Musings About What’s Going On In the World…

Happy Musings Thursday my friends! I’m back with another musings post for you.  I’ve got some thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

Wowsers the world looks like a totally different place than it did during my last musings post!  Things are crazy right now, absolutely crazy!  Just two weeks ago we were arguing over what EA needs to do next to make the game interesting and since that time entire countries have been completely shut down, economies decimated.  All because of a stupid bat in China. Talk about a butterfly effect…

I know things can be a little scary right now for many of you.  Kids are home from school, companies are shut down, folks are working from home, and your 401k took a massive nosedive.  I don’t have all the answers for you, and I don’t hold a crystal ball about what the future holds.  If I did I would have killed that bat well before it ended up in a Wet Market in China. However, I do have an optimistic perspective.  I believe in the American spirit.  I believe in the global spirit.  I believe this is a great time to put your fingers away (as it relates to pointing them) and come together.

Remember, we’re ALL in this together.  No country is getting pounded less than another.  Every country is suffering.  And it’s no one’s fault.  Well, except for a stupid bat in China.

So calm down.  Stop hoarding toilet paper.  Stop hoarding baby formula.  And stop hoarding other items.  There is not an issue with the world’s supply chain for toilet paper or groceries or formula.  The Corona Virus isn’t in your tap water.  And no, despite what you may hear, they’re not going to shut down grocery stores.

Practice a little compassion and buy what you need…but remember there are other people out there who need it too.

Wash your hands.  Clean surfaces in your house.  If you have underlying health conditions or you’re what they consider “elderly”, stay home.  Grocery stores deliver.

Restaurants are closed, but consider getting take-out or delivery from your favorite local place.  They’re hurting just as much, if not more than you are.

Things are going to get worse before they get better.  But we’re all going to get through this.  So take a deep breath and keep reminding yourself, we’re going to get through this.

Personally, I’ve been fairly fortunate.  My husband’s office is closed, but he’s working from home.  And I’m still going to my office daily.  So we’re the lucky ones still getting a paycheck and don’t think we don’t realize that.  We’re doing what we can to support local businesses in the safest way possible.

I’m hopeful we’ll all be successful in our efforts to “bend the curve”, and come out of this on the other side soon.  And better for it.

That all being said, I get that we’re in this weird world of social distancing.  For some, they welcome it…they’ve been practicing for years.  For others, it’s difficult to do.  Humans, in particular Americans, are social creatures.  So it’s certainly a weird world to be in right now.   I’m incredibly grateful EA has given us an update for a distraction right now.

I’m going to do my best to bring you to update content, as well as some other things to keep everyone entertained in this period of uncertainty.  So keep your eyes (and your browsers) on TSTO Addicts.  I’m going to do what I can to entertain and distract you while we all navigate the next few weeks! And to that note, the event Turbo Tappin’ post will be up later today.

I love this community, so stay safe everyone! And wash your darn hands!

Thoughts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I’ve been thinking maybe I should send all of my Springfielders on indoor tasks, because they’re not very good at social distancing (although I’m not sure that having 20 characters all crammed into the same brown house is a good idea either). Fortunately, Luigi’s is open for delivery!

    • Springfield (both in the TV show and in TSTO) is probably the only place that is not suffering from the coronavirus. All of the characters in Springfield are probably immune to the disease ever since the town was hit with that Osaka Flu several TV show seasons ago. So I think it’s safe enough everyone in your Springfield to be performing animated tasks and/or congregating ina single building.

  2. Nevada Dept. of Health reports 109 Positive COVID-19 cases Statewide (and the 2nd death related to COVID-19 in Clark County per the Southern Nevada Health District) ….. granted, those are not California, or New York, or Washington State numbers.

    The more tests being done, the more Positive (infected) results will be reported …. and I don’t see a 2 week / 1 month quarantine solving anything beyond prolonging the inevitable (the infirm will die when exposed until we have a cure) 🙄


  3. Is Patric ok, he’s running late with his Friday post?

    • It’s up now. My fault, when I went to schedule I couldn’t because he was editing. Then i got sidetracked at work and forgot to go back in. All good now 🙂

  4. 🌈😏Appreciate the Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, & Southpark, all keeping me sane in an insane world☯️👌🏼

  5. Here in our county they have closed all restaurants dinning rooms. Drive through, Curb service and take out only. Unless your business deals in emergency medical service, fire, police, drug store , or grocery and food service they have been asked to close. Banks are drive through only. School is closed till May 1st. No travel except to work or medical. I live in a small town in Indiana, the closest city is 20 miles away.

  6. Sabrtriviachamp

    Everybody stay safe, please. That means, just use a little common sense. Wipe stuff down (especially your tablet, now that we have something to tap every four hours), cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough, don’t go outside if you don’t have to…. stuff like that.

    Right now, it’s mostly a nuisance. Things will get worse… but then, they will get better, in time. It’s been weird riding the subway every day and getting a seat at 6 in the morning, until you remember why. Godspeed to everyone, and I hope you and your families come through this unscathed.

    P.S.- Patric, if you read this, how is the school in Bujima holding out? Are the students there okay?

  7. Over a dozen confirmed cases here in my County in NY, some things are closed by govt mandate (schools, eat in restaurants) some things are emergencies only (dentist, apt maintenance) some things are same as always. Weird that Wal Mart isn’t open 24-7! Happy that myself friends and family are Virus free atm.
    May my online friends remain virus free also!
    Be Calm, Use common sense, Help those in need, Together we will persevere.
    Even if ‘together’ means maintaining a Social Distance. 😉

  8. My husband and I work for a small company that does government-contracted analysis services. I run the office and 99% of the time, I work in the office by myself. My office is also literally a two-minute walk from my house. Right now, there is enough “computer analysis” work that can be done remotely that we don’t have to worry too much about having to interact with people. Currently, there are no confirmed cases in our hometown. But in the Utah location, there are a few confirmed cases.

    We have been doing what we can to support our local restaurants and ordering take-out for lunches. In a way, it is doing our part to help keep them in business during this ordeal. Also, our state is one of the ones that went crazy over toilet paper. It is surreal to go to the grocery stores and see the shelves empty of basic items. I did find it funny that all of the coffee creamers were gone except for the Oreo flavored one. I hope everyone stays safe and if we all do our part, we will get through this.

  9. so.. our small city just confirmed 2 cases of the virus… they raised the level to orange… but people are so stupid in this state, that they go and hord all the TP, napkins, Rice, Beans and such… BUT STILL GO OUT to eat to restaurants!!!! .. Oh and they don’t believe it’s a real thing either.. people here think that it is a made up “Liberal” virus and with an agenda…

    so.. yeah … that’s my rant.. and not a good articulated one either.. just because it annoys me just to think about it…. but anyways.. i might start making youtube videos on how to cook rice and beans, and how to wipe your arse with all the horded TP…

  10. Honestly im really scared this time
    Theres so much bad info floating around….facebook, tv, news. Im mentally drained. Kids in Indiana are out til at least May 1st now as of todays announcement per our governor. Stores are…..yea exactly. I worry for my folks…heart stuff on their ends. Asthma
    with my hubby. Sister in law has MS. Just lots of worry. Hard to stay positive but if u have kids u have to. If they see u scared, then they freak. I dont know. Hope you and yours are all healthy and continue to stay that way! Lots of love to u all!❤❤❤😷❤
    PS…happy spring!🌷🍄🌺😊

  11. I am hardwired toward pessimism so this is particularly tough. I am making a conscious effort to try and focus on some of the good things people are doing to help one another. For example there is a guy from a nearby town who bought up a big stash of TP and is giving away packs to families who can’t get it ( many of the stores have been wiped out ) The local church has sent out flyers offering help with food and toiletries for anyone in difficulty. This is a monumental time in the history of the world, not just due to CV19 but i n terms of the ugliness of politics driven by xenophobia, we need to make the choice to work together if we’re gonna survive as a species.

    “The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation. ”

    – Bertrand Russell

  12. Possible good news:
    Old malaria drug hydroxychloroquine may help cure coronavirus

    • Yup I was just commenting with CJBrownLV on it. This would be tremendous news for the entire world! A great stabilizer while we await a vaccine. The question now becomes, after more trials of course, how quickly can they ramp up production of this. AND an even bigger question…if it’s made currently in China, can be be made elsewhere in the world. Don’t want to rely on China for this.

      • Both chloroquine and another form— hydroxychloroquine show promise treating the virus. They’re already in use as drugs to treat malaria and severe arthritis. Both are readily available. What isn’t know yet, is how successful they are for treating covid 19, although there have been reports that they both are somewhat effective. Fingers crossed.

      • I hope, so because a cure will rapidly protect us from being in a bad situation (on a positive note, the manager at my local Big Lots saved me 2 cases of T.P. so I got a dozen for me Dad and me Brother’s household, then I split a dozen with our neighbour who’s a disabled senior widow – I even picked her up cat food and cat litter).

        I feel for the elderly and the infirm (those who have diabetes, going thru chemo, have asthma, etc), but the news seems to be reporting and having to correct themselves (false information in the media is not cool).

    • Potential great news! Thanks for sharing.

      I wonder if this infers that Gin and Tonic may help as a preventative? I’m gonna perform a “study” on this.

    • Rum has helped me stay sane (and sanitary)😂🍹

  13. Working away, short of staff as some are on the high risk list, talk of closing or reducing hours but the place is nearly empty already, not looking forward to the isolation if it happens, theres talk that the army is preparing to man the street, not a good time for anyone in the world, next couple if weeks will tell which way it’s going, schools closing tomorrow here in Scotland but don’t think the rest of the UK are closing, London might be put on lockdown, mad mad world

  14. Rusty Shackleford

    Nice to hear some positive words.

    I’m thankful that I can work from home. I’m placing a big order at a local restaurant and will be picking up meals for my wife and I, and our elderly neighbors. I feel bad for those who have been impacted.

    Other than that I am being productive. Working on continuing education requirements and cooking/mixing cocktails!

  15. I’m in the risk zone . Nearest grocery is 20 miles away. No delivery for me. Went the other day. Shelves were empty.

  16. Just because presidents, administrators or principals say “instruction is going online” does NOT mean the teachers have the ability or knowledge of how to do this! If you know someone in that boat, and you have insight, please help them as I know they’d great appreciate it! Stay safe

  17. In this surrealistic, nightmare like, very hard to grasp situation, I say to myself every morning when I wake up: Everything will be alright. Soon, world, soon ❤️Our elders were called to war to save the world. We are being called to sit on the couch to save theirs. We can do this ❤️

  18. I’m in the ‘at risk’ category so I had to stop working, can’t spend 2 hours confined in a car each lesson teaching people to drive.
    I’m also having to isolate.
    Minimum 12 weeks.
    Bit of a kick in the you know where’s.

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