Simpsons Wrestling Full Dialogue Act 2: The Springfield Flimflam

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Round 2 of Simpsons Wrestling is upon us!

I know it’s a little early, since Act 2 doesn’t officially wrap up until Sunday morning (although you technically have until May 13th to finish it)…but with the next Act hitting on Sunday I thought now would be a good time to take a look at the full dialogue for Act 2.  So if you haven’t finished Act 2 yet, don’t panic by seeing this post. You have plenty of time to finish!  I’m just trying to get ahead of the game…

Anyway, enjoy the full dialogue of Springfield Flimflam…

The Springfield Flimflam Pt. 1
Auto starts

Kent Brockman: With the undercards complete, it’s time for the main event: SEW’s Iron Yuppie vs. Springfield’s own… Captain Flag!
Iron Yuppie: I’m going to burn that American Flag!
Captain Flag: That’s “Captain” Flag to you, hippie!
Kent Brockman: The two men are grappling… ooo, there’s a Powerbomb… a Camel Clutch… and a Brainbuster…! As expected, Captain Flag is putting the finishing touches on the villainous Masked Yuppie — but wait…
Burns: What’s happening?! No-no-no-NOOOOOOOOO!
Make Captain Flag Lose to The Iron Yuppie-4hrs
Make Burns Cry Out in Disbelief- 4hrs
Collect Folding Chairs-
Kent Brockman: Holy Half-Nelson! Iron Yuppie has defeated Captain Flag!
Burns: This isn’t the ruse we agreed to! I’ve been flimflammed!
Aristotle Amadopolis: Mwahaha! Burnsy, your golden statue is mine!

The Springfield Flimflam Pt. 2
Auto starts

Kent Brockman: Following the now-infamous “Springfield Flimflam”, Springfield Elite Wrestling is more popular than ever!
Carl: I’m a proud SEW fan! I loved when Iron Yuppie planted his flag through the heart of Captain Flag!
Lenny: It was Iwo Jima all over again! Winning isn’t everything — but it sure beats losing!
Burns: It’s a double-cross! I’m stewing in my own juices!
Smithers: You don’t have many juices to stew, sir.
Burns: I demand a new title match! This time there will be no backstabbing!
Make Burns Try to Talk Wrestlers Into a Rematch-4hrs
Collect Folding Chairs-
Captain Flag: Forget it, General Burns. Your wrestlers have all screwed the pooch and joined SEW. Even Rasputin the Friendly Russian has defected to Springfield Elite!

The Springfield Flimflam Pt. 3
Auto starts

Bart: Those SEW guys think they own the town.
Milhouse: But if we let ‘em celebrate their victory, maybe they’ll share victory cake with us! ‘Cause I like cake.
Quimby: Er-ah… Mister Iron Yuppie, you seem to be sitting at my desk.
Iron Yuppie: This is my desk now, jobber! Unless you want to fight for it!
Make Bart Sulk Over the SEW Takeover-4hrs
Collect Folding Chairs-
Quimby: No need to fight. I’ll just take my mayoral sash and sit on the steps of City Hall.
Iron Yuppie: EEEAAHH! Trash the Sash Suplex!

The Springfield Flimflam Pt. 4
Auto starts

Marge: I don’t like these new wrestlers running roughshod all over town!
Homer: You never complained when Bart was running roughshod. I’m good with them.
Moe: And you’re good with them drinkin’ me out of booze and smashin’ what they didn’t drink?!
Homer: WAAAAAH! I’ll kill them!
Make Springfielders Become Upset at SEW Wrestlers Count-x5. 1hr
Collect Folding Chairs-
Homer: These SEW guys are ruining our town.
Wiggum: We need trained professionals to bring them in line.
Marge: Isn’t that your job?
Wiggum: But they’re big and sweaty. And I’m big but I NEVER break a sweat.

The Springfield Flimflam Pt. 5
Auto starts

Burns: My fellow Springfieldians, these are the dastardly deeds of Aristotle Amadopolis!
Homer: And the wrestlers all work for Amadopolis!
Marge: We need our Mayor to confront these terrors with some kind of civic resolution!
Quimby: Er… my resolution is for me to step aside and declare mob rule! Go get ‘em, citizens!
Make Springfielders Threaten Amadopolis-x5. 1hr
Collect Folding Chairs-
Homer: All right, Amadopolis! Either you man-handle your man-handlers or we’ll throw you into a Spinning Toehold……then drop you into a Kneeling Figure-Four Leglock… then bend you into a Crossface Chickenwing… Just saying all that made me exhausted.
Iron Yuppie: Hey, fatso, why don’t you and me go a few rounds!
Aristotle Amadopolis: There’s no need for that. I’m willing to give the good people what they want… if I get what I want!
Burns: Name your price, you unwelcome rakefire!
Aristotle Amadopolis: All I want is the deed to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant!
Burns: *gasp* Never!

And this concludes Act 2, of the Simpsons Wrestling Event!

Thoughts on the second Act?  Dialogue? Ready for Act 3?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Thanks for the full dialogue review, Alissa (once again, the dialogue is funny during this Event) 😀👍🏻

    And thank you EA Bob / Babs! Wow! We actually got our Tokens exchanged for 🍩’s (Act 3 begins this Sunday, I’ve got 3,300 🍩’s saved up for new Premium Content!)😉👉🏻

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    • I try a hard close on the app, sometimes works 😉

    • Steps to take posted by Alissa

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      Clear the App’s Cache in your Device’s Settings Menu

      Please be aware that EA has had global Network as well as Origin Account issues (with the Covid-19 pandemic, EA Support Staff isn’t 24 Hours, but they do get on it as soon as they are available).

      Please come back when you can (Stay Safe)👍🏻

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  4. Same here, glad they took care of that.

  5. This morning when I logged in I could exchange my tokens for donuts. Looks liked they fixed that recently.

  6. I Just had a update that gives donuts for mysterybox tokens

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