New Update: No Bucks Given Mini-Event Rundown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s nice to see a little normalcy in our lives right now…even if that normalcy comes in the form of a TSTO update!  An all-new mini-event has hit our games today!

No Bucks Given is the perfect mini-event distraction…except…it’s all about baseball!  And you guys know how much I love baseball.  And it’s clear to me that this update was meant to coincide with Opening Day.  This is why this is kinda sad and depressing for me because Opening Day was supposed to be next week…and now we’re living in a world without baseball! 😭😭😭 Well, at least there’s some TSTO distraction…

Anyway, No Bucks Given is officially live in our games!  Remember to download the app store update if you haven’t already done so.  You won’t see this mini-event until you’ve downloaded the update.  And if you don’t see the update available try these steps:  Hard close your App store, clear your cache, restart your device.  When it reboots, open your app store and search Tapped Out.

What’s included with this event?  Let’s take a look….
Note: You’ll need the Simpson family free for a 6s task to kick things off. 

No Bucks Given Mini-Event Ends April 1st…

Things kick off for Holidays of Future Past with some Opening Day Baseball…

Kent Brockman: Welcome to Isotopes Stadium for the opening day of baseball!
Lisa: I hope this is the year the Isotopes finally win a World Series!
Homer: With Buck Mitchell in the lineup, we won’t lose a single game!
Kent Brockman: Sadly the Isotopes will be without star slugger, Buck Mitchell, who is facing the proverbial “changeup” of marriage: divorce.
Homer: Buck and pop superstar Tabitha Vixx are divorcing?!
Marge: How could our unlicensed marriage counseling not keep them together?
Homer: I’m going straight to the opening day of divorce court!
Squeaky Voice Attendant: Hot dogs! Ten-dollar hot dogs!
Homer: And you and your hot dogs are coming with me!

This is followed by 6s tasks for Homer and Marge…

After you complete the tasks, the event will kick off…

Remember, this is a mini-event.  So it’ll run for 2 weeks (ends April 1st), and there’s only 1 prize track/questline.  Once you’ve completed that you’ve finished this mini-event.  Nothing to do after that but wait for the next update…

Now onto the content…

We’ll start with the prizes:

Isotope Stadium- Unlocked via No Bucks Given Pt. 1 and 200

Marriage Counseling – Unlocked via No Bucks Given Pt. 2 and 200

Couch World- Unlocked via No Bucks Given Pt. 3 and 200

Mitchell Mansion- Unlocked via No Bucks Given Pt. 4 and 200

Buck Mitchell- Unlocked via No Bucks Given Pt. 5 and 200

Here’s a list of who earns the Baseball Helment Event Currency…

Tabitha (New Premium)

5 /freemium and 8/new premium

Now onto the Premium content…


 Tabitha and the Tabitha Vixx Stage- 150 Donuts.  Stage earns a 4% bonus on cash and XP


Tailgate- 200 Donuts. (Available in Yearbook Box)

Mighty Pigs Practice Rink and Lewis- 165 Donuts (not in Yearbook Box)

The Gridiron- 40 Donuts (Available in Yearbook Box)

Softball Burns- 50 Donuts (not in Yearbook Box)

Baseball Jasper- 50 Donuts (not in Yearbook Box)

Howard K Duff- 60 Donuts (not in Yearbook Box)

Aristotle Amadopolis- 60 Donuts (not in Yearbook Box)

Guys, I’m pretty excited about this update.  Aside from the painful reminder baseball isn’t starting next week, I still appreciate the content and the distraction!  And I’m looking forward to adding another ballfield to Springfield…

Now if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go be sad I have to wait many more months for Baseball to start.  While at the same time being happy that that’s the biggest worry I have right now…

Thoughts on the update?  Excited for the content?   Plans for content locations?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

45 responses to “New Update: No Bucks Given Mini-Event Rundown

  1. My Fire HD will not update automatically. Very annoying….

  2. My Fire HD will not update automatically. I have to delete the app, and reload it entirely. Very annoying.

  3. I have never not finished a mini quest before.
    But I didn’t finish the last one, from the mouth of abes. I decided I didn’t want to work for prizes I don’t want.
    And…almost exactly the same characters are required for the NEW quest re baseball.

    The last one remains on my to-do list – isn’t there some way it can be removed? I thought after some time they went away, but this one is hanging on.
    I don’t want it on there forever! Am I forced to do stage 4??? If so, grrr…. Thanks for input 🙂

  4. When did this actually start because I play this game multiple times every day and I just saw the update today

  5. Always interesting to see what items I already have that are coming back. i’m like “oh yeah, I do have that.”

  6. I am earning 48 baseball helmets from characters but getting 50 from elsewhere when I cleared building?

  7. Why is isotope stadium so much bigger than duff stadium?

    Why do I need two baseball stadiums?, I don’t even like baseball

  8. i was wondering when a new event was coming… i forgot to check the store.. now am a day late.

  9. I’m enjoying this Mini Event (in fact? 1 Mini Event with good Content a Month would benefit EA vs a l-o-o-o-o-n-g Event with mostly Dumb Prizes!)

    I spent the sprinkles on Tabitha and the Tabitha Vixx Stage (Stage is dumb, but the Bonus% is worth it!)

    I’m already on Prize 3 , so I can slack today (at least I picked up toilet paper and antibacterial soap at the market – I scored! (lol?)

    The writing is better this time (yeah we don’t have any Events, Concerts, Sports going on – and probably won’t until the Fall!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Monthly might be too much for EA to handle, but maybe every 6-8 weeks? Great idea!

      • Every 8 weeks would work for me (oh yeah, finally get a funny Visual Task for Tabitha – a 12 hour one at her Stage)😉👍🏻

  10. Duff Stadium is available in the event store for 90 Donuts as well.

  11. I got Rita LeFleur in the BHM mystery box (my game crashed after the Christmas event, I had made the rookie mistake of not having an EA account). She didn’t come with Fallen Diva Apartments, which limited her to one task. Just got the update, and Fallen Diva Apartments are in my storage!! How crazy is that? Did that happen to anyone else? So excited to get to continue her storyline! Also, I like the new baseball event. Challenges have reasonable currency amounts and the prizes look good.

  12. Still no update in my shop — Very agry …

  13. Baseball ?
    Isn’t that a down market version of Blernsball ?

  14. With most updates I have to reinstall. No biggie but now it won’t let me log in

  15. No love for the Irish this year?!

  16. Nice to see they’ve finally moved the side menus in a bit to account for the notch on the iPhone screen!

  17. I like baseball, but right now I don’t give a rat’s a$$ about it. This event doesn’t excite me, mostly because the only thing that did excite me today was getting the last bottle of bleach at the store. Yay! 😕
    How pathetic is that?

    I’m glad that EA waited a week after Black History “Year” to bring this update. Even now, I’m still working on the last part of BHM. I thought I would be finished on Friday, but now that the Simpson family has to break quarantine to play baseball, it will probably take me another week. At least this event doesn’t seem to be as much of a grind as BHM. Of the 8 premium items, I already have 3, and the rest don’t hold any appeal, so I will not be buying any of them.

  18. No love for a Contagion mini-game?

    Maybe next time

  19. Got the revolving donut and no game, even if I got on my characters are on a 24 hr cycle, start time about 13hrs, 1700 gmt

    • Start bugging EA on Twitter @EAHelp

      It’s the ONLY way they will acknowledge if there is an issue with a Game App (I had a little problem logging in this morning, but works fine – for now)

  20. This episode was on this evening in Scotland before I left for work and had me thinking again Buck & Tabitha are 2 of the characters I wanted most added to the game… finally!
    Take care everyone

    • oktober10aussie

      Yeah, I saw their episode not too long ago & was hoping we would see them soon.

      Good mini event with some nice new content.

  21. A nice distraction since I live in the SF Bay Area and we are mandated to shelter in place for 3 weeks due to the COVID virus. It’s only the second day working from home and I am this close to losing my mind.

    • How close? This close?

      That’s an inch on my screen…

    • I feel you 😔

      Las Vegas is shut down until April 30th (we can shop for goods, but not much else) 🤷🏼‍♂️

      • I’m hopeful this malaria drug they’re going to be testing will speed everything up. Can’t stop the virus itself without a vaccine, but if we can treat it quickly and effectively it’ll be no worse than a sinus infection.

        • I got an extended 30 Days paid leave but this is surreal (like being in a Twilight Zone Episode) …. this Town has never shut down before (meanwhile, I’m getting spring cleaning done).

          I believe there will be a vaccine available, I don’t think it will be ready for mass distribution until May / June (I am making sure elderly family has a safe space, while those stuck doing school online don’t get bored).

          This situation is definitely something I never wanted the next generation growing up to deal with (we always want the next gen to have it better than the prior). 😯

          • The vaccine likely won’t be available for a year, maybe late fall at the earliest. But the anti-viral medications they’re talking about now…that would be a game-changer for sure.
            I certainly hate seeing all these places shut down, Disney, Vegas, beaches up and down the coasts, places that I love. So i’m really hopeful if this medication works, and it works as quickly as the studies have shown it does, we’ll have an effective treatment option for mass use quickly.

  22. Yeah!!!!!!
    Tabitha was on the top of my list of characters I wanted to be added!!!

    Does she get an outdoor Lamp Dance task?! 👀

  23. We were really happy to finally get Howard K. Duff. Great addition!

  24. Go ‘topes! In game and in Albuquerque!

  25. Looks fun but I got Lewis from the last event.

  26. Nice to have a little distraction! Good timing! Thanks EA I’ll give you this one!! Hope everyone is staying healthy!! Happy Day Friends and Happy Tappin!

  27. thanks for the info as always, it is a shame that they do not bring back the stadium pieces with clay and gold?

  28. 🌭 + 🍺 = ⚾️

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