t even have any cool or funny outdoor tasks!! LOL. I know I sound like a cranky old person. What can I say?😛😀😎

    • crazymom732

      I guess we didn’t get more Character Skins, but in return we got the Teen / Toddler versions of Springfield Characters this year (most become annoying via their dialogue and/or dumb Tasks, a few are rewarding such as Teenager Marge).

      You are correct in that 2019 isn’t very memorable in TSTO.

  9. Like Bindi, I honestly couldn’t remember any of the events, characters or prizes from this year (including the recent THOH) without going back into previous tstoa posts for a full review. Even then I had a hard time voting for anything about any of the events except Meh. I gave Simpson’s Babies a best vote simply because we got the Jazz Hole during that event.

    Though the writing was good this year, for me none of it’s memorable now. I truly hope that this mini/multi-event format dies in 2020; EA has had sufficient feedback from posts here, on the EA forum, Twitter, etc to seriously address the lacklustre, outdated event design. And the game has shortchanged longtime players to a degree that’s disrespectful and ridiculous. I’m a longtime player who still spends real 💵 for new premium game content and would continue to do so if lEAsy programming staff put more effort into this game for all levels of players.

    I didn’t buy the Black Friday donut premium prize track new buildings, though in the past I regularly bought all characters/skins available only by buying donut deals. None of the new buildings were interesting enough. Imho, 2019 tsto was overall Meh, at best.

    Most importantly, I offer many year end thanks to Alissa (especially,) and thanks to Safi, Wookie & Patric for your work at tstoa on our behalf.

    • Mr. Snrub Jr.

      Your constructive criticism is on point! I typically spend real 💰 on donut deals in October, except this year EA screwed up so bad (nothing worth the 🍩’s for in Treehouse of Horror XXX , 🍩’s deal not working and EA took forever to fix that so Tappers got late refunds).

      L-EA-Z-Y needs to reevaluate management of TSTO because it’s no longer playable for Long Time Tappers (or I should say tolerable). We all would spend real 💰 on TSTO but not with l of these snafus from load screen to lackluster Events using a format that is stale.

  10. Same here, Bindy. I can remember old style actual main events but not mini events or multi-mini events enough to cast any votes. When there’s nothing to do, there’s nothing to remember.

  11. Well, it says something when I can’t remember any of the events, characters or prizes from this year well enough to cast a vote for good, bad or otherwise. I’ll wait for the official year-in-review for the consensus. 🤷‍♀️

    • Yeah I am going to have to go back through the events of years past myself in order to complete the survey. Kind of sad that there is not at least one event that really stands out.

    • Exactly, they were all more or less the same & so very difficult to vote on.

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