Update Info (New Years 2020)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a heads up, there is a new update on the server.  This is (likely going to be) an App Store Update.  This will remove the Christmas splash screen…and possibly the snow. Not for sure that it’ll remove the snow, but good chance.  So take a photo of your town (via Town Portrait) while you can, to preserve its appearance in the snow.

From what I can tell, this is likely a mini-event.  That will run from tomorrow (Jan 15th) to Jan 29th.

It’s bath and bedtime for the little Addicts, so I’ll possibly have more info for you on this later tonight after they’ve gone to bed.  For now know that there is an update coming.  So there’s something to be excited about! 🙂

Light SPOILERS Below the fold… (Oh, and before you ask…because I know you will, I do NOT see the Golden Goose coming back with this one)

UPDATE: Yes, it is, in fact, an app store update.  And it does, in fact, remove the snow. So take a town portrait shot before updating…

Here’s the app store description:

The official name of this event is Holidays of Future Past.  So you can imagine where this update is heading…

Here’s the character collection for this event:


38 responses to “Update Info (New Years 2020)

  1. Isn’t there already a character collection for interdimensional travellers? I think its for the other future characters.

    • Yea they added a duplicate character set. Except the first one had two “ls” in travellers, while the new one only has 1 “l”.

      • Thanks Alissa.
        Isn’t the one 1 “l” used in the US while the 2 “ls” is used in the UK. I guess EA spelt the first one wrong (and haven’t changed it for 3 years) because of them and the Simpsons being set in the US.

        Is it possible that they might either just leave it like how it is, move the old future characters into the 1 “l” group or just change the name of the interdimensional travellers group to Holidays of Future Past or something?

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy NO MORE SNOW in my town….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah yes.. I updated.. but new event didn’t start… maybe when I go lunch it triggers… woohoooo… DoH’

  3. For anyone else unfortunate enough to be playing this On Kindle, the update is finally available in the Amazon app store ( 1430 ish GMT )

  4. Any advice? I’m not seeing the update in the iOS App store on my iphone.

  5. Not excited about futuristic weird buildings again but then again its better than nothing

  6. Yay!! my Springfield is green again. But still no neighbour-tapping possible.

  7. No good, game very slow to start, slow moving about, very lagy and then bart appears, 😔

  8. As the advertisement stated in the UK, “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”, well they’re wrong. It seems EA goes out of their way to turn a wonderful game into an embarrassment and insult for devoted fans. Sigh……………oh by the way, where did the snow go?

    • I mean…the future stuff is some of my favorite episodes. So i’m pretty excited to get items from “the future”

    • It seems Winter only lasts 6 – 7 Weeks in TSTO 😂

      I will say the new Premium Characters are fun,
      the Future Grandkids are free, so is the new Building that’s kinda cool (the rest is dumb, and I won’t defend that anymore) …. so of the Mini Event doesn’t do it for you? The new Premium Characters with their Tasks will. ☺️

      At least we get a Load Screen that’s not cockeyed.

  9. iOS update is live

  10. How do I get past the town portrait telling me I need more space? It wants 2.4g and I have about 15g available.

    • Utfan2019

      Usually you need to clear the cache in the Game App when this occurs (that can be done in the settings). It should solve your problem, but you can get assistance via Twitter @EAHelp (FYI I see a lot of Bart Simpson Screen of Death posts, so I will check to see if this is a new known issue for EA to address on their help site).

  11. So the town portrait keeps telling me I need at least 2.41 gigabytes of free space available. I have 15. Any idea how to get around that?

    • Larry

      It sounds like you need to clear the cache in the Game App (in the settings). That should solve the problem ….. remember, you can always check on Twitter via @EAHelp if the Game App acts up on you (hope this solves your problem) 👍🏻

  12. It’s 6:30 pm Pacific Time and I’m finally downloading this Update (Android / Google Play) …. with the realization that it’s going to offer minimal new Content ….. and no doubt will have plenty of rehash for the Noobs (at least the Christmas Load Screen is gone!)😂


  13. Glad to know new content coming and not just 50+MB to remove snow/splash screen.
    Excited to see how EA nuts get flexed tomorrow😋.

  14. I think this update is gonna make Patric flip out….

    • Lol I already texted him and warned him. His reaction…


    • I’m grateful for the “heads up” from Alissa regarding the Game App Update (I check daily and – once again an update comes very late, from EA !)😂

      Am I happy about the Mini Event Content? I’m finding the new Premium Characters fun (voiced, too) but the rest (with the exception of what appears to be ‘future Grandkids’) is dumb! I’m not defending dumb, so yes Patric has every right to roll eyes over this (at least we get a Load Screen that’s not cockeyed!) 🙃

      I ♥️ the future Episodes, but there is Content Safi references via our yearly Poll and EA isn’t bothering to deliver that. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  15. The snow is gone….the dreaded Bart screen is back!!

    • Sandi

      Noticing a lot of Tappers having Bart Simpson Screen of Death , so I’m checking in with @EAHelp on Twitter to see if this is a new issue getting addressed by EA (I encourage every Tapper to please let EA know directly via Facebook, or Twitter – the sooner the better)

      Please don’t let this ruin your game play.

  16. No update yet for iOS (7:25pm EST). Hopefully by morning.

    • Update now available for iOS. I just downloaded it (10:00pm EST).

      • iOS and Kindle (Amazon) got this Update so late it was kinda scary ….I guess we can be thankful it didn’t occur at work – but bedtime isn’t welcomed (lol)

  17. Seems like they could have kept the snow at least through Valentine’s Day…..it’s still winter! But yay for new content 😀

  18. Hooray! New content!

  19. Debbie Bissonnette

    Yes snow has left… the green is so bright.. prefer the snow.. lets hope this update will be worth the wait🙄😊

  20. TallSpiderCandy

    I’m always happy to see the snow and sad to see it go (not in real life, just in my fictional town lol!)…was also happy the last event wasn’t too consuming with the holidays and all, but looking forward to some new stuff 🙂 Thanks for the heads up and Happy 2020 to all!! 🙂

  21. Yes, snow has gone.

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