In-Game Update: Mystery Box Token Fix

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Notice that in-game update earlier today?  Wondering what it was about? Here’s the rundown…

As I broke down on Monday, the Wrestling Mystery Box came with a little bug.  If you already had all of the prizes you couldn’t convert the tokens to donuts.  Making a prize during each Act of the Wrestling Event utterly useless.

Well, it looks like the issue was brought to EA’s attention, finally, because today’s in-game update fixed that little bug.

Now you can convert those tokens to a dozen donuts…

Now you can convert till your heart’s content…or you run out of tokens.

Thanks to EA for correcting this issue.

On another note…I know today’s Musings Thursday.  But guys, I’m just not feeling it today.  Nothing to muse about, nothing TSTO related anyway.  I’m home trying to still work my day job, while entertaining/managing meltdowns of a 4 and 19-month-old…I’m just lucky I haven’t been committed yet. So we’ll see what next week brings…

So sorry for those of you who enjoy my musings posts, and hopefully you can understand.  Now excuse me while I go back to explaining to Sam why he can’t go outside if he refuses to put his pants on…

Thoughts? Share em below…

20 responses to “In-Game Update: Mystery Box Token Fix

  1. Say is there someway we can encourage the writers to allow us to dispose of items in inventory, even without a payout?
    I have many things I’d like to dispose of. And as an old timer to the game, hope to think my game may run a bit smoother eliminating items.

  2. I don’t know about your area, but here, not only are we on lockdown, but,
    We can’t go,outside without wearing a mask covering our face,
    Nor can I ever go outside without a mask covering my butt

    Analogy might work with Sam?

    • Well, we should all never leave our home quarantine without assuming we’re asymptomatic (wear a mask and gloves). At least I do (so does the Mrs).

      Stay Safe 👍🏻

  3. If it’s any comfort to Sam, you might explain to him that my wife won’t allow me to go outside without my pants on either.

  4. Yep, nice one EA thanks for fixing the donut/token issue. I had both my tokens converted to 12 donuts EAch.
    24 donuts is nothing in the context of my game or probably many others but it was the principal that was important & EA delivered, so thanks again.

  5. A co-worker that I used to work with had 4 little girls and then she had a little boy .
    She said she knew nothing about raising little boys .
    All he wanted to do was run around in his underwear and cowboy boots .
    I told her to wait until he got older and nothing will change then it will be his wife’s problem .

    Rock On Sam ! 🏃‍♂️

    See ya bye . 👽🛸

  6. I keep telling myself that 1 day i will miss all the Mom wheres my socks…..Mom i want snack….mom i need help with spanish… mom mom MOM!!! Its overwhelming now…but its gonna be ok. Theyll have stories to tell. We’re all in a funk…..musings or no musings. I was really bad and went to Menards and walked around the garden center and bought flowers. I didn’t feel bad about it. I needed to be there…i really did. Now my mental state is a lot better. Hang in there!

    • I’m just ready to go back to my office. So difficult trying to manage things at work, because we’re an essential businesss so we’re open and operating as normal, while not actually being there.
      Plus I’m way more productive at the office than at home. Well I’m productive at home but mostly at organizing closets and finding projects to do lol. (I lack the ability to sit still)

  7. That covers this week’s Token. What about last week? Just a thought. I haven’t redeemed mine yet. 12 donuts isn’t anything when you still have 11,000 and nothing to buy and an inability to place it if I could due to insufficient item limits.

    • Or…. you could spend 10 minutes farming donuts. And then you wouldn’t care.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        I know. Why does anyone worry about donuts? EA won’t patch the game, so just farm up what you need. I’ve got over 3000 farmed up and ready.

        Once a year I buy $20 worth as I feel this is a fair price, but otherwise I just drop those rat trap trucks and cash in.

        • Is this event different than in the past.. before you could keep doing the event and earn extra donuts and whatnot but once you collect the prizes, that’s it. How is everyone getting extra tokens? I’ve only gotten 2 this for for each event

          • 1 Token per Act (so that’s 4 Tokens total). You could have more than 4 Items in that Gold Wrestling Mystery Box (or it’s not available because you have everything). EA have us options, which I am glad for.

            Stay Safe 👍🏻

    • Both tokens are accounted for. When you cash in the first token, you are then able to cash in the second one, or at least that’s what happened for me. Generally best not to assume the worst, or at least not post accusations without verifying your suspicions first. (But I get it….we’re all a little more irritable than usual right now, given the frustrations of life during a pandemic.)

    • The Token exchange will be there for each Act (you can turn on that Excelorater and earn more 🍩’s)! Isn’t it nice that we have choices in this Game App? (like the choice of changing the channel when you don’t want to listen to a 🤡

  8. Alissa

    Thank you for getting the glitch fix on the Tokens exchanged for 🍩’s posted (and providing a place for Tappers to help each other Login to the Game App)😉👍🏻

    Thank you EA Bob / Babs for fixing this glitch!

    I know – and every Tapper who takes the time to look at Patric’s Calendar knows – Act 3 is this Sunday (let’s give Alissa a break from the dumb questions – you all know where EA’s Help Page / Twitter account is at!)

    Dear Sam – hey I know Donald Duck goes about with the no pants dance …..but trust me, that’s strictly for cartoon characters (well, this worked on me Nephews when they were toddlers!)

    Stay Safe Everyone 👍🏻

  9. No comment often speaks loud. Take care of yourself and enjoy the day. You’ll muse when you feel it.

  10. Still not feeling it either, games a dud, stuck on the same tune, got the update, got the 12 donuts, change the tune…….

  11. Still having troubles connecting to the server. I thought the update would’ve fixed it but not yet. Thankfully I completed Act 2 but nervous I won’t be able to do Act 3 whenever that starts

    • If clearing the cache in the Game App doesn’t solve it, you can reboot your device OR (and I did this yesterday) uninstall and then reinstall the Game App

      Yes this is a bit of a pain, but during this Covid-19 pandemic …. EA doesn’t have a 24 Hour Staff for Support (but they do jump right back into helping you as soon as they can).

      Stay Safe 👍🏻

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