Friday Filler – God, Kristian Krusty, and the Spirit of Giving

Thank Grog It’s Friday,

Let’s start with the fact once again, I a writing this “outside the time space continuum,” as it us not Friday…or even Thursday…and certainly not Saturday.

It is, in fact somewhere between Tuesday and Wednesday…and I have just watched a ton of traditional Christmas movies, and will have likely just gotten back from watching “Little Women,” my family’s choice for a Christmas Day Movie…which has been a tradition in our family for more than a decade.

We were not alone…the theater was packed to the brim.  Traditions are like that. And if you have enough people with the same traditions, it can even turn into a cultural norm, or a religion.

Which is exactly why I didn’t buy Krusty the Christian.

I had more than enough donuts…as I have just been farming and accumulating since this “event,” began.  And yes…I was attacked by a couple of readers for whining about this “Premium Prize,”  especially with it being released on Christmas Day.  I get it. I seem to whine a lot these days. But, I feel like there is good reason to do so…and have a lot of folks who agree with me.

But, this one really seemed wrong for a lot of reasons…so I didn’t buy it.

Here’s the thing… This time of year, is generally one when we can put aside our differences, and simply celebrate family, friends, and the future. So, when the writers and EA choose to make this Premium Offering one that mocks religion (and to be clear, it mocks more than one), it was EAsy for me to push the “PASS” button on this guy.

But…at least he is a skin!  I know…I usually complain about skins.  But, in this case, it is appropriate, as Krusty’s faith has been thin and wiggly at times…including another episode that ended with two versions of GOD arguing over whether he was baptized or not.

In one Wiki Recap, of the episode, “The Nightmare After Krustmas,” (S28E10), it talks about Krusty’s decision to convert, because it is more mainstream with his fans. But in the end,  “Krusty gets ready for his baptism in a river, and while approaching Lovejoy, he cracks the ice and falls underneath. In a hallucination due to a lack of oxygen underwater, he is visited by the ghost of his father Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky and that of his first agent (who initially appear in the form of Olaf and Sven from Frozen) in an ice castle. He talks with his father about his conversion and his role as dad. He is saved by Lovejoy who is praised as a savior and many people return to church for his service. Krusty goes back to being Jewish. In the final montage, Sideshow Mel’s wife leaves him and Maggie destroys more Gnomes. During the credits in the afterlife, the Christian version of God and the Jewish version of God argue over whether Krusty received baptism by going underwater, and by extension, became a Christian. They are interrupted by a drunk Ahura Mazda: God of Zoroastrianism who had been referenced earlier in the episode. Krusty and Sophie are singing while being carried by the Strandbeest on the snow.”

OK…so maybe our dialogue in the game is a lot less offensive.

Look…I am at the point where I am  becoming very open to anyone’s beliefs…as long as they are good people. It is too easy to wrap yourself in a cloak of one “ism” or another, and then behave like a jerk.  So when people are good…and do things for others unconditionally, it is that “Spirit of Giving” that makes me believe in things that lift my soul.

And to that point… THESE are Good People.
These are Tappers who have donated to our work in Buyijja, for the Winter term of school books and school supplies.

I am humbled by their generosity and kinds words of support. As Micheal wrote, “With all the trouble in the world it’s good to have reminders that people are out there doing good. Thank you for this and it is an pleasure to be able to able to contribute.”

Here are the names for this round… it’s not too late to add yours!

(I use first names only, as many of them chose to remain anonymous).

Mary Martha
Karen “The gift of literacy leaves a legacy of hope for the future.”
Rachel- I love books & believe education should be available to everyone!

WE ARE SOOOO CLOSE to hitting our Goal!  PLEASE Help us reach it! Thanks!



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  1. Didn’t buy the skin either and rushed the act to get the character, not a very fun event.

  2. “Faith has been thin and wiggly at times” I think that’s pretty relatable to many folks views..Yes/No?. Think they made a good point..

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